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My Child


Capital of India belongs to Nehru and thereby Nehruvians

14th November is Bal Din (बाल-दिन). But why? Because it is the Birth Day of Jawaharlal Motilal – Gangadhar- laxminarayan – Raj Kaul-Nehru. There are rumors that Gangadhar was a Muslim and his name was Gyasuddin. He was Kotwal in Delhi. But Nehru in his autobiography writes that Gangadhar was son of Laxminarayan. Who was the father of Raj Kaul? Nehru has not clarified. Generally among Hindus and that too among Brahmins, it was a practice to orate and keep record of at least 12 generations. Further Kashmir was not a least significant region for Brahmins. In fact Kashmir provides a big source to provide Indian cultural history.

But leave this aside. Because so far dynasty is a personal matter of Nehru. If Nehru wanted to hide it, he should have said so. He could have to opted to at least clarify for giving true and complete information of his dynasty.

It should not be much relevant to us as to he was Muslim or had he any link with Muslims or not.

Once JL Nehru had said that he is Hindu by Birth, Muslim by mind and Christian by brain. That is, according to JL Nehru himself, he had nothing to do with Hinduism other than his birth.

We do not know as to how JL Nehru defines Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.


As for JL Nehru’s daughter Indira, it had been stated by Jai Prakash Narayan, that Indira had her own definition for words, just like Humty Dumpty. This “Humpty Dumpty” character of Indira  was proved during the period of “Emergency”.


Posters were pasted on the wall “Our motto to behave gently with all.”

But what was the meaning of this “Gentle”?

The meaning of “Gentle” was “to arrest and put them behind the bar”.

We cannot ruled out the similar mindset of Nehru. Nehru was also in habit of making meaningless statements. e.g. “Line of Control has no definition”


What is the meaning of “I am Hindu by birth” if the succeeding statements are I am Muslim by mind and I am Christian by brain.

Birth is not identity itself. Your identity is you mind and brain.

We can derive this meaning from the statement of Nehru. “I am not Hindu by my mind and brain.”


Philosophy of Vedas and Geeta. (i.e Ishavasya-Vritti  ईशावास्यवृत्ति).

Some social rituals which are changeable and optional.

Liberty to believe as to what may convince yourself.

Mindset for non-violence unless the opposite person says, “I do not believe in non-violence.”

[(I know my duty, I know what I ought not to do)  (But I will not do what I ought to do, I will do what I ought not to do). If you perform violence on such person or institution, you still considered you have performed non-violence. Because minimum violence is non-violence. Refer dialogue between Lord Krishna and Duryodhana, before fighting the Maha Bharata War]


If your mind does not accept above four parameters,  you are not Hindu by your mind and brain. We do not know as to what was in the mind and the brain of Nehru. But because Nehru had written “Discovery of India, (where he had discovered nothing), he has simply re-written the history written by European historians. Despite of this he says he has DISCOVERED. Again it is the Humpty-Dumpty terminological dictionary used. Somebody should decide or define what is meant by DISCOVERY.


Was JL Nehru honest?

Leave the matter of defeat of India in China War 1962, where India had lost 91000 square mile land. At that time China was marching ahead, just like a victory as a cake walk, somebody asked Nehru, where and when the army of Chines would stop? Nehru replied “the place where we will stop them”. That is Nehru wanted to give a message that unless we would not stop Chinese, they would continue to capture more and more Indian land.

But Chinese had acquired 20000 square miles more land of India than what it had claimed. Hence China started leaving the additional land and went back. Vinoba Bhave appreciated China with a statement, that “This Is The First Time In History  where a victorious army surrendering the additional land to a defeated country.


After the shameful defeat, JL Nehru and his party took an oath before the parliament, that

“We will not take rest till we re-capture the lost land”.

This was a fraudulent oath. Nehru never tried to recapture the lost land. Though JL Nehru, conspired a foolproof scheme to see her daughter Indira becomes his successor. Indira, though ready to accept the inherited PM-ship happily, never tried to pay heed to her duty on inherited debt of her father, though she was a party in taking that oath. 

This indicates that neither Nehru nor Indira was honest.


Recall, once upon a time,  Shahbuddin Mohammed Ghori was defeated by Prithviraj Chauhan. Ghori was pardoned and released by Prithviraj Chauhan in the first battle.

Ghori attacked Prithviraj again. In this battle, Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated. But Shahbuddin Ghori did not spared Prithviraj, as Shahbuddin Ghori was thankless.

To become thankless is the character of many of the Muslim kings. Continue your fight with your opponents all the time irrespective of means. This character had been adopted by Nehruvians for dealing with their opponents. What is it? Minimize them if not finish them by every means whom you have recognized your opponents.

Yes. Nehru had tried his best to minimize his opponents. Jinna, Sardar Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose, Raj Gopalachari, Jai Prakash Narayan, Morarji Desai and many others… He had never tried to negotiate with them.


Love thy neighbor?

Spread Christianity?

Spread your ideology?

Yes. Be emotional on your ideology instead of applying and having clear concepts on your ideology.


Mahatma Gandhi had once said, “I do not understand Jawahar’s Socialism. I also do not know as to what he himself understand about his socialism?”

Socialism is a vague term. Socialism has no clear definition. What is the line of demarcation among Autocracy-socialism-capitalism-democracy?

JL Nehru had no clear concepts on socialism.

In middle of nineteen fifties, Nehru redefined his Socialism.

He passed a resolution in his Congress working committee in this regards.

He introduced Democratic Socialism. This was with an intention to be more specific on socialism.

It is just like “Shuddhaadvait (शुद्धाद्वैत i.e. शुद्ध अद्वैत)”.  My father made a fun of  शुद्धाद्वैत in this way.

If you believe in “Shuddhaadvai  ((शुद्धाद्वैत)” then it means, there exist two Advait-s (अद्वैत). One is shuddha advait (शुद्ध अद्वैत) and another is ashuddha advait (अ-शुद्ध अद्वैत). If there are two Advait-s, then how you can be called as advait-vaadi (अद्वैतवादी). (Take it as a fun).


We have two Socialism-s.

We have Undemocratic Socialism and Democratic Socialism.

Socialism is for Humanity.

If the Humanity has no space for democracy in “Socialism”, then there would be an Undemocratic Socialism despite of Socialism is for Humanity.

How funny it looks. Is it not contradictory?

We have heard of Benevolent Dictator.  A Dictator can be a Benevolent, but Dictatorship cannot be benevolent. Dictatorship is a system process with continuity.

What is about Socialism?

Lord Rama could be termed a benevolent dictator. But the successors of Rama, all need not and could not be benevolent.

What was meant by JL Nehru on Democratic Socialism?

If the daughter of JL Nehru, becomes the successor of JL Nehru under JL Nehru’s plan, then would it be a Democratic Socialism? And if Mao’s daughter or wife could not or does not become successor of Mao, then would it be termed as Socialism?

What a hypocrisy!

What was the difference between JL Nehru and Indira NehruGhandi?

JL Nehru had his back ground of giving contribution in freedom struggle.

Indira NehruGhandi had nil contribution. She can betrayed openly. JL Nehru could not.

Nehru had disclosed his hypocrisy as under:

नहेरु की दृष्टिमें महात्मा गांधीः

गांधी जी के सर्वाधिक प्रिय व खण्डित भारत के प्रथम प्रधानमंत्री जवाहर लाल नेहरू ने कहा – ” ओह दैट आफुल ओल्ड हिपोक्रेट ” Oh, that awful old hypocrite – ओह ! वह ( गांधी ) भयंकर ढोंगी बुड्ढा । यह पढकर आप चकित होगे कि क्या यह कथन सत्य है – गांधी जी के अनन्य अनुयायी व दाहिना हाथ माने जाने वाले जवाहर लाल नेहरू ने ऐसा कहा होगा , कदापि नहीं । किन्तु यह मध्याह्न के सूर्य की भाँति देदीप्यमान सत्य है – नेहरू ने ऐसा ही कहा था । प्रसंग लीजिये – सन 1955 में कनाडा के प्रधानमंत्री लेस्टर पीयरसन भारत आये थे । भारत के प्रधानमंत्री जवाहर लाल नेहरू के साथ उनकी भेंट हुई थी । भेंट की चर्चा उन्होंने अपनी पुस्तक ” द इन्टरनेशनल हेयर्स ” में की है -

 सन 1955 में दिल्ली यात्रा के दौरान मुझे नेहरू को ठीक – ठीक समझने का अवसर मिला था । मुझे वह रात याद है , जब गार्डन पार्टी में हम दोनों साथ बैठे थे , रात के सात बज रहे थे और चाँदनी छिटकी हुई थी । उस पार्टी में नाच गाने का कार्यक्रम था । नाच शुरू होने से पहले नृत्यकार दौडकर आये और उन्होंने नेहरू के पाँव छुए फिर हम बाते करने लगे । उन्होंने गांधी के बारे में चर्चा की , उसे सुनकर मैं स्तब्ध हो गया । उन्होंने बताया कि गांधी कैसे कुशल एक्टर थे ? उन्होंने अंग्रेजों को अपने व्यवहार में कैसी चालाकी दिखाई ? अपने इर्द – गिर्द ऐसा घेरा बुना , जो अंग्रेजों को अपील करे । गांधी के बारे में मेरे सवाल के जबाब में उन्होंने कहा – Oh, that awful old hypocrite । नेहरू के कथन का अभिप्राय हुआ – ” ओह ! वह भयंकर ढोंगी बुड्ढा ” ।( ग्रन्थ विकास , 37 – राजापार्क , आदर्शनगर , जयपुर द्वारा प्रकाशित सूर्यनारायण चौधरी की ‘ राजनीति के अधखुले गवाक्ष ‘ पुस्तक से उदधृत अंश )

नेहरू द्वारा गांधी के प्रति व्यक्त इस कथन से आप क्या समझते है – नेहरू ने गांधी को बहुत निकट एवं गहराई से देखा था । वह भी उनके विरोधी होकर नहीं अपितु कट्टर अनुयायी होकर । फिर क्या कारण रहा कि वे गांधी जी के बारे में अपने उन दमित निश्कर्षो को स्वार्थवश या जनभयवश अपने देशवासियों के सामने प्रकट न कर सके , एक विदेशी प्रधानमंत्री के सामने प्रकट कर दिया ?

 गुजरातीमें पढो पूरी इमरजेन्सीकी बात

एक या दुसरे प्रकारकी इमरजेन्सी लादना, नहेरुवीयनोंकी आदत है.

Each Nehruvian progeny has always taken India as their own property. There are more than thousand Government Schemes on the name of Nehruvians.

There are numerous institutions having names right from Motilal to Rajiv.  Bharat Ratna is freely available for them,

Cremation space and to make it a national memorial of the dead bodies of Nehruvians is reserved at Yamuna River.

Really, Narendra Modi is not comparable with JL Nehru or any of the Nehruvians.

Narendra Modi is the PM of our dream

Leave it aside that I am a Brahmin, but I was born during the Historical Period which starts from 500 BCE. I know the history of the community in which I was born.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

Shirish(1940) – Mohanlal(1909) –Mahashankara(1869) -Harishankar-Lepjishankar-Tryambakeshvar-Vaijnath-Bhavanidatta-Hridayram-Daveshvar-Govardhan (1609) Dave,

Goverdhan Dave (Dwivedi) had come from Siddhapur of Patan in early seventeenth century in Lunavada. Audichya Brahmins came from Kashi (Banaras) as MulRaj Solanki took us with him to perform a Maha Rudra Yag in 1037AD.

We Audichya Brahmins, had come from Kashi (Banaras)to Gujarat. MulRaj Solanki the founder of Solanky Empire of Western India, had visited Kashi with his Minister. He took us with him to perform a Maha Rudra Yag in 1037AD in Patan.

We know our origin, though I have not made any discovery. Nehru, as reported by himself, he had discovered Indian History, how had he failed to discover his own family?

કોણ કોનો માણસ …. સૌથી મોટા ભગવાન

ભગવાનનો માણસ

મગનભાઇ ઠીક ઠીક ભણ્યા, ને એક પ્રાઈવેટ કંપનીમાં મેનેજરની નોકરી પણ મળી ગઈ.

પહેલે દિવસે બધાની સાથે ઓળખાણ કરવામાં આવી અને ચા પાણી થયા.

બીજે દિવસે કામની શરુઆત કરવાનું નક્કી કર્યું.

મગનભાઈએ સેક્સન ક્લાર્ક રમેશને બોલાવ્યો અને પાવર કંપનીની ફાઈલ માગી. લાવતા ઘણી વાર લાગી.

પણ મગનભાઇએ તેને કંઈ કહ્યું નહીં. પહેલો ગુનો તો ભગવાન પણ માફ કરે છે.

પણ મગનભાઈએ તેમના સ્ટેનો ને કહી નાખ્યું, હવે આ રમેશ જો બીજીવાર આવી વાર લગાડશે તો તેની ખેર નથી.

સ્ટેનો સ્વર્ણલતાએ કહ્યું “સાહેબ રમેશની વાત ન કરશો. રમેશ, એ તો જનરલ મેનેજરનો માણસ છે.

બીજે દિવસે લોકલ પરચેઝ સેક્સન ક્લાર્ક સુરેશને ક્વોટેશનની ફાઇલ લઈને આવવા કહ્યું. સુરેશે ક્વોટેશન ફાઈલ લાવવામાં બે કલાક કર્યા.

મગનભાઇએ તેને પણ કંઇ કહ્યું નહીં . પહેલો ગુનો હતો ને એટલે.

પણ મગનભાઈએ સ્ટેનો ને તો કહી નાખ્યું, હવે આ સુરેશ જો બીજીવાર આવી વાર લગાડશે તો તેની ખેર નથી.

સ્ટેનો સ્વર્ણલતાએ કહ્યું “સાહેબ જો જો એને કંઇ કરી બેસતા. સુરેશ તો ડાઇરેક્ટરનો માણસ છે.

ત્રીજે દિવસે મગનભાઇએ એકાઉન્ટઓફિસર મીસ્ટર સુકેતુને બોલાવ્યા. સસ્પેન્સ એકાઉન્ટમાં પચાસ લાખ રુપીયા ઊધાર પડ્યા હતા. આ તો ગંભીર બેદરકારી કહેવાય.

વળી કોઈ કારણોની નોંધ પણ નહતી. મીસ્ટર સુકેતુ ચોપડ મૂકીને લંચ કરવા ગયા.

મગનભાઇથી ન રહેવાયુ. મગનભાઈ રાતા ચોળ થઈ ગયા. સામેની દિવાલની ઘડિયાળ સામે જોઇએને વિચાર કરવા લાગ્યા.

સ્વર્ણલતાએ પૂછ્યૂં”શું થયું છે સાહેબ?”

મગનભાઇએ બધી વાત કરી. અને ઉમેર્યું:” હી શુડ બી ફાયર્ડ, હી શુડ બી સેક્ડ આઉટ, હી શુડ બી કીક્ડ આઉટ. રાઈટ ડાઉન ધ મેમો ઓફ ચાર્જીસ. કમ હીયર એન્ડ ટેક ડાઉન”

સ્વર્ણલતાએ કહ્યું; જો જો સાહેબ કશું લખાવતા ….! મીસ્ટર સુકેતુ એ તો શેઠનો માણસ છે.

સાંજે સાઈટ એન્જીનીયર મીસ્ટર દેસાઈ આવ્યા. અને રૂ. ૫૦૦૦૦/- કેશ એડ્વાન્સ માગ્યા. જુના એક લાખ એડવાન્સના વાઉચર આપ્યા નહતા.  અઠવાડીયું થઈ ગયું હતું અને યાદ પણ કરતા ન હતા. ગડબડીયા અક્ષરમાં સમરી આપી. “નીટ અને ક્લીન હેબીટ નહી હોવાનો” અને “પંક્ચ્યુઅલ નહી હોવાનો” ગુનો બનતો હતો.

આ તો કેમ ચાલે? એન્જિનીઅરો ની ક્યાં ખોટ છે? મગનભાઈએ સ્વર્ણલતાને બોલાવી. લખો … એક શો કૉઝ નોટીસનો મેમો લખો. કે.જી. દેસાઈને એક મેમો આપવાનો છે.

સ્વર્ણલતા એ કહ્યું સાહેબ જો જો કંઈ એવું કરી બેસતા.  દેસાઈસાહેબ તો મીનીસ્ટરના માણસ છે.

હવે મગનભાઈ અકળાયા. અને બોલી ઊઠ્યા આ બધું શું છે? અને શું ચાલી રહ્યું છે? રમેશ, એ તો જનરલ મેનેજરનો માણસ છે, સુરેશ, એ તો ડાઇરેક્ટરનો માણસ છે, મીસ્ટર સુકેતુ એ તો શેઠનો માણસ છે, દેસાઈ, તો મીનીસ્ટરનો માણસ છે.

સ્વર્ણલતા મગનભાઇની અકળામણ પામી ગઈ. તેણે ચપરાસી પોપટને બોલાવ્યો. અને ઠંડું પાણી લાવવા કહ્યું. પોપટભાઇ ટ્રે માં બે ગ્લાસ ઠંડા પાણી ના લાવ્યો.

પણ ટ્રે ખાસ ચોક્ખી નહતી. મગનભાઈનો પીત્તો જવાની તૈયારીમાં હતો. પણ એ ગમ ખાઈ ગયા. કદાચ આ પણ કોઈ મંત્રી કે કદાચ મુખ્ય મંત્રીનો માણસ હોય તો!

સ્વર્ણલતા મગનભાઈની વાત પામી ગઈ અને બોલી “સાહેબ પોપટને તો તમે વઢી શકો છો. જો કે આમ તો એ ભગવાનનું માણસ છે.

શિરીષ મોહનલાલ દવે

ટેગ્ઝઃ માણસ, જનરલ મેનેજર, ડાઈરેક્ટર, મીનીસ્ટર, ભગવાન

સમસ્યાઓનું નિરાકરણ એટલે નવ્ય સર્વોદયવાદ – ૬. મોદીના સ્વપ્નનું ગામ કેવું હોવું જોઇએ?

ભારતમાં તેના ભવિષ્યની આવશ્યકતાનો ખ્યાલ રાખી તેમજ રહેણાંક, વ્યવસાય અને શિક્ષાને ખ્યાલમાં રાખી કેવા મકાન-સંકુલો બનાવવા જોઇએ, હાલના ગ્રામ્ય વિસ્તાર તથા શહેરી વિસ્તારના રહેઠાણોના અને વ્યવસાયોના મકાનોને કેવીરીતે નવસંચના કરી વધારાની જમીનને ઉપલબ્ધ કરી શકાય અને ઉપલબ્ધ જમીન ફાજલ થતેનો સદઉપયોગ કરી શકાય તે આપણે “સમસ્યાઓનું નિરાકરણ એટલે નવ્ય સર્વોદયવાદ – ૫” માં જોયું.

ઉત્પાદન અને રોજગાર ની વ્યવસ્થા કેવી હોવી જોઇએ

ખુલ્લી જમીનનો ઉપયોગ ફક્ત વૃક્ષો માટે થશે. અથવા તો તે આપણી દિશા હશે.

એક સંકુલની આસપાસની જગ્યા ફળાઉ અને ઉપજાઉ વૃક્ષો માટે થશે. તેથી તે ઉત્પાદન ઉપર નભતા નાના ઉદ્યોગો તે સંકુલમાં જ ગોઠવી શકાય.

જો શક્ય અને જરુરી હોય તો એક સંકુલની પાસે બીજું એક ઔદ્યોગિક સંકુલ પણ બનાવી શકાય. જો ગામ મોટું હોય તો અને નાના ઉદ્યોગો ભારે યંત્ર સામગ્રીવાળા અને અવાજનું પ્રદુષણ ફેલાવે તેવા હોય તો ઔદ્યોગિક સંકુલ અલગ રાખી શકાય. ગૃહ ઉદ્યોગો તો રહેઠાણના અને વ્યવસાયના સંકુલમાં હોવા જોઇએ.

કયા ઉદ્યોગોને સરકારે વધુ ઉત્તેજન આપવું જોઇએ?

ધરતીને આપણે વનસ્પતિ, હવા અને પાણી સિવાય કશું પાછું આપી શકતા નથી. એટલે કે જ્યારે આપણે ધરતીમાંથી ઉત્ખનન કરીને કાચોમાલ કાઢીએ ત્યારે ધરતીને આપણે તે માલ પાછો આપઈ શકતા નથી. જે કાચામાલનો આપણી પાસે અખૂટ ખજાનો છે તેને આપણે વાપરીએ તે એક વાત છે પણ તે પણ લાંબા ગાળે ખૂટી જશે. તેથી તે વાતને ધ્યાનમાં રાખીને વિકાસ કરવો જોઇએ. જ્યાં કાચો માલ છે ત્યાંજ તેના ઉદ્યોગો થાય તેમ હોવું જોઇએ. વપરાશી માલનું કદ અને દળ ઓછું હોવાથી હેરફેરનો ખર્ચ ઘટશે. કાચા માલની હેરફેરમાં થતો ખર્ચ ઘટશે.

ઉર્જા ઉત્પાદન

ખનિજ કોલસાનો આપણી પાસે અખૂટ ખજાનો છે. તો પણ કુદરતી ઉર્જાસ્રોતોના વિકાસ અને સંશોધન ઉપર વધુ ધ્યાન કેન્દ્રિત કરવું જોઇએ. આમાં સૂર્ય ઉર્જા, પવન ઉર્જા, જળપ્રવાહ ઉર્જા, ભરતી ઓટ ની ઉર્જા નો બહોળો ઉપયોગ કરી શકાય તેમ છે. જોકે લાકડાને અને કોલસાને બાળીને પણ ઉર્જા ઉત્પન્ન કરી શકાય છે. તે બાબતમાં કેટલાક લોકોની માન્યતા છે કે પૃથ્વી ગરમ થઈ જશે. લાંબી તરંગલંબાઈ વાળા પ્રકાશના કિરણો આયનોસ્ફીયરને ભટકાઇને પાછા આવે છે. આ ગરમીના કિરણો ધરતીનું ઉષણતામાન વધારે છે. ધૂમ્રહીન બોઈલરો બનાવી શકાય છે. કોલસી અને મેશનો ઉપયોગ થઈ શકે છે. આ બધી તકનીકી સમસ્યાઓ છે અને તેનો ઉકેલ થઈ શકે.

૫૦૦ વૉટ ની અને ૫૦૦ કિલોવૉટની પવન ચક્કીઓ બને છે. ડૂંગરો ઉપર પવન વધુ હોય છે. જે મકાનો ડુંગર ઉપર હોય છે અથવા તો જ્યાં પવન વધુ હોય છે, ત્યાં ૫૦૦વૉટની એક થી વધુ પવનચક્કીઓના મોડ્યુલોના ઉપયોગ કરી, ચાલુ પ્રણાલીની ઉર્જામાં બચત કરી શકે છે. જ્યાં વધુ ઉર્જાની જરુર હોય ત્યાં ૫૦૦ કિલોવોટ પવનચક્કીનો ઉપયોગ થઈ શકે.

જ્યાં સૂર્યપ્રકાશ ખૂબ હોય છે તેવા રાજસ્થાન, કચ્છ સૌરાષ્ટ્ર, ગુજરાતમાં મકાનોની બહારની દિવાલો ઉપર સૂર્યઉર્જાકોષ રાખવા ફરજીયાત કરી શકાય છે. દરેક મોટી ઓફિસ અને ઉદ્યોગોના મકાનોની દિવાલો અને અગાશીઓ કે છાપરાઓ ઉપર સૂર્યઉર્જાકોષ રાખવા ફરજીયાત કરી શકાય છે.

ઉર્જા સંગ્રાહકો

નિકલ કેડમીયમ અને નિકલ આયર્નના વિદ્યુત સંગ્રાહકોમાં સંશોધન કરી ઉર્જાનો સંગ્રહ કરી શકાય છે. સીસું-સલ્ફ્યુરિક એસીડના વિદ્યુત કોષ વજનમાં ભારે હોય છે અને તેનું આયુષ્ય ઓછું હોય છે. તેથી લાબાં આયુષ્ય વાળા નિકલ કેડમીયમ અને નિકલ આયર્ન વિદ્યુત સંગ્રાહકકોષમાં સંશોધન કરી તેને આર્થિક રીતે પોષાય તેવા કરવા જોઇએ. જો કે આ બધી તકનિકી બાબતો છે અને તેના ઉપાયો પણ છે.  

ગ્રામ્ય સંકુલમાં કયા ઔદ્યોગિક ઉત્પાદનો કરવા જોઇએ?

સંકુલમાં જાતજાતના ઘાસ, અનાજ, શાકભાજી, કંદમૂળ છોડ, ફુલો,

માટીનો ઉદ્યોગ, ફળોના રસનો ઉદ્યોગ, પેકેજ ઉદ્યોગ, માલ પેક કરવાનો ઉદ્યોગ, મુદ્રણ ઉદ્યોગ, કાગળનો ઉદ્યોગ, વણાટકામ, ભરતકામ, છપાઈ કામ, દરજીકામ, મોચીકામ, તેલ ઘાણી, મધમાખી ઉછેર, ગોબર ગેસ, ખાતર, દૂધ અને તેની બનાવટો, બેકરી,

ઘાસ, દૂધ, શાકભાજી, કાંતણ, વણાટકામ અને માટીકામ (ગ્લેઝવાળા માટીના વાસણો) એ મહત્વના ઉદ્યોગ ગણવા જોઇએ. કારણકે આ સ્વાવલંબનમાં તે મહત્વનો ભાગ ભજવે છે. ઉત્પાદનનો વપરાશ સ્થાનિક કક્ષાએ પણ છે અને નિકાસ પણ થાય છે.

કાંતણ અને વણાટને પ્રાધાન્યઃ

જો ગામમાં ગરીબી હોય તો કાંતણ તાત્કાલિક રોજગારી પૂરી પાડે છે. જો પાંચ ત્રાકનો અંબર ચરખો વાપરવામાં આવે તો એક વ્યક્તિ રૂ. ૩૦૦૦ થી રૂ. ૫૦૦૦ ની માસિક આવક જરુર મેળવી શકે છે. આ ઉપરાંત તેની પોતાની કાપડની જરુરીયાત લગભગ મફતમાં પૂરી પડે છે. આ માટે ગાંધીજીએ ચરખાસંઘની રચનાની પ્રણાલી ગોઠવવાની વાત કરેલી. જો સ્થાનિક કક્ષાએ કાંતણ અને વણાટકામ થશે તો તો ખાદીને નામે ગોલમાલ થતી બંધ થશે.

ખાદીમાં હવે ઘણા સંશોધનો થયા છે. અને ખાદીનું કાપડ મીલના કાપડને લગભગ સમકક્ષ જ હોય છે.

જો દરેક કુટુંબ ગોદડા, ગાદલા, કવરો (ખોળો), હાથરુમાલ, ગમછા, પડદા, ટુવાલ, પગલુછણીયા જો ખાદીના વાપરે તો કાંતનારા અને વણનારાને ઘણી રોજી મળે.

ખાદીની ખપત કેવીરીતે વધારી શકાય?

કોણે કયા અને કેવા કપડાં પહેરવા તે વ્યક્તિની મુનસફ્ફીની વાત છે. પણ રોજગારી આપનાર સંસ્થા કે વ્યક્તિ પોતાના કર્મચારીઓને ડ્રેસકોડની ફરજ પાડી શકે છે. જેમકે પોલીસ ને અમુક જ ડ્રેસ પરિધાન કરવાની ફરજ પડાય છે. આવી જ રીતે કેટલીક ખાનગી કંપનીઓ પણ પોતાના કર્મચારીઓને માટે ડ્રેસ કોડ માટે ફરજ પાડે છે.


સરકારે ખાદીને પ્રોત્સાહન આપવું જોઇએ. અને તે માટે સરકારે દરેક સરકારી કર્મચારીનો એક યુનીફોર્મ કોડ એટલે કે વસ્ત્ર પરિધાનની આચાર સહિંતા નક્કી કરવી જોઇએ. જ્યારે સરકારી કર્મચારી જે કોઈપણ હોદ્દો ધરાવતો હોય તો પણ તેણે ડ્રેસ કોડનો અમલ કરવો જ પડશે. જ્યારે તેને નોકરીએ રાખવામાં આવે ત્યારે જ તેની પાસેથી તેની સંમતિ લઈ લેવી જોઇએ. સૌ કર્મચારીઓને સરકાર ત્રણ સેટ વસ્ત્રોનું કપડું સરકાર ખરીદીને આપશે. એક સેટમાં પાટલુન, ખમીશ, બનીયન, કોટ અને સ્વેટર આપશે. જેમને ધોતીયું, જભ્ભો, બંડી, લોંગકોટ જોઇતા હશે તેમને તે આપશે. બે જોડી બુટ અને બે જોડી ચપ્પલ આપશે. કશું મફત મળશે નહીં. જરુર હશે તો વર્ગ -૩ અને વર્ગ-૪ ના કર્મચારીઓને ચાર ટકાના વ્યાજે લોન આપશે. ખાદીના કાપડની ગુણવત્ત સરકાર નક્કી કરશે.

દરેક શાળા અને કોલેજો પણ પોતાના વિદ્યાર્થીઓ અને શિક્ષકો માટે ડ્રેસકોડ રાખશે.

આમ થવાથી ખાદીના કાંતણ કામ, વણાટકામ, અંબર ચરખા બનાવનાર અને તેને રખરખાવ અને સમારકામ કરવાવાળાઓને રોજી મળશે. દરજીઓને પણ વધુ રોજી મળશે. કારણ કે અત્યારે રેડીમેડ વસ્ત્રોને જે જત્થાબંધ ધોરણે સીવવામાં આવે છે તેમાં કારીગરોનું શોષણ થાય છે.

જ્યારે મોરારજી દેસાઈની જનતા પાર્ટીની સરકાર હતી, ત્યારે તે સરકારે, સરકારી કાપડની ખરીદીમાં ખાદીને ફરજીયાત કરેલી. પણ સરકારી ઉચ્ચ અધિકારીઓની મનોવૃત્તિ “સર્વ પ્રથમ ભારતનું હિત (ઈન્ડીયા ફર્સ્ટ)”ની ન હતી એટલે તેમાં બારીઓ ખોલીને સરક્યુલરનો અનાદર કરેલ.

તો પછી જત્થાબંધ રીતે ઉત્પન્ન થતા કાપડનું શું થશે? આપ્ણો દેશ, મીલના કાપડની વિદેશમાં નિકાસ કરશે.

જો ઘાસની ખેતી સંકુલોમાં થશે તો બળદોનું શું થશે?

સાંઢને બળદ કરવો એ આપણો હક્ક નથી. સાંઢ પાસેથી પણ કામ તો લઈ જ શકાય. તેલ ઘાણીના યંત્રમાં, લીફ્ટના યંત્રમાં, વિદ્યુત જનરેટર ના યંત્રમાં, સામાન્ય હેરફેરને લગતા માલવાહકોની રચનામાં યોગ્ય ફેરફારો કરી પશુઓનો ઉપયોગ કરી શકાય છે. આ ઉપરાંત ગૌવંશના પ્રાણીઓ આપણને શ્રેષ્ઠ અને અમૂલ્ય ખાતર આપે છે.

પશુ સંચાલિત તેલઘાણીઓથી તેલનું ઉત્પાદન ઘટશે, પણ જો તમે સંકુલો બનાવશો તો જમીનની વૃદ્ધિની સીમા અમાપ છે. તમે કદાચ કહેશો કે વનસ્પતીને તો સૂર્ય પ્રકાશ જોઇએ અને સંકુલોમાંની અકુદરતી જમીનને સૂર્યપ્રકાશ તો મળશે નહીં તેથી સંકુલોમાં ઉત્પાદન નહીં થઈ શકે. જો કે આ એક તકનિકી સમસ્યા છે. અને તેનો ઉકેલ આવી શકે. જેમકે તમે દર્પણોને એવી રીતે ગોઠવો કે દરેક માળ ઉપર સૂર્ય પ્રકાશ આવે. આ ઉપરાંત, વિદ્યુત દ્વારા કૃત્રિમ સૂર્યપ્રકાશ ઉત્પન્ન કરી શકાય છે. આ વિદ્યુત કરવા માટે પ્રાણીઓનો ઉપયોગ કરી શકાય.

તેલઘાણીઓ શા માટે? પશુ દ્વારા ચાલતી તેલઘાણીઓ શા માટે?

તેલીબીયાંઓના છોડવાઓ ને સંકુલોમાં ઉગાડી શકાય છે. એટલે તેલીબીયાનું ઉત્પાદન વધારીને તેલનું ઉત્પાદન વધારી શકાય છે. પશુથી ચાલતી તેલઘાણીના તેલના ઉત્પાદનમાં આપણને “ખોળ” અને “સાની” મળે છે. તે પશુઓ અને મનુષ્ય માટે એક સારો અને પૌષ્ટિક ખોરાક છે. આ લાભને અવગણી શકાય નહીં.

તેલની મીલોનું શું થશે?

જો તેલીબીયાંનુ ઉત્પાદન વધુ હોય તો તેના તેલોની નિકાસ કરો.

જો માટીના વાસણોનો ઘરવપરાશના, પ્યાલાઓ, થાળીઓ, કટોરાઓ, ગરમાઓ, તપેલાઓ, માટલાઓ, વિગેરેમાં ઉપયોગ થશે તો, ધાતુના વાસણોની ખપત ઘટી જશે તો તેના કારીગરો અને કારખાનાઓનું શું થશે?

ધાતુ એ એક કિમતી વસ્તુ છે. તે ધરતીમાં નવી ઉત્પન્ન થતી નથી. ધાતુઓનો વિદ્યુત ઉર્જાના વિતરણમાં બહુ જરુરી ઉપયોગ હોય છે. તેથી ધાતુના ઉદ્યોગમાં જેમકે તાર, ખીલીઓ, સ્ક્રુ, પટીઓ, પતરાઓ, યંત્રોની બનાવટ, તેના પૂર્જાઓ, સુશોભનની કળાકૃતિઓ બનાવવામાં ધાતુનો ઉપયોગ કરી શકાય. વૈજ્ઞાનિક સંશોધનોના ઉપકરણોમાં ધાતુનો અમાપ ઉપયોગ હોય છે જ. તેથી કારીગરોએ કારીગરી બદલવી પડશે. કોઈ બેકાર થશે નહીં.

માટીના વાસણો તો અવારનવાર તૂટી જશે. માટીના વાસણો બરાબર સાફ થઈ શકતા નથી. આથી શું સરવાળે તે મોંઘાં નહીં પડે શું?

ના. તે સરવાળે ખાસ મોંઘા નહીં પડે. માટીના વાસણો ઉપર ગ્લેઝ (સીરામીકના વાસણોને હોય છે તેમ) હોવાથી તે સરળતાથી સાફ થઈ શકશે. સ્થાનિક ઉત્પાદન હોવાથી તે વ્યાજબી ભાવે મળશે.

દરેક વ્યક્તિની વૃત્તિઓ અલગ અલગ હોય છે.

વૈજ્ઞાનિક બનવાની મનોવૃત્તિ દરેક વ્યક્તિમાં હોતી નથી.

તત્વજ્ઞાની બનવાની મનોવૃત્તિ દરેક વ્યક્તિમાં હોતી નથી.

ચિકિત્સક બનવાની મનોવૃત્તિ દરેક વ્યક્તિમાં હોતી નથી.

કર્મચારી બનવાની મનોવૃત્તિ દરેક વ્યક્તિમાં હોતી નથી.

ઘણાને ફક્ત ચિલાચાલુ કામ કરવાની જ વૃત્તિ હોય છે. નવું કામ કે અવનવું કામ કરવાની વૃત્તિ હોતી નથી. જેઓ કચરો વાળે છે તેમને જમીન ખોદવાનું કામ કરવું ગમતું નથી. જો કે કેટલીક વૃત્તિઓ શિક્ષણ દ્વારા બદલી શકાય છે.

દરેક વ્યક્તિમાં આનંદ પામવાની વૃત્તિ અચૂક હોય છે.

આનંદની પ્રાપ્તિ એ દરેકનું મુખ્ય ધ્યેય હોય છે. એટલે સરકારે અને અન્ય સંસ્થાઓએ કર્મચારીઓનો અપ્ટીટ્યુડ ટેસ્ટ એટલે કે માનસિક વલણની ચકાસણી કરતા રહેવું જોઇએ. અનુસંધાન માટે ”… નવ્ય સર્વોદય વાદ ભાગ-૧” અને “શું સરકાર ગરીબીને કાયમ રાખવા માગે છે? જુઓ

આ ફક્ત રુપરેખા છે. શક્ય રીતે સ્વાવલંબન તરફ જવાની દિશા છે. સ્વાવલંબનનો હેતુ, ઉત્પાદન અને વહેંચણીમાં પારદર્શિતા અને રસ્તાઓ ઉપર ઉત્પાદન ની હેરફેરને શક્ય રીતે ઓછામાં ઓછી કરવાનો છે જેથી ઉર્જા ઓછામાં ઓછી વપરાય.

સ્થાનિક ઉત્પાદનને કારણે વપરાશની ચીજોની વૈવિધતા ઓછી થશે તેનું શું?

અવારનવાર થતા મેળાઓ આ સમસ્યાનો આંશિક ઉકેલ છે. વપરાશની ચીજોની વૈવિધતા એ ખરો આનંદ નથી. ખરો આનંદ પર્યટન, જ્ઞાન અને તંદુરસ્તી છે.


કિશોરીલાલ મશરુવાળા જ્યારે નાના હતા ત્યારની વાત છે.

અમદવાદથી મુંબઈ બે રેલ્વેગાડી જતી હતી.

એક વહેલી સવારે જાય. તે ગાડી બધા જ સ્ટેશનોએ ઉભી રહે. અને મોડી સાંજે મુંબઈ પહોંચે. આ ટ્રેનમાં ટિકિટભાડું ઓછું.

બીજી એક ટ્રેન રાત્રે ઉપડે. અમુક સ્ટેશનોએ જ ઉભી રહે. સવારે મુંબઈ પહોંચે. એટલે કે ઓછો સમય લે. આ ટ્રેનમાં ટિકિટભાડું વધારે.

બાળ કિશોરીલાલ મશરુવાળાને આ વિચિત્ર લાગ્યું.

જે ટ્રેન દિવસે ઉપડે છે તે બધા જ સ્ટેશનોએ ઉભી રહે છે. તમને સ્ટેશને સ્ટેશને ઉતરવા મળે છે. દરેક સ્ટેશનને જોવાનો આનંદ લઈ શકો છો. દિવસના સમયમાં ચાલુ ગાડીએ તમે બહાર બધું જોઇ શકો છો. તમને વધુ સમય ટ્રેનમાં બેસવા મળે છે. આ બધા ફાયદાઓ હોવા છતાં પણ તેનું ટિકિટભાડું ઓછું છે.

જે ટ્રેન રાત્રે ઉપડે છે. અમુક સ્ટેશનો ઉપર જ ઉભી રહે છે, સ્ટેશને સ્ટેશને ઉતરવા મળતું નથી, તમને રાત્રે ન તો સ્ટેશનો કે નતો ખેતરો કે જંગલ કે ગામના મકાનો કે માણસો કે કશું પણ જોવા મળતું નથી, રાત્રે કશો આનંદ મળતો નથી. ઓછો સમય ટ્રેનમાં બેસવા મળે છે, છતાં પણ આ ટ્રેનનું ટિકિટભાડું વધારે છે. આવું કેમ?

આનંદ માટેની મુસાફરી આવકાર્ય હોવી જોઇએ.

શિરીષ મોહનલાલ દવે.

ટેગ્ઝઃ કાચો માલ, સ્રોત, મકાન, વ્યવસાય, સંકુલ, રહેઠાણ, ગ્રામ્ય, શહેરી, નવસંરચના, જમીન, ફાજલ, ઉત્પાદન, વૃક્ષ, બહુમાળી, ઔદ્યોગિક, ઉત્પાદન, ઉર્જા, પશુ, કોલસો, પવનચક્કીઓ, સૂર્યપ્રકાશ, ખાદી, કાંતણ, વણાટ, ડ્રેસકોડ, મોરારજી દેસાઈ, ઈન્ડીયા ફર્સ્ટ, તેલઘાણી, માટી, વાસણ, વૃત્તિ, આનંદ


It has been reported that a young person named Vasim Akram by virtue of his humanity, had saved a lives of a lot Kashmiri people during the last flood hit the region of Kashmir.

The Government of India and several celebrities have recognized him as a hero.

The aforesaid hero was invited to KAUN BANEGA MAHA KARODPATI. There were several celebrities headed by our recognized as most popular hero of the century Amitabh Bachchan at the Show.

There was no reason for me to devaluate the honor accorded to Vasim Akram. Everybody would appreciate the government’s strategy and effort to save the lives of Kashmiri people and honoring Vasim Akram.


Look at the mindset of Vasim Akram.

When Amitabh conveyed the contribution of Indian soldiers in saving the lives of Kashmiri people. Amitabh mentioned and conveyed thanks to Indian soldiers, for their marvelous contribution by working day and night for several days.


Vasim Akram said “it was the duty of Soldiers to save the lives of Kashmiri people. They perform their duties…”

(“But as for me” Akram adds) “Neither anybody had forced me nor any body had asked me to save the lives of people of Kashmir. I have done this for the sake humanity. I worked without any discrimination. I did not look whether they are women or man, old or young, wealthy or poor, city or village. I simply worked out of my humanitarian approach, and determination of my own. On the contrary my family was asking me to stay at home and look after them.”

In short, a person having worked for victimized Kashmiri people for the reason of humanity, willfully fails and hesitate to thank Indian soldiers.


These are the same soldiers who are being killed by Muslims designated as terrorists, with the cooperation of local Kashmiri Muslims. Soldiers are always attacked by stones and bullets. Despite of this the Indian soldiers at the risk of their lives, worked all the time without taking any rest to save the lives of Kashmiri people though these Muslims have treated them their enemy all the time.

We can understand the meanness of Yasin Malik and leaders having similar culture, could be thankless people. They enjoy the liberty as they are allowed to enjoy that liberty by Nehruvian Congress government associated with their cultural allies, that the Indian soldiers have not done any obligation by saving the lives of Kashmiri, because it is their duties. This is because the people of this gang lot are scoundrels and rogues. But is it applicable thankless for a common man who has been identified as a hero reported to be carrying humanity with him?

If a person of Kashmir and also a Muslim, have such culture of being thankless, then be sure that Muslims are going to be doomed at least in India as per the verdict of Koran. When God wants to punish a person then he create a situation so that he gets lost.

Now look at the mindset and cultural aspects of a Hindu.

Hindus never fail to submit their thanks to an entity by whom they are obliged and survived. Hindus would not look at the entity whether it has obliged by virtue of its duty, whether it has obliged by its nature, whether it has obliged willfully, whether it has obliged with an expectation from you say “Thank You”.

Hindus knows that we are being survived by the God made entities. Hindu knows that it is also the entities on which we should be thankful. That is why a Hindu does not worship only the God, but a Hindu looks and understand the obligations of the entities made by God. Hindu is not conveying his thankfulness once a while, but the Hindu worships them. Hindu knows that the human kind is under obligation of Fire, Air, Rain, Water, Ocean, River, Mountain, Earth, Nation, Animals, Sun, Planets and whole Universal conscious. Now these Hindus a real secular formation of God, have a lot obligation on Muslims. Muslims should try to look within themselves to understand as to how much they are obliged by Hindus.

Now if Vasim Akram had worked by virtue of the humanity within, then what has he done for the Hindus who had been driven out from their own houses by Muslims in 1990? Vasim Akram would say he was walking with perambulator at that time in 1990. Is this answer acceptable? No.

This answer is comparable to the answer being given by Farukh Abdulla, Omar Abdulla and all their goons. They say that at the time of massacre of 1990, they were not in Kashmir.

Farukh, Omar and the goons cum scoundrels think that this reply is OK,

criminal mum and inaction

Farukh, Omar and the goons cum scoundrels think that they have no duty to perform when they came back to Kashmir.

Farukh, Omar and the goons cum scoundrels think that They have no duty to act to bring back the Kashmiri Hindus from the tents.

Farukh, Omar and the goons cum scoundrels think that they had no duty to investigate who were the culprit who had executed massacre.

Farukh, Omar and the goons cum scoundrels think that they had no duty to perform as to who published the notices in newspapers of Kashmir, asking Hindus to run away from Kashmir to save their lives if they are not ready to embrace Islam,

Farukh, Omar and the goons cum scoundrels think that it is not their duty to investigate who printed the communal posters, who pasted the communal posters on the wall asking Hindus to run away,

Farukh, Omar and the goons cum scoundrels think that they have no duty to perform to look at the misery under which the Kashmiri Hindus are living for decades together,

Farukh, Omar and the goons cum scoundrels think that they it is none of their duty to have any priority to reinstate these Hindus and to provide any relief to them.

Farukh, Omar and the goons cum scoundrels think that they have no duty to perform to take action against the leaders and persons who make communal remarks against Hindus of Kashmir on the matter of their settlement.

But these   Farukh, Omar and the goons cum scoundrels think that it is their duties to make noise on the issue of AMARNATH SHRINE BOARD.


Because a piece of land cannot be given the Amarnath Shrine Board, whose Chairman is Governor of J&K who is not a Kashmiri. Not an inch of Kashmir can be given to the Governor. Nehruvian Congress is a crook and cunning. Nehruvian Congress was watching with a joy. Indian government was foolish that it could not make a minor change in the structure of Amarnath Shrine board, make Hindus of Kashmir in the Board. Not only this it avoided to even think to dissolve the Board and could form a new trust.

Look at the mentality that these Muslims leaders. They used to watch the attacks on pilgrims of Amarnath but when any point related to the interest of Hindus arises they bluntly agitate to prevent it.

They are not ready to think that the Hindus give money to pay their Hujj-subsidies. Indian citizens pay billions of rupees to uplift these Kashmiri Muslims but the leaders and heroes of Kashmir are thankless to even make a note of it. They have become wealthy with the aids given by India.


Hindus do not mind on the point that these Muslims were Hindus once upon a time.

Now if these Muslims think that they have opted a better religion then they are supposed to prove it. They prove contrary to it.

These Muslims prove the religion they chose is the worst religion. This religion has spoiled their culture and character.

Hindus have culture and tradition of believing in universal brotherhood. These Muslims even do not care for their own brothers simply because they are Non-Muslims, even if these non-Muslims rescue their lives.


Have you ever heard Mahesh Bhatt, Shabana Azmi, Shah Ruck Khan, Amir Khan, Javed Akhtar and any other celebrity for agitating on the inaction of Farukh, Omar and Nehruvian Cong leaders?



Is it because, they are controlled by D-Gang? Yes. No one can discard this. How these celebrities and the learned analysts of TV Channel kept criminal mum on the suffering of Hindus of Kashmir?

If this allegation is false that these people are worth for still worse culture.

It is a high time to rethink on these converted Hindus. They have simply not lost their entity and culture of universal brotherhood which they had possessed when they were Hindus, but after becoming Muslims they have absolutely refused to recognize Non-Muslims as human being.

If the rationalist Muslims will not come out to educate these thankless community, then God will not spare them too.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Before understanding the Marathi manoos, we should recall the history of post Mogul period.

During the last days of Aurengzeb, the Mogul empire was nearly broken up. This could be mainly due to the religious militancy of Aurangzeb. The simplicity of Aurangzeb was not liked by many regional heads. They acted high handedly with Hindus in the name of Aurangzeb. This was against the tradition established by Akbar.

The successors of Aurengzeb were not that bad. But the damage could not be made up. Initially Maratha-s were stronger. then Peshvas became stronger. After the defeat of Bajirao – II, India got divided under small kingdoms. These kingdoms were fighting with each other. British tactfully handled the situation and got direct hold of many regions.


British introduced English educational system and also established universities. Because of many regions had been covered by the kingdoms for local governance, the upper class and upper caste could come up as a white collar service class lot.

Marathi people are falling under this category. Gujarat (present Gujarat State) was made of many kingdoms, thereby the educated people had not to go out of Gujarat for a job. On the contrary due to Marathi ruler Gaekwad, Marathi people were dominating in services in Baroda state. Similarly people of upper caste were dominating in the rest of Gujarat.

Due to development of Mumbai during the period of British, Mumbai had provided good employment opportunities.

Pune and Mumbai were the good education centers.

In Gujarat, Baroda, Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar were education centers.

Calcutta, Madras, Banaras and Allahabad were good education centers in rest of India.

That is why South Indians, Bengali and Bhaiyajis (Hindi speaking regions mainly UP and Bihar) were dominating in government services all over India.

Gujarati educated class was divided in textile, commerce, trade and local education. Hence people from other regions had to come to Gujarat for central government job.

Due to language problem the local government services (services in kingdoms), were not available for other regions, these were available for the locals. However for labor jobs, outsiders had good opportunities.

Similar was the case with Mumbai.



After independence the scenario got changed. Especially in Maharashtra.

The small scale industries were coming up. To meet the demand in white collar and labor jobs, outsiders started coming in Mumbai in large scale. Due to Mumbai being commercial capital, the jobs in Central Government had also been increased. South Indians started getting white collar jobs significantly in Mumbai.

In second half of ninety fifties, Nehruvian Congress noticed that Vote Bank Politics has good opportunities in Mumbai.

Initially Nehruvian Congress tried to divide Mumbai under Gujarati and Marathi as we have seen in part-I.

Nehruvian Congress was partially successful. But this was not enough. Due to heavy number of labor class, the vote bank of Communist was not insignificant. Similar was the case with service class.

To reduce the strength of Communists, Nehruvian Congress produced Datta Samant.

To corner the vote bank of Marathi, Yashvant Rao Chavan produced Shiv Sena.

Sharad Pawar produced MNS to reduce the strength of Shiv Sena.


Yes. So far politics is concern, especially the politics of Nehruvian Congress, NCP, Shiv Sena and MNS is concern, the Issue of Marathi Manoos is political.

The politicians have nothing to do with the interest of Marathi Manoos.


Shiv Sena is of the opinion that Marathi Manoos is getting neglected in employment, we are here to safe guard the interest of Marathi Manoos.

If it is really like that, then what about the infiltrators coming from Bangladesh and living in Mumbai?

Similar is the case of cross border antisocial elements. Daud Gang is working in Mumbai. It is smuggling and resolving disputes of real property-cases, out of court. What should be the role of Shiv Sena?

Is it that Marathi antisocial elements are getting jobs in the network of Daud? Is it that the allotment of huts on the encroached land of the Government, the Sena is one of the parties? What is Sena’s role on the Bangladeshi infiltrators?


If outsiders are capturing the job where the Marathi Manoos has a lien, then who is responsible for this?

The responsibility lies only and only with ruling parties in Maharashtra. The ruling party in Maharashtra is Nehruvian Congress and NCP alliance.


NCP got itself separated from Nehruvian Congress simply because Sharad Pawar has no scope to become PM if he remains in Nehruvian Congress. This is because, “Number One post” is reserved for Nehruvians.

The agenda of Yashavant Rao Chavan and Sharad Pawar has always remained, to share the power. They are the cultural Incarnation of Nehruvian.

But how can multiple incarnation exist simultaneously?

How Rama and Parashurama had existed simultaneously? God can go beyond the principle of physics. Similarly Nehruvian Congress is supposed to exist as multiple parties.

During emergency, Yashvant Rao Chavan had supported Indira Gandhi. When she got defeated, he deserted her party. When she won again he joined the same party.

Sharad has a culture to support any party which can serve his vested interest.

The undivided Shiv Sena had supported Emergency of Indira Gandhi as soon as she imposed.

What is the “Interest of Marathi Manoos”?

Is it not, one type of reservation?

Yes it is a reservation in job.      


Nehruvian Congress has established a culture that the jobs, and mainly the government jobs, are for Charity.

If the governance is corrupted, every system would be failed.

You can keep any types of entrance examination for entry in a service, it would be a failure.



Once upon a time, a cash of one crore rupees was seized from the house of a Chairman of Public service Commission of Punjab. This gives you the appropriate message of functioning of the governance.

Even the GRE examinations which is being conducted by foreign institution, the cases of leakage of question papers occur. Off course it is good that the institution cancels the examinations and conducts re-examinations.

Once upon a time there was a news line on a rate of 2 Crore rupees for becoming a Rail Board Member. This amount was collected from GM West Zone by a Nephew of the then Railway Minister.

Case of Railway recruitment for Class-IV advertisement published in local newspapers of Bihar and not in vernacular papers of Maharashtra.

All the times, the railway stations of zone and or divisions in Western Zone  get flooded with Bihari candidates. Look at as to how many number of Bhaiyaji working in Railways. Are Marathi Manoos not capable to function as Class-IV?

There was a case where MTNL Mumbai had to appoint 40 Stenographers. 39 candidates belonged to Kerala, were selected. A noise had been made by Shiv Sena. Was the noise not justified?

Similar could be the case with non-Marathi Mannoos also. Marathi Manoos too acts like this to some extent.

I was in Prabhadevi MTNL building. I noticed very few Gujaratis even in Class –III. The population of Gujarati in Mumbai is not less than 20 percent. At least 10 percent Gurajari Manoos could have been employed by Marathi Manoos in Mumbai. Gujarati Manoos are almost like Marathi Manoos in Mumbai. That is, they speak Marathi as well.


In the building of Ministry of Communication in Muscat, more percentage of the Gujarati Manoos had been employed by the Muslim ruler of Oman than they are employed in Mumbai.

Now look at the Central Government Offices in any state barring Gujarat and Maharashtra, you would find, all most all local persons right from Class-III to Class-I. You cannot think of a non-local person employed by a local head of the office or industry.

Yes. As for UP and Bihar and North East states, the matter is little different.

In Bihar and UP you will find Bengali officers in good numbers. In North East you will find domination of Bengali speaking officers.

Bengali, Maravadi and Bihari would employ their own people in their shops or restaurants.  Whereas a Gujarati would employ locals. That is why Khasi (the local people known as Khasi) would not trouble Gujarati during local riots.  

As for North East states, the officers would say; “local people are lazy, and they do not like to work.”

As for Gujarat, the outsiders say: “Gujarati-s do not know English.”

But one should know about the English of Non-Gujarati peoples too. It is not remarkable. In fact the shortage of good correspondents is a worldwide phenomenon.  

I can quote a lot examples on the English of Non-Gujarati-s. An ITS (Indian Telecom Services means who are recruited directly after passing a competitive examination) officer who once upon a time was in Material Management in the Directorate of Communication, Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi. Since he was in Material Management, he was supposed to be good in English. This is because for constructing the specifications, in a tender, one has to be good in drafting. This officers was transferred to North East. The reason of transfer was not his English.

I found him, not able to write a letter promptly. He used to take full one day to prepare a final draft of a letter of one page, paper size A4.

I have worked under a lot ITS officers. Hardly 5 percent were worth for their post. I would like to mention only 3 remarkable Officers. One was excellent in every field. Another was excellent in strategy. Third one was good in relations.

First two were ITS officers, but they were Departmental Outsiders. Departmental outsider means they were already working in a lower post (Class III), but had been appointed to the cadre, as they passed the examination of ITS.

The government is run by IAS, ITS, IPS, IFS etc… officers. Their capability is nearly the same. Nearly the same, means they are not worth for the post they hold. If Narendra Modi is to scrap these cadres, it is not bad.

But what is the answer to the Subject issue “Marathi Manoos”?

It is only the mismanagement of bureaucrats and self-centeredness of politicians.

Why the states could not do development of their own?

Shiv Sena and MNS leaders are making Marathi Manoos fool. If this is not true then they themselves are fool.

What is the difference between a stray dog and a lion?

If you hit a dog by throwing a stone, the dog would run towards the stone. Lion would deal with the person who threw the stone.

Shiv Sena and MNS leaders are like stray dogs. They attack Hindi speaking entrants, instead of hitting Nehruvian Congress and NCP leaders.

The cause of unemployed Marathi Manoon, is Nehruvian Congress, its culturally allied leaders in UP, Bihar, Bengal and Maharashtra (NCP).

The unemployed persons coming from UP, Bihar, Bengal etc.. are not at any fault. They are starving there. They leave their homes, they leave their relatives, they leave their friends, when they come to Maharashtra or Gujarat. Their intention is not to trouble Marathi and Gujarati Manoos.


The water level in UP, Bihar, Bengal is not below 15 feet. Bihar has coal for 400 years. Bengal has forest. All of them have man power. What do you need for productions? Kashmir is called Heaven on the Earth. North East is called the land of Kuber the wealthiest king of India.

Marathi Manoos individually, are not bad. This is just like Vora and Khoja among Muslims who are not bad. But Muslim leaders defame the whole community. Similar is the case with Manoos of UP and Bihar.

Yes. As for infiltrators, the government should act high handedly.

Suppose, the development in India becomes very fast, and it is balanced also, then what should be the policy on Son of the Soil?

You should follow the policy of Gujarati business man. Employ the best suitable person on merits.

Even in Government services, if one is sincere, intelligent and hard worker, he/she would be in heavy demand. He/she would not be identify by a region to which he/she belongs. This is true only if the next superior is not self-centered.


In Nehruvian Congress, by virtue of birth in Nehru family, the Number One power post is 100% reserved for Nehruvian progeny. This has produced parties with similar culture, in many states. This has spoiled the social and working culture in India.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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It appears that the Marathi Manoos is misunderstood by many learned analysts.


Delhi is the capital of India. States and that too the states based on language were formed to maintain the identity of the region and to have a better communication between the government and the people.

What is Mumbai?

Delhi is political capital and Bombay is commercial capital, so that every Indian should have equal right. Somehow Bombay has been merged with Maharashtra, but at that time it was assured by the government that its Five Colors (पंच-रंग) would be maintained. One must know that how Mumbai has been founded and got developed.

Katchi-s, Kathiyavadi-s, Parsi-s, Konkani-s and Anglo Indians have founded and developed Mumbai.

Earlier Mumbai was an island. It was a thinly populated island with Konkani and Kolis. Kolis are the people doing fishing at the western seashore right from Katch through Saurashtra (Kathiyawad) and south Gujarat.

The British decided to develop Mumbai when they got it as dowry from Portuguese in first half of nineteen century.

Katchi, Kathiyavadi-s, South Gujarati-s (Parsi-s got included in 10th Century), were doing sailing and trading with Africa, Arab Stan and Java-Sumatra (Indonesia) since the time immemorial. These people got concentrated in Mumbai by virtue of their experience. They also employed local people of Ghat (Western Ghat). Gradually they became in majority as they are supposed to be. In this way Katchi, Gujarati, Marathi, Konkani and Anglo Indians are the founders and developers of Mumbai.

Policy of Congress since 1918

Until first half of the ninety fifties it was the policy of Congress to have states based on Language. But as for Mumbai and as and when the other big cities crosses the population 50 lakhs, it should be ruled by Central States. Mumbai was already having a Mumbai Pradesh Congress Committee hence it was to be central state. But Marathi people wanted Mumbai in Maharashtra based on the major population (40-45 percent).

Nehru Conspired to defame Morarji Desai

Marathi people agitated and secured bulk number of seats in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Konkan in 1957 general elections. Nehru had foreseen this. To avoid the loss of power, Nehru lead Congress made a State named Bombay State comprised of Katch, Kathiyawad (Saurashtra), Mumbai, Maharashtra, Konkan and Karnataka in 1956.

Nehru knew that this arrangement was not to function for a longer time.

Nehru declared that if Maharashtra gets Mumbai, he would be pleased. This was a mischievous and a low dignified statement if it comes out from a top leader like Nehru. It was an uncalled statement. Nehru wanted to play a game.

Nehru’s statement was interpreted by pro-Nehruvian leaders that Gujaratis (Katchi, Kathiyavadi-s and Gujaratis) are responsible for preventing Mumbai to be in Maharashtra.

Nehru was very much crooked and tactful to divide the people.

First, he made Bilingual state (Gujarati-Marathi) in 1956 with a view that the power can be maintained in the Bombay province, even if Marathi people vote against Congress. Nehru was sure that any loss in seats in Maharashtra would be made up in Gujarat. But Gujarati speaking people especially Central Gujarati and North Gujarati wanted a separate state “Maha Gujarat” comprised of Katch, Saurashtra and Gujarat. They agitated for this.

Nehru was happy because any minor loss to Congress in Gujarat was to be useful to defame Morarji Desai (Morarji Desai was internal rival of Nehru). Nehru was very much successful in his game.

By the formation of bilingual state, congress could retain power in the region of Bombay province.

How to form states was the policy matter of the Central working committee of Congress. Nehru wanted to pass blame on others. He wanted to shirk from the responsibility. To side line his self he stated that he would be happy if Marathi people get Bombay. In fact Gujarati-s had never demanded Mumbai. But Nehru wanted to give an impression and a wrong message to Marathi people that Gujarati-s are the only obstructions for Maharashtra in getting Mumbai in proposed Maharashtra state.

Gujarati-s were beaten in Mumbai and they were forced to leave Mumbai. Some Gujaratis left Mumbai. This caused to paralyse the functioning of Industries. This was because 90 percent Industries belonged to Gujarati and 70 percent trade was also with Gujarati (Gujarati speaking includes Marvadi also.

Gujarati and Marathi lived together for centuries. It was Nehru of Congress who divided them in 1954.

Somehow, sooner the Marathi people realized that Bombay cannot function without Gujaratis. It was an extremely long way to go without Gujarati in Mumbai.

Why did Gujaratis want Gujarat?

This was mainly because less development was getting planned for Gujarat region.

e.g. It was a decision to construct roads in India as per “Colombo Plan”. The execution of roads in Maharashtra region was well ahead, and in Gujarat it was not even started.

Initially Saurashtra region was a separate state. Its CM Uchhangarai Dhebar had done a lot work in Saurashtra. Only Gujarat region was backward. Katch was also backward.

Nehru’s other game to secure votes

Nehru who disguised himself as a leader having faith in non-violence, attacked Div, Daman and Goa. These were colonies of Portuguese before the general elections of 1962. In 1960 he gave Mumbai to Maharashtra.

Gujarat was punished by denying Mount Abu and Dang to Gujarat.

Nehru imposed Jivraj Mehta as the C M on Gujarat. Jivraj Mehta, his gang leaders like Rasikbhai Parikh, Ratubhai Adani etc… in an behind the curtain joint venture defeated some big leaders of Congress in Gujarat where Morarji Desai had a strong hold.

Morarji desai took revenge. He got dismissed Jivaraj Mehta on the plea that Jivraj Mehta incorporated two Ministers who had been alleged for their doubtful integrity, some charges of corruption and activities against some Congress candidates in general elections 1962 of Gujarat. Jivraj Mehta was a man of Nehru, who was trying to make Morarji weak in Gujarat.

Nehru and his daughter had tried their best to defame Morarji Desai and to provide injustice to Gujarat and Gujaratis.

Central Government used to deprive Gujarat of any public sector project.

Even when natural oil was discovered in Gujarat basin near Bhavnagar, it was put under Bombay-high region so that royalty can go to Maharashtra. ONGC HQ was kept in Dehradoon instead of Gujarat, so that even the recruitment of Class-IV category employment can be denied to Gujarat.

In this way Gujarat has been denied for its genuine rights.

Fortunately Gujarati historically, is a community of sail and trade. Thereby some private and small industries could get developed.

Manubhai Shah who was the Minister of Industries and trade, had established small scale Industrial Corporation in every Tehsil in Saurashtra. This line was picked up by Gujarat, when a greater Gujarat (present Gujarat State) was formed in 1962.      

How Aamchi Mumbai and Marathi Manoos is any way related to this information?


Shirish Mohanlal Dave


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