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Go ahead Narendra Modi…. We are with you… Not with the killer of thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi. viz. Anna Hazare

This language and conduct is not a befitting one for a follower of Mahatma Gandhi.

An Open Letter To Sir Anna Hazare

Respected Anna Hazare Saheb,

The tone of your language is not in line with the Gandhian philosophy, but it resembles the language Indira Gandhi used to speak.

The conduct & language of a follower of Mahatma Gandhi

At this juncture, it is worthwhile to mention an incident happened in pre-independence ear and widely cited by Mahavir Tyagi. When Mahavir Tyagi was in jail, he was involved in a dispute with the jailer for some illegal treatment given to him by the later. He warned of fast as an act of protest and perhaps also went on the fast. The matter was brought to the notice of Mahatma Gandhi immediately. Gandhiji criticized the attitude of Mahavir Tyagi in the periodical Harijanbandhu. Mahavir Tyagi could not accept this and he wrote a strongly-worded letter to Mahatma Gandhi rebuking him for his comment. He told Gandhiji that, “I am in jail and you haven’t yet heard me. I feel that what I have experienced in jail is an illegal act. I made representation in this regard to the jail authorities, but it was gone unheard. So I was left with no option other than fast and I explored the option. May be I am wrong, but you are a staunch propagator of truth and justice. But you have not even heard me. You have not even asked me what is the matter and what I am trying to explain. Without going into the details, you directly opted for criticizing me. Does such behavior stick to your principles? Have you abandoned the principles by which we used to get impressed? Do we need to understand you this way only?

Mahatma Gandhi asked for pardon

And Anna Saheb, Mahatma Gandhi (the name of which we are proud even today) wrote an editorial in the Harijanbandhu seeking pardon from Mahavir Tyagi and also observed a fast for one day for purification of mind. If intended, Mahatma Gandhi could have found out ways & means for rebutting what Mahavir Tyagi had said through a brainstorming exercise to issue some frivolous statement by making clever use of language and proved his initial criticism right. The newspapers might have supported Gandhiji without considering the substance or facts. But Anna Saheb, he was our great man – a man of principles and Mahatma in true sense. And he was not a creation of media.


You and Mahatma Gandhi; is it an apt comparison?

Narendra Modi wrote a letter to you as you praised him. Our CM Narendra Modi is a thorough gentleman and as an act of expressing gratitude, he wrote the letter. Our CM Narendra Modi interacts with even an ordinary person, so obviously he would write to you. But did you take trouble to meet him? In fact, you must come forward to talk with him very openly and discuss a wide range of issues. Gandhian philosophy cannot be followed in toto if there is no open discussion. We Gujarati people believed that your utterance spoken out yesterday might has been result of an unfortunate oversight on your part. We thought that unlike some ordinary and common people, who have lust to dominate the headlines in the newspapers by using phrases like “Maut Ka Saudagar”, you will make some meaningful and responsible statements. But contrary to that belief, you crossed all the limits today.

Nobody has right to do illegal act

We hope that you will introspect on the approach you have adopted. You might have a soft corner for poor and feeling of hatred for the rich. May it be poor or rich, nobody has a right to do anything illegal. Whatever was done during the execution of the riverfront project, was done completely follwoing the provisions of law. People, who have made their huts on government land by illegally occupying the land, were provided with alternative land by the government for the purpose of rehabilitation. But now, when they have sold off those pieces of land and again started living in huts elsewhere, you please decide how many flats should be allocated to them by the government. We are quite sure that you would not be able to decide this. Such a mindset of the people living in the huts is the result of 60-year long one-party rule of the Nehruvian Congress.


Don’t boast of “We have this and we have that”

Annaji please don’t boast of what you have in Mumbai & Maharashtra. Have you ever counted the money spent in the walkways constructed so far and the ones which have been left incomplete? I request you to county and am sure you will feel ashamed. Are you a follower of Gandhian philosophy? If yes, then you must know that Satyagrah is done against the unfair laws. Satyagrah is done to get the unfair laws repealed. Have you ever made a list of such unfair laws? Have you ever checked that how many of such unfair laws have been enacted by the central government & the Nehruvian Congress or how many of them have been continued by both of them? How many of them have been enacted by the Modi government in Gujarat? Have you ever made this comparison? Have you ever discussed this with Modi? Have you ever give Modi your suggestions? Have you ever made these suggestions public? We never know you have done any of these things. You have also not discussed these things with the newspapers, who always take note of each & every minute detail pertaining to you. This kind of fact led us to believe that you don’t have any real intention to bring change on this front. Instead of that, you just talk of direct protest. In such a situation, we have to say heavy-heartedly that the path you are following is the one chosen by Indira Gandhi, who get suspended the Kerala Government having thin majority by the way of protest through manipulating the power of his father at centre and then fight the election in coalition with the Muslim League – a communal party.

People of Gujarat is more experienced than you when it comes to overthrow the government

Anna Saheb, you are out to topple a government, which is the most popular and enjoys a huge majority. But people from Gujarat are more experienced than you in this task. People of Gujarat had even overthrown the government of Shri Chimanbhai Patel, who used to topple the governments of CMs imposed by Indira Gandhi. Not only that, they can even topple the government of Nehruvian Congress having strength of 140 in the legislative assembly. You have never done even tenth part of this. The most critical deficit you have is that your goals are unclear & elusive, the path chosen by you is wrong, the people around you, whom you consider as your associates, are not trustworthy. When the objective, the ways & means chosen to achieve it and the associates are wide of the mark, question of getting success doesn’t arise and it ultimately leads to disrepute.


Go for ‘Jail Bharo’ in Kashmir

You are talking of Jail Bharo agitation. If you really want to do this, then why don’t you choose Kashmir? Thousands of people are displaced in Kashmir and that too for more than two decades. Don’t you take them as human-beings? Why do you prefer keeping mum on that issue? If you have guts to fight following the path shown by Gandhi, why don’t you go to Kashmir? Instead of facing the difficult & unsafe situation in that state, why are you resolving to give fight in a state like Gujarat where you are not facing any threat against your security? This is not prefect option a Gandhian activist is supposed to prefer.

Are you in Gujarat just to sing a limerick?

You point out so-called ineffective enforcement of prohibition in Gujarat saying that in Gujarat, sales of alcohol is higher than milk. Have you come here just to sing a limerick? Or are you under influence of the Marathi Daru? In poetics, exaggeration is considered as an embellishment. Have you completely lost your sense for considering extent of something? In Gujarat, hooch tragedy takes place once in a while, once in a year. In other states, particularly in Maharashtra & Mumbai, it is almost a daily affair. Have you ever got a survey done on the housemaids working in Mumbai? My dear Anna Saheb, even a conservative estimate suggests that the husbands of 90% of the housemaids spoil the life of their family by consuming hooch procured through the earnings of the maids. First you set your house in order and it is better if you practice what you preach here in Gujarat. You should not speak anything which can reduce your reliability as a respectful leader.


Satyagrah should not be the option where there is a scope for judicial procedure

Nonviolence and Styagrah are sacred things. Wherever judicial procedure is possible for any kind of solution, adoption of Satyagrah is not the right way as per the Gandhian philosophy. If you want to project yourself as an ardent follower of this philosophy, you should first understand Gandhiji. Just covering your head with a white cap and wearing Khadi clothing don’t make you a Gandhian leader. Your understanding and conduct should also be in line with the Gandhian principles. It is different thing that you also have inclination towards agitations just like the Gujarati leaders of the Indirised Congress. But you must know that these foolish leaders have no principles to follow. People already know this fact. As they are deprived of power for a long time, they have no work to do and just indulge in PR activity thanks to blessings from the central government. But why are you trying to develop such nuisance-value for yourself?

Your foolishness has gone to an extent that you cannot even understand a simple logic. To capitalize on the reputation earned by you yourself and also thanks to the coverage in the media, your associates act in a way that becomes harmful to your image. Should we believe that you don’t know the Sanskrit couplet – “Shwa Yadi Kriyate Raja Api Natti Upanahan” (If a dog is made a king, its vulnerability to shoe beating remains intact.)

Tongue is not a bone so it can indulge in any kind of outburst

I am also as old as you. I also believe and trust in the Gandhian principles. But still I am only a common man and that is why I can go to this extent. In case, if I would have become a great man like you, I would have not dare to speak in an uncontrolled way just like you are doing. And also, I would have regretted that. I cannot think like you that tongue is not a bone so it can express any kind of outburst.  (This is a translation made by rightstandup@gmail.com of my article in Gujarati. I convey my thanks to Rightstandup)

Shirish M. Dave

Long Live Narendra Modi
Go ahead… We are with you… Not with the killer of thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi. viz. Anna Hazare


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Mahatma Gandhi's thinking was high

Mahatma Gandhi's thinking was high

Dear Anna Saheb,

I am also nearly of your age. By virtue not of my age but being a real common man, I would be a little outspoken.

Dear Anna Hazare, you have never objected when you have been introduced by media and others that you are a Mahatma Gandhian person. You are in your seventies means you were to be too young to understand and digest the principals of Mahatma Gandhi and to participate in the stirs launched by him in 1942 and earlier, as you would be a quite small child might be walking with perambulator. But you are considered an entity en par with veteran Mahatma Gandhi.

This is mainly because you have worked so far as understood on the principals put forward by Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi would remain alive till the people at large have a faith in the principles of Mahatma Gandhi provided they are properly understood.


Dear Anna, earlier you had praised Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi wrote a letter of thanks to you and conveyed you that a praise of Narendra Modi could cause a problem.  Subsequently as a matter of prevailing fashion in talkative pseudo seculars the said hypocrites bitterly opposed your statement on Modi.

However it is a matter of research as to why Anna corrected his statement and said he had made it on the information received from others, but he would go to Gujarat personally and may change his statement. It is the liberty of a person to accept the information. It was not mandatory for these pseudo to take the acceptance as a judgement of Anna Hazare. Anna Hazare has a liberty to be hypothetic for a positive opinion on some body unless any adverse is proved against him in a regular court of law. It is known to every body to have such attitude as OK under rule of law itself.

But the pseudo-s are furious on Narendra Modi, under their self recognised fashion and also under an opportunity of getting a chance to have coverage in media.


Can we have a doubt that Anna Hazare is very much dependant on his these supporters like Ms ‘kaa, ‘taa, ‘dhaa, ‘dhati? ( Ms = female title, ‘kaa = Mallikaa, ‘taa=Tistaa, ‘dhaa=Medhaa, ‘dhati=Arundhati  i.e. (‘का, ‘ता, ‘धा, धती मल्लिका, तीस्ता, मेधा, अरुन्धती) who are alleged in human trafficking, impeached by courts of law for bad approach and punished plus having association with anti-social and traitor elements respectively.



Not last and not the least element is Swami Agnivesh who with an intension to be more popular in minorities had announced the pilgrim to Amarnath is a   fraud. There may be a lot subjective and realistically objective frauds prevailing in India and abroad in human society, but the Swami has Amarnath as the top priority. Any way this not a point of our discussion, but it is matter of research as to how much dependent Mr. Anna is on these elements.



Anna Hazare came to Ahmedabad. Some Nehruvian Congress local leaders who would not like to miss the chance to remain with Anna, might have fabricated some false story by virtue of the visible beauty and likely tremendous beauty of the Sabarmati river bed front. These Nehruvian Congress local leaders could even not imagine that the river front can be beautified so nicely, they had a heart burn of their failure. Sabarmati river is quite a broad river having slums on its left. Our Nehruvian Congress leaders are very soft on such illegal occupation of public utility space to poor mass through anti-social elements whose income are shared by them while grabbing and transferring. When it comes to a space in down town, even they permit footpath to run business. To read more visit “who should be hanged” under shirish-dave.sulekha.com.



Any way in this case of “River Front” an idea came to the mind of Modi that this key location land which is a government property can be best utilised for commercial cum beautiful place of public utility and pleasure, instead of wasting the space by hutments.

Though the hutments were illegal but as generally occupied by poor mass, and our honourable court also ever ready to show its so-called humanitarian approach against ill-knowledge of law of the land and breach of law of the land, the government of Narendra Modi prepared and commenced execution of the river-front project with a provision of alternative arrangement for the hutment dwellers. Now as per the culture allowed to flourish by the Nehruvian Congress during its 6 decades rule that many hutment dwellers sold out their new premises and started living in other hutments.



Can you tell us how many flats/accommodations should be allotted one hut? We know you will keep mum.



On the very first day Anna Hazare announced that the scam of River Front is far greater than “Adarsh Tower Scam”. I will launch an agitation.





Let us recall an event that happened between Mahavir Tyagi and Mahatma Gandhi.

Once upon a time, during pre-independence period, Mahavir Tyagi who was a prominent freedom fighter was in a jail under freedom struggle. He put forward a demand which was lawful under the regulations of jail. But the Jailer denied to provide it to Mahavir Tyagi. Mahavir Tyagi was quite young and reactive. He threatened the Jailer that he would go on indefinite fast if his demand been not met with.

This message reached to Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi condemned the threat of Mahatma Tyagi in his magazine. Mahavir Tyagi when read this got annoyed. As a reaction he wrote a strong letter to Mahatma Gandhi. It was nearly like this. “You taught us to protest for truth and rule of law. You did not know as to what my demand was and what the justification in my demand was. You have not even heard me. You have not even tried to hear me. You as a judge simply gave your verdict and condemn me and that too publicly through your magazine. Is this your way of awarding justice? Can it be called a genuine way and is it in accordance to natural right? Do you want to teach us your principles like this?





Though being a great celebrity he could have once more condemned the thinking of Mahavir Tyagi, he could have broken his head to prove himself right and Mahavir Tyagi as wrong by playing with words and perverted logic. The media too could have according to their culture would have ignored to know the material and merits, would have supported Mahatma Gandhi. But that Mahatma Gandhi did not do that. That Mahatma Gandhi immediately published an apology in the next issue of his magazine and observed one day fast to purify himself.

We admire this Mahatma Gandhi and we are shining, our state is shining and whole humanity is shining.

Here is Mahatma Gandhi and where you are Mr. Anna?



You praised Narendra Modi. He is decent, gentle and cultured enough to respond you and also to take care while praising him in accordance to the culture and fashion of so-called secular NGO leaders and their objective media. You on the very first day announced negative that to based on hypothetical hear-say basis. Is it a Gandhian way? I mean to say Mahatma Gandhian way to communicate with a lawfully elected, highly honoured and most popular Chief Minister of state?

Why I specifically say Mahatma Gandhian, because there are other Gandhians which are Nehruvian Gandhians who do not believe in need to have existence of material and merits to allege their dislike-s. We have seen emergency of Indira Gandhi her statements, her approach and her attitude towards Mahatma Gandhians who were against her.

Are you not falling under their category? You do fall in that Indira Gandhian category. You abused Narendra Modi without calling material, without going through the merits, without meeting him and without hearing him. This is an insult of the principals of Mahatma Gandhi if you think you are on the path of Mahatma Gandhi. You do not know even the A B C of genuineness.

We thought on the first day that every human is a subject of committing mistake. But on next day you crossed all limits. You announced here in Gujarat everywhere are scam, scam and scams. You asked the people to flood the jails of Gujarat. You said liquor is consumed more than milk in Gujarat.





In poetry the exaggeration is a figure of speech. In social talk it is termed as the bad politics. What do you mean by stating liquor is consumed more than the milk?

Have you ever surveyed as to where do the income of domestic female servants got consumed? I would say not less than 50 percent goes to the liquor consumed by the husband. Have you travelled in the suburban morning train in Mumbai II-Class coach where 50percent mouths smells with liquor.

Mahatma Gandhi’s first priority was to ban liquor. Mumbai was the first state to ban liquor. Maharashtra was the first state to relax prohibition in post independence period. Nehruvian Congress CM had said Mahatma Gandhi against drinking liquor. He was not against production.  We will permit production and earn money.

 You may notice one or two incidents on deaths due to illicit liquor but not only in Maharashtra and Mumbai but in every other state people die due to illicit liquor daily.

You must know that most liquor is consumed in parties for experiencing kick by bunch and not for health.

Have you gone through the expenditure statistics of walk way projects in Mumbai?

Do you know what conflicts on making money and sharing money among state government authorities and local municipal authorities including local parties’ leaders is going on?

Many projects got abandoned half way due to non-settlement of shares (kick-backs). Are you aware of the figure of loss of money due to incomplete abandoned walk ways?

You do not know, otherwise you would have not come to Gujarat. Because if you are really a Mahatma Gandhian you would have made your field of work in Mumbai. Off course I am not sure what your recent purpose in the life is.





You are asking people of Gujarat to flood the jails to topple the Modi government in Gujarat.


I say, You are less experienced in toppling the government compared to the people of Gujarat. Gujarat has toppled a Chief Minister who has toppled the Chief Ministers who were appointed by Nehruvian Congress Prime Ministers including Indira Gandhi.

Not only this the people of Gujarat has toppled the whole state Assembly where Nehruvian Congress had secured 140 seats out of 164 seats. And this assembly was got dissolved by the people of Gujarat.

You have not achieved even 10 percent of it so far toppling governments in non-violence ways are concern. You must also know that the government was toppled for its immorality. People of Gujarat are more sensitive on moral issues than the issues of government projects where Nehruvian Congress possesses the culture of loved ones and un-loved ones in the matter of awardance of government projects.


Why do you not say flood the jails in Kashmir. The displaced people from their home are in half a million. Are they not human being?  Why do you not go there? Why do you choose a place like Gujarat where you are safe due to better law and order situation? Why do you not go to the difficult place? This is not Mahatma Gandhian way.




You say there are scams and scams and only scams in Gujarat. What do you mean by scam?

Who has made money through unauthorised channel? There are rules and regulations, norms and criteria, provisions and procedures. Have you listed out the irregularities, errors, mistakes, wilful mistakes, ill-wilful mistakes etc…? Have you discussed the matter with Narendra Modi or any government authorities?  

Agitation can be launched only when the legal channels are not open. Have you tried for any legal channel? Civil disobeyance and agitation becomes un-Gandhians when legal avenues are not tried. Agitation becomes Gandhian way of protest when one is ready for communication but the part the government is not ready for communication. Openness, communication and faith in the opposite party is the pre-qualification. You have not shown any faith, intension for communication and transparency towards Narendra Modi and his government.  On the contrary Narendra Modi has acknowledged you, he respected you and he loved you. Narendra Modi is more Mahatma Gandhian than you.



Your approach is not Mahatma Gandhian but it is Indira Gandhian. Your aim is not transparent and you do not care for Legal Avenue, you have not scrutinised as to what is the fault and where the fault lies. It lies under rules or under administration?

If it lies under rule you should submit your points for modification. You should discuss with the state government. You should also discuss with public. But unfortunate to you, you do not know whether the defective rules belongs to central government or state government.

Why all this mess? Because your purpose is malafide and anti-Modi. You are ignorant that the team members you head, their integrity is not beyond doubt. You do not know that your team members want to cash your publicity and popularity which you got recently. When your aim, tools and followers are mal then how God can help you?

We are the victim of delusion We should learn the art of living

We are the victim of delusion We should learn the art of living



In Sanskrit there is a proverb;

श्वा यदि क्रियते राजा, अपि न अत्ति उपानहं ?

Shva yadi kriyate raja, api naatti upaanaham?

If you make Dog as the king, will it not eat shoe?  

Nehruvian style, Indira style, Gandhian, Anna Anti-Gandhian, Anna visits Guj, Ann lost, defaced image, Modi succeeds, People rejects Anna,  

We are the victim of delusion We should learn the art of living


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આ ભાષા અને આ આચરણ મહાત્માગાંઘીવાદીની ભાષા અને આચરણ નથી.

અણ્ણા હઝારે સાહેબને ખુલ્લો પત્ર

માનનીય અણ્ણા હઝારે, તમારી ભાષા મહત્મા ગાંધીની ભાષા નથી. તમારી ભાષા ઈન્દીરા ગાંધીની ભાષા છે.

મહાત્માગાંઘીવાદીની ભાષા અને આચરણ

સ્વાતંત્ર્ય પૂર્વેનો, મહાવીર ત્યાગીએ ટાંકેલો એક પ્રસંગ યાદ કરવા જેવો છે. મહાવીર ત્યાગી જેલમાં હતા. અને તેમને જેલર સામે કોઇ કાયદેસરનો વાંધો પડ્યો. એટલે તેઓએ ઉપવાસની ધમકી આપી અને કદાચ ઉપવાસ ઉપર ઉતરી પણ ગયા. તૂર્ત જ આ ઉપવાસની વાત મહાત્માગાંધીના ધ્યાનમાં લાવવામાં આવી. ગાંઘીજીએ મહાવીર ત્યાગીના વલણ ની તેમના હરિજનબંધુમાં ટીકા કરી. મહાવીર ત્યાગી થી આ સહન ન થયું. અને તેમણે મહાત્મા ગાંધીની ઝાટકણી કાઢતો એક પત્ર મહાત્માગાંધીને લખ્યો. તેમણે લગભગ એવું લખ્યું કે હું જેલમાં છું અને મારી વાત તમે સાંભળી નથી. મને જે અનુભવ જેલમાં થયો તે મને અન્યાય રુપ લાગ્યો. મેં જેલના સત્તાવાળાઓને કાયેદેસરરીતે અરજ કરી. તેમણે મારું ન સાંભળ્યું. એટલે હું ન છૂટકે ઉપવાસ ઉપર ઉતર્યો. કદાચ મારી વાત ખોટી હશૅ. પણ તમે તો સત્યના અને ન્યાયના પુરસ્કરતા છો. તમે મને સાંભળ્યો પણ નથી. તમે મને પૂછ્યું પણ નથી કે વાત શું છે અને મારો પક્ષ શું છે? તમે મને સાંભળ્યા વગર બારોબાર મારી ટીકા કરી. શું આ તમારા સિદ્ધાંતોને અનુરુપ છે? ક્યાં ગયા તમારા સિદ્ધાંતો જેને અમે સાંભળ્યા હતા? શું તમને અમારે આ રીતે જ સમજવાના છે?

 મહાત્મા ગાંધીએ માફી માગી

 અને હે અણ્ણા સાહેબ, એ મહાત્મા ગાંધીએ (જેના નામથી આજે પણ અમારી શાન છે)પોતાના હરિજનબંધુમાં તંત્રી લેખ દ્વારા મહાવીર ત્યાગીની માફી માગી અને આત્મ શુદ્ધિમાટે એક ઉપવાસ પણ ખેંચી કાઢ્યો. માહાત્મા ગાંધીએ જો ધાર્યું હોત તો મગજને કસરત આપીને, વિતંડાવાદ ઉભો કરીને અને શબ્દોની રમતો રમીને પોતાની વાત સાચી અને મહાવીર ત્યાગીની વાત ખોટી ઠેરવી શક્યા હોત. સમાચાર પત્રોએ પણ સારાસાર અને માહિતીના અભાવપણાને નેવે મુકીને ગાંધીજીનું સમર્થન પણ કર્યું હોત. પણ અણ્ણા સાહેબ, અમારા એ મહાપુરુષ તો સાચેસાચ મહાત્મા હતા. અમારા એ મહાત્મા કોઈ મીડીયાનું સર્જન ન હતું.


ક્યાં મહાત્મા ગાંધીની વાત અને ક્યાં તમારી વાત?


તમને નરેન્દ્રભાઇ મોદીએ પત્ર લખેલ. કારણ કે તમે તેમના વખાણ કરેલ. અમારા નરેન્દ્રભાઇ મોદી સજ્જન છે. અને પોતાની કૃતજ્ઞતાની રુએ તમને પત્ર પણ લખ્યો. અમારા નરેન્દ્રભાઈ મોદી નાનામાં નાના માણસ સાથે પણ વાત કરે છે તો તમને તો પત્ર લખે તે સ્વાભાવિક હતું. પણ તમે તેમને મળવાની સજ્જનતા બતાવી ખરી? અરે તમારે તો તેમની સાથે ખુલ્લા દિલે વાતો કરવી જોઇએ. અને ચર્ચા કરવી જોઇએ. મહાત્મા ગાંધીવાદી અભિગમ એને જ કહેવાય જ્યાં ખુલ્લાદિલનો સંવાદ હોય.        


અમે ગુજરાતીઓ એવું માનતા હતા કે ગઈ કાલે તમે જે કંઈ પણ કહ્યું તે તમારી શરત ચૂક હશે. કદાચ જેમ નાના કે સામાન્ય કક્ષાની વ્યક્તિઓ તાનમાં ને તાનમાં “મૌતકા સૌદાગર” જેવા શબ્દપ્રયોગો કરીને પોતાને સમાચાર પત્રોના શિર્ષકોમાં ચમકવાની ઘેલછાઓ રાખતી હોય છે અને તમે તેમાંથી બકાત હશો. એટલે અમને કશુંક સારુ બોલો તેવી આશા હતી. પણ તમે તો આજે વધુ ચગ્યા.

ગેરકાયદેસર કામો અને ગેરરીતીઓ આચરવાનો અધિકાર હોતો નથી

અમે આશા રાખીએ છીએ કે તમે તમારા અભિગમ ઉપર આત્મમંથન કરો. તમારા દિલમાં કદાચ ગરીબો પ્રત્યે સહાનુભૂતિ હશે. અને કદાચ પૈસાવાળા પ્રત્યે અણગમો કે દ્વેષ પણ હશે. પણ ગરીબોને કે પૈસાપાત્ર વ્યક્તિઓને ગેરકાયદેસર કામો અને ગેરરીતીઓ આચરવાનો અધિકાર હોતો નથી. રીવરફ્રંટમાં જે કંઈ થયું છે તે કાયદાની રુએ થયું છે. અને જેઓએ સરકારી જમીનો પચાવીને ઝુંપડા બાંધેલા તેમને ગરીબ હોવાને નાતે ગુજરાતની સરકાર માઈ બાપે વૈકલ્પિક જગાઓ આપેલ. પણ હવે તેઓ તે જગ્યાઓ વેચીને વળી પાછા બીજે ઝૂંપડાબાંધીને રહેવા માંડે તો સરકાર એક ઝૂંપડાદીઠ કેટલા ફ્લેટ ફાળવે તે તમે જ નક્કી કરો. તમે આ નક્કી કરી શક્શો નહીં તેની અમને ખાત્રી છે. ઝુંપડાવાસીઓની આ માનસિકતા એ નહેરુવીયન કોંગ્રેસના ૬૦ વર્ષના એક ચક્રી શાસનની નીપજ છે.

એવી તો વાત જ ન કરશો.

અણ્ણાજી તમે “અમારે મુંબઈમા તો…”, “અમારે મહારાષ્ટ્રમાં તો …” એવી તો વાત જ ન કરશો. કેટલા વૉક વે બનાવ્યા અને કેટલા અધૂરા મુક્યા અને અધુરા મૂકેલામાં કેટલા પૈસા  બરબાદ થયા તેનો હિસાબ ગણ્યો છે? હું કહું છું તમે ગણો.. તમારી આંખો ફાટી જશે.


તમે મહાત્મા ગાંધી વાદી છો? જો હો તો તમે જાણતા જ હશો કે સત્યાગ્રહ અન્યાયકારી કાયદાઓ સામે થાય છે. સત્યાગ્રહ અન્યાયકારી કાયદાઓ રદ કરાવવા માટે થાય છે. શું તમે અન્યાયકારી કાયદાઓનું લીસ્ટ બનાવ્યું છે? અને તમે ચકાશ્યું છે કે તેમાંના કેટલા કેન્દ્ર સરકારે એટલે કે નહેરુવીયન કોંગ્રેસે બનાવેલા કે ચાલુ રાખ્યા છે? અને કેટલા ગુજરાત રાજ્યની મોદીકાકાની સરકારે બનાવેલા છે? અને તમે બંને ની સરખામણી કરી છે? અને તમે પછી મોદીકાકા સાથે ચર્ચાઓ અને વિચારવિમર્ષ કર્યા છે ખરા? તમે તમારા સૂચનો મોદીકાકાને આપ્યા છે ખરા? અને જાહેર જનતાને પણ જણાવ્યા છે ખરા? તમે આવું કશું કર્યું હોય એવું અમારી જણમાં નથી. તમારા અઘ્યા-પાદ્યાની વાતો કરનાર સમાચાર પત્રોએ પણ આવું કશું જણાવ્યું નથી. એટલે અમે માનીએ છીએ કે તમે આવું કશું કરવામાં માનતા લગતા નથી. તમે તો સીધા આંદોલનની વાત કરો છો. તો અમારે તમને દુઃખ સાથે જણાવવું પડશે કે તમારો રાહ મહાત્મા ગાંધીનો રાહ નથી. તમારો રાહ ઈન્દીરાઈ ગાંધીનો રાહ છે જેમણે આંદોલનનો રાહ લઈ કેરાલાની પાતળી બહુમતિવાળી સરકારને પોતાના પિતાશ્રીની છત્રછાયા થકી બરતરફ કરાવેલી અને પછી તે ઈન્દીરાઈ ગાંધીએ કોમવાદી પક્ષ નામે મુસ્લિમલીગ નો સાથ લઈ ચૂંટણી લડેલ.

સરકાર ઉથલાવવામાં ગુજરાતની જનતા તમારા કરતાં વધુ અનુભવી છે

અણ્ણા સાહેબ તમે તો સૌથી વધુ લોકપ્રિય અને ગંજાવર બહુમતિ સરકારને ઉથલાવવા નિકળ્યા છો. સરકાર ઉથલાવવામાં ગુજરાતની જનતા તમારા કરતાં વધુ અનુભવી છે. ગુજરાતની જનતાએ તો ઈન્દીરાએ ઠોકી બેસાડેલા મુખ્યમંત્રીઓની સરકારોને ઉથલાવનાર શ્રી ચિમનભાઈ પટેલની સરકારને પણ ઉથલાવી છે એટલું જ નહીં તેમના નહેરુવીયન કોંગ્રેસી ૧૪૦ સભ્યોવાળી વિધાન સભાને પણ ઉથલાવી છે. તમે તો આમાંનું દશમાભાગનું કર્યું નથી. તમારે ખાટલે મોટી ખોડ એ છે કે તમારો ધ્યેય અસ્પષ્ટ અને ક્ષતિયુક્ત છે, રાહ ખોટો છે અને તમારી સાથે રહેલા રાહદારીઓ ખોટા છે. જો સાધ્ય, સાધન અને સાથીઓ ખોટા હોય તો સફળતાની વાત તો જવા જ દો પણ નાલેશી જ મળે.

કાશ્મિરની જ જેલો ભરોને

તમે જેલો ભરી દેવાની વાતો કરો છો? જો જેલો ભરવી હોય તો કાશ્મિરની જ જેલો ભરોને? કાશ્મિરના તો લાખો ઘરવાળાઓ બેઘર થઈ ગયા છે અને તે પણ બે દશકાથી. શું તેમને તમે માણસ ગણતા નથી? ત્યાં કેમ મીયાંની મીંદડી (મીંયાભાઈની મીંદડીઓ માફ કરે)થઈ જાઓ છો? જો તમારામાં મહાત્માગાંધીવાદી શૂરવીરતા હોય તો કાશ્મિર કેમ જતા નથી. અઘરી જગ્યાએ જવાને બદલે જ્યાં તમે સુરક્ષિત રહી શકો એવા ગુજરાતમાં લડત આપવાની વાત કેમ કરો છો? આ કંઈ ગાંધીવાદી લક્ષણ ન કહેવાય.

શું તમે અહીં કાવ્ય કરવા આવ્યા છો?

તમે ગુજરાતની દારુબંધીની વાત કરો છો અને કહો છો કે ગુજરાતમાં દૂધ કરતાં દારુ વધારે વેચાય છે. શું તમે અહીં કાવ્ય કરવા આવ્યા છો? કે પછી મરાઠી દારુ પીને આવ્યા છો? કાવ્યશાસ્ત્રમાં અતિશયોક્તિ એક અલંકાર ગણવામાં આવે છે. તમારી પ્રમાણભાનની પ્રજ્ઞાનો શું સદંતર લોપ થઈ ગયો છે? ગુજરાતમાં તો વરસે દહાડે એકાદો લઠ્ઠા કાન્ડ થાય છે. બીજા રાજ્યોમાં અને ખાસ કરીને મહારાષ્ટ્રમાં અને મુંબઈમાં તો રોજ રોજ લઠ્ઠાકાન્ડ થાય છે. તમે મુંબઈની મરાઠી ઘરકામકરવાવાળીઓનો સર્વે કર્યો છે? અરે મારા સાહેબ, હું ડરતા ડરતા કહું તો પણ ૯૦ટકા કામવાળીઓના પતિદેવો કામવાળીઓની આવકમાંથી દારુ પી કુટુંબને બરબાદ કરે છે. પહેલાં તમારું ઘર સંભાળો. “પરોપદેશે પાંડિત્યં” તમને શોભતું નથી.  આપણે  અવિશ્વસનીય અને વરવા લાગીએ એવું કશું બોલવું નહીં.    

ન્યાયિક પ્રક્રીયાને અવકાશ છે ત્યાં સત્યાગ્રહ  આંદોલન વર્જ્ય છે

અહિંસા અને સત્યાગ્રહ એ પવિત્ર વસ્તુઓ છે. જ્યાં ન્યાયિક પ્રક્રીયાને અવકાશ છે ત્યાં સત્યાગ્રહ ના નામે આંદોલન કરવાં “અ-ગાંધીય” અને વર્જ્ય છે. પણ જો તમે તમારી જાતને મહાત્માગાંધીવાદી ખપાવવામાં માનતા હો તો તમારે ગાંધીજીને સમજવા જરુરી છે. ફક્ત ધોળી ટોપી પહેરવાથી કે ખાદી પહેરવાથી મહાત્મા ગાંધીવાદી થવાતું નથી. સમજ અને આચાર પણ ગાંધીવાદી હોવાજોઇએ. જો તમે ઈન્દીરાઈ કૉગ્રેસના ગુજ્જુનેતાઓની જેમ આંદોલનપ્રિય હો તો જુદી વાત છે. પણ તમને ખબર તો હશે જ કે તેઓ તો બેવકુફ અને સિદ્ધાંત વિહોણા છે તે સમગ્ર જનતા જાણે છે. વળી તેઓ તો સત્તા વિહોણા હોવાથી નવરાધૂપ  છે. અને કેન્દ્રસરકારની કૃપાથી સમાચાર માધ્યમોમાં જીવતા રહી શકે છે. પણ તમારે એવી ન્યુશંસ વેલ્યુ બની જવાની શી જરુર છે?


 શું તમારી બેવકુફી એટલી હદે છે કે તમારી સ્વર્જીત અને મીડીયા અર્જીત લોકપ્રિયતાને

રોકડી કરવા માટે તમારા સાથીઓ તમને ખતમ કરી રહ્યા છે અને તમને તેની ખબર પણ પડતી નથી. કે પછી અમારે એમ સમજવું કે તમે “શ્વા યદિ ક્રીયતે રાજા અપિ નાત્તિ ઉપાનહં” (કુતરાને રાજા કરી દો તો શું તે જોડો નહીં ખાય?).

“જીભને કંઈ થોડું હાડકું છે?

મારી ઉંમર પણ તમારા જેટલી જ છે. હું પણ મહાત્માગાંધીના સિદ્ધાંતોમાં વિશ્વાસ અને શ્રદ્ધા રાખું છું પણ હું સામાન્ય માણસ જ છું અને તેથી અને જેથી હું આટલી છૂટ લઈ શકું. કારણ કે ન કર્યું હોત નારાયણે અને હું મહાન બની ગયો હોત તો તમારી જેમ મારી લુલીને છૂટ્ટી મુકી શક્યો ન હોત. અને તે વાત નો વસવસો રહેત. તમારી જેમ “જીભને કંઈ થોડું હાડકું છે” એમ વિચારીને લૂલીને છૂટી મુકી શક્યો નહોત.


Shirish M. Dave





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It looks funny when Obama, as the President of USA passes blame on Pakistan government and says ”Pakistan’s India obsession is a mistake”

Before giving opinion onPakistan’s policy on India, the US administration should look within itself.

Is Pakistan ever capable to fight withIndia? It is the US who has encouraged Pakistan by giving help especially military aids.

All these aid have been used byPakistanagainstIndia. This is not a secret. This is known to every body. This has been confirmed by PM of Pakistan himself.

Not only this, it is the age old defective policy of the US to use double standards in its foreign policy especially in SouthAsia. Neither the USA nor its puppy UK had ever used their good offices to pressurise Pakistan to be away from inviting any conflict with India.

In 1967 a huge infiltration had taken place from  Bangladesh (the then East Pakistan) in India wherein Hindus were driven out from Pakistan to India. Thereafter Bihari Muslims were driven out from Bangladesh into India in several tens of millions. Khalistan political movement was supported by ISI of Pakistan government to get it converted into terrorists’ activities.

Every action of Pakistan was known to the US government. Pakistan fought battle with India in 1965 with the weapons supplied by the USA. In spite of this the USA continued the supply of weapons to Pakistan. Pakistan did one more adventure and attacked India in 1971.

Thereafter also the USA has remained soft with Pakistan till date.

It will remain soft with Pakistan for all the time though it is known worldwide that Pakistanis the most stupid and notorious country.

It is a matter of research as to by which logic the US President does not look into its own foreign policy.

Enjoy one more  Joke on US:

When USA completed 1 years of occupation over Iraq, US President George Bush wanted a special postage stamp issued for Iraq, with his picture on it.

He so instructed the Head of United States Postal Service, stressing that postage stamp should be of international quality.

The stamps were duly released of the stamp, Bush began hearing complaints that the stamp was not sticking properly, and he becomes furious.
He called Paul Bremer and ordered him to investigate the matter.

Paul Bremer checked the matter out at several post offices in Iraq, and then reported on the problem to Bush.

He said: Sir, the stamp is really of international quality. The problem is, Iraqi citizens are spitting on the wrong side!

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gadhe ko gaali mat do by shirish dave
(It is a matter of research but this Man Mohan has replied smartly. You are the judge)
Reporter Robert: Sir, you being a Prime Minister of the largest democratic nation, how would you like to react on the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden?
Man Mohan: The former part of your statement is OK. I mean to say that I am the PM of the largest democratic country of the world. But what is this “React”? We have not to react. Fundamentalists of India are reactionists. e.g. Say BJP and Sangh etc… We are socialists. We are democratic socialists. Do not ask me about liberalisation etc… It is not on our agenda.
Reporter Robert: No Sir, I am not talking of that reaction. I mean to say, reaction in the sense how would you like to respond to this event?
Man Mohan: Well, it is off course a matter between Pakistan and the USA. But because we are also fighting against terrorism and we are more experienced in facing terrorism, we were and we are always ready to co-operate every country of the world in fighting out the terrorism. We are determined to end the terrorism of all kind from the world including saffron terrorism.
Reporter Robert: Sir, I mean to say how do you feel on this event?
Man Mohan: Eventually Osama Bin Laden was in Pakistan. Had he been in India, we would have handed over to USA, to provide an opportunity to conduct lawful proceedings. But you know Osama Bin Laden had never been remained at one place. 
Reporter Robert: Do you think Osama Bin Laden had ever been remained in India?
Man Mohan: No. We do not have such information. Off course Hedley must be having some information. We are trying to get it through the US. But you know every thing can not be achieved overnight.
Reporter Robert: Are you hopeful of getting such information from Hedley?
Man Mohan: We have good relation with USA and other countries in this regards. We   are always hopeful. One has to always remain hopeful in his life. And you know the nation has also to live its life. So, we are hopeful for our nation.
Reporter Robert: Sir, My point was that had Osama Bin Laden ever been in India?
Man Mohan: Have I not told you that we are in touch with USA and the US intelligence is interrogating Hedley. As soon as they would find some thing useful to us they will convey us. We will then apply for permission to visit USA to further interrogate Hedley. You know, we believe and we give more weightage to first hand information.
Reporter Robert: What do you expect from the likely interrogation of Hedley?
Man Mohan: That … whether Osama Ben Laden ever visited India or not?
Reporter Robert: But now Osama Bin Laden is dead. He is no more in the world. In what way that information would help you?
Man Mohan: Oh! I should not use any bad word for you. You know, we have some fundamentalist groups in our country. We are equally worried of them. If I have to say very bluntly then, I would say we are much more worried of them than the cross border terrorists.
Reporter Robert: Why much more worried of them and how much more worried of them?
Man Mohan: Ejee, As for cross boarder terrorists, the US intelligence and others are working.   But as for these fundamentalists, they are greater terrorists because they terrify us in the election. We are worried of their taking political advantage of this episode.
Reporter Robert: Do you mean to say BJP would take political advantage of this event?
Man Mohan: Yes off course. Now some BJP leaders would try to become smart and would say, “if Obama can ask the US force to enter Islamabad, the place on which the US has no claim, why my party cannot ask its force to attack Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to destroy the training camps? In fact India has claim on POK.” Now you must know. Obama is Muslim. Neither I nor Madam is Muslim. Obama, being Muslim, can take such liberty. We are not only non-Muslim but absolutely secular. We have to take care of secular votes. Besides this ours is coalition government. And you know we have our limitation on every point and at every stage.
Reporter Robert: Sir, have you discussed this point with your allies?
Man Mohan: You know, our first worry and first target is our saffron terrorists. We are greatly terrified by them.
Reporter Robert: Sir, I am talking about the point that have you discussed the point of attacking on training camps of cross border terrorists in POK?
Man Mohan: See Mr. Robert, Try to understand. Cross border terrorism is dealt by the US intelligence. Our intelligence according to our present policy is doing post office job.
Reporter Robert: Post Office job? What is that post office job?
Man Mohan: Oh! My God!! Don’t you know what post office job is? Our main job is post office job. You see, in most of our states, other parties are ruling. We are passing information to them what we receive from the foreign intelligences. And this is good for us.
Reporter Robert: How is it good for you? You must be applying your mind to examine it for its authenticity and prominence.
Man Mohan: No. That is not our business. We have entrusted this responsibility to the states only. And that is also good for us and safe for us.
Reporter Robert: How is it so? I could not follow it.
Man Mohan: You see. Wherever BJP is ruling, and if any one of them takes action to kill a terrorists, we can term is a fake encounter. This is for the reason we have insisted to verify the information we gave to them. We can pass blame on that Chief Minister that it has committed fake encounter. If the CM says it has acted on our information, we would say it was the state government’s duty to verify the information.
In this way we can keep cake in both hands.
Reporter Robert: But Sir, from the very episode of Obama killing Osama, don’t you feel that that the opposition will ask you to pressurise Pakistan, to deport Daud?
Man Mohan: Oh! Yes!! We are some what disturbed.
Reporter Robert: How will you face this?
Man Mohan: Oh! We have to face it. You are right.
Reporter Robert: Narendra Modi too has said some thing. What has he said?
Man Mohan: I have not received that information. But if he has said any thing quoting Daud …
Reporter Robert: He definitely would relate Daud with this event.
Man Mohan: You know, we have some stereotype answers. Like… We have not received full information. We are collecting information. Yet the full information is not reached to the people of the US. We have to wait for some time. We are closely watching the situation. We are in touch with the US government.
Reporter Robert: Yes. Sir, that is all OK. But what is about deportation of Daud?
Man Mohan: Yes. We have sympathy towards Pakistan.
Reporter Robert: What do you mean by sympathy towards Pakistan? I am asking about deportation of Daud.
Man Mohan: Yes yes, I know it. As for the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden, the Pakistan Government had said that Osama Bin Laden was not Pakistan.
Reporter Robert: Yes. And he was found in vicinity of ISI quarter.
Man Mohan: But you know. Like that we cannot blame Pakistan. If Pak government made false statement on Osama, it does not mean that its all the statements are false. You recall the Allahabad High Court verdict in case of Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi lied in her 16 statements but as for 17th statement the Honourable judge said that based on 16th lies we cannot conclude that her 17th statement is also a lie. Similar is the case with Pakistan Government. We have to trust our neighbour.
Reporter Robert: You mean to say that If Pakistan says that Daud is not in Pakistan, we should believe it and we should not exert pressure on it?
Man Mohan: Yes, we should not play politics with Pakistan. I mean to say we should not take political advantage of the critical situation of Pakistan government.
Reporter Robert: But sir, what about BJP? Will BJP not take the advantage of the critical situation of your party?
Man Mohan: We are ready for it. We are always ready for it. Though we have least states under our direct rule, no terrorists attack has taken place. We will say, it is due to all our precautions we have nullified the terrorists’ attacks.
Reporter Robert: But Sir, do you not think that the terrorists are under other form like Naxalites and Maoists etc…?
Man Mohan: Yes. But after all we are talking about terrorists. We are not talking about Naxalites and Maoists.
Reporter Robert: Killing means killing. Either it is by terrorists or by Naxalites or by Maoists. After all what difference it can make?
Man Mohan: You must know. Any two events are not identical and comparable. Our actions are supposed to be different. We are against every type of killing.
Reporter Robert: That is correct. But the killing of innocents has not been stopped. The Kashmiri Hindus are also not rehabilitated to their home land. Daud has also been not deported. Decision on the case of Kasab is also pending. There is no progress on any matter. And now you are facing scams like CWG, Black Money Red money in foreign banks.
Man Mohan: Yes. We are determined to crush corruption and we are serious on black money. You know we have taken action on Kalamadi and Raja. We would take much more actions. Once we promise we keep it. We kept all our promises. You know we are devoted to duties.
Reporter Robert: But Sir, people say that you acted on CWG case and on 2G case only when Supreme Court gave you direction. In most of the cases you have started acting only where Supreme Court gave you direction. 
Man Mohan: Incidentally in some cases Supreme Court intervene into administrative matters. But you cannot generalise it. It is very bad and unfair on the part of media. You know we are pressing very hard to take action against Yedurappa of Karnataka. In fact BJP is a failure in administration every where. You take example of Modi. Some people say him killer. But we believe in rule of law. Every thing should be process through the law of land. We are examining the case of Yedurappa. We have already removed our CM of Maharashtra. We have also removed Kalmadi and Raja. But this BJP is not removing Yedurappa and it is not taking any action against him.
Reporter Robert: But do you think that the case of Yedurappa is comparable with the case of Kalmadi? Is the case of Yedurappa is comparable to the case of Raja of 2G scam?
Man Mohan: You must know that nothing is identical in this world. And that is why you should not go for comparability. And that is why at the time of security scam of Harshad Mehta I being the Finance Minister, said that it was the fault of system, and it would not be repeated in future.
Reporter Robert: Even then Satyam Scam took place.
Man Mohan: I once again stress upon that you cannot compare two cases. Nothing is identical in this world. We have to tackle different cases differently. Even two horses we have to control differently.
Reporter Robert: But Sir, do you not think that the issue of deportation of Daud will be a difficult issue for your government?
Man Mohan: Yes, it is an issue before us. We have recognised it. We are keeping close watch on it.
Reporter Robert: That means you know where Daud is.
Man Mohan: No. No. When Pakistan does not know the whereabouts of Daud, how can we know? But we are aware of the case. We have incorporated his name in our demand list.
Reporter Robert: It is said that you had avoided even preparation of the list. BJP had made it. You made a lot delay. BJP says you have not taken prompt action after Mumbai Blasts. Your intelligence was a failure. Daud could run away easily. People are of the opinion that he has been allowed to flee at the will of your party. Your party including one of your allied parties has close links with Daud. Daud’s sister is controlling his gang in Maharashtra for out of court settlement of property cases. What would you say on this?
Man Mohan: You are a foreign reporter. That is why you dare to take this liberty. Our local media reporters are happy with us. They work as coordinating agencies while forming and running our cabinet and structuring inter-se conditions.
Reporter Robert: Sir, you have not answered my question. How would you deal the case of deportation of Daud?
Man Mohan: I have already told you. At moment we are concentrating on the issue of corruption and local saffron terrorism. We are also working on black money in foreign banks. The last issue is very much important for us. It is all money that counts in the elections.
Reporter Robert: Do you not think that the issue of Daud could become a hot issue?
Man Mohan: Do not publish my this reply. With that condition I can tell you some thing.
Reporter Robert: Yes. Agreed Sir.
Man Mohan: Daud is our right hand. His gang has better network than ours own.
Daud has reduced land and property related cases in our courts. Vacations of Hutments by way of catching fire are also handled by others. We ask builders to have a joint venture with us without our risk. We permit them to do illegal constructions. Progressively we regularise them by imposing impact fee. We do not mind collapsing of old buildings. We have continued rent act so that Daud’s activity and his co-workers activity can flourish and run smoothly for collecting EMI from Hawkers etc… to give our shares.
We are happy. Commissioners of local bodies are happy. Daud is happy. What else is required? And for corruption we have our spoke persons like Tiwari who will point out Yedurappa all the time. Madam’s son would go on talking on saffron terrorism.
Media is our puppy. It cooperates in diverting public attention from one issue to other. We have some leaders who generally speak against us, but since they are mentally facing crisis of their identification, they break their heads to divert the mind of common mass on non-issues or passing blame on general mass. After all this is a democracy. We are expert in vote game.
Robert: What would be the position of your talks with Pakistan?
Man Mohan: If needed we would stop talks with Pakistan for the time being. Then silently we would launch it when time permits. This is our way of functioning and all are set to it.
Robert: What do you say about this killing of Osama Bin Laden? Is it an encounter or fake encounter or assassination? Was it a lawful action?
Man Mohan: We have no information in toto. It is all speculations. Our foreign affairs cannot be based on speculation. We give motherly treatment to our neighbour. After all we have created them.
Bhrasta achar by shirish dave

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Copy of family photos 003 by shirish dave
Nehru was popular for his reputation in the freedom struggle. But he made several blunders in foreign policies. But these he could hide from the common mass for the reason of his good command on media for the reason of his style of western type living. This was contrary to the Deshi-style of his Deshi co-workers.
Besides this the feeling generated by Nehru’s reputation could not get evaporated for a decade in common mass. However when a great blunder of Nehru was faced by the people of India by the cake walk victory of China over India, the mass and media had no option but to criticize Nehru’s policy.
Nehru could well foresee the problem of the danger to his chair. He was prompt enough to dismiss his opponents under Kamraj Plan and to divert the attention of media and mass from his failure.
To use unfair means directly or indirectly is a corruption. Corrupt people are always fond of autocracy. Leave aside the roll of media and western politicians who always supported autocracy in Eastern world, the people of India by large in favour of democracy.
How could the CongI lead dictatorship be brought in, is a matter of deep concentrate thinking and conspiring. Nehruvian Congress is working on this cannot be ruled out.
During 1966 to 1969, Indira Gandhi was weak. But the under current were strong to bring dictatorship.
Somehow by the sacrifice of people and the soldiers of India, the forced and undeclared war was won by India. This caused a delay in imposition of dictatorship by Indira Gandhi.
Though the said progeny had absolute majority in states and at the centre, the administrative failures was out of proportion. This was the main reason of public agitation lead by youths of Gujarat under Nav-Nirman Stir in Gujarat. Thereafter it was led by Jai Prakash Narayan in India.
By virtue of her inherited character, Indira Gandhi imposed emergency. A new generation was born and brought up in democracy could run under-ground current against dictatorship.
Media had completely surrendered to the Government barring Gorvala’s Opinion and Kantibhai Shah and many other veteran Gandhians’ Bhumi-Putra. Off course these too small two publishers were tortured but they did not bend.
The emergency was collapsed on its own load as it was not known who is fighting where under absolute non-transparency.
Fortunately some veteran Gandhians were alive and they did possessed the respect of the mass. They could launch the fight for democracy and unite the mass on one point program of Remove Congress.
At that time no body opened the subject of fanatism of Muslims or Hindus, or as to who carried responsibilities and failures of riots? what is the philosophy and cause of corruption? how to control the price? what did non-Nehruvians do while they were ministers? Whether Aryan Invasion theory is real of fake? how much caste system has spoiled the development of India ? How much corrupted the people are…? etc etc… all such subjects for the immediate goal were out of discussion and termed irrelevant to defeat the Nehruvians.
Nehruvians were defeated. Indira lost by 55000 votes. Sanjay lost by 85000 votes. Autocracy was defeated.
Morarji Desai was asked to take over the rein. His first job was to prevent the imposition of emergency in future.
For this constitution was changed.
No government can impose emergency with covering approval of the ministry and parliament. Joint parliament with an absolute majority has to pass the proposal.
No natural right or human rights can be curtailed.
No absolute and arbitrary censorship can be imposed.
No court’s judgment can be censored. Etc… lots of provisions had been made.
Thereby it appears that now, no similar emergency so as to say autocracy can be made possible.
Corrupt politicians are generally having the support of dynasty rulers. DMK, ADMK, NCP, TMC, RJD, BSP, SP etc… all are one or in other way dynasty run parties. Communists do not believe in openness because they have to hide facts to remain in power.
Thereby all such parties’ members are least concern with democratic values and morality. They are supposed to be hypocrite and they are hypocrite. They would not like to remove poverty and spread education. That is why India has been kept poor and illiterate wilfully.
Resultantly India is lacking in infrastructure and production. India is more than 150 years backward in infrastructure compared to western developed world. In first decades Western world had earth movers that can dig up a foot ball ground by 10 feet in 24 hours. India does not have such machines till now. But let all this point be set aside.
On date the membership strength of dynasty (one family) run party is in majority.
NCP, DMK, TMC, BSP are with Nehruvian Congress.
ADMK, SP and RJD are ever ready to support Nehruvian Congress.
Barring TMC, the supremo-s and the leaders of all the dynasty based parties are facing one or more cases either or criminal and or out of proportional property.
Shiv Sena and MNS are identical. Shiv Sena had supported Indira Gandhi’s emergency.
Hence all these parties put together, the scope of imposing emergency cannot be ruled out as the total membership required to support the imposition of emergency by Nehruvian Congress is enough.
You cannot expect desired support from learned people of media. They are expert in confusing the burning issues and ever ready to misguide the mass.
Can BJP alone fight out the war against imposition of emergency by Nehruvian Congress?
There is all ready a well spread rumour that some of the BJP leaders too have unauthorised accounts in Tax Heaven Banks. Can these leaders not be pressurised to be inactive?
But BJP is not alone. Besides BJP, there are many other organisations like Baba Ramdev, Shri Shri Ravishankar, Swami Subranian, RSS, VHP and a big mass of common citizens though has a lot shortcoming, has always stood behind the morals and truth.
Since India is a very large country having 80 % population of Hindus who by culturally cannot keep silence and would make underground activities. It is also possible that some media people may help to such activities.
But why should we wait for that?
We should sack this Nehruvian Congress out of politics. We have sufficient reason and material for awakening the mass.
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Ref: Email of my pen-friends Extract reproduced with a salute to them hereunder:
 Read below.  It is really disturbing what is going on behind the scenes.  This needs to be propagated to all national and international media and to every Indian. 

India is entering dangerous phase and eternal vigilance is needed now.  When pushed to wall the crooks will take extreme actions.  Remember Indira Gandhi and Emergency, but this woman has Emergency without even declaring one.  Every activist in India including media’s phones are being tapped,  they are exercising major control over media and subjugated every institution of the country to serve the interests of this woman, her family and her compatriots as well as those who are enjoying the looted spoils.


If the sources within the intelligence are believed, it may be true. Very recently, a high level meeting was called at the residence of Union Home Minister P.Chidambaram, which was attended by loyal confidants of Sonia Gandhi which included Digvijay Singh, Ahmed Patel, Jayanth Natarajan, Ambika Soni, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Manish Tiwari , Veerapan moily etc. Surprisingly top officials from IB, NIA, CBI, Cyber Cell, DRI, IT dept and few Media magnets close to congress leaders were invited for the close door meeting.

One officer, who wished not to be named, made some startling revelations about the outcome of the meeting. The High profile people present at the meeting, discussed about 2G Spectrum scam and other scams which is haunting the government from time to time A vitriolic Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh raised the issue of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi been targeted frequently by many sections of the society terming as unscrupulous forces. In contrast to this the Home Minister quoted “He in is individually capacity has committed to protect the integrity of Gandhi family and directed the officials present their to deal mercilessly who target their leaders. He instructed the intelligence officials to keep a vigilant track of emails, sms and other modes of communication exchanged between people in India. With a strong worded signal to officials, he directed that if any individual/organization (including religious institutions) are involved in speaking/distributing/propagating which hurts the interest of the Gandhi’s, Congress, to a larger extent even to minorities, such people should be fixed in a case where procuring bail is impossible something equating with terrorism case or depending upon the gravity of the issue, (quoting the example of Sadhvi Pragya). Manish Tiwari Quickly retorted and reminded the officials about their predecessor who was sacked after UPA came into Power. The sacked official was instrumental in stalling Mrs. Gandhi from becoming the Prime Minister of India who had presented certain confidential documents before former President of India. Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

Digvijay Singh demanded a really stringent tough law to tackle people who would even dare to speak against Sonia, Rahul or Priyanka, something on the lines of martial law, which other leaders did not react. Subsequently, Jayanthi Natarajan, was satisified with the decision taken by the Home Ministers direction. Few Media barons present at meeting pledged to extend all help in every manner.

The Officer stated, that all this officials are helpless and are forced to doing something which they do not like, they become scapegoats in the eyes of people and media by the act of this beasts. He further quoted that few opposition leaders are also bought by congress leaders to suppress them from speaking anything against Rahul and Soniaji. One name which is popularly doing rounds is that of Ranjan Bhatacharya who plays a mediator role between Congress and BJP leaders. It is at his disposal, he fixes meetings between them at some undisclosed places.

I am sure many would agree with me that the above outcome of the meeting clearly signifies a Dictator rule for the blank future of India. Are Gandhi family above the Law in India, it definitely seems so, we have a weak judiciary which is scared to prosecute them in even Multi billion dollar corruption scam.

If we do not protest or challenge the same, our Country will turn into another Afghanistan, Libya, with atrocity on streets of India by the so called leaders.

Only the Judiciary and the Defence Personnel can save the country from the clutches of this Greedy politicians of our country.

We have made a big mistake by extending our faith in BJP, which in course of time has proved to be a frontier organization of the Congress.

Wikileaks rightly proved about Arun Jaitley “Who admitted that Hindutva is just a political issue” on similar lines of minorities are just vote bank for congress.

Think before it is too late, I am forwarding this message to all Indians, I am sure, you too would do in the interest of FREE DEMOCRATIC BHARAT.


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It is very easy to feel great by way of generalizing a cause of issue.

Why India is not developed and there is hardship?
Because there is no population control.
Then why though Japan is denser in population but even then it is developed?
And why India is poor? Because people of India are lazy and do not like to work hard.
If that one is correct then it is a managerial problem. What the hell the MBAs and IASs are doing? They are helpless because politicians are corrupted and they obstruct the working of IAS and MBAs.
Why politicians are corrupted? Because people are poor and uneducated.
Is that the educated are not corrupted? Some of them are corrupted but many of the educated people do not come out for the poll and poor mass can be easily bribed for vote.
Then ultimately where is the fault?
Fault is with people en-mass. It is a cultural character of the Indian mass who has remained slave for thousand years. We are not fit for democracy. We should have benevolent dictator.
Where is that person who can takeover the rein and be a benevolent dictator? No answer.
In fact all the questions and answers are useless and false.
Then what is the cause?
The real cause is Government officers (mainly Officers of Indian Government Services) Nehruvian Congress, pro-Nehruvian media and learned people. As per Fundamental Rules of Services the Government Officers are well protected. Their performance is monitored by Elected Government.
Nehruvian Congress has remained as an elected Government for more than 56+ years. For three decades it has remained in power with absolute majority. To prosecute the default officer the elected ruling party members and the ministers are paid. To change the law, to change the system and to dismiss the default state government the Central Ministry is paid.
Every problem is the problems with Nehruvian Congress’s will determination, wisdom and caliber.
Then who has allowed Congress to rule?
It is the media learned people who use to analyze the issue without using the sense of proportion and priority.
Some people have habit of blaming politicians as a whole. But in fact the responsibility has to be distributed proportionately.
How the responsibility can be distributed?
If a party has an absolute majority then we can give 100 responsibility points for the first time.
If its win is repeated its responsibility points will be doubled for the absolute majority.
If further repeated it would be doubled and so on.
If it comes with majority continuously again its points will remain as earlier.
If it comes to power with an alliance and if it follows to an absolute majority it would become half. For repeated alliance it would remain as its previous points.
 If a party is in alliance its responsibility marks will in the proportion of the seats among alliance. And for the first time it would be half to it. But then for the next time it would be doubled.
Rule by Nehruvian Congress                                     Points
Year 19XX 
1952             Absolute Majority                                      200
1957             Continuity and Absolute Majority           400
1962             Continuity and Absolute Majority           800
1967             Majority and continuity                             800
1970             Continuity and Absolute Majority          1600
1977             Defeat                                                            000
1980             Absolute Majority  with a small break  1600
1985             Continuity and Absolute Majority           3200
1991             Continuity and Majority                             3200
1996             Alliance                                                        1600
1999             Defeat                                                             000
2004             Alliance                                                        1600
2009             Alliance and continuity                             1600
Total …………                                                                 16600
Rule by BJP                                                                   Points
1977             BJP a party in alliance                              025
1999             Alliance                                                        075
Total …                                                                               100
Distribution of fault to Nehruvians 16600/ (16700)  =             99.40% Responsibility
Distribution of fault to BJP                   100/16700      =               0.60 % Responsibility
i.e. Nehruvian Congress is 167 times more guilty than BJP.
Super Absolute power of Nehruvian (1975 to 1977) has been though omitted the Absolute majority and continuance in power has been given a weight.
Hence the people those who are elite should take due care with sense of proportion as to how much fault lies with Nehruvian Congress repeatedly coming to power and BJP that come to power with an alliance.
We need Vallabh bhai Patel who can monitor the IAS officers
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We need Mahatma Gandhi a person having wisdom:
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Narendra Modi deed miracles in his one decade rule against the hurdles of Centre and pseudo seculars.

CRUSH CONGI by shirish dave

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