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The purpose of this blog is to react to the response of hypocrite Indian Nehruvian Congress and its cultural allies on the recent surgical attack of Indian military.

Leave aside the demanding for the proof of the operation by Nehruvian Cong leaders and their associates, but what they say that BJP is politicizing of the action taken by our Jawans. The credit goes to jawans and not to the BJP. However BJP is now trying to be the agent of the blood. That is BJP is trying to cash the blood of jawans.


Is it that Nehruvian Congress has short memory?

No. Nehruvian Congress cannot have short memory. Recall the elections of 1999, where Nehruvian Congress had floated a fake news that during the 1942 “do or dye” call, the arrested Bajpai had apologized and applied for his release. In fact there was no such Atal Bihari Bajpai who had applied for his release. It was some other Bajpai. The sources has clarified this. Despite of this during 2000 and 2004 the same allegation was floated. Now look at this point. There are many Nehruvian Congress leader have applied for advance bails in connections to their scams. Any way leave this aside. Point is Indian Nehruvian Congress leaders have no short memory.

We have seen as to how Indira Gandhi cashed the victory of 1971 war. The military action from the end of Indian (Indira Government) was delayed by at least one year. However let the matter be as controversial, the whole credit was given to Indira Gandhi as the  action was taken after the clearance of the Indira Government. Though the clearance was delayed by one year, this was actually the fault of the Indira Govenrment, the Nehruvian Congress took the total credit of the victory. The victory was cashed for getting the victory in assembly elections in 19 states in 1972.

After toppling Janata Party Government, Indira came to power again in 1980.


As usual she was a failure and her political achievements were zero. Not only this she became the mother of terrorism in India. She for her political interest, designated Bhindaranvale a SAINT. This Bhindaranvale was the leader of Khalistan movement. His organization had cross border connections.

Janata Front government could have cash, on the reforms it carried out in Indian Constitution and made easy the restrictions on production.  The Government was toppled by Indira Gandhi with the help of Charan Singh a self imposed and disguised as the pro-Mahatma Gandhian but proved as pro-Indira Gandhian. Media too, highlighted the insignificant shortcomings of the Janata Front, instead of highlighting the significant achievements.


In 1984 L.S. elections, Nehruvian Congress was likely to be defeated. But she was killed and the dead body of Indira Gandhi was being shown throughout the period of election. Nehruvian Congress cashed the dead body of Indira Gandhi in the following manner.

The dead body of Indira Gandhi was being displayed on the screen of the TV all the time. At that time there was only Door Darshan. Door Darshan belonged to Nehruvian Congress. Same was true for All India Radio.

What else …. One more video clip Indira Gandhi saying “I remain or I may not remain but my last drop of blood would be useful … ” was continuously being shown on TV Channel.

In fact this “sentence” was meaningless. We have not heard that Indira had ever even donated his blood. Indira had not even donated her body. Leave all these aside, the Nehruvians were becoming the liability  for Congress for its future period of history. No part of her body was donated. On the contrary Indira rule had collapsed the political morality. We observe high level corruptions, it is the product of Indira’s own corrupt practices.

Though Indira Gandhi rule had remain a failure all the time and in all the field barring wide spread corruption in every field. Her death was also a cause of her failure.

During the elections, to do propaganda with the help of showing dead body and the afore said video clip of Indira’s speech was not enough because most people had no TV. Hence  an audio Clip was prepared and used for propaganda. viz. ” …. I remain or I may not remain but my last drop of blood would be useful …. ” was run in all over India in every street continuously during the election campaign. The emotional campaign brought 340 seats for Indian Nehruvian Congress.


In the Lok Sabha elections of 1989, Indian Nehruvian Could not get clear majority. V. P. Singh became the PM of an alliance. Then Chandra Shekhar for a short time. All the governments were unstable. Elections were declared in 1991. During this period Rajiv Gandhi was killed. The media again tried its best to exhibit his dead body.   But since the Indian Nehruvian Congress was not the ruling party, Indian Nehruvian Congress cannot get the desired benefit however Indian Nehruvian Congress could form a government under the leadership of Narsinha Rao.

Now the same Indian Nehruvian Congress is telling that BJP is trying the cash the blood of Jawans. This looks ridiculous. There is no Lok Sabha election.

Yes. There are assembly elections in U.P. State. But to have elections in one or other state, the situation has been created by Indira Gandhi by toppling the state government now and then as and when time permits. (She had toppled the first elected Government in 1959 in Kerala. She had allied with the communal party Muslim Legue of Kerala in that election).

Narendra Modi is trying to hold all the elections i.e. Lok Sabha and State Assembly elections simultaneously. Indian Nehruvian Congress has to face the all odds created by her self.

It is the Military Chief who declared the surgical attack. Nehruvian Congress and its cultural allies are questioning him and asking for the proof. They keep mum as to what type of proof they want.

Besides this the same Nehruvian Congress is saying that during their rule they had done several surgical operations. But she had never tried to cash them.  V.K. Singh the Minister of State said that he was holding the post. There were no such surgical operation during the period of Nehruvian Congress rule. Cross border firing cannot be equated with surgical operation. Cross Border Firing is a normal phenomenon on LOC with Pakistan.


Shirish Mohanlal Dave


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Cashing blood and cashing on dead body

Cashing blood and cashing on dead body is the cultural attitude of Indian Nehruvian Congress (I.N.C.) leaders besides making money and playing vote bank politics.

Indian Nehruvian Congress leaders, especially Nehruvians are famous for commiting blunders and frauds.

Now let us look back. Do not say why to look back? Why not to look ahead?

To look back is needed to understand the cultural character of a party and its leaders.

Nehru was off course a confused persons but because he was adament and self centred person, he did not pay any heed to even his own party’s leaders. e.g. Sardar Patel had  advised him and warned him too. e.g.  “Tibet”, “China”, “J & K” and Hyderabad issues are the good examples.

Sardar Patel was ignored:

So far Hyderabad was concern, it was an issue within India, Sardar Patel could handle and resolve by ignoring Nehru. But as for J & K, Sardar Patel in consultation with MK Gandhi, insisted Hari Singh to merge provisionally with India for military aid. Hari Singh merged his kingdom with India. Though MK Gandhi believed to be Masiah and an authority on non-violence, the same MK Gandhi, because his concepts were clear on non-violence, he said Sardar Patel that to help J&K militarily is the duty of India.

Like this way, Sardar Patel made J & K issue, a home issue. But Nehru made this issue an issue of foreign affairs by taking it to UNO. Nehru’s concepts neither clear on socialism nor on non-violence. Nehru’s concepts were clear only for self interest.

As for China-India relation and activities of China in Tibet, this being a matter of external affairs, Sardar Patel   simply invited the attention of Nehru by writing a Demi Official letter. Nehru was wisdom-less and otherwise also he was thinking him self a socialist, besides this he had self-interest as he was self-centred person, he supported China blindly.

Though Nehru one hand, was condemning and cursing heavily the military rule in Pakistan in 1954, Nehru was supporting the non-democratic leaders of China and USSR. One could get surprised by Nehru’s logic. It is a matter of research whether Nehru was a hypocrite or a fraud or both.

Nehru neglected the whole Indian border with China.


Somewhere in 2002, I came across a retired and very old brigadier of Indian Army. I asked him a question, that China was not that much stronger in 1962 to defeat India … on the contrary India was ahead of China in many fields as reported by the then Chairman of the planning commission Ashok Mehta … besides this, Indian army had never been defeated in past, then how did in 1962 China win the war and that too, be like a cake walk victory?

The 88 year old brigadier told me that  the India’s border with China was totally insecure. We had extremely poor man power at the border and the army was not well equipped. i.e. we had no shoes, woollen clothing, guns, weapons, equipments, artilleries etc…  We had only 2000 odd soldiers on the Indo-China border. China had 8 times more man power and weapons than what we had.

I asked him how much time would it be required to send army with all them making well equipped ? The brigadier said we needed at least one year to transfer the man power and the equipments.

One should know that JB Kripalani a veteran MK Gandhian, was inviting attention of Nehru on the insecure border with China and also pointing out the infiltration of Chinese army in Indian soil. But Nehru was fraudulently denying the infiltration. Nehru used to give vague, irrelevant and philosophical replies in the parliament during 1952 to 1962.

VK Menan  was Nehru’s defense minister. Nehru put him against Kripalani in West Mumbai L.S. seat in the general elections of 1962. VK Menan, with the open help of his Communist friends, defeated Kripalani.

Thereafter, China invaded 92000 square miles of Indian soil in 20 days cake walk victory. India lost 3000+ Jawans (This is an official figure. Un official figure could be much more) and 4000 surrendered to China.

Who was guilty for this loss of lives of Jawans. Was Nehru not a terrorists?


Nehru used to present himself as devoted to non-violence. But just before the declaration of 1962 general elections, he invaded Div, Daman and Goa in December 1961. Nehru cashed the blood of 22 dead Jawans in the general elections 1962.

Fortunately when JL Nehru died, there were no immediate elections. Indian Nehruvian Congress can cash out any benefit out of dead body of Nehru.


Period from 1968 to 1971 was the period of large scale infiltrations of Non-Bengali speaking Muslims from the then East Pakistan (Bangladesh) into India.

These Muslims were not supporting Bangla Liberation movement. That is why they were being driven out. But Bengali speaking were also not safe that is why they too were infiltrated into India. It was a large scale infiltration and these infiltration had paralysed the normal life of West Bengal and North East of India.

Pressure of public and military was getting building up on Indira Gandhi to wage a war against Pakistan and also to send these infiltrators back to Pakistan.

Jai Prakash Narain was visiting western world countries to try to build opinion against Pakistan and to help India, but western world did not paid much heed.

Indira used to remain in vivid condition so far public problems are concern. She was not capable to take decisions in public interest unless the problem strikes on her chair.

It was a high time that war could be declared at any time. People of India were thinking that war may broke at any time.

Pakistan attacked Indian Air Strips. India left with no option to but react hard.

Indian military was ready to attack hard hand since last one year. Pakistan under estimated India’s mindset. Pakistan understood only Indira’s vivid mind.

Pakistan was geographically and strategically in awkword situation.

Pakistan’s Eastern force was not having support of local people,

To bring West Pakistani  force to east side, it had to take a round of whole south India and Cylone to reach  to Bengal.

The US had missed the bus to take the credit of liberation of East Pakistan (Bangladesh), because Pakistan attacked India without taking its clearance. The US did not remain active in the war. Jai Prakash Narain’s western visits counted.

The geographically and strategically awkward situation of Pakistan, becoming highly favourable situation for India.

India left with no option but to achieve victory. If under this situation Indian military did not win the war, then it cannot win any war in future. Hence India was supposed to win this war without fail. India did it.


This remarkable victory got a very big fame for Indira Gandhi. All India Radio was known as All Indira Radio, otherwise also it was giving a lot of coverage to Indira Gandhi, now the All Indira Radio Started giving out of proportion coverage to Indira Gandhi.

Indira Gandhi conducted assembly elections of many states i.e. 19 states where they were due as usual. Under the aforesaid situation Indira Gandhi won the elections with thumping majority by cashing the victory.

In fact this victory was due to the sacrifice of 4000 JAWANS  and the sincere efforts of Indian defines forces and the people. Indira’s role was minimum. And now we will see how derogative Role Indira played.

(1) Jag Jivan Ram the Defence Minister declared that India would not return the captured land to Pakistan.

(2) India will impose penalty on Pakistan for this imposed war,

(3) India will send back all the infiltrators and ask Pakistan to make good of the expenses India incurred on these infiltrators and the 90000+ Prisioners Of War (POW) surrendered to India,

(4) Not only Kashmir issue but all other issues would be resolved,

The above deal was termed as the Package Deal.

Pakistani Government kept mum on these. But Pakistan was successful in building up pressure through other countries against India that Pakistan was ready for talks but India was not coming forward for talks. Pakistan argued further that India was putting up pre-conditions before coming for a talk.

Indira cannot withstand the foreign diplomatic pressure. She and Bhutto set in Simla. There were lot of affirmative statement on Package deal. But at the end the result was zero or so to say losses to India.

No captured land was retained, but all the captured land pieces were returned to Pakistan. Not only this but the land portion of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir which was captured by Indian military was also returned to Pakistan. This was highly unconstitutional, because India has the claim on POK and it cannot be handedove.

No compensation was recovered from Pakistan,

No penalty was imposed on Pakistan,

All the 90000+ Pakistani Prisioners of War were released with free of charge to Pakistan,

Pakistan returned no POW those were captured in Western border.



Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Who is more guilty? Navaz Sharif or Man Mohan Singh.One can serve the nation at its

best when the person occupies a power post. The best post is the post of Prime Minister. One has to struggle to occupy this post.

Navaz Sharif

Navaz Sharif is the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He has been committed to serve his nation. He has put all his efforts in politics. He is in politics since more than 30 years. During this period, he has been come up of his own efforts from a small party worker through a Chief Minister of a state and then the Prime Minister. He has also faced vindictance as and when Pakistan had been remained under marshal law. Navaz Sharif is not equivelantly illiterate like our white Rabdi Devi of India (Sonia Gandhi) and brown Rabdi Devi of Bihar. Navaz Sharif is a law graduate. He had struggled a lot.


But in India, the situation is not like that. There were many PMs who put no effort and became Prime Minister. Among them are, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Man Mohan Singh. Indira Gandhi had become Prime Minister under Kamraj Plan which was executed by JL Nehru to make his daughter to pave a road to PM-ship. Rajiv Gandhi was sworn in as the PM by the then President of India viz. Zail Singh. This Zail Singh once upon a time, had declared that he is so much so committed to the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that if Indira Gandhi asked him to broom he was ready to broom. This President invited Rajiv Gandhi, (son of Indira Gandhi who, held the PM post just before she was murdered) with a taken for granted the post facto proposal, the post facto candidature and the post facto approval of the Indian Nehruvian Congress parliamentary party. The post facto approval in deciding the leader of the parliament is constitutional or unconstitutional is a matter of research.

Consequent to the death of Rajiv Gandhi, and under the parliamentary elections Indian Nehruvian Congress, could not get a majority. Sonia should have been made leader of the new parliament. But she was in a vivid mind. There was no unanemousy and Narasinha Rao was made the PM of an alliance lead by Indian Nehruvian Congress. Narsinha Rao acted efficiently but the efficiency pinched Indian National Congress. Sonia Gandhi was not holding any recognised power post in the then Indian Nehruvian Congress Party. Sonia Gandhi when she came out of sadness of her husband’s death, she was to be posted as the PM as per the dynastic tradition of Indian Nehruvian Congress, since the Number One power post was the Post of PM.

But why Narsinha Rao was selected as the leader of the house? As per the theory of probability and because when Narsinha Rao had been selected as the leader of the house Sonia Gandhi was post-less.

The post of Indian Nehruvian Congress President post was held by Sitaram Kesri. He was not ready to quit. Sitaram Kesri physically  made unseated from the chair of Indian Nehruvian Congress. One must know that to prepare such a conspiracy or a procedure or an exercise to throw Sitaram Kesri out, was to be worked out. To create an atmosphere and to put the rein of the party in the hands of Sonia Gandhi was not a short time project. Hence under this situation Narsinha Rao could capture the post of PM.

Narasinha Rao was a senior and an experienced leader in politics. He started to ignore Nehruvian policies. This was against the tradition of Indian Nehruvian Congress. But was not possible to make Narsinha Rao unseated from the chair.


Those who knows the politics within the Indian Nehruvian Congress party, the Number One Power Post has to be reserved for a progeny of Nehruvian Dynasty. Though Narasinha Rao was an efficient PM, the efficiency of Narasinha Rao was not purcolated. The changes were not known to the bottom level voters. Hence the Indian Nehruvian Congress lost the majority in the succeeding general elections.

The BJP alliance  got a very thin majority. Indian Nehruvian Congress is a party run by coterie committed to a progeny of Nehruvian. This coterie decided that Number One power post inveriably should be held by Nehruvian and Nehruvian only. Nehruvian means, a faithful Nehruvian to the preceded Nehruvian PM. No chance should be taken to install any body else who is not a progeny of Nehruvian dynasty.


Parliamentary elections conducted in 2004, Indian Nehruvian Congress party became the largest party with its allied parties. Besides this, some other  parties having the similar culture were also ready and eager to support Indian Nehruvian Congress party. This alliance was termed as United Progressive Alliance (UPA). This UPA anonymously selected  Sonia Gandhi as the leader selected as the leader. Sonia went to the then President with the list of the MPs and the proof as she was supported by them. But under the Indian Constitution by default Sonia was not a qualified candidate for PM ship. This point was raised by Subrahmanian Swami and the then President of India APJ Abdul Kalam asked Sonia Gandhi to clarify.

Such question was beyond the capacity of the brain power of Sonia Gandhi. She came back to the coterie. The coterie was not ready to take any risk. Coterie searched out for an obedient MP. The coterie picked up Man Mohan Singh.


This Man Mohan Singh was two step ahead of Zail Singh so far “obedience” and the “commitment” to Nehruvian (Sonia Gandhi) is concern.

Though Man Mohan Singh knows very well that:

“India is a democratic country,

“The democracy is deeply rooted in India,

“India  had overthrown with in 18 moths the person who was autocrat,

“India may be poor …  India may be not that literate like France … but India had defeated the sitting PM and her coterie along with her party by more than half a lakhs votes in the elections,

“The democracy in India is more than 10000 years old,

“The people of India have also uprooted empires and the kings.

Despite of this, Man Mohan allowed him self to govern my extra-constitutional power centre viz. Sonia Gandhi and her coterie.


Is it that Man Mohan was being black mailed for having his black money in foreign banks and the matter was known to Nehruvians?

Is it that Man Mohan was hungry of eminities  enjoyable  by PM?

Is it that because Man Mohan had a share in the money being collected through unauthorised channels by the UPA leaders?

Is it that Man Mohan was having joint ventures with Indian Nehruvian Congress and its cultural allies?

Is it that Man Mohan was happy with his post?

Is it that Man Mohan was ignorant of constitutional provisions and the duties and responsibilities of the Prime Minister?

Is it because Man Mohan was of the opinion that if he would not remain the PM, the army would take over the rein of power?

During the UPA rule, India had become a bankrupt country. Indian Defence had become weak and it had left with meagre quantum of spare parts. Internationally, India had become an isolated nation.


One must know that Man Mohan failed to resign and protected all of the thieves of Indian Nehruvian Congress party and its cultural allies.

He gave liberty to take decision to A. Raja in making money through unauthorised channels and allowed them to do cognizible offences.

As per Indian Constitution, Prime Minister is responsible for all the shortcomings and the gains of every portfolios. Whereas the minister is responsible for only of his own portfolio.

If a person fails in his responsibility, he has to be punished by the PM. If the PM does not punish a minister who failed in its responsibilities, then the PM has to be punished.

Man Mohan as per the Indian Constitution cannot delegate full power inclusive of arbitrary power to any of his ministers.

No body in a democratic government can enjoy arbitrary power.

In a democratic government all powers are discretionary power. Every authority has to convince its self with valid reasons. The Powers of the PM are the delegated powers by the President. The delegated powers cannot be further delegated as per the constitution. Man Mohan must be aware of this constitutional and lawful provisions.

Now look at the Coal Gate Scam. The PM himself was holding the ministry of Coal. The auction of coal mines was a fraud. Man Mohan Singh being a minister of coal, he was the first responsible person. But he did not resign and he was not prosecuted.

But for all these lawlessness, failing in duties Man Mohan Singh was spared on the plea that

“What to do? This fellow viz. Man Mohan Singh is a clean person. He has not earned a single penny out of these frauds and scams. Man Mohan should be spared. He is not only well educated but highly educated and highly qualified person. He had held many high level posts, not only in India but abroad too. Once upon a time he had held the highly important and honourable post of Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Look at his innocent face. Such person cannot be held responsible for any fraud or scam. Yes, what shortcomings we have noticed, are due to the reason of his helplessness. He had been made helpless. It is not his fault. It is the fault of the “others”. Every body knows and at least media knows who are these “others”. But the agenda of media was not to pass any blame on these “Others”.


But Indian media is heavily active even out of proportion to pass blame on Navaz Sharif for his failure in administration. It is the matter of research as to why Zee News too, is overacting to pass blame on Navaz Sharif?

Navaz Sharif has come up of his own efforts. Pakistan has a very wide back ground of military rule. Just like in India when a person or organisation remains in power for a very long period, it becomes corrupted and developed vested interest. It produces, develops and controls many power centres. Similarly Military officers in Pakistan controls many centres of production of commodities, contractual agencies, education centres, trade centres and what not? It has very close links in political power centres, intelligence agency, beauraucracy, antisocial organisations, mafias, terrorists organisations etc… All these work jointly to maintain their vested interests.

If in India the leaders like Nitish Kumar can surrender to antisocial elements like Shahabuddin, then how Navaz Sharif can neglect joint nexus of Military, Intelligence agency, antisocial elements and terrorists organizations?

Is it that Navaz Sharif has no option?

Yes. Navaz Sharif has no option but to resign.

But what is about the consequences that would result to his resignation?

Besides this, is it really a good option for Pakistan? If a self made leader of an elected party under constitution, resigns, then the nexus made of extra constitutional authorities would take hold of the administration. Is it is not the fact that by passing blame fully on Navaz Sharif, we are inviting military rule in Pakistan? At present Pakistani military has not constitutional power, but if Navaz Sharif would resign, the nexus of Anti-social elements, intelligence agency and terrorists would get full power and free hand.


Once upon a time, on imposition of emergency by Nehruvian progeny Indira Gandhi, and when the Janata Front Government in Gujarat still was not toppled, one of the best parliamentarians, Piloo Modi gave an answer to a question asked to him.

The question was “what is wrong if the government works better in autocracy than in democracy?”

The reply of Piloo Modi was that “we can afford bad governance in democracy but we cannot afford so called good autocracy”.

We have seen that due to the frauds, scams and lies of Indian Nehruvian Congress and its allied leaders, we could defeat them and prosecute them. Because in democracy we have a substitute. But in autocracy we have no option to have a substitute.

To protect Navaz Sharif is hundred times better than to protect Man Mohan Singh. We can have a live hope for a better democracy in Pakistan. Man Mohan Singh opted to remain in power for his undisclosed interest and undisclosed treaty with Indian Nehruvian Congress.



Shirish Mohanlal Dave


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