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Prevent Modi/BJP to take credit at any cost ( Part-2)

We have seen in Part-1 that CAA also provides the resolution of refugees who were persecuted in Pakistan-Bangladesh and flooded in India as they were non-Muslims.

(4.7) Congi and its allies argue that CAA provides discrimination based on religion. Why persecuted Muslims in Pakistan and became refugees, should not be made entitled for citizenship?

This is a vague argument.

CAA is related with religious minorities. “Religious minorities” has been defined in Nehru- Liaquat Ali agreement. Congi and its allied party have and had never raised any objection to the Nehru-Liaquat Ali agreement neither they termed it as communal.

(4.8) For Muslim who were persecuted or otherwise due to any reason want to become citizen of India, the separate law does exist. A Muslim of Pakistan can get   Indian citizenship under section 5(1)(g) of the Citizenship Act, 1955.

(4.9) In fact Congi wants to hide its failure. Congi did fail to maintain the spirit of the Nehru-Liaquat Ali agreement. Congi is shameless on its own failure.

Congi wants Modi must not get any credit.

(5.1) It is the Congi’s vote bank culture to instigate a community  on any flimsy ground to agitate by spreading fake narratives. Congi and its cultural allies are determined to see that Narendra Modi and his government does not get any credit.

(5.2) Congi is protesting against CAA and instigating Muslims to agitate. Congi-gang and its associated gangs (people of India takes them as Lutyen gangs) want to create anarchy and civil war in India.

(5.3) None of the Congi person or even a leader linked with any of Lutyen gangs able to talk to the point. The pity of the learned Congi members is, that they also avoids talking to the point. Congi and its cultural allied parties also, feel and fear, that because they have no logical point, they have  constructed a fraudulent point, that all the Muslim citizens would lose their Indian citizenship. It is a matter of research as to why the Muslim citizen need to oppose the CAA when they have no point at all. The Congi instigated Muslims to such an extent that the Muslims, ultimately agitated at the Shaheen Bag, and with blessing of Congi and AaP (a political party of India) turned the agitation into violence where Congi & Aap leaders were involved.

(6) Irresponsible Congi plays Communal cards

(6.1) The Congi and its culturally allied party view the scope to make every event/incident as a communal issue.

India is a large and thickly populated country. The possibility of any type of an odd incident may occur, as a stray incident. This would occur in Congi allied ruled states too, and it may also occur in BJP ruled state.

Congi gang and its pet-media would give, out of proportion coverage to the incidents occurred in a BJP ruled states. They would also not only generalize the ”law and order situation” in the state, but also give communal color to that stray incident.

E.g An alleged gang rape case in a village Boolgarhi of Hathras District of Uttar Pradesh state.

(6.2) The Common man, in general, has no sense of proportion all over the world, and in India too. Resultantly the atmosphere of the country is spoiled and hatred among communities gets enhanced. The Congi leaders look, for short term hypothetical political gain.

(6.3) Actually by such attitude the image of Congi gets further damaged in the eye of neutral and wise people, due to fake narratives. But Congi and its cultural allied parties are least worried of such wise people, because they are neither a part of vote bank nor these wise men are controlling the whole media.

(7) This is not enough for Congi gangs.

The success of Narendra Modi pinches Congi  and its culturally allied parties. Aam Aadami Party is also one of the culturally allied parties.

(7.1) Narendra Modi has stepped up extremely, the image of India and the Indian government’s performance in foreign affairs. All most all countries have high respect for India and the Indian government. Wherever Modi goes he receives best honor. Many Muslim countries have honored him with the top most award of their countries.

This situation pinches the Congi and its culturally allied parties.

(7.2) How to bring down, the above image of Narendra Modi?

Look at the recent agitation

(7.3) Farm laws gives the farmers many options to sell their produce. Farmers can sell their produce to Agriculture Market Produce Committee (who purchases at the not below the rate fixed by the Government under consultation of experts), or the farmer can sell it to any agency anywhere in the state or outside the state, or the farmers can sell to an industry, to any person, to any trader … including export. The condition is a simple that the purchaser must have a Registration and Permanent Account Number (Income Tax Department issues the PAN). This is Registration and PAN has been made mandatory for the purchaser.

(7.4) The farm-laws are advantageous to the farmers. But the agencies which were not registered, and or manipulating the figures of the agriculture produce, are not able to make money. There is no income tax on agriculture produces. The agencies were playing with figures. By the farm-laws the farmers are not affected at all. Only those agents are affected, who were making money unlawfully.

(7.5) Many Congi leaders when they were ruling at the center, they gave promises to farmers they would prepare the farm laws to the benefit of farmers. They had also set up a committee named The National Commission on Farmers (NCF) 18 November 2004, under the Chairmanship of Professor M.S. Swaminathan. This was with an intention to address the nationwide calamity of farmers. The said committee had submitted its fifth and final report on 4th October 2006.

(7.6) Actually the Congi and its alliance leaders had no intention to make the farm-laws, because the  most of the market agencies they themselves were involved. They were the leaders in cheating the farmers.

(7.7) Under this circumstances the Congi and its associated parties oppose the Farm-Laws. These gangs have instigated some farmers to agitate under the plea of their rights to agitate in democracy. Just to gather sufficient numbers of agitators to create a large network, anti-social and fake farmers (paid agitators) inclusive of Khalistani Sikhs had also been introduced.

(7.8) To tell lies is the identity of these gangs. Their paid media gives maximum coverage to the agitations. But the agitating leaders keep mum, on the point/s according to them are harmful to the farmers. Actually, there is no point (Clause) of the laws which is harmful to the farmers.

(7.9) Congi and its allies had lost the elections in 2019 very heavily. Besides this, when the bill came up in the parliament, the Congi and its allied parties were not able to discuss to the point in the parliament. Actually the Congi and its allies are contradicting themselves, because they had incorporated the promise of Farm-laws in their election manifesto, that they would bring such Farm-bills  based on Swami Nathan Committee’s reports. But they are so shameless that they now oppose the farm laws.

Why did some celebrities poke their nose in the matter of India?


(8.1) Congi and its culturally allied forces want to keep no stone unturned.

(8.2) Congi’s top most leaders have joined hand with, even China and Pakistan.

(8.3) Congi has sold itself to China. China is funding Congi’s private Trust. This is on record.

(8.4) Congi had made many big frauds. E.g.  2G and Coal Gate when it was in power. It had neither followed the prescribed general conditions and procedure of auction nor the specific conditions to the advantage of the nation.

Energy and the coal are the two most significant factors for the development. The fraud was executed, by the Congi, to see that India remains a market of consumer only.

(8.5) What is the meaning of HUM DO, HAMAARE DO (i.e. We two, ours two).

Congis sing a song in chorus “HUM DO, HAMAARE DO” i.e. Modi Government is sold out to two Industrialist persons.

Ambani and Adani. Ambani and Adani are two prominent industrialists. Ambani has introduced 5G, will soon come to market and China will be out from India completely. Adani is developing the solar energy projects and he promised that China will be out completely from India.

But actually this HUM DO, HAMARE DO, is strongly applicable to Congi

HUM DO means Congi’s party  President Rahul Gandhi (a Nehruvian progeny) and Sonia Gandhi (wife of the late Rajiv Gandhi a Nehruvian progeny)

HAMARE DO means Priyanka Vadra (a Nehruvian progeny i.e. sister of Rahul Gandhi and the wife of Robert Vadra who allegedly committed many large scale frauds including the land frauds.

(8.6) Why Congi and its allies support Khalistanis?

It is a long story. We will discuss it in a separate blog.


Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Prevent at any cost, Modi/BJP from taking credit ( Part-1)

“Congi” which is known by erroneous belief of many learned people as “Indian National Congress a political party in India (I.N.C.).” We will tell it as “Congi” and not Congress or I.N.C..


To understand this, please read this blog up to the end.

Series of blunders committed by Nehru and his progenies and till now it has not come out from the culture of blunders. The equally worst contribution for the nation is,  the Congi, much more rigorously watches and acts to ensure  that Modi/BJP must be prevented from taking any credit on any good work.


Examine with logic..

(1) In the first half of the nineteen fifty decade, Nehru of Congi had introduced two Articles, (under the influence of his dear friend Sheikh Abdullah, in Indian Constitution, by undemocratic means), viz.  370 and 35A in the Indian Constitution, as a temporary provision. Was it known to Nehru or had he clarified what is the meaning of “Temporary”? Or was it known to him as to what is the definition of “Temporary”?

(1.1) Temporary means, “for a small period” and “not permanent”. But what is “SMALL PERIOD”?

Small is a relative term.

How to define Small in this case?

With what period this “small” should be compared?

(1.2) If the provision pertains to Human, then should it be compared with a life span of a Human?

 If “Yes”, then the average Human life span in India is 71 years.

No. This cannot be compared with human life span. Because a human generation in the society will not feel it a small period.

What is the period of one human generation?

The period of one generation is 15 to 18 years. Can we compared the “Temporary or a small” with this span”?

Actually it is an eventual period to which the temporary or small should be compared.

 To which event should we link this “temporary” i.e. “small”?

(1.3) The event is the migration of humans due to political reason i.e. the event is the refugees and their rehabilitation.

The period for permanent residential settlement required for refugees. This period cannot be more than i.e. maximum 5 years. If any government takes longer time, then that government can be termed as an inefficient government.

(1.4) How much error in this case is permissible?

What is the period of a permissible error?

Error cannot be more than 4 %. Hence the 4% of the period 5 years is 2.4 month. i.e. Total period allowable is 5 years and 72 days.

(1.5) Can we take 18 years i.e. period of one generation as a temporary period?

No. because in a democratic country the election period is 4 to 5 years. In our   

Country it is 5 years. The period of rehabilitation of refugees cannot be extended by a government for more than a 5 years span.

 The Indo-Pak borders were kept open till 1950. The relaxation can be given up to 1955 for terminating the temporary provisions in Articles 370 and 35A.

(1.6) No further relaxation can be given beyond 1957 because 1957 was the completion of the term of the ruling party. Hence the Government was supposed to terminate the temporary provision before 1957

(1.7) Now suppose the party could not do the termination, then the party has to do the termination of the article on top-priority in the next term by the party whoever wins the general elections..

(1.8) If in the subsequent term, the party could not abrogate the temporary provision, then the party has to be disqualified if it is the same party.


(2) The BJP government has to take care, in the interest of the nation and its democratic values, to see that the untouched or unfinished works due to any reason by the previous government. That is, BJP has to finish the said work, to maintain the spirit of the democracy and its constitution.

But now, look at the hypocrisy of Congi. Congi is opposing the abrogation of the articles for which Congi’s Nehru himself had termed it a “Temporary provision”.

(2.1) Congi is opposing the abrogation of the Article 370 and 35A. Does the Congi party take, Nehru as an inefficient leader? Congi should declare “Nehru as an inefficient leader.”

Either Nehru was an inefficient leader or Nehru was a fraud. There is no third option. Similar is the case with his successor progenies, who did not abrogate the temporary provisions. 



The provisions made in the articles, were identifying a citizens based on its religion, caste and gender. THIS ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE A CHARACTER OF A DEMOCRACY.

Does the Congi party takes Nehru as a Hypocrite?

(2.2) Had the Congi party passed any resolution in 1957 immediately after winning the elections of 1957 to make the Temporary Provision as a permanent provision?


CONGI DID BELIEVE that the provision has remained as temporary provision only. But the Congi party being an inefficient party could not remove the word “Temporary”.

(3) Congi is supposed to apologize for its negligence and inefficiency.

The Congi, contrary to its own commitment on an oath, now opposing the abrogation of these articles which were against the democratic values.

Congi party has done the breach of trust of the people of India. On the other hand it is opposing a party (BJP) who has completed the unfinished work of Congi. Actually Congi should be thankful to the BJP Government who established democracy in a region which was deprived of the democratic rights.



(4) CAA, NRC and NRP (Citizens Amendment Act, National Register of Citizens, National Register of Population)

Any country is supposed to have a Register of its citizens. India too, is supposed to have its register. There cannot be illegal movement from other country to India. There must be some criteria of eligibility to enter India. This is a simple and an absolutely clear reason. This is a must for India. This is essential for its security. No country can ignore its security.

India also should have a population register. This is because, India has to do planning of its economy. There are many factors to be taken into consideration. To know the figure of citizens is not enough, because there are other people too available, in India. Citizens + Non-Citizen put together becomes the population.

If Congi party does not understand this, it disqualifies its self for being a political party. But Congress opposes these Acts.

(4.1) What is wrong with the Congi party?

Actually Nehru and Liaquat Ali (the then Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan respectively)  had signed an agreement. This agreement is known as Nehru-Liaquat Ali Agreement.

(4.2) Pakistan was formed to satisfy those Muslims, who were feeling that their interest would not be served in India where Hindus were in majority. That is why Pakistan was taken out from “British India”, and accorded independence to it on 14th August 1947. The independence was given to the rest portion of the British India on 15th August 1947. As for the kingdoms, three options were  given to the kings. Either to join with India or Pakistan or to remain independent. Kings of the Kingdoms had to follow the desire of the people who would select one out of three.

(4.3) The partition of India caused a huge transfer of people, though it was optional. The Indo-Pak border was kept open till 1950. The residual Hindus (before partition they were 40% in West Pakistan and after 1950 they were 12% in West Pakistan. Similar situation prevailed in East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

Hindus were not safe in Pakistan. To resolve this issue, Nehru-Liaquat Ali agreement was made. This agreement provides that the government of both the countries must take care and provide security to the religious minorities. Both the countries should set up a commission to investigate into the cases of atrocities (including religious conversion) and punish the guilty persons.

(4.4) Muslims were safe and secured in democratic India. But Hindus were not safe in Pakistan.

Nehru did not do any follow up on the breach of the agreement by the Pakistan Government. Nehru did not even pursue the cases of unsafe Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Jews, Christians in Pakistan. Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Jews, Christians etc… were termed as minorities in Pakistan. There were genocides in Pakistan. Resultantly refugees in very large numbers used to come in India after and before every war and even otherwise too. Before and after 1971 Indo-Pak war, India was flooded with refugees.

(4.5) The CAA meets with requirement of the undone work on Nehru – Liaquat Ali agreement. Nehru and his successors had never acted on the agreement to be made effective in Pakistan.

(4.6) What could be the solution for those religious minorities as defined by Pakistan in 1947, and as defined universally till date? These minorities left Pakistan due to religious persecution, came to India. What to do with these refugees?  It can be said that the CAA is the sensible solution when the Pakistan practically made Nehru – Liaquat Ali agreement a failure.

CAA also provides the resolution of the issue of refugees who were persecuted in Pakistan-Bangladesh and flooded in India as they were non-Muslims.

(4.7) Congi and its allies argue that, it is a discrimination based on religion. Why persecuted Muslims in Pakistan and became refugees in India, should not be made entitled for Indian citizenship?

It is a vague argument.


Shirish M. Dave

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An open letter to Opinion on the Article of Mr Fai

Mr. Ghulam Nabi Fai appears to have improper perceptions on the Kashmir issue.

First of all it must be very clear that it is not the Kashmir. It is Kashmir kingdom. This kingdom consists of Ladakh, Jammu, Aksai Chin, and Kashmir plus small other areas.

The letter of accession of the JK Kingdom with India, was not with a different text than the letter of accession of rest of kingdoms, accessed with India.

The issue pertains to the portion of the Kashmir occupied by Pakistan by invasion, on India in 1947. Since the king of JK Kingdom had signed the letter of accession, India had no option but to protect the kingdom. The Indian forces regained the major portion of the kingdom. Meanwhile the case was taken up to UNO by the then Prime Minister of India.

After the long deliberation the UNO passed a resolution, which contains

(1) Pakistan has to vacate the invaded portion of the kingdom i.e. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

(2) Pakistan had to remove its forces. Pakistan was not allowed to carry out any activity in the region,

(3) Pakistan had to normalize the supply line (supply line of commodities) to the Kingdom.

(4) India was free to execute it activities in the kingdom inclusive of POK

(4.1) India on establishing normalcy, would carry out voting.

Pakistan willfully failed to fulfill any of the conditions.

India waited till 1951 to see that Pakistan follow the UN Resolution pertaining to it. Meanwhile India also framed and adopted its constitution. India also conducted general elections for electing peoples representative including that of JK Kingdom.

The representatives of the JK kingdom confirm the accession of the Kingdom with India.

Subsequent to the elections of people’s representative of the Assembly of the kingdom, nowhere neither any election of the people representative was challenged nor was the accession challenged.

The issue unsolved, remained with the region of the JK kingdom occupied by Pakistan right from the period from 1948 to 1972.

Why 1972?

Because in 1972 the Pakistan PM had signed a deal that all the problems between India and Pakistan would be solved with the mutual talks peacefully without involving a THIRD PARTY.

It must be very clear to all Muslims and even some Hindus, that Pakistan was not formed on the base of Religion.

Only those Muslims who cannot feel their interest would be taken care of in the majority population of Hindus of British India, can go to Pakistan.

As for the kingdoms, the kings can decide with the desire of its people. There is no mention of the yard stick for the accession based on the religion.

As for the statement of M.K. Gandhi, Mr. Fai has reproduce a forged statement of M K Gandhi.

M K Gandhi was very clear on the issue of the Kingdom. He said very clearly

“The Kingdom cannot remain independent. It is difficult for it.” (One must appreciate the wisdom of M K Gandhi, that JK kingdom cannot remain independent. You can very well see the condition of the Tibet which could not remain independent).

“The JK Kingdom cannot join with Pakistan because its policy is worst. I.e. Its culture is worst.”

“JK Kingdom has to join with India only. The King of JK kingdom has also decided the same” (Ref: Book para -1, Page -94.  “Gandhi in Delhi Pat-1” which is the last three months of M K Gandhi’s day to day diary written by Manubahen Gandhi a veteran Gandhian. Published by “Navajivan Prakashan Ahmedabad-380009.

Mr. Fai has given a misguiding subject line to the article, that of praising people of India to dilute the Terrorism executed by Muslims. Mr. Fai has tried to hide the massacre executed by Muslims. Mr. Fai has passed the blame on the Indian Government

 India is a democratic country where the free and fair elections are conducted as a routine. Despite of Pakistan sponsored terrorism where 1000+ Kashmiri Hindus were killed, 10000+ Kashmiri Hindu women were raped and 500000+ Kashmiri Hindus were driven out from their home and made refugee in their own state. One should appreciate that no Hindu took law in his hand. Muslims of India find them better safe than any part of Muslim countries.

Shirish M. Dave

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