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Dear Mr. Prakhar,

I always watch your video with interest and with a great respect.

Very recently you put in a video on Godse and MK Gandhi.

Because I have respect for you, I would like you, to be away from any falsehood.

I want you to be authentic and reliable.

As you have stated that:

(1) Godse wanted to kill MK Gandhi because MK Gandhi was favoring Muslims.

According to the records available as a first hand information, this allegation is either misperceptions of what Gandhi said. I can give you several examples where MK Gandhi has proper and appropriate advise given to Muslims.

MK Gandhi had uniform and indiscriminative advise to both Muslims and Hindus. What advising words MK Gandhi has used for Hindus, the same words he has used for Muslims too. Besides these, MK Gandhi has cursed Muslim leaders a lot. For this, I can give you references. “Gandhi in Delhi” which is a day to day diary of Mahatma Gandhi (produced by Manuben Gandhi a veteran of MK Gandhi, published by Navjivan Prakashan Ahmedabad) This diary covers the daily diary of his last three months (in Delhi).

Since you love the truth, and you must be having judicious mind, and thereby you must be aware of the prime principle of jurisprudent that a person must be heard who has been alleged. Kindly go through the book I mentioned above, and give respect to the real truth.

Yes I know, that during 1947-48 there was an atmosphere made / persisted (by whom, is a matter of research) that MK Gandhi was favoring Muslims. But this was mainly due to communication gaps. There were vested interest at that time too. Main was the British.

I do not think, that any body of Anti-Gandhi leaders wanted to kill MK Gandhi. People had not lost the trust in MK Gandhi. This fact I had realized when the day (evening of 30-01-1948), I could not heard of a family could took his dinner. I was 7 year old at that time.

(2) You have said, Godse killed MK Gandhi, because MK Gandhi went on indefinite fast to give 55 crores rupees to Pakistan.

You must be aware of the principles prescribed by MK Gandhi before conducting any protest i.e. Procession, Agitation, strike, token fast, indefinite fast …

Protester has to follow;

Submit an application explaining your point of view,

Ask for discussion meeting and time,

If the opposite party wants a time, give him reasonable time,

If the opposite party wants further time with reason/s, give the reasonable time,

When the opposite party rejects your demand then give a notice to all concern that the protest in specific way, indicating the date of starting protest.

Now here in the case of MK Gandhi’s indefinite fast, the notice does not indicate a point of 55 crores rupees.

Actually the fast had been taken up by MK Gandhi, was simply to establish peace in Delhi.

(3) What is the inside story of 55 crore rupees?

C D Deshmukh was the first Indian, who was appointed as RBI governor in 1943 by British Gov.. CD Deshmukh had studied in UK. He was ICS officer. He wanted to remain in good book of British, so that after the independence of India, he wanted and could getr a good placement in UK. He had been pressurized or it can be otherwise too, had issued instructions to put up a case of the transfer of 55 crores rupees to Pakistan in 1947-48.

Gandhi’s indefinite fast had nothing to do with 55 crore rupees. It was a coincidence. Godse linked up these two events for personal reason. Others too had linked up these two events due to their ill knowledge, misunderstanding.

One must know that Gandhi had a prescribed system to issue a notice before going on fast (or agitation, protest, strike, opposing publicly, token fast, indefinite fast …) listing the topic/issue, his stands/reasons and asking/fixing the date for discussion / communication. Here in this case of Gandhi’s fast, the notice does not contain the topic of 55 crores rupees.

(4) Godse had also tried to kill MK Gandhi twice, well before his third successful trial of Killing MK Gandhi executed. During these two unsuccessful trials, there was no existence of transferring 55 crores rupees to Pakistan. It was Godse’s after thought to link the matter of 55 crores rupees before the court.

I hope this is enough for you. You are capable to find out the records. You will do it for your self. If you do not find out, kindly tell me, I will produce the documentary evidence.

With full regards,

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Was Indira Gandhi qualified for taking the credit of the 1971 Victory

A lot of learned people are confused on this topic.

Had India waged the war?

No. Indira had no courage to wage a war.

India had not waged that war.

Off course we can give credit to the Indian military which was ready to wage a war with Pakistan at any time, provided it gets a political clearance to attack on Pakistan. It was waiting for the clearance from Indira Gandhi.

Why was it needed to wage the war?

Because much more than one crore refugees had been infiltrated from the then East Pakistan. Due to this, the normal life of West Bengal state and North East states was paralyzed.

Who were these refugees?

These refugees were Bihari Muslims (Non-Bengali speaking Muslims and these Muslims were supporting East Pakistani Army and thereby they felt unsafe under Muktivahini which was fighting for freedom). The other type of refugees were Hindus who were facing genocide being executed by Pakistani Army. The other type of refugees were Bengali speaking Muslims.

It was ok if India provides them shelter for a limited period. That was done too, by India. But soon after the war was over, Indira failed to send refugees back, though she had made such promise to the people of India and also in the parliament. Not only this, but in 1985 her son had executed an agreement in this regards. But just like the culture of Nehru who executed agreement with Liyakat Ali the then CM of Pakistan, for providing security to the Hindus in Pakistan, Nehru never cared to monitor the security of Hindus in Pakistan. Besides the Nehru had also made a Temporary provision of Article 370 and 35A to please his loving friend Sheikh Abdullah. Similar to Nehru, all the Nehruvians and their bonded laborers had a culture to not look into the interests, welfare and rights of Hindus at any place wherever they are.

Pakistan had waged the war with India in 1971 by attacking Indian airstrips. Due to the pressure of public and the military, Indira had no option but to react on the attack of the Pakistan. As usual, Indian military force has never been defeated of its own, in 1971 too, it had won the war.

Promises to Parliament

Before the 1971 war, the then defense minister Babu Jagjivan Ram, had promised before the parliament, “This time India will not return the captured land of enemy in the war”.

India was in excellent situation even after the victory. India was having 91000 Pakistani Prisoners of war. The most significant contribution was given by India in formation of Bangladesh. It was the excellent opportunity for Indira Gandhi to deal with defeated Pakistan and heavily obliged newly formed Bangladesh. But Indira Gandhi failed miserably. Indira Gandhi return all the captured land by the Indian army back to the defeated Pakistan.

Highly illegal and insult of the Constitution

Indira Gandhi had also returned the portion of the land of the POK, which was legally a part of India. This is against Indian Constitution.

Indira never cared for her legal binding of the constitution.

Indira Gandhi returned all the POW to Pakistan, (Pakistan did not do that, though it was a part of the Simla Agreement)

Indira Gandhi did not made any agreement with even Bangladesh on taking back the Muslims refugees.

Whole victorious situation transformed into a total defeat of India, by Indira Gandhi.

Indira Gandhi and her off-springs thereafter, have ruled India for several decades. The Muslim refugees have become of the order of 3to 5 crores. They are well scattered all over India. Further the Nehruvians have imported Rohingya Muslims. They are also multiplying like mosquitoes in India.

“No Credit to Indira Gandhi” Gor wala said

How can we give any credit to India Gandhi, when she failed in her diplomacy miserably at all level. Nehruvians and their cultural allies have made India as an old widow’s land where any one can enter and use it at its free will. Any body can occupy at its will.

Look the Nehruvians and all its cultural allies, they have made vote bank of Muslim.

Any negligence towards problem, it may be a willful negligence or otherwise, can make it irreparable. Narendra Modi has got India with a lot boiling problems.


The emergency was one more proof of all level failures of Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi was below average woman.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Hindu Muslim Relations and India Part-1

The issue of peaceful relation between Hindus and Muslims had become more significant and prominent in India since 2014.

What is special about 2014?

The special is, the BJP has taken over the rein of the Union Government since 2014. Further to this situation, the BJP is becoming stronger in Union Government and also in many states.

Now the shops of opposition parties especially Congi (I.N.C. i.e. Indira Nehruvian Congress = Cong, or Congi) alias reported to be Indian National Congress) and its cultural allies are facing Lock Down. This is not due to Corona epidemic but due to BJP rule since May 2014.

Fault lines of Congi

Congi is a party by its principle and characteristic borne in December 1950 soon after the death of Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel the then Home Minister. It is by the definition of a party to call it 100+ years old party. Jawaharlal Nehru became whole and sole No. 1, as the decision maker. His word was to be taken as final in every case.

JL Nehru made this party a Dynastic Party. This was necessary for him to hide his blunders during his rule. E.g. To spare his friends who were corrupt or were blunderer. JL Nehru had obliged his friends out of way, i.e. JL Nehru had obliged his friends by awarding important post or creating new higher post even by changing laws (e.g. Sheikh Abdulla). JL Nehru had to tell lies even before the parliament to hide the misdeeds of his ideological friends (e.g. V.K. Menon). JL Nehru had to give false promises to public just to keep his image as a sincere Prime Minister. JL Nehru had some idea but he had no clarity of how to implement and what would be secondary effects. Thereby he was not ready to give targeted date of compliance. JL Nehru was fond of giving philosophical replies. Nehru also used to take even oath before parliament to correct his blunders like loss of 71000 Square miles during China War. His off-springs and his party forgot the oath taken by the Congi party willfully.

The resultant effect was, it further caused bureaucracy, to be more and more corrupted and thereby deterioration of respect towards law and order. Resultantly ministers became corrupted and it caused the further anarchy in Rule of Law. This ultimately it sown the seeds of Gunda-Raj his party’s politics.  Gold-Mafia, Land-Mafia, Property-Mafia, Chit fund-Mafia, Supari-mafia, Election-mafia, Naxalites, Terrorists, Separatists and Vote Bank politics. He used to cash the name of MK Gandhi, so that even some learned persons too had got mislead. What to talk about illiterates and ill-read. Nehru used to derogate RSS, and Hinduism. But Nehru never spoke against Muslims for their involvement in smuggling of gold and foreign goods.

There are much more fault lines of Nehru. Indira had allowed all the fault lines to be flourished. What evil acts could not materialized by Nehru, Indira executed all of them bluntly. Indira’s successors, especially have naked and shameless, who are ready to launch agitation on a matter they themselves had approved in principles.

The Congi like a demon has generated their cultural lots and parties, whom we would call Lutyen Gangs. THEY HAVE BECOME BLIND


All these gangs have their own fault lines and common fault lines too.

The BJP Government is performing well in the every field of developments and diplomacy. The Lutyen gangs have open up several other fronts simultaneously since these gangs’ political gangs are defeated in parliament.

The most dangerous front the Lutyen Gangs has opened up is to generate civil war.


Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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