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Dear Sir,

This is in connection with the article of Mr. Fai published in your “Daily Sabah” on 7th September 2021, with a subject line “Fundamental Misconceptions about Kashmir”

It is not difficult to reply on all the points of the topic. But one has to write a very lengthy reply to cover up, his all the points.

In ancient India there was a practice to insert a thin stick in a book, and open that page. Then read that page and give comment/opinion. Here in case of this article of Mr. Fai, the first point is analyzed for correctness. Why first point? Because it is first point. First point has got to be the most significance. I am reproducing the first point as under;

“1. Kashmir acceded to India on Oct. 27, 1947. Wrong.

The maharaja of Kashmir allegedly signed the Instrument of Accession to India while at the same time pleading for its military intervention to prop up his toppling repressive regime on Oct. 27, 1947. A full-scale internal and indigenous revolt was on the verge of success at that time. …. ……..

Moreover, as British scholar Alistair Lamb has convincingly demonstrated in “Kashmir: A Disputed Legacy, 1846-1990,” the Instrument of Accession is probably as bogus as the ugly protocols of the elders of Zion confected by the Russian Tzar’s Okhrana secret police. An original of the document has never been produced by India or anyone else. ……………………………………..”

The paras contains hypothetical conclusions on the status of the Maharaja.

The next is non comparable can not be compared. Such practice of comparison is not permitted by logical science and by judiciary.

J & K IoA (Instrument of Accession) is available on line. There is no need to try to create a charming topic for a particular section of people.

What document had signed by Maharaja Hari Singh himself, similar IOAs were signed by other big kingdoms by even their (Prime) Minister and not by the Maharajas themselves. Here in case of the J&K, The Maharaja had signed because his Prime Minister Justice M.C. Mhajan was in Delhi.

India is a democratic country. The democracy in India works better than it worked in early decades of Independent India. There are people who can exist in India, with an intention to put, Government of India in trouble by way of false assumptions on an issue. e.g. J&K accession.

The current Government which is far more democratic, had changed the category of the document and made it accessible.

Till that time there were people who were spreading rumors under their agenda that such document did not and does not exist at all.

Any way, Mr. Venkatesh Nayak of “The Wire” got it, under Right to Information Act 2005. What Mr. Venkatesh says on this letter of accession which is signed by the Maharaja (King of a big kingdom) Hari Sigh with his own signature, and also accepted it by Lord Mountbatten with his own signature.

Mr. Venkatesh Nayak had publish the document in his article in “The Wire” October 26, 2016 and August 5, 2019. What he says about the authenticity of this document in his article ? “ … Through this article in The Wire, I can confirm that the J&K IoA exists for real, is safe and well preserved in the collection of the National Archives.”

It is well known among political lots of India that “The Wire” is termed as out of proportional “Liberal” and Anti-BJP.

The Pakistan was created by taking out the portion where the Muslims were in majority of British India which was under direct rule of Agency (Viceroy of India). This agreement was signed by Pakistan and Viceroy at midnight of 14th August 1947. After creating Pakistan only, the India was made independent on 15th August 1947.

This was not applicable to Princely states. The princely states have the liberty to come under dominion of India or Pakistan. The princely state had to act as per the desire of their people. i.e. Princely states had to take opinion of their people under democratic way. It must be noted that till that time the princely states were under the dominion of the country to their accession. India got independence on 15 August 1947, the princely states acceded to India fell under control of India as the IoA.

India had conducted elections in J&K too, like every other princely state. The elected members of the state assembly passed the resolution of merger with India. That is all.

Now the dispute remains with Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The Assembly Seats of POK is till kept vacant. Even if that number been counted in negative, the Assembly of the princely state J&K had passed the resolution of merger unanimously.

The UN had resolved and according asked the Pakistan to vacate the POK and banned it to perform any military activity, so that the Indian Government to which the Maharaja Hari Singh had signed the document of IOA with India, can have control on POK. And this was supposed to be, to conduct, free and fair elections. No body in the world had challenged the election of peoples’ representative in J&K State Assembly 1951-52.

Thanking you,

With regards,

Yours truly,

Shirish M. Dave.

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