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Common Civil Code and Real Democracy
It is needless to praise Nehru, Nehruvian and Congi for maintaining the Democracy in India.
On the contrary the first credit goes to the people of India, Non-Congis especially Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Morarji Desai, Firoz Ghandi, … BJP leaders like Shyama Prasad Mukharjee, Dindayal Upadhyay, Atal Bihari Bajpai and some MK Gandhians like J. B. Kripalani, Jai Prakash Narayan, Ram Manohar Lohiya, Govindrao Deshpande … who expose Indira Gandhi’s autocracy and criminal mindset and defeated her in 1977. 
Sardar Patel had warned Nehru on his craze on so-called socialism and his policy towards China. But Sardar Patel died in 1950. He could had given much more contribution towards democracy had he been remained alive at least till 1952.
We will not discuss on this matter. Because the current generation and some of the media analysts have either no-knowledge, or ill-knowledge on the situation prevailed during 1947 to 1989 or false perception on democracy or suffering from one or other phobia due to prejudice.

The real rescuer of democracy and promoter to approach towards the real democracy in India is Narendra Modi.

There are at least three big deficiency in our Indian democracy on this date. Off course Narendra Modi cannot be blamed for these scars.
Before the arrival of Narendra Modi, the democracy was limited to conducting the elections (how much fair is a matter of research), the existence of somewhat independent judiciary of the so-called democratic Indian Constitution and to some extent the freedom of speech.
A very big deficiency was to identify a citizen for its rights under Article 370 and 35A. These articles were based on citizen’s religion, caste and gender.
How and why did no body agitate against such provisions is a matter of research.
In first decade of independence, Nehru had introduced these articles in an irregular way on the plea that these provisions are only for a temporary period. But period was not fixed, just like reservation based on caste.
Narendra Modi team abrogated articles 370 and 35A. This caused India to go nearer towards the democracy.
What is about reservation in education and jobs?
Actually reservation in jobs will become useless, once number of jobs would be much more than the number of the unemployed persons.
As for the reservation in educational institutions, the passing mark has to be obtained as the minimum requirement for the admission. Narendra Modi works as per his priority. He has introduced the idea of skill development and entrepreneurship.
Narendra Modi (BJP), is introducing changes very fast.
The opposition parties’ business of making money through unauthorized channels has been reduced sharply. Under the current situation, the opposition parties find no scope to power. Hence the opposition parties have decided to oppose every action taken by Narendra Modi even if, when they were in power in the past, they themselves have suggested such reforms but they had no guts and the courage. Besides this, now the opposition parties had/have open up some funny fronts.
E.g. Citizenship Amendment Act, National Register of Citizenship, National Register of Population, Farms Law.None of these is putting Citizens and farmers to any loss.
How do the opposition parties can create atmosphere of unrest if there is no loss to the citizens and the farmers?
To have a common sense with a common man is uncommon.
Further the learned persons of media are purchasable.
Lutyen gangs hitherto do not suffer from the shortage of money. Further the judiciary and the civil service officers are not free from the influence of Lutyen gangs. There are states where the Lutyen parties are ruling.
Under these circumstances the battle on fake issues and no issues is on.The recent topic is HIJAB.
The judiciary could have rejected the petition out rightly.
Why did not judiciary dismiss the petition?
Is this not a matter of research?
What is wrong with the judiciary?
Why does the judiciary want others to apply their mind?
Why the judiciary does not apply its own mind?
Why does the judiciary prolong the hearing?
Can the Common Civil Code solve such problems?
Can the Common Civil Code solve all the problems related with right to religion and right to protest?
(Continued … )

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Why the Judiciary does not apply its mind?

Lutyen Gangs are determined to generate Civil War in India, because their main aim is to throw out BJP lead Government from power at any cost and at any means. Lutyen gangs have strategies. They are active on their different strategies.

Lutyens in joint venture

Lutyen gangs incorporate Congi gang ( Congi means INC = Indian Nehruvian Congress alias Indira Nehru Congress & Off-springs),

Mamata Gang incorporated with Muslim antisocial elements including Rohingya Muslims,

Urban Naxal Gang, Daud Gangs working in India,

ISI and Pakistan Government in association with terrorists’ gangs,

CPIM in association with Urban Naxal gangs,

NC gang of Farrukhand PDP Gang of Mehbooba,

Sewage Sena Gang of Uddhav,

Antisocial gang of Daud and his right hand Sharad associated with Drug mafia,

SP gang of Mullayam associated with land mafia,

RJD gang of Lalloo,

Christian Missionaries supported Anti-BJP foreign based gangs …

Why are these gangs united?

None of these gangs is based on any principle nor any purity of means. They are united only to throw away Narendra Modi, because their mafia business is stopped my BJP Government. Besides this the different central agencies investing into Lutyens’ scams and antisocial activities when they were in power at the Center and currently in few states.

These gangs are known to most of the people of India. There is no doubt that whenever wherever necessary, every gang supports each other. Evidentially there are lot of examples. The gang leaders are liable and can also be picked up and arrested on non-bailable warrant to put to jail at any time.

Why Not?

But this is not being done by the BJP lead government. Whether it is a part of its strategy or its non priority or its stupidity. This is a matter of research of political analysts. There is a belief that if these gangs are ending up naturally of their own follies of being antisocial and criminal, why the Government should be super active upon them in hurry.

Fortunately a common man of Hindus and nationalists, is trying to keep mum or does not react with violence even if the Lutyen gangs behave rashly, communally and violently to the extent what is possible for them.

Why is it so?

Because, some time back (two decades ago), some Hindus in Gujarat had tried to react violently. This was their reaction, against the preplanned blazing of two railway coaches of Sabarmati Express. This blazing of coaches was lead by a Congi local leader of Godhra. This was done, at Godhra railway station. 59 innocent Hindus were burnt alive. As a result, reactive riots had been broke up, and much more Hindus were died as a result of police firing. Narendra Modi was the then Chief Minister of Gujarat was taken to task by all legal and illegal means by the Lutyen gangs. It is a long story. The details are available somewhere on this blog site.

It is very common and very frequent that the Government officers including top level officers those who are supposed to have the quality of foresight, wisdom, fearlessness, judicious mind, patience of mind, brave, deep understanding of issues, are lacking in each quality in general. The corruption in selection of the officers, cannot be ruled out. (Rs 10000000+ was seized from the house of the then Chairman of a public service Commission Punjab state, nearly 25 years back) These officers in general or in specific, never apply their mind while taking decisions.

But what is about the Indian Judiciary?

Are the judges competing with the officers of Indian Public Service Commission in lacking the aforesaid qualities? Are they not supposed apply their mind while taking decisions.

Look at the issue of some Muslim girls agitating in a school of Karnataka State. They wanted to wear HIJAB in the school and the class room.

These Muslim girls created an issue from nothing for nothing.

That is, these girls wanted to show that they have the liberty to select their dress while they attend the school. This liberty as they say, is under religious freedom and democratic freedom of selection of dress under constitutional rights in India.

This is wrong. Yes. There is a freedom to agitate against a government or an authority. But this freedom is not unrestricted.

Here, in the case of dress code of schools, the Government has entrusted the School authority to prescribe the Dress Code, and enforce it upon their students. This is not unconstitutional. Such dress code does exist among many corporate bodies, offices, hospitals, defense wings, police … all over the world.

If any body wants to challenge this authorization of the Government, given to the school authority, it can be challenged in the court of law. There are judgements on such matters.

In view of the past verdicts of Courts, what was the school supposed to do?

School should not have allowed the girls inside the compound of the school. If the girls have already entered the compound, police should have been called for, to drive them out. Let them make noise out side the school premise. Then it becomes the matter of law and order in public place, for police when the girls are shouting out side the school. The school authorities could have given notice to the parents through the girls or a notice should have been served to the parents through the post, asking the parents to meet the school authority in person. Then, if the parents/guardians have been found with negative approach, a School Leaving Certificate should have been handed over to them.

If the noise created by the girls disturbs the classes, the police should be informed so, to take action who are causing inconvenience to the school, and to the road traffic.

If the school authority, has been made a party in the petition, even in that case also, the school authority could have acted on the above line. The school authority could very well say that we have not received any deviating instructions on the dress code, from the Government authority.

There was no need for the non-Muslim students to counter agitate against the Muslim girls. There is no need to communalize the agitation by launching counter agitation. Let Muslim girls to say “Allah hoo Akbar”. Let them shout Allah hoo Akabar. How do the non-Muslim students concern with Allah and Akbar? In what way Allah and Akbar are going to harm the non-Muslim students?

But when you non-Muslim students started reacting with the shouting “Jai Shree Ram” with saffron cloth, according to others, you have Islamized your own religion. Off course it is not exactly the same, because Ram is a historical character, whereas for Muslims only Akbar is the historical character. But when you spell out against their religious attitude, Ram becomes a religion character. Actually these students have not applied their mind under their desire to do something to show as a reaction.

These non-Muslim students are not to be blamed as much as the Muslim Girls can be blamed. Because the Muslim Girls acted like a puppets under the instructions of pre-planned strategy of some Lutyen gangs. These girls have already contradicted themselves. Further they have shown that they wanted to disturb the society and to create anarchy.

Leave aside GODI (Pet) MEDIA. What is about other media, better known as nationalists media like Zee News. Why have they given so much coverage? They must have sense to understand that such agitating lots, have intention to get a coverage. The Muslim Girls do not mind what would be the outcome of their agitation when they shouts and link it with their religious freedom. They even do not mind that by their action they are defaming their own religion.

Last but not the least, the Judiciary.

The HC JUDGE has opined to put the matter before a bench. Actually the Judge could have dismissed the petition. The Judge has got sufficient ground of many verdicts to dismiss the petition. Let the petitioner go to the Supreme Court.

But the Judges too, do not apply their mind to understand the inbuilt spirit and sense of the petition. It is a matter of research whether was it known to the Judge as the petition could be a part of a Tool Kit to create unrest in Educational Institutions.

Due to Corona Epidemy, the educational institutions were functioning with their 40 to 50 percent efficiency through ON LINE classes. But now when Corona is gone, the Lutyen gangs want nothing should be normal. Is it that Indian judiciary is incapable to realize the threat to the Indian society?

A retired Chief Justice of Supreme Court has already exposed that Indian Judiciary is not able to give independent judgments. Indian Judiciary is working under influence of Lutyen gangs. Yes this could be correct. Mamata who is a part and parcel of Lutyen gang, recall how is she behaving with the Governor of her state!

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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We are strategical Off-Springs of Western Lutyens-2

Who killed Jai Prakash Narayan?

Ishvar Chandra Vidyasagar was responsible for the death of Jai Prakash Narayan.

Sorry Sorry Sorry. It was not Ishvar Chandra Vidyasagar responsible for the death of Jai Prakash Narayan, but it was Raja Ram Mohan Roy, responsible for the death of Jai Prakash Narayan.

To become Shastri or Brown Saheb

Raja Ram Mohan Roy had backed British rule in India. Raja Ram Mohan Roy pleaded for only British rule can uplift and step up people of India. Sanskrit learning has deteriorated the Indian society.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy, it is said to have studied Bengali, Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Latin, Greek, English….

It is a matter of research as to how much expertise he got other than in English. It is said that he had studied Vedas and Upanishads.

Lot of questions existed as to how much validity was, of his translation of Vedas in English. Actually he was brought up under two parents. One wanted him to become Shastri and other parents tried to make him a Brown Saheb. It appears he became a Brown Saheb.

He was fond of British Rule.

He was impressed by the logic of British rule and British educational policy. William Bentinck had introduced new education policy where no expenditure was allowed for Vernacular Pathshalas. Government aids to be given to only for English and English medium schools as designed by McCauley to suppress India and its culture.

Instead of appropriate interpretation of Indian scriptures, he introduced the same as directed by British historians.

Sati tradition was prevailing.

How much it had being prevailing is a matter of research.

“Sati” was actually the wife of Symbolic God lord Shiva the Cosmos. Sati blazed her self not because her husband died, Her husband Lord Shiva is eternal. Leave aside the symbolic story of Sati. But the so called Sati’s husband was insulted by her father. Therefore she blazed herself.

Now suppose if William Bentinck had not introduced ban on Sati Tradition in India with the help of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, it would have spread to whole of India. Then it would have continued to even in twentieth century.

“So what? How can you say that Raja Ram Mohan Roy is responsible for the murder of Jai Praksh Narayan?

“ Be calm … Have some patience. There were very good scope for the spread of Sati Pratha among Muslims too …


“Because Hindus could have become intolerant towards other religion because they have learnt the lesson from Christianity and Islam, that only through own Hindu religion, one can go to heaven. Under this circumstances those Muslim could have adopted Sati Pratha, under their vote bank politics. Nehru or Indira would have done Ghar Vapsi, and Indira otherwise too.

“But Indira Nehru was not a Muslim … !!!

“Even being a Hindu Indira had to follow Sati Pratha. Hence when Firoz Ghandi died, Indira Gandhi would had blazed her self, under Sati Pratha in 1959.

“So what … ? … !!

“Then, in that case, Nehru could had not been in position to plan a strategy with his syndicate members to install Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India after his death. Nehru would had become incapable, to hide the frauds of his friends and to hide his own blunders. ….

… Hence No Indira … no anarchy … no further innumerable frauds … no further blunders … no stir of Nav-Nirman in Gujarat … no defeat of Congi in Assembly elections in Gujarat … no Nationwide stir launching by Jai Prakash Narayan … no imposition of emergency … no arrests of people … no arrest of Jai Prakash Narayan … no conspiracy to kill Jai Prakash Narayan …

That is all … QED.

La Fin

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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