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Hypocrite Spineless Nehruvian Congress derogates Narendra Modi

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Very recently when Narendra Modi pointed out the failure of foreign policy of Nehruvian Congress, Kapil Sibbal miserably failed to reply Narendra Modi. Kapil Sibbal had once again exposed his party’s low level culture. Kapil Sibbal has no logical material to defend the allegation made on foreign policy of Nehruvians and its Congress till date. To hide his government’s  folly and self-centeredness of Nehruvian Congress, he diverted the point of discussion to some irrelevant episode related with Narendra Modi. In fact in Narendra Modi’s case also, actually Nehruvian Congress itself is at fault. That case too, exhibits the failure of foreign policy of Nehruvian Congress.

This is about the statement Kapil Sibbal where he himself is a part and parcel of Nehruvian Congress and the government led by its own party.

Kapil Sibbal asked Narendra Modi to first obtain US VISA, before telling about the failure of his party’s foreign policy.

It was the responsibility of Nehruvian Congress

Who is responsible for the denial of the US Administration on issue of US VISA to Narendra Modi?

It is Nehruvian Congress who is absolutely responsible for this failure.

One must know that the US administration is always working in the interest of its Nation. It could be a short term also. As a part of its policy it opted to balance the Muslim Lobby against the hatred prevailing against Muslims in the USA. The US administration picked up an opportunity when the Nehruvian Congress lead government of India applied for the VISA for Narendra Modi.

The US diplomacy knows very well that Nehruvian Congress party is spineless and self centered too.

The US administration knows very well that the Nehruvian Congress will get pleased instead of protesting severely for showing disrespect of Indian Constitution and Indian judiciary. The US administration knows very well that Nehruvian Congress will never react against the denial of the VISA. Instead of this, it would try to take political mileage. The US administration proved correct in its assumption, as the Nehruvian Congress and its allies shamelessly are trying to derogate Narendra Modi on this episode. Nehruvian Congress leaders miserably failed to understand that the US Administration is not bothered on democratic values when matter is related with other countries irrespective the other country is a democratic one or autocrat. Pakistan which was generally remained under martial law, was favored out of way by the USA against India. All the US Military aids had been utilized by Pakistan against India and the USA had kept mum.  

What should be the stand of Nehruvian Congress Government?

Before the ground of denial of VISA is accepted by Nehruvian Congress leaders, they are supposed to know the inherent assumptions of the US administration about India. This can be  logically derived by our government.

1          What are the comments of Nehruvian Congress leaders, on the points which could be raised, consequent to the denial of VISA? Had they any comment at all?

2          Whether the election of Narendra Modi had been challenged in any court of law of India?

3          Whether the post held by Narendra Modi was constitutional or not?

4          Does this Nehruvian Congress want to protect the dignity of Indian Constitution or not?  

5          Whether the Nehruvian Congress believes that the constitution of India is authentic or not?

6          Whether the parliament that had passed the constitution of India was lawful or not?

7          Whether the Indian Constitution is democratic or not?

8          Whether India is a republic or not?

9          Whether all the governments elected by people of India were constitutionally authentic or not?

10        Whether the election commission of India is a constitutional authority or not?

11        Whether the judiciary of India is constitutional authority of India or not?

12        Whether any FIR has been lodged against Narendra Modi or not?

13        Whether the Nehruvian Congress lead Government had applied for the US VISA for Narendra Modi or not?

14        Whether the election of Narendra Modi had been challenged in any court of law of India?

15        Whether the Nehruvian Congress has submitted any protest against the US administration that distrusted the Indian constitution and insulted the nation and its constitutional authenticity?

16        Whether the Nehruvian Congress has taken any type of diplomatic action to maintain the dignity of people of India or not?

Any reply of Nehruvian Congress leaders would prove their hypocrisy. Nehruvian Congress from the very initial stage, has not only avoided democratic values but it has also avoided national interest and dignity, for achieving personal benefits.

Look at the failures of Nehruvian Congress

Nehru under his folly of 1950 to 1962, allowed China to have a cake walk victory to occupy Indian land of 92000 square miles, though Sardar Patel had warned Nehru in 1950.

We would never know the truth kept hidden by the Nehruvians on the demise of LB Shastri.

Nehruvian have executed defective contract deeds irrespective of trade, production or diplomatic.

Punchsheel with China: We are the looser.

This has caused to irreparable harms to India facing till date,

Indira lost all the gains achieved by the military in 1971 war with Pakistan, under Simla pact in 1972.

Indira Gandhi had an uncalled treaty with the USSR before the Indo-Pak war 1971, that both would have mutual consultation on internal and external issues.

What information Indira got on disintegration of USSR?

Was she consulted at all by USSR when the latter was under disintegration? No. Nothing. She was no consulted at all. She was kept in dark in toto.

Union Carbide Deal: Generated Bhopal Gas hazard. Victims got nothing meaningful compensation due to weak deed with Union Carbide.

Safe passage of Anderson, Quatrochie, Daud and what not?

Nehruvian Congress failed to influence

Nehruvian Congress failed miserably to dominate by its influence on neighboring countries as small as even Ceylon and Maldives.  Ceylon can ignore India and Tamilians, leave aside domination.

Not only this, but many small neighbors are controlling Indian market and currency through introducing fake currency notes and money laundering.

Indira had designated Bhindaranvale as a saint who had organized terrorists network with the help Pakistan who latter flourished its network in India.

Even Burma which was a part of India in early decade of last century had driven out all Indians from Burma in fifties. Contrary to this, under Nehruvian Congress rule, of the order of 5 crores infiltrators in numbers from terrorist countries entered and settled in India during the period from 1969 to till date. Many of them got Unique Identification Card as Indian Resident.

Indira Government had released 90000 (ninety thousands)  POWs (Prisoners of War) of 1971, within in one year, whereas she and her successor Nehruvian Congress failed miserably even to get release of 500 soldiers (POWs with Pakistan) from Pakistan, even after a lapse of 40years.

Nehruvian Congress leaders have no capacity to execute diplomatic reactions.

Very recent example is Nuclear Deal.

Wikileaks had leaked a communication. A Nehruvian Congi Minister had assured an US Diplomat in India that his government had kept several crores of rupees ready to bribe MPs to vote in favor of Nuclear Bill. The Indian further said that he would like to show the money if the US diplomat wanted to convince himself of the arrangement made by Nehruvian Congress. The US Diplomat had communicated this position to the US foreign affairs. This communication was leaked out by wikileaks.

Now there are two possibilities.

Either the US Diplomat told lie to the US foreign affairs or he told the truth.

Nehruvian Congress had said that it was a lie.

If it was a lie, then what action had been taken by the Nehruvian Congress with the US?

If Nehruvian Congress is of the opinion that Wikileaks had lied, then it should tell the people of India as to on what ground it assumed it to be a lie?

If Nehruvian Congress has no ground and otherwise also it should ask the US foreign affairs that they should clarify and confirm that it was a lie.

If the US does not say anything then the Nehruvian Congress should say to the people of India that the US does not reply. It should also initiate diplomatic reaction against the US administration on this issue.

If the US Foreign Affairs says it was on their record as to what the US Diplomat in India had conveyed was a truth, then either Nehruvian Congress should take severe diplomatic reactive action against the US administration as the US Diplomat in India was a responsible person. This is because Nehruvian Congress has already declared it was a lie.

Now if the Nehruvian Congress does not act at all, then it means that it is a spineless government and has no guts to take diplomatic action against the USA.

Thereby under all the circumstances Nehruvian Congress led Government gets proved a spineless, coward and inefficient government with all round failures.

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Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Hello Governor

Hello Governor

Let us go through some of the actions of Nehruvian Congress Private Limited and its purpose behind those actions.

It is very common among Nehruvians in India to act under disguise of public interest or in the interest of poor people but to have some different purpose behind that action.

Jawaharlal Nehru

1948: Case of Kashmir taken to UNO by Nehru and accepted the date of report to UNO as LOC with an intention (purpose) to show his out of proportion respect towards UNO. In fact it was a political blunder because Nehru had no wisdom and foresight.

1950: Founded Non-alliance Movement with an aim to show the First world (NATO countries) that military alliance is not the solution for world peace. But indirectly it was unregistered alliance with Second World (Communist countries Russia and China)

1952: Accepted sovereignty of China on Tibet. To show the Communist countries Russia and China that he was more aligned to socialism than human rights. Internally he wanted backing of Russia and China against the influence of USA and others.


1952: Puch-sheel treaty with China, to show the world that he loved peace and has soft corner for Buddhism (the vote-bank of Ambedkar).


1953-1962: Non-action on Chinese military infiltration and denial before parliament of India on any Chinese  infiltration in India. To show Russia that he had soft corner towards China and how much faith the people of India had in him despite of his blunders. It cannot be ruled out that he wanted political assistance from Russia in playing political unfair tactics with people of India.


1962: Nehru said “enemy has betrayed us on his Defeat against China due to neglecting security of borders. This statement was made to misguide the people of India to show that he was innocent. When Nehru was asked that when the forward movement of China in India would get stopped? Nehru replied “where and when we would stop them by our strength”. But China had captured 30000 square miles additional land more than what it had claimed in Indian land. China made cease fire of his own and gave back the additional seized land of 30000 square miles out of 92000/- square miles of total seized land.


1963: Nehru took oath “we will not take rest until we recapture the lost land of mother India”. The purpose was to show his sincerity towards mother India. In fact Nehru was a fraud and he made fraudulent statement. He and his progenies knew very well that the lost land was never going to be recaptured.




1963: Kamraj Plan: Nehru spelled purpose to strengthen the party by utilising services of senior leaders. Internally his purpose was to remove Morarji Desai who was his number one opponent.


Indira Gandhi:

Removal of privy-purses of Kings: This was with a view to show that she was socialistic. In fact the privy-purses were in accordance to the agreement signed with them when they handed over their kingdoms to independent India. The annual payment was to getting reduced to end up to zero in due course. However Indira wanted to show her promptness and militancy on establishing socialism to remove poverty.


Nationalisation of 14 leading private banks: Morarji Desai had introduced socialisation of banking. The RBI controls the policy of advances. Hence Morarji Desai was on right path. But Indira Gandhi wanted to spoil the bank employees for her political benefit. Nationalisation of Banks spoiled the administration of all these banks. Banks’ money got utilised for granting no-return loan as per the unwritten understanding. Like this the purpose was in no way effective to remove poverty or to uplift poor mass, but to share loan amount among managers (not always), recommending authority of loan (viz. Nehruvian Congress local leaders) and the borrowers. 1968 to 1984 of further rule of Indira Gandhi no poverty had been removed.


Remove Poverty was a fraud

Remove Poverty was a fraud

Emergency: Indira declared emergency under the plea that her opponents instigating people to revolt against government and there was bulk indiscipline. But in reality her purpose was to retain her power and PM-ship.


Weak deal with Union Carbide: to make India self sufficient on pesticides. In fact under table deal cannot be ruled out as it is a practice of western industrialists to establish such hazardous production units in poor countries so that they can fool the local governments in case of hazard by way of executing defective agreement with purchasable government like Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited.


Indira had no wisdom to see what could happen consequent to Simla Pact

Indira had no wisdom to see what could happen consequent to Simla Pact

Simla Pact: Bhutto said If I would solve all the problems and issues with India and agree to any such pact, I would be killed in Pakistan, and the agreement would not have any meaning. Indira Gandhi agreed to this as reported by Indira and no issue or problem was solved and converted victory into defeat. Further reality was so-called weak pact had also been made useless, as otherwise also Bhutto had been killed by the successive government of Pakistan. It cannot be ruled out that there could be an undertable deal with Bhutto by Indira Gandhi.

Rajiv Gandhi 

Deal with Ceylon: The aim was to have good relation with Ceylon. But it was complete avoidance of the interest of Tamilians in Ceylon. It was a blunder. Can you imagine that Pakistan would send its military in Kashmir to kill Muslim terrorists?


Every body has to make Nehruvian Congress comfortable in a deal

Every body has to make Nehruvian Congress comfortable in a deal

Boffors tanks: To make India stronger in military. We know the fact.


Anderson of Union Carbide: Rajiv said he would come back whenever we call him under investigation. It was a fraudulent statement. Under table deal cannot be ruled out for giving an easy pass to Anderson.


Man Mohan and Sonia Gandhi:


Harshad Mehta security scam: Man Mohan the then Finance Minister announced that he would take suitable corrective step such that security scam would not get repeated. The purpose was to show to the public that they were innocent. He said it was the fault of system. In fact the designers of the system were themselves. Man Mohan had made several phones to pressurise the then Income Tax Commissioner Vishvabandhu Gupta not to take action.


Though Man Mohan was FM at that time, when he became PM, Satyam scam took place.


Ravan Lila at Ram Lila Maidan: Nehruvian Government says law was taking its own course. In fact the police authority said, it was a political decision.


Jan Lok Pal Bill: Nehruvian Cong leaders say Parliament is supreme and government wants strong Lokpal. In fact the Civil Society was formed in consultation with government and Nehruvian Congress never wanted a strong Lokpal. Nehruvian Congress never tried to discuss on the merits. Arun Jetley had never been replied to the points.


Similar are the cases of Black-red money, Printing of currency notes by RBI, Distribution of Fake currency notes by RBI, Statements related with deportation of Daud, curtailing the scope of RTI act. EVM … there is no end. We can write a bigger book than Maha Bharat on the frauds, scams, scandals and blunders Nehruvians and Nehruvian Congress together with their allies.




Governor appoints Lok Pal in Gujarat: Nehruvian Congress says we are sincerely on Lok Pal. Chronology says the issue has been made political by Nehruvian Congress. Governor and opposition party (Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited) in Gujarat in joint venture rejected the proposal of ruling party (BJP Gujarat), without any merits and convincing reason. The HC has not gone through the political aspect and aims of Nehruvian Congress. Purpose behind the action is important. The purpose cannot be set aside in jurisprudent.

Do they want to scrap the state government? Let us rent out the State Assembly building.


Shirish Mohanlal Dave



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