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Reflection of People’s voice: HITTING IN THE BUSH

To implement the terminology of People’s Representative in its real sense and spirit, it is not possible under present system of voting and set up of Election Commission to nominate, select and then elect people’s representative.


We are supposed to have voters’ council under constitution. This voters’ council is supposed to be a workable council. Workable means, a voters’ council should be a booth-wise council so that the people can attend meeting conveniently, communicate their views and the proceeding can be put to records including their opinion and verdict.  The circulars, agenda, minutes etc…  of the meetings of a voters’ council should be authentic.  Everything  has to be conducted under a designated government officer. If this is not done then it could be termed to be improper, irregular and unlawful.


Not only this, the voters’ council should have an independent office associated with a hall so that voters of a geographical area can be addressed and their opinion can be recorded.  As and when needed voting can be executed.


Now here, Mr. Kejriwal and the electronic media are of the affirmative opinion on the members elected under the banner of AaP, are people’s representatives. In support to this belief they say that Kejriwal had gone in different areas and he has discussed with the people on the selection of the candidates for nominating for election as representative of people in Assembly. Based on the merit (which they had formulated), the contesters  were selected as the candidates to file nomination.

Who is Kejriwal?

But who is Kejriwal to take decision on procedure, selection criteria, selection for consultation and then final selection of a candidate to term him/her as people’s approved nominated candidate to contest the Assembly election?

Since the method adopted by Kejriwal is not supported by constitution, it is unconstitutional. Elected candidate under the banner of his party cannot be legally or morally termed as peoples’ representative as argued by Mr. Kejriwal .

Now any way, in case of a person declared elected under the constitutional provision has to be accepted as people’s representative.



As for reflection of people’s opinion in its true spirit and sense, an elected member is supposed to meet  people of his constituency to seek opinion on every matter. He is not answerable to his party. He is answerable to the people who have elected him.

Now in the present situation of forming a government, the party AaP or BJP whatsoever, is not supposed to impose their opinion on the elected members.


It is that the legislature to be put before the legislative assembly in the case if he/she get elected. The draft of the legislature has to be circulated among the people and discussed,  then it has to be finalized and then it has to be got approved by the people. This procedure has to be made mandatory for every candidate. If he/she does not follow this procedure then there is no existence of transparency and  reflection of peoples’ opinion in genuine, true and lawful spirit.


 A people’s representative is supposed to be people’s representative in its sense and spirit. In that case a member should go to the voters who have elected him/her, to seek their opinion on “Yes” or “No” or for modification in the draft as the case may be.

He/she should go to the party to convey the opinion given by his/her voters. In every case/event he/she is supposed ask for the opinion as to what he/she should do?


The people’s representative is supposed to support a legislature/verdict related to an issue on merits. He/she is not supposed to act as per party’s decision. This is because, the people don’t recognize party.

People recognize only a candidate.

However there is no such system to collect such opinion from public on every point.  Further if the party is of the opinion that it will not give support or it will not take support. This type of approach is useless. Because a member of a party who is also a representative of people, is people’s representative first. He is supposed act on merits of an issue at his own will or his voters’ will. His/her party neither can dictate nor can direct.


People’s representative is answerable to his voters. First of all, there supposed to be a system for an elected member to seek a quantified opinion. In absence of such system, Kejriwal cannot believe with discrimination that all the elected members of other party are corrupted and thereby they are not worthy to extend support. To discard the support without any sustainable, logical and lawful ground and that to without going through any recognized procedure, Kejriwal cannot ask their elected members to follow him arbitrarily.


All the elected members through a single and same system are equal in all respect.  One cannot discriminate them on any ground.

Kejriwal should know that as a principle Anna as well as MK Gandhi, did not believe in party politics. Besides this there is no provision for voters to recognize a candidate by its party when they cast their votes.  There is a name against which a voter has to press the button. How can Kejriwal  take such decision that every voter who has voted for a candidate of other party has voted for that party and not for that candidate?

If Kejriwal is of the opinion that his elected candidates are the only people’s representative and BJP’s elected candidates are not the representative of people, then Kejriwal’s opinion is erroneous and not sustainable. Kejriwal can not apply double standards.

Once the persons are elected they are all equal. They should decide on every matter/issue/case/ event only on merits. This is the correct way to work in public interest.

Read more on constitutional reforms related with elections at


Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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 There is no general solution to tackle the issues and problems of India.

Discussion on nonviolent way or violent way or dialog or no dialog, democratic way or non-democratic way, communistic way or capitalistic way etc… All humbug.

All the problems should be tackled individually. Every problem and issue has its own way out.


Decide whether we are satisfied with the present state of affairs or not?

The answer must be a “BIG NO”.

Then go ahead hereunder.


Nehruvian Congress only.


Policy of Nehruvian Congress and its paid, unpaid, vested interest and confused media resulted in the continuance of illiteracy, unemployment and thereby their sole dependence on the ruler which is mainly Nehruvian Congress.


The first priority is to remove Nehruvian Congress and their all types of allies (former, current and likely).

Why their all types of allies of Nehruvian Congress?

Because they too have the same character and this they have confirmed by supporting this retched party.


Maya, Mamata, Jaya, Karunanidhi, Lalloo, Pasvan, Mulayam, Ajit, Farukh, CPM, CPI, Bal Thakare, Jagannath, Agnivesh, all members of Team Anna, Keshubhai Patel and his allied parties, etc… who are not reliable and trustworthy because they are ready to support Nehruvian Congress at any time. They are not trustworthy.

Why Team Anna Members are not trustworthy?

Because they are pseudo secular and having soft corners towards terrorists. They have double standards. No argument is required. They have proved it.


Substitute is only BJP and Team Baba Ramdev. Team Baba Ramdev should have an alliance with BJP. If Team Baba Ramdev will go alone, it would be a suicidal act.

How to support them? 

Concentrate only on the shortcoming of Nehruvian

Congress. It is a big mine of blunders, scandals and frauds.

Do not create, float and highlight any controversy against BJP and Baba Ramdev.

What do you want from BJP and Baba Ramdev?

1   Nationalization of foreign bank accounts where the holder of the account or the beneficiary are Indian citizens. 

In the case of where the account holder is foreign national and a beneficiary is an Indian citizen, freeze its accounts in India.

Collect his/her passport and cancel it.

Do not grant any VISA to such foreign nationals to enter into India.

2   Prosecute Naheruvian Congress leaders and their allies for their corruption, scams, scandals, defective deals and pact, unconstitutional acts. Investigate their links with Daud, ISI, fake stamp papers, currency notes, inaction on the infiltration of Bangladeshi, inaction on reinstatement of Hindus driven out of their homeland. Regain Shah Commission Report and take action against those who had not taken action or associated with destroying it,

3   Disqualify the above leaders those who are found guilty. Punish them maximum, De-recognize their parties,

4   Merge Election Commission with census, for all types of elections of registered bodies like co-operative societies, labor unions and whatsoever. All types of canvassing would be on common platform only. This will eliminate money and muscle power in the election. All proceedings will be chaired by the E & C Commission. E & C can keep watch on infiltrators also, Voting should be compulsory,

5   Frame national realty construction policy for building and township constructions, 

6   Restructure Information Commission with wide power. All the NGOs and political parties should fall under the purview under Information Commission. Make all information Officers independent of any Government Department, (At present the Information Officers belong to concern department), Information officers shall be zone-wise,

7   Restructure local bodies for making them to public oriented,

8   As for development the policy should be

Development = Technology + Humanity (Jai Prakash Narayan)

9   Restructure water, land (Desert, waste land and fertile land), mine, forest, saline water, Solar, wind and hydro energy policy for exploration of all natural and human resources for green power at any cost.

10  Restructure health policy and make it people oriented

11   Restructure education policy linked with the aptitude of pupil, teacher with a human approach.

12  Restructure judiciary to make it effective and prompt. Make lawyers and judges responsible and answerable.

BJP and Baba Ramdev should jointly prepare a detail election manifesto with time bound program precisely. There’s no power in the world which can prevent BJP and Baba Ramdev to coming to power.

Shrish Mohanlal Dave

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Since we are in democratic nation we are supposed to have differences. This can be minimized with communication in right direction.


It is better not to mix two drafts of Lok Pal Bill.



Joke Pal bill put up by the government, lead by Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited


Jan Lok Pal bill submitted by Civil Society.


When we say only Lok Pal, then it creates confusion among common mass. Lok Pal of the government is useless and it has lot of loop wholes.


Jan Lok Pals covers many aspects like Citizen Charter and responsibility of the wings entrusted with justice. But separate bill by the Congi on citizen charter is a fun. Similarly to keep CBI out side Lok Pal by the government is also to make Lok Pal ineffective.


Why Anna does not talk about Black money?


As I understand that all the people who want some reforms including political reforms have liberty to decide their priorities. Anna has a liberty to have priority on Jan Lok Pal Bill. Baba Ramdev has priority on Black money. Swami Subrahmanian has priority on the filed litigation.


In fact “black money” is not a proper term.


As per legal interpretation Black money is a civil matter. In reality the black money is not simply black money only, but this money is RED Money also. Red money means money involved in criminal activities including terrorism.


Leaders of Nehruvian Congress, Sharad, RBI top officers, ISI, Pakistan government including Daud, Bangladesh, Mauritius are heavily involved in the scams of Fake currency notes and black-red money. So far UPA is in power there cannot be any hope for any meaningful action under present system on black-red money and illegal accounts of Indians in foreign banks. This is because UPA’s commitment on proceedings on black money is a fraud.


Our legal system is not capable to handle this promptly, unless we provide Jan Lok Pal as a constitutional authority. For Lok Pal Bill Nehruvian Congress has commitment and this point can be taken to public on merits.

Where are we confused and lost? 

But unfortunately, instead of this, we find some learned persons trying to create confusion  for the people, which may due to either lacking in sense of significance or ill knowledge or own interest. We can understand the vested interest of Nehruvian Cong leaders on misinterpretation of its Lok Pal Bill as a strong Lok Pal bill, but the interpretation of some others on the term Lok Pal in general is misguiding.

Let is not highlight the differences: 

Any way at this stage, we should take Anna as a person. Let us view his fight as a fight for a cause. Kiran Bedi and some others of Anna’s team are lacking in strategy even if they present them selves as public spirited persons.

Take up issue one by one

Fight has to be taken up with one by one issue. Mahatma Gandhi had fought like that only.

We should not forget that Mahatma Gandhi had understanding on widely spread mass of India. He had matured, foresighted and well thought political strategies. He had management skills and sense of significance. We should not expect and search for such calibre in other leader who is fighting for public interest.


Instead of concentrating on finding out faults with a person or a team which is fighting for a good cause, we should take some possible burden on our head for fighting for the reforms. This applies on every body who thinks them selves as nationalist, learned and wise or otherwise also.


To me we should have only one point program at a time like this:


Constitutional Jan Lok Pal Bill,

If not and or if it fails and otherwise also,


Launch agitation to dissolve parliament,

If not or otherwise also,


Defeat Nehruvian Congress of India and its past, present and would be allies in all the forthcoming elections,


Political reforms,


Prosecute all the leaders of Nehruvian Congress of India and their allied leaders and punish them. Disqualify their parties.


Remove the names of Nehruvians from all the projects, schemes and landmarks. Remove their statues and paintings as the case may be from roads, gardens and public buildings.

One equally important point is not to create and float any other subject for discussion like, Muslims, Vedas, Atheist, Theist, Christians, RSS, Undivided India, subjects of worship, temples, etc… In fact Nehruvian Congress of
India wants some people who are having crisis and or complex of identification, to float less relevant or insignificant or even irrelevant subjects for discussion. This is with a view to divert the attention of mass to divert the attention from frauds, scams, scandals and blunders of Nehruvian Congress leaders, and to divide people.

We should not give any coverage to the persons who are Anti-Anna, Anti-Modi, Anti-Ramdev, Anti-Subramanian. This is necessary to avoid indirect negative image on the people fighting against Nehruvian Congress and its allies.

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