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My History is more important than power politics of Nehruvians

My History is more important than power politics of Nehruvians

Why is the CongI not interested in the History of Ayodhya?
Yes the post independence history of Nehruvian Congress is worst.
That is why the Nehruvian Congress has tried very hard to see that people forget its history. For this reasons its top and dynasty successors asking the people of India to forget history and look ahead for the future.
This is mainly because if the people of India forget history of Nehruvian Congress, the Nehruvian Congress can repeat the history. E.g. In 1970 Indira Gandhi had given a slogan “Remove poverty” and the left out CongI leaders thought they themselves are poor hence they removed their own poverty and flooded the accounts in Swiss and other banks. Off course people had forgotten that Nehru had given the same slogan in other wordings in 1952.
Now again in 2008 the dynasty successor asked people of India to forget history and gave a slogan of “Remove poverty”. It is the Nehruvian culture to give infructuous slogans all the time and fool the common mass, which they have kept willfully poor and illiterate.
OK at the moment this is not our topic.
Our topic is as to why the Nehruvian Congress asks us to forget the Indian history as a whole?
Not clear?
It is only the way of handling the issue of Ayodhya by the Nehruvian Congress.
Why are there the archeology department and a minister thereof?
What is there duty?
For what are they there?
Are they paid for taking rest and not to apply their mind?
Are they paid for some routine maintenance of few selected structures of heritage and to neglect others unless a big hue and cry made against their negligence and they are forced to act otherwise they would lose of power?
In fact the ministry of archeology has very wide functions and duties. But it does not like to apply its mind and does not like to act unless the Nehruvian dynasty leader presses them to act. What can be done if a matter is beyond the caliber of the dynasty leader?
These Nehruvian dynasty leaders need consultants who either is from cross border (USSR) or some leaders of vote banks. The latter have their own limitations and vested interest.
Now let us come to the point.
What was the duty of CongI at least when the structure of the Mosque in Ayodhya was demolished?
It is on recorded history that it is the traditional culture of the rulers belonged to the herds of Christian and Muslim religions to demolish the cultural structures especially the places of devotion of the people whom they conquered.
Christians especially of western world have discontinued this tradition. But Muslims still maintain the tradition. This cultural tradition had been articulated in Afghanistan. Some Hindus had also articulated this in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Kashmir by Muslims on the name of reaction of the demolition of a Mosque in Ayodhya by some Hindus. There is no end to the reaction of Muslims fanatics in the world. They do not need even a reason for reaction.
What was the issue in Ayodhya?
A case was pending in a court of law where one party was Hindu and the other party was Muslim had a claim on a same property.
After demolition of the Mosque, the court asked government to acquire the place and to excavate the site as to know what existed under the ground of the structure of Mosque.
Now you must have a look at the site. The vast area itself is a high level area. Further the land of the Mosque itself on a significantly high Plateau.
It is a matter of common sense that there must exist something archeological interest.
It is a well known dispute whether the character of Rama was a myth or historical. Rama lived in Ayodhya as per the epic. Off course according to Nehruvian dynasty lead Congress and some western historians, Rama merely a fictiaous character, and thereby it was a very good opportunity for this Maculae’s devotees to prove themselves pious and lovers of Historical truths.
Some how the court of law had given the instructions to carry out excavation beneath the mosque. Viz. approximately 30feet by 40 feet i.e. 1200 square feet that had been occupied by the mosque.
The team of archeological excavation found a lot small and big items of archeological interest.  It was the duty of the ministry of archeology to give instructions to carry out wider and extensive excavation to try to find out likely more archeological structures. This ministry could have done this of its own, as this was its duty to put efforts to unearth the archeological evidences of Indian history.
Since the existence of archeological evidence had been proved, the whole of the area or even whole of Ayodhya with land covered within 8 kilometers of radius, must have been acquired by the government. No body’s claim on that place can be entertained once the site becomes archeological interest.
But Nehruvian Congress wants to divide people by religion. The Ayodhya issue has been allowed to continue as an issue related with religion instead of being historical evidence.
Since all the coverage is being given with a communal color, the Nehruvian Congress is trying very hard to keep the fear alive of communal riots.
In fact neither Hindus nor the local Indian Muslims (with minor exceptions who support cross border terrorists) are interested in riots.
The cross border terrorists only are interested in making people of India unrest.
These cross border terrorists have never reacted suddenly. They use to survey the target. Then they plan for the attack. Then they prepare gangs and then execute the plan.
CongI and its intelligence must be aware of this tradition. Inspite of this CongI is making big show of its security arrangement. CongI has generated a paper tiger and it has presented it as a real tiger.
Consequent to the Court’s judgement nothing would happen but CongI would say that by its security arrangement the tiger could not harm the people.
This is called politics in joint venture by Communists & Gobbles.

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