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The body of traditionally called living organism is a body made of chemicals. The good feeling and bad feeling of a body greatly related with the chemicals contained in the body.

There cannot be any memory of previous life. Memory is associated with the brain. Brain is associated with body. Once body stops functioning which is inclusive of brain, it starts decaying, whether you dispose it off through Yajna of Cremation or by burying it into the earth or you keep it free.

Hence to talk of any effect of previous birth on this birth is all humbug.

The work what one performs through limbs, including the memorizing and recalling the memory and taking decisions in multiples (thinking), construct one’s life, good or bad or combination of both.

But this is not enough. It is also the functional performance of the mass of the society. Because society itself is a living organism as much as or even a greater living organism than a normal traditionally called living organism.

There are many functions of the body, which are not controlled by a living organism. All these functions are heavily complicated.


One cannot negate that every thing is made of one fundamental entity, which you may call it as super-string or any thing else by other name. This is the prime living thing. The super-string combines with each other in a group in multiple combinations, which makes quarks, atoms, simple molecules and complex molecules. Some of these complex molecules are reproductive under certain physical conditions. We call them living organism as a tradition put forth by some religions and hitherto scientists.

We cannot rule out the existence of a specific purpose behind it. But no living organism has total control on its internal functions that keeps it alive by maintaining its one-ness.

Since the prime entity viz the super-string itself is living organism, its combinations are also living things. Their behavior depends upon the ability of its constituents to act under the law of nature. It is not possible to produce living thing by putting together non-living thing in any way. No living thing can be produced from non-living things.


Why has been the human got created?

It could be a part of the purpose of the universe which itself is a grand living organism. Because the Universe too, is ultimately made of super-strings.

Finally what is wrong is the definition of living thing. Human society is very wrong in defining “living thing” and thereby “non-living things”.

Some religions have said “only human is living and other animals are eatables for humans”. This is basically wrong. The purpose of cosmic God is to provide a specified brain to human. This is for the reason to go towards non-violence. The history proceeds like this. This could be the desire of the Cosmic God. Humans should not kill and need not kill those living organism that have instinct to continue their unique life.

All traditionally called living organisms have a body, which is made of organs. These organs are made of cells. Cells have status under physical situation. They function or not able to function. When they are able to function we call them they are alive other. Otherwise we term them dead. The body takes care that they can function. But the body is made of many organs and cells where there is a possibility to fail at a certain time, and the function of replacements of cells also fails. The organs fail.

In normal conditions cells remain alive for some time and then they die, then new cells replace them. This is a functional aspect in whole of the body. The body maintains its function and we call it as body is alive. So far it is alive it works to maintain its uniqueness. To maintain uniqueness is the life of that body. We call by tradition this body is a living organism.

But in fact it can be extended to even a group having common interest or some of the interests in common. E.g. castes, unions, society, nation, earth, solar system, Milky Way, the universe (and ultimately the super universe cosmos) The Cosmos is the body of the Rudra (रुद्रः)  .

WHY RUDRA (रुद्रः )?

Rudra (रुद्रः) is Fire . Look at the Fire (अग्निः) . This is the only phenomenon where combination proves before us and shows us the so-called matter (Visible) gets converted to invisible to an extent and energy (शक्ति) is felt.

This energy is felt in the form of heat and light. We call it Fire (अग्निः) . The Fire maintains the temperature of cells to enable them to remain alive.

Rudra, whose body is made of Fire(अग्निः रुद्रस्य तनुः), is the cause of so-called life and death (जन्म एवं मृत्यु जगत्‌ एवं जीवन). That is why we call it Shankar and Mahakal (शंकर: महाकालः) . We do not know how the Fire (Rudra) has come out in the visible universe. Read the Hymn of Rig-Ved.

चत्वारी शृंगा त्रयोः अस्य पादा

द्वे शिर्षे सप्त हस्ताः स्तः अस्य

त्रिधाब्द्धो वृषभो रोरवीति

सः महादेवः मर्त्यां आविवेष

He who has four horns, three legs, two heads, seven hands, and enters the Cosmos abruptly with a roar of a bull tied with three reins.

The Fire has come out of the Eternal (Brahm=ब्रह्म). That is why it is called Braahman (ब्राह्मण). Shiva is Brahm (ब्रह्म) . Shiva is Sat . Shiva is the cause of Birth, life and death in the universe and of the universe. (ॐ तत्‌ सत्‌ शिवः)


The cause is not known. This is the only cause no body could know. Cosmic God Rudra (ब्रह्म -> ब्रह्माण्ड = विश्वदेवः विश्वदेवाः रुद्राः), because it has come out from Shiva, has the full knowledge and thereby human society specifically has been prepared to achieve knowledge. By way of achieving more and more knowledge the society will go towards non-violence and cooperation in the greater cosmic society.


We know nearly nothing about soul or our self. We even know nothing about our entity though it is within our body. We think we are limited to our body. In fact we know nothing about our location. Are we within the body only? Where are we in our body? Can our soul perform a tour in our body? Can our soul identify each functional and non-functional limb and cell in our body?


We though feel we are one and unique, we do not know our size and shape, if we are not the body. We cannot move in our body though we say this is our body.

Though we exist under a dreamless sleep we do not feel our existence at that period of time. That is why to have the existence, the feeling of existence is not a proof of existence.


Integration, which is not meant for disintegration, produces pleasure. Disintegration is for pain. Traditionally called living organism lives the life through instinct to maintain the uniqueness (life) with an inherent or exposed aim of pleasure. The living organism may get developed through evolution under geographic conditions.  Specifically Humans and the society go for amenities and knowledge, the knowledge on the bigger society including the knowledge on ultimate Cosmos. But learned people has said real pleasure is not going towards more and more amenities. Real pleasure is to achieve knowledge on the universe, because knowledge on the universe is the truth. Going towards ultimate truth is the salvation and achieving the ultimate truth is the eternal pleasure where one gets unified with the Cosmic God and thereby the Brahma.

What has been said by Shankaracharya?

The thing that under goes changes has beginning and end. The thing that does not undergo change is the eternal. All the bodies undergo a change that is why they have beginning and end. They are not eternal.

Super-string does not undergo change. It combines and re-combines with other combinations and super-string/s, the combination undergoes changes. It has beginning and end. Super-string is the smallest of all.

The property of the super-string is attraction. All other properties and forces are secondarily arrived properties. At the level of superstring, there is no distinction between energy and matter. It is the same. The property of super-string, which is attraction, is called Maya (माया).

Maya (माया) generates beginning and end of the combination/union. If one achieves the knowledge of Cosmos fully, it can unify its self with it. If one can unify its self with Cosmos by Yoga it can enjoy pleasure. To achieve salvation by yoga is a matter of controversy, as this is required to be proved.

If the current rate of rate of speed of achieving knowledge on universe and technology is maintained, it would take 200, 000 years for inter universe travels.

Let us hope the God aims it

Even at the time when inter universe travel be made possible we would be far away from the full knowledge on universe.

Goddess of Super Knowledge

Goddess of Super Knowledge

That is why it is said, even Goddess of super knowledge viz Saraswati, writes about you for time eternal, O! Shiva! she would be not able to describe you fully.

Sada Shiva is indicated by a Dot on OM

ॐ the 3 indicates the three status of Cosmos.viz. Birth, Existance and End. The wave indicates the energy or Maya. By the Arc and the Dot on the top of OM indicates that the Brahma (ब्रह्म)is beyond the Cosmos and the Maya. i.e. गुणातित. The Cosmos is सगुणः but the ब्रह्म is निर्गुणः


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