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Before understanding the Marathi manoos, we should recall the history of post Mogul period.

During the last days of Aurengzeb, the Mogul empire was nearly broken up. This could be mainly due to the religious militancy of Aurangzeb. The simplicity of Aurangzeb was not liked by many regional heads. They acted high handedly with Hindus in the name of Aurangzeb. This was against the tradition established by Akbar.

The successors of Aurengzeb were not that bad. But the damage could not be made up. Initially Maratha-s were stronger. then Peshvas became stronger. After the defeat of Bajirao – II, India got divided under small kingdoms. These kingdoms were fighting with each other. British tactfully handled the situation and got direct hold of many regions.


British introduced English educational system and also established universities. Because of many regions had been covered by the kingdoms for local governance, the upper class and upper caste could come up as a white collar service class lot.

Marathi people are falling under this category. Gujarat (present Gujarat State) was made of many kingdoms, thereby the educated people had not to go out of Gujarat for a job. On the contrary due to Marathi ruler Gaekwad, Marathi people were dominating in services in Baroda state. Similarly people of upper caste were dominating in the rest of Gujarat.

Due to development of Mumbai during the period of British, Mumbai had provided good employment opportunities.

Pune and Mumbai were the good education centers.

In Gujarat, Baroda, Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar were education centers.

Calcutta, Madras, Banaras and Allahabad were good education centers in rest of India.

That is why South Indians, Bengali and Bhaiyajis (Hindi speaking regions mainly UP and Bihar) were dominating in government services all over India.

Gujarati educated class was divided in textile, commerce, trade and local education. Hence people from other regions had to come to Gujarat for central government job.

Due to language problem the local government services (services in kingdoms), were not available for other regions, these were available for the locals. However for labor jobs, outsiders had good opportunities.

Similar was the case with Mumbai.



After independence the scenario got changed. Especially in Maharashtra.

The small scale industries were coming up. To meet the demand in white collar and labor jobs, outsiders started coming in Mumbai in large scale. Due to Mumbai being commercial capital, the jobs in Central Government had also been increased. South Indians started getting white collar jobs significantly in Mumbai.

In second half of ninety fifties, Nehruvian Congress noticed that Vote Bank Politics has good opportunities in Mumbai.

Initially Nehruvian Congress tried to divide Mumbai under Gujarati and Marathi as we have seen in part-I.

Nehruvian Congress was partially successful. But this was not enough. Due to heavy number of labor class, the vote bank of Communist was not insignificant. Similar was the case with service class.

To reduce the strength of Communists, Nehruvian Congress produced Datta Samant.

To corner the vote bank of Marathi, Yashvant Rao Chavan produced Shiv Sena.

Sharad Pawar produced MNS to reduce the strength of Shiv Sena.


Yes. So far politics is concern, especially the politics of Nehruvian Congress, NCP, Shiv Sena and MNS is concern, the Issue of Marathi Manoos is political.

The politicians have nothing to do with the interest of Marathi Manoos.


Shiv Sena is of the opinion that Marathi Manoos is getting neglected in employment, we are here to safe guard the interest of Marathi Manoos.

If it is really like that, then what about the infiltrators coming from Bangladesh and living in Mumbai?

Similar is the case of cross border antisocial elements. Daud Gang is working in Mumbai. It is smuggling and resolving disputes of real property-cases, out of court. What should be the role of Shiv Sena?

Is it that Marathi antisocial elements are getting jobs in the network of Daud? Is it that the allotment of huts on the encroached land of the Government, the Sena is one of the parties? What is Sena’s role on the Bangladeshi infiltrators?


If outsiders are capturing the job where the Marathi Manoos has a lien, then who is responsible for this?

The responsibility lies only and only with ruling parties in Maharashtra. The ruling party in Maharashtra is Nehruvian Congress and NCP alliance.


NCP got itself separated from Nehruvian Congress simply because Sharad Pawar has no scope to become PM if he remains in Nehruvian Congress. This is because, “Number One post” is reserved for Nehruvians.

The agenda of Yashavant Rao Chavan and Sharad Pawar has always remained, to share the power. They are the cultural Incarnation of Nehruvian.

But how can multiple incarnation exist simultaneously?

How Rama and Parashurama had existed simultaneously? God can go beyond the principle of physics. Similarly Nehruvian Congress is supposed to exist as multiple parties.

During emergency, Yashvant Rao Chavan had supported Indira Gandhi. When she got defeated, he deserted her party. When she won again he joined the same party.

Sharad has a culture to support any party which can serve his vested interest.

The undivided Shiv Sena had supported Emergency of Indira Gandhi as soon as she imposed.

What is the “Interest of Marathi Manoos”?

Is it not, one type of reservation?

Yes it is a reservation in job.      


Nehruvian Congress has established a culture that the jobs, and mainly the government jobs, are for Charity.

If the governance is corrupted, every system would be failed.

You can keep any types of entrance examination for entry in a service, it would be a failure.



Once upon a time, a cash of one crore rupees was seized from the house of a Chairman of Public service Commission of Punjab. This gives you the appropriate message of functioning of the governance.

Even the GRE examinations which is being conducted by foreign institution, the cases of leakage of question papers occur. Off course it is good that the institution cancels the examinations and conducts re-examinations.

Once upon a time there was a news line on a rate of 2 Crore rupees for becoming a Rail Board Member. This amount was collected from GM West Zone by a Nephew of the then Railway Minister.

Case of Railway recruitment for Class-IV advertisement published in local newspapers of Bihar and not in vernacular papers of Maharashtra.

All the times, the railway stations of zone and or divisions in Western Zone  get flooded with Bihari candidates. Look at as to how many number of Bhaiyaji working in Railways. Are Marathi Manoos not capable to function as Class-IV?

There was a case where MTNL Mumbai had to appoint 40 Stenographers. 39 candidates belonged to Kerala, were selected. A noise had been made by Shiv Sena. Was the noise not justified?

Similar could be the case with non-Marathi Mannoos also. Marathi Manoos too acts like this to some extent.

I was in Prabhadevi MTNL building. I noticed very few Gujaratis even in Class –III. The population of Gujarati in Mumbai is not less than 20 percent. At least 10 percent Gurajari Manoos could have been employed by Marathi Manoos in Mumbai. Gujarati Manoos are almost like Marathi Manoos in Mumbai. That is, they speak Marathi as well.


In the building of Ministry of Communication in Muscat, more percentage of the Gujarati Manoos had been employed by the Muslim ruler of Oman than they are employed in Mumbai.

Now look at the Central Government Offices in any state barring Gujarat and Maharashtra, you would find, all most all local persons right from Class-III to Class-I. You cannot think of a non-local person employed by a local head of the office or industry.

Yes. As for UP and Bihar and North East states, the matter is little different.

In Bihar and UP you will find Bengali officers in good numbers. In North East you will find domination of Bengali speaking officers.

Bengali, Maravadi and Bihari would employ their own people in their shops or restaurants.  Whereas a Gujarati would employ locals. That is why Khasi (the local people known as Khasi) would not trouble Gujarati during local riots.  

As for North East states, the officers would say; “local people are lazy, and they do not like to work.”

As for Gujarat, the outsiders say: “Gujarati-s do not know English.”

But one should know about the English of Non-Gujarati peoples too. It is not remarkable. In fact the shortage of good correspondents is a worldwide phenomenon.  

I can quote a lot examples on the English of Non-Gujarati-s. An ITS (Indian Telecom Services means who are recruited directly after passing a competitive examination) officer who once upon a time was in Material Management in the Directorate of Communication, Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi. Since he was in Material Management, he was supposed to be good in English. This is because for constructing the specifications, in a tender, one has to be good in drafting. This officers was transferred to North East. The reason of transfer was not his English.

I found him, not able to write a letter promptly. He used to take full one day to prepare a final draft of a letter of one page, paper size A4.

I have worked under a lot ITS officers. Hardly 5 percent were worth for their post. I would like to mention only 3 remarkable Officers. One was excellent in every field. Another was excellent in strategy. Third one was good in relations.

First two were ITS officers, but they were Departmental Outsiders. Departmental outsider means they were already working in a lower post (Class III), but had been appointed to the cadre, as they passed the examination of ITS.

The government is run by IAS, ITS, IPS, IFS etc… officers. Their capability is nearly the same. Nearly the same, means they are not worth for the post they hold. If Narendra Modi is to scrap these cadres, it is not bad.

But what is the answer to the Subject issue “Marathi Manoos”?

It is only the mismanagement of bureaucrats and self-centeredness of politicians.

Why the states could not do development of their own?

Shiv Sena and MNS leaders are making Marathi Manoos fool. If this is not true then they themselves are fool.

What is the difference between a stray dog and a lion?

If you hit a dog by throwing a stone, the dog would run towards the stone. Lion would deal with the person who threw the stone.

Shiv Sena and MNS leaders are like stray dogs. They attack Hindi speaking entrants, instead of hitting Nehruvian Congress and NCP leaders.

The cause of unemployed Marathi Manoon, is Nehruvian Congress, its culturally allied leaders in UP, Bihar, Bengal and Maharashtra (NCP).

The unemployed persons coming from UP, Bihar, Bengal etc.. are not at any fault. They are starving there. They leave their homes, they leave their relatives, they leave their friends, when they come to Maharashtra or Gujarat. Their intention is not to trouble Marathi and Gujarati Manoos.


The water level in UP, Bihar, Bengal is not below 15 feet. Bihar has coal for 400 years. Bengal has forest. All of them have man power. What do you need for productions? Kashmir is called Heaven on the Earth. North East is called the land of Kuber the wealthiest king of India.

Marathi Manoos individually, are not bad. This is just like Vora and Khoja among Muslims who are not bad. But Muslim leaders defame the whole community. Similar is the case with Manoos of UP and Bihar.

Yes. As for infiltrators, the government should act high handedly.

Suppose, the development in India becomes very fast, and it is balanced also, then what should be the policy on Son of the Soil?

You should follow the policy of Gujarati business man. Employ the best suitable person on merits.

Even in Government services, if one is sincere, intelligent and hard worker, he/she would be in heavy demand. He/she would not be identify by a region to which he/she belongs. This is true only if the next superior is not self-centered.


In Nehruvian Congress, by virtue of birth in Nehru family, the Number One power post is 100% reserved for Nehruvian progeny. This has produced parties with similar culture, in many states. This has spoiled the social and working culture in India.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Nehruvian Congress is a GONE CASE


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has projected Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the party. Narendra Modi was otherwise also very much active. After his selection as the Prime Ministerial candidate, he has become very much active and he has floated several issue base questions before ruling parties at center and at the relevant states associated with  Nehruvian Congress.

 The land side success and victory of Narendra Modi and BJP in all the Hindi speaking four states, has wiped out Nehruvian Congress.

What is the present mindset of Nehruvian Congress leaders and its allies?


Modi is Now the Lion of India

The allies of Nehruvian Congress were not much in the picture significantly but they too are wiped out and most of them have lost their deposit. They have not received any coverage due to their insignificance in the fight. They have kept mum on the efforts and success of Narendra Modi.

But the all level failure in all the fields has posed before the Nehruvian Congress a big problem.

However look at the excuses of its leaders. Somehow they are not ready to accept the Modi-Effect in the election. They are still trying to negate Modi-Effect.

Why Nehruvian Congress is not worried for its failure in performance?

This is because:

Still money plays a big role in winning elections,

Still caste, religion, language and can play a role in dividing voters,

Media too can play a big role to mislead common mass and learned people.

This is because poor mass is looking for short term and immediate attention of its problems of starving. Let it be a short term effect.

Media and learned persons are purchasable. They can use philosophical meaningless language for hiding the failure of Nehruvian Congress to misguide the mass. It can also prevent mass by hiding the facts, related with failures, scams and frauds of Anti-BJP parties.

Why the media and Nehruvian Congress leaders are concentrating on rejection Modi-Effect?

Modi is becoming popular all over India in a big way. Thereby Nehruvian Congress is more interested in nullifying Modi-Effect. At moment, media is not helping Nehruvian Congress much, because of the recent success of Modi-Effect in the four State Assembly elections. This is because media does not want to be unauthentic and untrustworthy. It cannot hide the reflection of people’s voice immediately. But media cannot hide its inherent culture. Media has already shown some symptoms of its hidden and likely approach of its future trend.

 Nehruvian Congress can hide its failures very easily.

This is because; it has a very long experience of 60+ years as to how to win elections. There is no scope for opposition to beat the Congress in his game.

E.g. Nehruvian Congress had miserably failed in its Central Intelligence. It failed to prevent terrorists attack in Mumbai. Its failure caused several terrorist blasts in 2008 just before elections of 2009. But Nehruvian Congress was able to just generalized the issue with the blessing of media, learned people and Bollywood celebrities. It is said that the activities of Bollywood is controlled by Daud. Daud has close links with Nehruvian Congress and some of its allies.  Nehruvian Congress also tackles the issue of its corruptions, scandals and scams in similar way.

Media can dilute the success stories of BJP in performance of development by not giving any coverage. Media can highlight the so-called good performance of Nehruvian Congress by providing repeated coverage.


Nehruvian Congress has been clean bawled and wiped out in recent four assembly elections by Modi-Effect.

What could be the “would be approach” of Nehruvian Congress and its allies on Modi-Effect.

Deny the Modi-Effect.

There is No Modi Effect in India at all.

1                    The development, that Modi carried out in Gujarat is false. This has now been proved.

2                    Gujarat was a developed state from the very beginning.

3                    Modi is a liar on his claims of achievements about development. This has been also proved by the several independent reports.

4                    Modi’s Modal of development cannot be applied all over India because geography is not the same in India.

5                    Modi is communal and not acceptable to minorities. Nobody can forget and forgive him on his 2002 communal riots.

6                    There was no Modi-Effect in any elections.

7                    Had there been any Modi-Effect, how had he been a failure in Karnatak state assembly elections in last year?

8                    There was no Modi-Effect in recent four state assembly elections

9                    In MP State, Congress lost because we have not made adequate efforts at grass root level.

10                Narendra Modi had organized shows at so many places, where the BJP candidates were otherwise also very strong.

11                In Rajasthan State, we lost power and could get only few seats due to the factor of anti-incumbency in the state and in the center. In fact we could not take our message of our success story and programs to grassroots level. Here also Modi-Effect was nil. Because Modi had organized his shows at so many places where the BJP candidates were otherwise also strong.

12                Defeat in Delhi, the reason is also the same. (Repeat whatsoever said for Rajasthan State).

13                As for the question “But how has been your party ranked third in Delhi State Assembly elections? How have been gone below the newly formed party AaP? The answer is “We had under estimated AaP. AaP had approached mass at grass root level. But our defeat was not due to Modi-Effect. Narendra Modi had organized shows at so many places, where the BJP candidates were otherwise also very strong. We are defeated due to anti-incumbency effect.

14                As for Zarkhand state, how could you not get the benefit of anti-incumbency effect of BJP? Reply of Nehruvian Congress; “We have improved our position. We have won two more seats in the assembly. Here also there was no Modi-Effect. Narendra Modi had organized shows at so many places, where the BJP candidates were otherwise also very strong.

15                Question: What would you do in forthcoming Parliamentarians Elections due in 2014?

Reply by Nehruvian Congress. “The issues of state assembly elections and parliamentarian elections are quite different. In 2008 we had lost assembly elections in some states. But we had won parliament elections.


“Our leaders, are now determined to go to grass root level, as directly by Rahul (the Nehruvian progeny). He is a person of determination. He has decided to change the program and system of canvassing. We are going to plan a revised program. You know Rahul is now Vice President of our party. Earlier in 2008 assembly elections he was not given a big role. In view of his great influence on mass, we had given him a big role of Vice President in our party. Off course we agree that in these recent elections we could not take sufficient advantage of his influence. But now Rahul has decided to change the plan of Election Champaign. We are firm on our success in forthcoming elections. We totally deny the Modi-Effect.

Modi is uncultured. Modi uses abusive language. Modi does not know how to talk respectfully to opponents. Modi is shameless. Modi is a rat. Modi is a worm. Modi is a liar. Modi is a cockroach. Modi is monkey. Modi is vulgar. Modi is illiterate. Modi does not know history and geography. Modi is communal. Modi is killer.

Can you expect that Nehruvian Congress can correct and improve its approach? Not at all. It is next to impossible. What JL Nehru could not do, what Indira Gandhi could not do, what Rajiv Could not do, how can one expect from these cunning people who are interested only in making money through Coalgate scam, 2G Frequency scam, Common Wealth Game bundle of scams, Adarsh Scam, Fake currency printing scam, Oil and gold smuggling and what not? Leave aside scams and scandals of their predecessors related with terrorism.

Minorities have adopted attitude and set their mind to join mainstream. But to expect Nehruvians and their allies to embrace morals is next to impossible.

Let them die as per the Hindu Law of Karma.    

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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ભયભીત ભૂતપૂર્વ હોદ્દેદારો અને સમાચાર માધ્યમો.



વાત તો કેશુભાઈની અને તેમના મળતીયાઓની જ હોય ને!

કેશુભાઈનું ડરાઉં ડરાઉં

ચોમાસું બેસવાનું હોય અને એકાદ ઝાપટું પડે એટલે દેડકાઓની “ડરાઉં ડરાઉં” ની મોસમ ચાલુ થાય. વાદળનો ગડગડાટ થાય એટલે મોર ભાઇઓ પણ “મેઆવ મેઆવ” ના ટહૂકા કરે. આ તો કુદરતની કરામત અને સૌંદર્ય છે. સૌ કોઈ એનો આનંદ માણે છે. 

ગુજરાત માટે વિધાનસભાની ચૂંટણીની મોસમ નવેમ્બર ડીસેમ્બરમાં આવશે. થોડી વચગાળાની ચૂંટણીઓ થઈ તેમાં ગુજ્જુ કોંગી દેડકાઓએ પેટ ફુલાવ્યા. પણ બળદ જેવડું કદ તો ન જ થયું. પણ ખાસીયત પ્રમાણે “મીયાં પડ્યા પણ તંગડી ઉંચી” (મીયાં ભાઈઓ માફ કરે), કોંગીઓએ પ્રદર્શનપ્રિયતા ચાલુ રાખી. કોંગી મહાજનોના વિદેશી ખાતાઓના પૈસા ક્યારે કામ લાગશે? વાપરો ભાઈ વાપરો. છાપાવાળા કહેશે લાવો ભાઈ લાવો. તમે કહેશો તે અને તેમ છાપીશું. તમારો ટકલો મુંઝાતો હશે તો અમે અમારા ટકલાને કામે લગાડીશું.

બીજેપીવાળાને વગોવવા અને ખાસ કરીને નરેન્દ્રભાઈ મોદીને વિકૃત રીતે રજુ કરવા એ તો અમને ગોઠી ગયું છે. શબ્દોની ગોઠવણમાં અમે પાવરધા છીએ. અને તમે જોજો અમે કેટલાક મૂર્ધન્યોને પણ અમારી લાઈનમાં લાવવાની કોશીશ કરીશું.

કથા સંજયભાઈ જોશીની

એક ભાઈ છે જે સંજય જોશી નામે ઓળખાય છે. જોકે કદીય અખબારોમાં કે સામાન્ય કાર્યકરોને મુખેથી તેમનું નામ સીડી પ્રકરણ પહેલાં સંભળાયું ન હતું. પણ એ વાત જવા દઈએ. તેઓશ્રી બીજેપી, આરએસએસમાં મોટા લીડ હતા. અને એક જાતીય સંબંધને લગતી સીડી માં કેદ થયેલ. એ સીડી ફરતી થઈ. હવે ગુજરાતમાં કંઈપણ થાય એટલે નરેન્દ્રભાઇને તો લપેટમાં લેવા જ પડે. નહેરુવીયન કોંગ્રેસના નેતાઓને આ બનાવ સાથે કંઈ લેવા દેવા નહીં. પણ પ્રસંગનો (ગેર)લાભ ન લઈએ તો ખોળીયું લાજે. માટે  બનાવ સાથે જોડો નરેન્દ્ર ભાઈ મોદીનું નામ.

જો કે નહેરુવીયન કોંગ્રેસીઓને બદલે હવે કોંગી એમ કહીશું. કોંગ + ઈ = કોંગી. આ શબ્દ ૧૯૬૯થી પ્રચલિત હતો અને હજી પણ પ્રચલિત છે.

તો હવે નરેન્દ્રભાઇ મોદીને કેવીરીતે આ સીડી પ્રકરણ સાથે જોડીશું? સર્વે મીડીયા મૂર્ધન્યો અને ગુજ્જુ કોંગીબંધુઓ વિચાર કરવા લાગ્યા.  “કહોને કે, સીડીને લગતી આદિથી અંત સુધીની પ્રક્રીયામાં નરેન્દ્ર ભાઈ જ પ્રોડ્યુસર, ડાઈરેક્ટર, ફોટોગ્રાફર અને ડીસ્ટ્રીબ્યુટર છે.  ફક્ત હીરો હિરોઈન જ બીજા છે.”

જો કે ગઈ ચૂંટણી વખતે ટીવીની એક ચેનલ ઉપર કુંવારા નરેન્દ્ર ભાઇની, નરેન્દ્રભાઈને પરિણિત સ્ત્રીએ દેખા દીધેલી. એ વાત ચાર આંખવાળા પ્રસારણ માધ્યમના ખેરખાંઓએ કેમ કરીને આગળ ન વધારી તે સંશોધનનો વિષય છે.

જોશીભાઈને તો બીજેપીમાંથી ફારેગ કર્યા અને તપાસ ચલાવી. સીડી બનાવટી જાહેર થઈ.

કોંગીવાળા બોલે તો બે ખાય

કોંગી નેતાઓ આ વિવાદથી અળગા રહ્યા. કારણ કે તેમનામાંના કેટલાક મહાજન નેતાઓ જાતિય કૌભાન્ડોમાં બીજેપીના કોઈપણ નેતાને અભડાવે એવા છે. આ બાબતમાં જગજીવન રામના સુપૂત્રના પ્રસિદ્ધ થયેલા ફોટાઓ અને હાલમાંના કોંગી મહાજન અભિષેક સીંઘવીની જાતીય સીડીના બનાવ હાજરા હજુર છે. જો તેઓ જોશીભાઈની સીડીના મુદ્દાને હથીયાર બનાવે તો બીજેપીવાળા તેને બૂમરેન્ગ બનાવી દે. માટે તેમને થયું કે તત્કાલ પૂરતા મૂંગા રહો. જો નરેન્દ્ર મોદી, સંજય જોશી જોડે સંબંધ રાખશે તો આપણે એ મુદ્દાને ચગાવીશું કે જુઓ, ગુજરાતના મુખ્ય મંત્રી કેવા દુરાચારીઓ સાથે સંબંધ રાખે છે! એટલે હાલ પૂરતું તો, સંજય જોશીના મુદ્દા વિષે સમાચાર માધ્યમોને સીડીએ(દાદરે) ચડવા દો.

ટૂંકમાં નરેન્દ્રભાઈ, સંજય જોશી સાથે સંબંધ રાખે તો બે ખાય અને ન રાખે તો તો પણ અધધધ ખાય. એમ કહેવાય કે જુઓ નરેન્દ્રભાઈ મિત્રોને કેવા આઘાતો આપે છે, આવી વાતોને મીર્ચ મસાલા સાથે ચગાવી શકાય.

સંજયભાઈતો નિર્દોષ ઠર્યા. જો કે આ બીજેપીની અંદરની વાત છે. પણ નિર્દોષ ઠર્યા અને બીજેપીમાં હોદ્દા ઉપર પાછા આવ્યા તો એ વાતને ચગાવો કે હવે નરેન્દ્રભાઈનું આવી બન્યું છે.

યુપીની ચૂંટણીમાં સંજયભાઈ પ્રભારી હતા. યુપીમાં જો બીજેપી પ્રમાણમાં સારો દેખાવ કરે તો એમ કહેવું કે; નરેન્દ્રભાઈ તમે શું એમ માનો છો કે કૂકડો નહીં હોય તો શું વહાણું (સવાર, પ્રભાત, સૂર્યોદય) નહીં વા? છાપો …. નરેન્દ્રભાઈનો ગર્વ ચકનાચૂર. નરેન્દ્રભાઈને તો ઘણું યુપીમાં જવું હતું, પણ તેમના ગર્વિષ્ઠપણાએ તેમને રોક્યા. તેમને એમ કે કુકડો હશે તો જ વહાણુ વાશે. પણ જુઓ સંજય જોશી અને ઉમાભારતીએ કેવું નરેન્દ્રમોદીના ગર્વનું ખંડન કર્યું!

પણ ધારોકે નરેન્દ્ર મોદી યુપી ગયા હોત અને જો ખરાબ પરિણામો આવ્યા હોત તો? તો તો કોંગી, ધર્મનિરપેક્ષીઓને અને સમાચાર માધ્યમોને ગોળના ગાડાં મળી જાત.

સંજય જોશીની નરેન્દ્ર મોદી સાથેની મિત્રતાની કે મિત્રદ્રોહની વાતને શું કામ ચગાવવી?

શંકરભાઈ, સુરેશભાઈ અને કેશુભાઈ શું હતા? અરે કેશુભાઈ તો નરેન્દ્રભાઇ મોદીના ગુરુ હતા.  શંકરભાઈ તો અધિરા થયા અને પૉરો ખાધા વગર દુશ્મનપક્ષમાં પોતાની ખજુરાહો-સુશોભિત  ભજનમંડળી સાથે  ઘુસી ગયા.  શંકરભાઈએ, કેશુભાઈને કોંગીનો સાથ લઈ સત્તા ઉપરથી ઉથલાવી દીધેલ. પણ પછીની ચૂંટણીમાં ગુજ્જુભાઈઓએ કેશુભાઈને ઉભા કર્યા અને તેમને રાજગાદી ઉપર પૂનર્‌સ્થાપિત કર્યા. કારણ કે તેમને ગુજ્જુદ્રોહી કોંગીઓ તો ખપે જ શેના? પછી કોંગીએ પોતાની આદત પ્રમાણે શંકરભાઈને વેતર્યા.

કેશુભાઈની સરકાર અને વહીવટના વહીવટદારો

કેશુભાઈ મુખ્યમંત્રી તરીકે કેવા હતા? કેશુભાઈ પાસે સ્વપ્નો હતાં. તેમણે તે સ્વપ્નોને સાકાર કરવાના પ્રયત્નો કરેલા. પણ સ્વપ્ન હોવાં અને વહીવટ કરવાવાળાઓ ઉપર બધું છોડી દેવું એ બરાબર તો ન જ કહેવાય. જ્યારે પ્રસંગો અને તેને લગતી પ્રણાલીઓ પૂર્વ નિર્ધારિત હોય તો થોડો સમય બધું થોડું ઘણું સમુસૂતરું ચાલે પણ પછી સરકારી નોકરોની અને આડતીયાઓની (આડતીયાઓમાં પક્ષના કાર્યકરો પણ હોય.) આદતો બગડે જ.

મોટાભાગના સરકારી નોકરો તો પોતાની આદતો બગાડવા માટે એવરરેડી જ હોય. આ બધાના પરિણામે અમદાવદની કોર્પોરેશનની ચૂંટણીમાં બીજેપીનો પરાજય થયો. આ પરાજય આમ તો બીજેપી મોવડીમાંડળ માટે અગમચેતી હતી. પણ કેશુભાઈને ચાલુ રખાયા. તે પછી કુદરતી આફત આવી દરિયાઈ વાવાઝોડા આવ્યાં. વહીવટી તંત્ર અસફળ રહ્યું. ૨૦૦૧માં ભિષણ ધરતીકંપ આવ્યો અને વહીવટી તંત્ર તદન નિસ્ફળ ગયું. કેશુભાઈ મજાકનું પાત્ર બની ગયા. કેશુભાઈના દરેક ઉચ્ચારણોની મજાક થવા માંડી. સરકારી નોકરોની ખાયકીમાં પૂર આવ્યું. દાનમાં મળેલા તંબુઓ સરકારી નોકરોએ ઠાંગી લીધા. દાનના લેબલ લાગેલા ખાદ્ય પદાર્થો લેબલ સાથે બજારમાં ખૂલ્લેઆમ વેચાવા લાગેલા. ભ્રષ્ટ વહીવટની જાણે પરાકાષ્ઠા હોય એવું લાગી રહ્યું હતું. આવી સ્થિતિમાં ૨૦૦૨માં ચૂંટણી આવવાની હતી. જો આ ચૂંટણી જીતવી હોય તો કાબેલ મુખ્ય મંત્રીની જરુર હતી. ઈશ્વરનું કરવું કે બીજેપી મોવડી મંડળને સદબુદ્ધિ સુઝી અને નરેન્દ્ર મોદીને મુખ્ય મંત્રી બનાવ્યા. આ નરેન્દ્ર મોદીએ બઘેડાટી બોલાવી. ખાઉકડ સરકારી અમલદારોમાંથી જેટલા પકડાયા તેમના ઉપર તવાઈ આવી અને કામગીરી ચાલુ થઈ.

ગોધરા રેલ્વેસ્ટેશન કાંડમાટે નરેન્દ્ર મોદી જવાબદાર

બધું ઠીકઠાક ચાલતું હતું અને નરેન્દ્રભાઈ એ એક ઉચ્ચારણ કર્યું કે “બીજેપી ના શાસનમાં કોમી દંગાઓનું નામોનિશાન મટી ગયું છે.” આ સાંભળી દંગાખ્યાત એવા ગુજ્જુ કોંગીઓના પેટમાં તેલ રેડાયું. ગોધરાના એક કોંગીલીંકવાળા નેતાથી સહન ન થયું અને યોજનાબદ્ધરીતે સાબરમતી એક્ષપ્રેસને સળગાવવાનું કાવત્રું થયું. પણ તે ટ્રેન મોડી પડતાં ફક્ત તેનો એક જ ડબ્બો સળગાવી શકાયો. કોંગી નેતા બોલ્યા કે નરેન્દ્ર મોદીએ “બીજેપી ના શાસનમાં દંગાઓનું નામ નિશાન મટી ગયું છે.” એવું કહીને અમારા મુસ્લિમભાઈઓને પરોક્ષ રીતે દંગા કરવા ઉશ્કેર્યા હતા. મોદી એવું બોલ્યા જ શું કામ?

હા ભાઇ, વાંક તો નરેન્દ્રભાઈ મોદીનો જ ગણાવો જોઇએ. અમે કોંગીઓએ અમારા પચાસ વર્ષના શાસનમાં ભલે અમારા મુસ્લિમભાઈઓને ગરીબ, અભણ અને બેકાર રાખ્યા. પણ આ બાબતમાં તો અમે હિન્દુઓને પણ ક્યાં બકાત રાખ્યા છે? પણ અમે મુસ્લિમભાઈઓનું ઘણું ભલું કર્યું છે અને તે એ કે અમે તેમને ધર્મ બાબતમાં સંવેદનશીલ (આળા) બનાવ્યા છે. એટલે ૧૯૯૨માં બનેલા બાબરી મસ્જિદ ધ્વંશના બનાવની સંવેદના દશવર્ષ પછી પ્રગટ કરે તો ખરા જ ને! તમે કહેશો કે શું સંવેદના પ્રગટ કરવાનું મુહૂર્ત દશ વર્ષે આવ્યું? અરે ભાઈ,

દરેક કાર્ય કરવાના કોંગીભાઈઓ માટે મૂહુર્ત હોય છે. (ચૂંટણી પણ એક મુહૂર્ત છે). 

હવે તમે વિચારો કે કુદરતી આફતોમાં મળેલી વહીવટી નિસ્ફળતા અને બદનામી પછી પણ જો કેશુભાઈ મુખ્યપ્રધાન પદે રહ્યા હોત તો ગુજરાતમાં તો યુપી કરતાંય બદતર રીતે બીજેપીનું નામું નંખાઈ જાત.

નરેન્દ્ર મોદી જ આવે સમયે ગુજરાતને તારી શક્યા તે માટે ઈશ્વરનો આભાર માનો.

પણ સમાચાર માધ્યમના મૂર્ધન્યોની યાદદાસ્ત સામાન્ય માણસની યાદદાસ્ત કરતાં પણ બેહદ ઉણી હોય એવું લાગે છે. તેમની કેશુભાઈ પરસ્તી અને નરેન્દ્રમોદી-વિરોધી પરસ્તી જોતાં આવું લાગે છે. પણ સાચી વાત એ છે કે સમાચાર માધ્યમના મૂર્ધન્યો પોતાનો ઉલ્લુ સીધો કરવામાં પડ્યા છે. ઉંઘતાને જગાડી શકાય પણ જાગતાને ન જગાડી શકાય. તેવી રીતે જે ભૂલી ગયો હોય તેને તમે યાદ કરાવી શકો પણ જે પોતાને બહુશ્રુત માનતા હોય પણ હેતુ દુષિત હોય તે જનતાને આડે માર્ગે જ દોરેને!

દુષિત વિસ્મૃતિ

સમાચાર માધ્યમોનું પણ આવું જ છે. તેઓ જ વાવાઝોડા અને ભૂકંપ વખતે કેશુભાઈની મજાક ઉડાવતા હતા અને ભાંડતા હતા અને અત્યારે કેશુભાઈ પરત્વેની ચાપલુસીમાંથી ઉંચા આવતા નથી.

વરમરો કન્યા મરો પણ ગોરનું તરભાણું ભરો

શું કેશુભાઈ ગુજરાતમાં યુપી-બિહાર-રાજસ્થાન મત-કલ્ચર લાવવા માગે છે? એટલે કે શું ગુજરાતની જનતાએ જ્ઞાતિને ધ્યાનમાં રાખીને મતદાન કરવું? દુઃખની વાત એ છે કે સમાચાર માધ્યમો પણ કેશુભાઈના ઉચ્ચારણોને અને જ્ઞાતિવાદને ઉત્તેજન મળે તેવા સમાચારોને ચગાવે છે. આ એક ગુનો ગણાવવો જોઇએ. નરેન્દ્ર મોદી કદી જ્ઞાતિવાદી સભામાં જ્ઞાતિવાદી મતોનું રાજકારણ ચલાવતા નથી. આ બંને વલણોમાં રહેલા ભેદને સુજ્ઞજનોએ સમજવો જોઇએ. અને તે રીતે તેઓને મુલવવા જોઇએ.

ભૂત(પૂર્વ)ની ભ્રમિત ભયની ભૂતાવળ

કડવા-લેઉઆ પાટીદારોના સમ્મેલનો ભરાયા. ભૂતપૂર્વ મુખ્યમંત્રી શ્રી કેશુભાઈએ કહ્યું આપણા ભાઈઓ ભયભીત છે. જે જ્ઞાતિએ વલ્લભભાઈ જેવા વીર અને અભય પુરુષ પેદા કર્યા તે જ્ઞાતિજનો શામાટે ભયભીત છે? ભય ખંખેરી નાખો. નિડર બનો. વિગેરે વિગેરે.

કોઈએ બાબલાને રાત્રે કહ્યું કે જા રસોડામાંથી પાણી લઈ આવ. તો બાબલાએ કહ્યું ના હું એકલો નહીં જાઉં. મને બીક લાગે છે. મા એ પહેલો સવાલ એ જ કર્યો કે “બીક શાની લાગે છે? બાબલાએ કહ્યું અંધારાની બીક લાગે છે. મા એ બીજો સવાલ કર્યો કે અંધારાની બીક શા માટે લાગે છે? બાબલાએ કહ્યું ભૂતની બીક લાગે છે. માએ કહ્યું તો રામનું નામ લે. ભૂત ભાગી જશે. આ બાબલો એ બીજું કોઈ નહીં પણ ગાંધી બાપુ હતા. તેમની માતા ખાસ ભણેલાં નહીં પણ લખી વાંચી શકે ખરાં.

હવે મૂળ વાત પર આવીએ. પાટીદાર ભાઈઓ શું મોરીદાર છે? જો તેમ હોત તો તેઓ આફ્રિકા, અમેરિકા અને યુકેમાં પોતાનો ડંકો કેવીરીતે વગાડત? અરે હજી પણ તેઓના નામના ડંકા અમેરિકામાં વાગે છે. અમેરિકામાં ગેરકાયદેસર ઘુસવામાં પણ હિંમતતો જોઇએ જ. સામાન્ય કક્ષાનું ભણેલા અને લગભગ અભણ પટેલો પણ અમેરિકામાં ડંકા વગાડે છે. અંકલ સામ કદાચ આ પોટેલો થી ડરતા હોય તે વાત નકારી ન શકાય. એટલે પટેલ ભાઇઓ ભયભીત હોય તે વાત તો ગળે ઉતરે તેવી નથી.

સહી શબ્દોંકા પ્રયોગ

તો પછી કેશુભાઈએ ભય અને ભયભીત શબ્દો કેમ વાપર્યા? શું તેઓ શબ્દના અર્થોને સમજી શકતા નથી? શું તેમનામાં “સહી શબ્દોંકા પ્રયોગ કરેં” ની અક્કલ નથી?

કદાચ તેમને ભય શબ્દ અસરકારક કે વિદ્વત્તાપૂર્ણ લાગ્યો. આવું ઘણી વખત બને છે. પચાસના દાયકાની વાત છે. એક વિદેશી ડીપ્લોમેટનું દિલ્લીમાં આગમન થયું. વિમાન મથકે તેમનું સ્વાગત થયું. ગુજરાતના તે વખતના ખ્યાતનામ ગુજ્જુ સમાચાર દૈનિકે શિર્ષરેખા આપી .. ” ‘ ___ ‘ નું દિલ્લીમાં થયેલું અવસાન”. સમાચારની વિગતમાં અવસાન કે તેની વિગત વિષે કશો ઉલ્લેખ નહીં. પછી બીજે દિવસે માફી સમાચાર આવ્યા કે સ્વાગતને બદલે અવસાન શબ્દ વપરાઈ ગયો હતો. મેં મારા પિતાજીને પૂછ્યું સ્વાગત અને અવસાન વચ્ચે કશો મેળ નથી. આવી ભૂલ કેવી રીતે થઈ શકે? તો મને જવાબ મળ્યો કે “શબ્દ સારો લાગ્યો એટલે વાપરી નાખ્યો હશે. ઘણા લોકોને શબ્દના અર્થની બરાબર ખબર હોતી નથી. આકર્ષક લાગે તો વાપરી નાખે.”  

આપણા કેશુભાઈને પણ કદાચ “ભય અને ભયભીત” શબ્દો આકર્ષક લાગ્યા હશે. પણ અર્થને કેવીરીતે જોડશો? આપણા સમાચાર માધ્યમના મૂર્ધન્યો તો વિદ્વાન અને તર્કજ્ઞ છે. તેઓએ સર્વ પ્રથમ સવાલ કેશુભાઇને એજ કરવો જોઇએ કે “કોનો ભય લાગે છે અને શા માટે ભય લાગે છે?”

જો કેશુભાઈ અને સમાચાર માધ્યમોના મૂર્ધન્યોની મથરાવટી મેલી હોય તો અર્થ અને સવાલો કરવાની ઝંઝટમાં શાના પડે! પણ આશ્ચર્ય એ વાતનું છે કે કોઈબી માઈનો પૂત ન તો મૂર્ધન્યોમાં નિકળ્યો કે ન તો કટાર લેખકોમાં નિકળ્યો કે જે “શેનો ભય અને શા માટે ભય” વિષે પ્રૂચ્છા કરે.

આપણા સમાચાર માધ્યમના વિદ્વાનોની આવી આદતો કંઈ નવી નથી. અમૂક વ્યક્તિઓ એવી છે જ કે જેમને અમૂક સવાલો પૂછાય જ નહીં. જોકે આ બાબત અત્યાર સુધી નહેરુવંશના ફરજંદો પૂરતી અને તેમના કેટલાક સંલગ્ન મળતીયાઓ સુધી મર્યાદિત રાખવામાં આવી હતી. તેની પાછળ સમાચાર માધ્યમના, ટીવી ચેનલોના અંગત કાળા-પીળા હિતો હોય છે. કેશુભાઈને ખાસ સવાલો ન પૂછાય તે તો નવિન પ્રણાલી છે.

અધ્યાહારની અકળ લીલા

જે વાત ખાસ કહેવી છે તેને અધ્યાહાર (અનુલ્લેખિત) રાખો. એટલે સૌ કોઈ ભળતા શબ્દો, મુકી શકે. અને વાતને ચગાવી શકાય.

કેશુભાઈએ કહ્યું પાટીદારો જ નહીં, મોરીદાર, તીખીદાર, કરવીદાર, છરેરીદાર, છર્યાવગરની દાર, બધી જ ગુજ્જુદારો ભયભીત છે.

 ભયભીત કેશુભાઈ

હે કેશુભાઈ, પણ ફોર તો પારો કે કોનાથી ભયભીત છે અને શામાટે ભયભીત છે?

કેશુભાઈ શું કામ વિગતે બોલતા નથી? શું તેઓ તે માટે પણ ભયભીત છે? તો પછી જે ખુદ ભયભીત છે તે બીજાને કેવીરીતે ભયમૂક્ત થવાની શિખામણ આપી શકે? આ તો “ડાહી સાસરે જાય નહીં અને ગાંડીને શિખામણ આપે” એવી વાત થઈ.

સામાન્ય માણસ અંદાજ મુકે છે કે કેશુભાઈ અને સમાચાર માધ્યમોનું નિશાન કોણ છે અને  આ બધું શા માટે, આ રીતે શા માટે થાય છે?

નિશાન નરેન્દ્ર મોદી છે

સમાચાર માધ્યમો, કોંગીઓ અને કેશુભાઈ અને તેમના મળતીયાઓનું નિશાન, નરેન્દ્ર મોદી છે. આ બધો પ્રપંચ નરેન્દ્ર મોદીના રાજકીય કે કોઈપણ જાતના મૃત્યુ માટે થાય છે. અને આરીતે એટલે કે વિગતો આપ્યા વગર એટલા માટે થાય છે કે જો વિગતો આપે તો નરેન્દ્ર મોદી સણસણતો એવો જવાબ આપે કે આ બધા મોદી-વિરોધીઓ ભોંયભેગા થઈ જાય. સોનીયા ગાંધીએ નામ દીધાવગર ગુજરાતીઓને ગોડસેને ચૂંટનાર અને નરેન્દ્ર મોદીને નામ દીધા વગર મૌતકા સૌદાગર કહ્યા હતા. તો નરેન્દ્ર મોદીએ તેમના શબ્દોને એવા બૂમરેંગ કર્યા કે ચૂંટણીમાં કોંગીઓ ચત્તાપાટ પડ્યા. એટલે હવે નરેન્દ્રમોદીના વિરોધીઓ વિગતો આપવામાં માનતા નથી. આવ પથરા પગ ઉપર કે “આ બૈલ મુઝે માર” એવું કોણ કરે. એના બદલે ભય, ભયભિત, હાંસીયામાં, ઉદ્યોગપતિઓને ખેરાત, ખેડૂતોની અવગણના, ગૌચર એવું એવું બોલે રાખો અને સાર્વત્રિક અસંતોષ પ્રવર્તે છે એવું વાતાવરણ તૈયાર કરો. આપણા તડમાં લાડુ આપોઆપ પડશે.

વાસ્તવમાં નરેન્દ્ર મોદી થકી અસંતુષ્ટ કે ભયભીત શિયાળવાંઓ કોણ છે? એક તો કેશુભાઈ પોતે જ છે. બીજા સુરેશ મહેતા છે. થોડા ઘણા કેશુભાઈસાથે નવરા પડેલા આરએસએસના એવા કાર્યકરો કે જેઓ સરકારી નોકરો સાથે વહીવટ ગોઠવનારા હતા તેઓ છે, સમાચાર માધ્યમોના વહેતા મુકેલા ગુબ્બારા પ્રમાણે સંજય જોશી પણ હોઈ શકે છે. એટલે સમાચાર માધ્યમો સંજય જોશીના અઘ્યા-પાદ્યાના સમાચારો ચમકાવ્યા કરે છે.

દાખલા તરીકે, સંજય જોશીએ ભલે રાજીનામું આપ્યું પણ તેઓ ઘણા લોકપ્રિય છે. અને તેઓ રેલ્વે રસ્તે દિલ્લી જશે જેથી તેમના અનુયાઈઓ સાગમટે તેમનું સ્ટેશને સ્ટેશને સ્વાગત કરશે. તેથી નરેન્દ્ર મોદીના પેટમાં તેલ રેડાશે.

પણ થયું એવું કે સંજયભાઈનું હવાઈ માર્ગે દિલ્લી જવાનું નક્કી કર્યું. તેથી આપણા સમાચાર માધ્યમે થુંકેલું ગળીને વાત ફેરવી તોળી કે બીજેપીના મોવડી મંડળે વિવાદ ન વકરે તેમાટે સંજયભાઈને હવાઈ ટીકીટ આપી દીધી. આ તો એવો ઘાટ થયો કે “મનમાં ને મનમાં પરણ્યા અને મનમાં ને મનમાં રાંડ્યા.”

બારદાનની અગત્ય

એક મિત્રે મને કહ્યું કે તો સરકારી નોકરો ભયભીત છે. અને કેશુભાઈ સરકારી નોકરોને પડખે લેવા માગે છે. હા સરકારી નોકર એક એવું “બારદાન” (પેકીંગ, ખોખું) છે, જે બરાબર ન હોય તો તમારી પ્રોડક્ટને હતી ન હતી કરી નાખે. એટલે જો એક વખત સરકારી નોકરો ખીસ્સામાં આવી જાય તો નરેન્દ્ર મોદીને ચીત કરી શકાય.

સરાકરી નોકરોમાં તો એક, બે, ત્રણ અને ચાર વર્ગના કર્મચારીઓ આવે. ચાર વર્ગના કર્મચારીને તો અનસ્કીલ્ડ કામ કરવાનું હોય છે. તેઓને કોઈ ભય હોઈ શકે નહીં. શિવાય કે કામમાં દગડાઈ કરે. બે અને ત્રણ વર્ગના કર્મચારીઓ અફસરો/અધિકારીઓ અને બાબુઓ કહેવાય છે. એક અને બે વર્ગના અફસરો નક્કી કરેછે કે ત્રણ વર્ગની જવાબદારી કેટલી! બે અને ત્રણ વર્ગના કર્મચારીઓ મોટા સાહેબો (વર્ગ એક) થી ડરતા હોય છે. પણ જો તેઓ નીતિમાન હોય તો તેમણે ડરવાની જરુર હોતી નથી. ખાસ કરીને ત્રીજા વર્ગના કર્મચારીઓ આડતીયા થવાનું બંધ કરે તો તેઓ ડરથી મૂક્ત થઈ શકે.

પ્રથમ વર્ગમાં બે કક્ષા હોય છે. જુનીયર એડમીનીસ્ટ્રેટીવ   અને સીનીયર એડમીનીસ્ટ્રેટીવ. વર્ગના બીજા વર્ગના કર્મચારીઓ અને જુનીયર એડમીનીસ્ટ્રેટીવમાંના કેટલાક  કરોડ રજ્જુ સમાન હોય છે. આમાં ઘણું પોલીટીક્સ ચાલતું હોય છે.

પણ સુજ્ઞજનોએ સમજવું જોઇએ કે કાયદો કાયદાનું કામ કરશે. સૌને કાયદાનું રક્ષણ છે અને તેમને તેમની જવાબદારી નભાવવાનું મહેનતાણું મળે છે. અધિકારીવર્ગના મોટાભાગે ઘણી લાલીયા વાડી ચલાવી છે. ઘણા હજી પણ ચલાવતા હશે. જો તેમની પૂંછડી પકડીને કાબુમાં રાખવામાં નહી આવે તો તેઓ વધુ વકરી શકે છે. આ વિશે લખવા બેસીયે તો મહાભારત જેવડું પુસ્તક લખાય. જો થોડા અફસરો જેઓ નીતિમાન રહી શક્યા તેઓ જો ભેગા થઈને તટસ્થ રહીને લખે તો મહાભારત પણ સર્જાય.


પણ ટૂંકમાં કાયદામાં એવી જોગવાઈ છે કે સરકારી નોકરો પોતાને થયેલા અન્યાય માટે ચૂંટાયેલા સભ્યો પાસે જઈને કે તેમની મારફત ન્યાયની માગણી ન કરી શકે. તેઓ ન્યાયિક અદાલતમાં જરુર જઈ શકે છે.

કોંગી જનોને તેમના પક્ષના કુદરતી મોત તરફ જવા દો. તેને સુધારવાની જરુર નથી. જેણે અર્ધી સદી ઉપરાંત દેશનું સૂકાન અને અબાધિત અધિકારો આપ્યા છતાં ન સુધર્યા અને દેશને પાયમાલ કર્યો, તેને તક આપવામાં બેવકુફી છે. કેશુભાઈ અને તેમના મળતીયાઓએ

તથા સમાચાર માધ્યમના વિદ્વાનોએ કમસે કમ તર્ક અને મુદ્દા આધારિત ચર્ચા કરવી જોઇએ.

તેઓ કોણ છે તે અમે જાણતા નથી”

સંસ્કૃતમાં એક શ્લોક છે કે;

૧ “એ લોકો સજ્જન છે જેઓ પોતે પોતાનું હિત ત્યજીને બીજાનું હિત કરે છે.”

૨ “એ લોકો સામાન્યજન છે જે બીજાને નુકશાન ન થાય તે પ્રમાણે વર્તીને પોતાનું હિત સાધે છે”

૩ “એ લોકો માનવરાક્ષસ છે જેઓ બીજાને નુકશાન કરીને પોતાનું હિત સાધે છે”

૪ “પણ જેઓ કોઈ કારણ વગર જ બીજાનું અહિત કરે છે તેઓ કોણ છે તે અમે જાણતા નથી.”

કેશુભાઈ, તેમના મળતીયાઓ અને અખબારી મૂર્ધન્યોએ જ પોતાની કક્ષા ત્રણ નંબરની છે કે ચાર તે નક્કી કરવાનું છે. જનતા તો તેમને તેમનું સ્થાન બતાવતી જ રહી છે.

કોંગીજનોને જવા દો. તેઓ તો “ગૉન કેસ” છે.


શિરીષ મોહનલાલ દવે


ટેગઃ ભય, ભયભિત, ભૂતપૂર્વ, કેશુભાઈ, શંકરભાઈ, કોંગીભાઈ, બૂમરેનંગ, માનવરાક્ષસ, સરાકારી નોકર, અફસર, અધિકારી, બારદાન       

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Hello Governor

Hello Governor

Let us go through some of the actions of Nehruvian Congress Private Limited and its purpose behind those actions.

It is very common among Nehruvians in India to act under disguise of public interest or in the interest of poor people but to have some different purpose behind that action.

Jawaharlal Nehru

1948: Case of Kashmir taken to UNO by Nehru and accepted the date of report to UNO as LOC with an intention (purpose) to show his out of proportion respect towards UNO. In fact it was a political blunder because Nehru had no wisdom and foresight.

1950: Founded Non-alliance Movement with an aim to show the First world (NATO countries) that military alliance is not the solution for world peace. But indirectly it was unregistered alliance with Second World (Communist countries Russia and China)

1952: Accepted sovereignty of China on Tibet. To show the Communist countries Russia and China that he was more aligned to socialism than human rights. Internally he wanted backing of Russia and China against the influence of USA and others.


1952: Puch-sheel treaty with China, to show the world that he loved peace and has soft corner for Buddhism (the vote-bank of Ambedkar).


1953-1962: Non-action on Chinese military infiltration and denial before parliament of India on any Chinese  infiltration in India. To show Russia that he had soft corner towards China and how much faith the people of India had in him despite of his blunders. It cannot be ruled out that he wanted political assistance from Russia in playing political unfair tactics with people of India.


1962: Nehru said “enemy has betrayed us on his Defeat against China due to neglecting security of borders. This statement was made to misguide the people of India to show that he was innocent. When Nehru was asked that when the forward movement of China in India would get stopped? Nehru replied “where and when we would stop them by our strength”. But China had captured 30000 square miles additional land more than what it had claimed in Indian land. China made cease fire of his own and gave back the additional seized land of 30000 square miles out of 92000/- square miles of total seized land.


1963: Nehru took oath “we will not take rest until we recapture the lost land of mother India”. The purpose was to show his sincerity towards mother India. In fact Nehru was a fraud and he made fraudulent statement. He and his progenies knew very well that the lost land was never going to be recaptured.




1963: Kamraj Plan: Nehru spelled purpose to strengthen the party by utilising services of senior leaders. Internally his purpose was to remove Morarji Desai who was his number one opponent.


Indira Gandhi:

Removal of privy-purses of Kings: This was with a view to show that she was socialistic. In fact the privy-purses were in accordance to the agreement signed with them when they handed over their kingdoms to independent India. The annual payment was to getting reduced to end up to zero in due course. However Indira wanted to show her promptness and militancy on establishing socialism to remove poverty.


Nationalisation of 14 leading private banks: Morarji Desai had introduced socialisation of banking. The RBI controls the policy of advances. Hence Morarji Desai was on right path. But Indira Gandhi wanted to spoil the bank employees for her political benefit. Nationalisation of Banks spoiled the administration of all these banks. Banks’ money got utilised for granting no-return loan as per the unwritten understanding. Like this the purpose was in no way effective to remove poverty or to uplift poor mass, but to share loan amount among managers (not always), recommending authority of loan (viz. Nehruvian Congress local leaders) and the borrowers. 1968 to 1984 of further rule of Indira Gandhi no poverty had been removed.


Remove Poverty was a fraud

Remove Poverty was a fraud

Emergency: Indira declared emergency under the plea that her opponents instigating people to revolt against government and there was bulk indiscipline. But in reality her purpose was to retain her power and PM-ship.


Weak deal with Union Carbide: to make India self sufficient on pesticides. In fact under table deal cannot be ruled out as it is a practice of western industrialists to establish such hazardous production units in poor countries so that they can fool the local governments in case of hazard by way of executing defective agreement with purchasable government like Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited.


Indira had no wisdom to see what could happen consequent to Simla Pact

Indira had no wisdom to see what could happen consequent to Simla Pact

Simla Pact: Bhutto said If I would solve all the problems and issues with India and agree to any such pact, I would be killed in Pakistan, and the agreement would not have any meaning. Indira Gandhi agreed to this as reported by Indira and no issue or problem was solved and converted victory into defeat. Further reality was so-called weak pact had also been made useless, as otherwise also Bhutto had been killed by the successive government of Pakistan. It cannot be ruled out that there could be an undertable deal with Bhutto by Indira Gandhi.

Rajiv Gandhi 

Deal with Ceylon: The aim was to have good relation with Ceylon. But it was complete avoidance of the interest of Tamilians in Ceylon. It was a blunder. Can you imagine that Pakistan would send its military in Kashmir to kill Muslim terrorists?


Every body has to make Nehruvian Congress comfortable in a deal

Every body has to make Nehruvian Congress comfortable in a deal

Boffors tanks: To make India stronger in military. We know the fact.


Anderson of Union Carbide: Rajiv said he would come back whenever we call him under investigation. It was a fraudulent statement. Under table deal cannot be ruled out for giving an easy pass to Anderson.


Man Mohan and Sonia Gandhi:


Harshad Mehta security scam: Man Mohan the then Finance Minister announced that he would take suitable corrective step such that security scam would not get repeated. The purpose was to show to the public that they were innocent. He said it was the fault of system. In fact the designers of the system were themselves. Man Mohan had made several phones to pressurise the then Income Tax Commissioner Vishvabandhu Gupta not to take action.


Though Man Mohan was FM at that time, when he became PM, Satyam scam took place.


Ravan Lila at Ram Lila Maidan: Nehruvian Government says law was taking its own course. In fact the police authority said, it was a political decision.


Jan Lok Pal Bill: Nehruvian Cong leaders say Parliament is supreme and government wants strong Lokpal. In fact the Civil Society was formed in consultation with government and Nehruvian Congress never wanted a strong Lokpal. Nehruvian Congress never tried to discuss on the merits. Arun Jetley had never been replied to the points.


Similar are the cases of Black-red money, Printing of currency notes by RBI, Distribution of Fake currency notes by RBI, Statements related with deportation of Daud, curtailing the scope of RTI act. EVM … there is no end. We can write a bigger book than Maha Bharat on the frauds, scams, scandals and blunders Nehruvians and Nehruvian Congress together with their allies.




Governor appoints Lok Pal in Gujarat: Nehruvian Congress says we are sincerely on Lok Pal. Chronology says the issue has been made political by Nehruvian Congress. Governor and opposition party (Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited) in Gujarat in joint venture rejected the proposal of ruling party (BJP Gujarat), without any merits and convincing reason. The HC has not gone through the political aspect and aims of Nehruvian Congress. Purpose behind the action is important. The purpose cannot be set aside in jurisprudent.

Do they want to scrap the state government? Let us rent out the State Assembly building.


Shirish Mohanlal Dave



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It is not correct to say the movement lead by Anna can bring anarchy.

Probably some learned writers are not aware of the “Nav Nirman Movement” launched by the people of Gujarat in 1974.


“Nav Nirman Movement” if viewed with the same spectacle that being used by some political analysts, then that Nav Nirman movement was much more dangerous and should have definitely lead Gujarat and thereafter the nation towards anarchy. Had we observed such result consequent to that “Nav Nirman movement”?


It is possible that some “learned” political analysts might be unaware of the details of the situation under which the “Nav Nirman movement” was launched. One of the many other reasons of their unawareness could be, these “learned” might be walking with perambulator at that time. The other associated reason could be the ignorance on history  as they would not agree to any thing unless experienced personally. There are people including “learned media journalists” who prefer to apply their own intelligence than to study history. Print media can also fall under this category.

 We should understand “Nav Nirman Movement” and the philosophy of “Fast” in politics: This would be more relevant, instead of talking vague; as to how many times Mahatma Gandhi went on fast and for what?

Mahatma Gandhi has very well defined and clarified his weapons of “Satyagraha and Fast”.




Fast is permissible when the government believes in rule of law and has respect for the human lives and values, unless government says that it has no respect for rule of law, thereby whatsoever it does is the rule of law.

This Nehruvian Congress has not said that it has no respect for rule of law or it has not rejected the rule of written law. Therefore we have to believe by giving a benefit of doubt, that the government believes in rule of law.


Now suppose government is hypocrite and thereby though it says it believes in rule of law but practically it does not act with respect to rule of law, then what should be done? Is an agitation permissible?

No. Under this circumstance it is not permissible. Because the venue of judiciary is open to get justice.

But suppose, the judiciary is heavily loaded and the justice gets delayed. Then what should be done?

The justice can be delayed due to two reasons. System is faulty or number of judges is less and cases are piled up. In such cases an agitation can be launched for reforms of the system. To have a situation of less number of judges is also a fault of the system.

Now here in case of Nehruvian Congress government, the non-governance or fake governance or ill-governance in India is the fault of the system which is kept  unattended willfully.


During the last eight years, the corruption at high level went to its Himalayan peaks. Nehruvian Congress government initiated actions only when Supreme Court issued directives.   Thereby to constitute the Lok Pal became inevitable.


Controversy which has been created on supremacy of Parliament vs. Supremacy of Civil society is a fake controversy created by hypocrites and vested interest.

Parliament is not supreme. Constitution is superior to parliament. Human values are superior to Constitution. Parliament can enact a law but if that law does not provide justice then that law is treated as null and void.



Here in our case Lok Pal Bill draft prepared by the government was defective.

It was not taking proper care of the public interest and to punish the culprit seated at the top levels of governance.


Anna Hazare cannot file a PIL in SC. Because SC would say it is hypothetical. India needs reforms in system of elective representation. It is a time consuming process. This issue  can be taken up as a second step.


Lok Pal Bill with wide power has become inevitable and it is first step towards reforms. One should compare the quantum of corruption prevailing in India by comparing the quantum of Indian money in foreign banks to that of other developed countries.

Under the prevailing circumstances and the culture of Nehruvian Congress, people of India and Anna Hazare have no option but to go on fast to have a proper draft for Lok Pal Bill.


How an authority of a government can speak on behalf of parliament?

A minister is part and parcel of government. The spokespersons of ruling party are speaking on behalf of government.

The members of parliament are elected based on the comparative voted majority of the people of their respective constituency. They might have been supported by one or other party but they are considered the representative of all the people who voted for them, who did not vote to them and who did not vote for any one. That is, they represent all the people of their respective constituency.

Further when there are hundreds of persons in parliament, who are voted to parliament for the very purpose of presenting the voice of their people, why are they keeping mum? How can a minister talk on their behalf? Let the members of parliament come forward to say their view. The ministers should keep mum. Ministers or spoke persons need not play double roll.


Further it must be clear to the party or group of parties running the government, that the scope of the proposed Lok Pal was not forming a part of party or parties’ election manifesto/s. Thereby no party can take the people for granted on the Lok Pal Bill draft which has been pointed out for its defects.

The Ministry had agreed to have a Civil Society to prepare a draft of Lok Pal Bill. There is no ban on the ministry to accept such draft. The ministry could have invited and entertained discussion on material and merits on Jan Lok Pal Bill. But the government has always avoided the discussion. On the contrary it said to the members of Civil Society as to who are they to press government for discussion!

Now look at one more point. The team Anna has conducted referendum in the constituency of Kapil Sibbal on both the drafts viz. government prepared Lok Pal bill and Civil Society prepared Lok Pal Bill.

What was the result? 80% and above people have supported Jan Lok Pal Bill.

Kapil Sibbal has no courage to conduct referendum in any way. This indicates very clearly, as to where the government Lok Pal Bill stands for its democratic value.

It must be mentioned here that before the submission of the Jan Lok Pal Bill draft to the government, Anna Hazare had made it very clear before the public and before the government that he would not mind if the parliament does not pass the bill, but Jan Lok Pal Bill has to be placed before parliament.

Because, the aim of Anna Hazare is, people should know who are for and who are against the Jan Lok Pal Bill.

Nehruvian Congress wanted to play a crooked game because its conscious is guilty. It refused to submit the draft of Jan Lok Pal bill before the parliament.


The formation of Civil Society was in consultation with the Nehruvian Congress government. Was the Civil Society formed for a fun? Nehruvian Congress should confirm and say “yes, we had formed the Civil Society for a fun”. But Nehruvian Congress is hypocrite and it has floated a discussion on a fake controversy of supremacy. No member of parliament other than minister uses to take part in discussion is a matter of surprise and research.


Democracy means where a truth is honored, irrespective the level from where it has come.

In democracy the decisions are taken on material and merits.

Recall “Ramayana” where Rama and his ministry could not answer the points raised by the washer man. Though the issue was a person matter of Rama, but as per the tradition, king cannot have any different personal law. He cannot have a relaxation in personal law.

Do we want to step back ward than to the level where we were six thousand year back?

We had gone backward many times due to slavery. But now we will not.

Our learned analysts want to break their head to prove some thing else on hypothetical basis, that Anna Team is an extra constitutional authority and cannot issue instructions to parliament. Because if government surrenders to such extra constitutional pressures, it would collapse the system of parliament and can bring anarchy in our country.


It was a Nav Nirman Stir against corruption.




What was the point of corruption?

Contrary to this date there was no list of scams, frauds and scandals. No list of authorities who made money through unauthorized channels was known.

In 1972 after taking the credit on the victory over Pakistanin 1971, Indira Gandhi conducted the due election of Gujarat Assembly. Her Nehruvian Congress secured 140 seats out of 164 seats of Gujarat State Assembly.

Indira Gandhi was in habit of posting Chief Minister of her own choice instead of electing leader of the house through elected members of the party in the hall.

Indira posted Ghanshyambhai Oza. But the elected members were not for Ghanshyambhai Oza. Chimanbhai Patel took the lead and he made Ghanshyambhai Oza to resign. Chimanbhai Patel some how proved his majority before the observer team sent by the Central high command. Indira Gandhi had no option but to surrender to the majority member support to Chimanbhai Patel.

Chimanbhai Patel had sworn in as CM before a veteran Mahatma Gandhian leader and social worker Ravishankar Maharaj. Chimanbhai Patel became the CM against the will of Indira Gandhi though both belonged to the same party i.e. Nehruvian Congress alias Congress (J) means Congress lead by Jagjivanram.





The aim of Nehruvian Congress has always been remained to make money through unauthorized channel. When such money is made the effect is price rise.

The price rise in eatables caused the rise in food bill of an engineering college. This initiated Nav Nirman Stir. It was against corruption. Ground nut oil is a consumable item in Gujarat. It has good production and market in Gujarat. Chimanbhai Patel fixed the price or ground nut oil to Rs. 9.00 per kg and made announcement. But at the very next day the price went to Rs 9=25 per kg.

People smelt corruption. Agitation was launched to remove CM. It went to a critical stage. Ravishankar Maharaj a veteran Mahatma Gandhian and social worker before whom Chimanbhai Patel had sworn in as the CM, he asked Chimanbhai Patel to resign. Ravishankar Maharaj was considered the “Soul of Gujarat”. Next day Chimanbhai Patel resigned from the post of CM. Chimanbhai Patel wrote a book that from where, how and when Indira Gandhi collected money through unauthorized channels from Groundnut Oil Millers.



Agitation was supported by all the associations and Mahatma Gandhian leaders in Gujarat.

Agitation continued. The cause and source of corruption was not only CM but it was the Nehruvian Congress and Indira Gandhi herself. Agitation aimed to dissolve assembly.

Looking to the density of the agitation the members of Jan Sangh and Congress (O) resigned from the assembly membership. In every town and city, area wise Nav Nirman Samiti was formed. Those committees pressurized Nehruvian Congress MLAs to resign.

There were some instances of violence, but by and large the agitation was peaceful.

Jai Prakash Narayan and many other Sarvodaya leaders had visited Gujarat. They were astonished to learn that the agitation was against corruption. Hitherto they had observed agitations in other states for demands to have some government run industry or some big project. Contrary to this, the agitation in Gujarat was against corruption. They were very much impressed and they gave their full support.


Majority of the assembly members had resigned. Assembly was suspended long back. But Indira Gandhi tried to adopt delaying tactics as per her inherited culture. She was under impression that agitation cannot run for indefinite period. Sooner or later people would get tired, and then she would conduct bye-elections to fill up vacant posts.

But she was proved wrong. Agitation continued and it was becoming stronger and stronger. Mararji Desai went on indefinite fast. Ultimately the Assembly was dissolved. No body had raised a point of extra constitutional authority. It may be due to the then learned analysts of politics, were enough learned entities and were not confused by what is written in some books and what is written on the walls.

Indira Gandhi imposed presidential rule. She started making delay in mid-term election, so that she can get sufficient time to divide the people by castes and creeds in Gujarat. KHAM (Kshatrya, Harijan, Adivasi and Muslim) theory put to work.





Again agitation was launched. Again Morarji Desai went on indefinite fast. Then Assembly elections were declared. Janata Front came to power.

Gujarat agitation instigated Jai Prakash Narayan to launch nation wide agitation. Meanwhile Allahabad High Court set aside the election of Indira Gandhi from Raibareli and it also disqualified Indira Gandhi for six years.

Indira Gandhi imposed emergency and made changes in constitution to re-establish her MP-ship. India learnt a lot lessons from the anarchy created by a party who had absolute majority in parliament. The learned political analysts should learn a perspective culture of party which got elected through a defective and not fully reliable system of people’s representation. They should identify the thick and illusive wall of demarcation of people’s representatives and the people’s voice in reality.




Anna Hazare may be a poorly literate person. But Jai Prakash Narayan was not. Jai Prakash Narayan was a laureate and social scientist. Anna Hazare may not use technical language of social science. But his conclusions are proper and meet the democratic requirements. Anna Hazare has vast experience on the aptitudes, attitudes and aims of bureaucrats and politicians especially that of Nehruvian Congress and its allies.


Indira imposed emergency by which learned political analysts should have realized that Indian political system including the constitution was not able to provide democratic freedom where a truth can get respect irrespective from where it comes. Not only this, whatever comes from the Number One of the ruling party is the only truth and it must be honored at any cost to the nation. The latter has to be termed and has to be realized as anarchy.

Fortunately many veteran Gandhian leaders and thinkers were alive and they could guide the people of poor India on importance of democracy in 1977. The emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi collapsed of its own Burden.




Indira Gandhi along with her party got miserable defeat.

The new government lead by Morarji Desai of Janata Front made changes in constitution so that no mad and power hungry PM can take nation on ban.


Agitation launched by Team of Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev, RSS, VHP or whosoever are more trustworthy than the MPs of Nehruvian Congress. At the most the result would be dissolution of parliament. The dissolution of parliament should come as early as possible if the government really committed to democratic values.

The manifesto of each party should be precise on scope of political reforms.


Following wings should be constituted independent in all respect. Staff and offices.

1     Administrative wing (Government)

2     Legislative wing (Parliament, State Assemblies and local bodies)

3     Investigative wing (Lok Pal & VC & CBI)

4     Judiciary wing (SC, HC & other courts and tribunals)

5     Information wing (CIC & SIC)

6     Census cum Election wing (Central and State Election plus census cum Voters Council Commission which would conduct all types of voters meetings on common cum single platform)

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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