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“I WANT YOU TO SUFFER MISERABLY EVEN AT THE COST OF MY OWN DEATH (hun marun pan tane raand karun = હું મરું પણ તને રાંડ કરું)” SAYS ADVANI

It is hardly possible that somebody can agree to the stand taken by Advani.

Discipline in Party is irrespective of post

The contents of the resignation letter which has been made public by Advani, contradicts his own advice which he had given to other leaders long back. This advice was that internal matter should not be made public to prevent harming situation to the party. Otherwise also, Advani is mature enough to understand that what he has mentioned in his letter is an internal matter of BJP. This is because he has not resigned from BJP.

Had Advani resigned from BJP, he had liberty to make his letter public.

Double standards

Now the message is that Advani has no value of his words. Or he wants double standards. One is for himself. Other is for other leaders. One for himself means he has full liberty to make anything public irrespective of that could be harmful to BJP or not. The other standard for other leaders is that, that the others should to be disciplined in the party and not to disclose internal matters. Advani has given this message only.

Baseless Allegations on members

Now Advani says that he has noticed that some leaders are working for personal interest. To glorify and emphasize his point, he has further linked the names of other founder leaders of Jan Sangh to his statement. Shyama Prasad Mukharjee, Din Dayal Upadhyay and many others.

Advani’s statement looks not only funny but also ridiculous to even common mass. Advani is doing emotional blackmailing. Advani has linked great names in specific but the alleged persons without specifying the names.

It is also not clear as to how old his observations are. It must be not old but be very recent.

Is it that is, he did not like Modi and he did like those leaders who favored Modi?

Now suppose this is not true. Advani’s observations are older than the last three days, then what had he done so far to prevent alleged leaders for not becoming self centered?

There is a rumor that all this happened because Advani does not like Modi.

Advani had praised the CM of Madhya Pradesh. He had said that Gujarat was OK from the beginning and Modi had made it better, but MP had been a sick state. Shivraj Sinh Chauhan has made it healthy.

A message was concluded by many that Advani wanted Shivraj Sinh Chauhan to be promoted as PM for next Lok Sabha election campaign. Had he discussed this matter with his executive colleagues before making such announcement provided he really wanted so? Because this is a matter of policy of party. Advani or no body enjoys power to make arbitrary announcement on party’s policy unless the party’s authorized body has taken such decision.

Is it that Advani wanted to give a message to the public that this was his personal opinion and he wanted to make it public? Off course this line of action cannot be considered as a fair one. This is because he had not even discussed this point with Shivraj Sinh Chauhan. Because when message taken as a view point of Advani and it spread out and Shivraj Sinh had been taken as substitute of Modi, Shivraj Sinh Chauhan clarified and said “ I amnot a candidate of PM’s post. I do not stand even for number third”.

What action had been taken by Advani? He is not supposed to be mum like a Nehruvian, because he is not supposed to adopt a well condemned practice of Nehruvians.

Now suppose Advani does not like Modi. If this is true, then what are the points? Had he discussed those points with Modi? Had he conveyed such points to Modi? Had he conveyed such points to his colleagues?

Further why had Advani not clarified that since when had he made his dislike for Modi functional?  Off course it must be only long after 2002 riots. This is because on explanation from Narendra Modi about his roll which he had played to discharge his duties, all the people and the members in the conference wanted Narendra Modi to continue as CM of Gujarat.   

Now suppose Advani likes Modi, but he does not like Modi as a candidate for PM post. Has Advani discussed this matter along with its ground with his Colleagues?

Now suppose Advani wants to give a message to his colleagues those have favored Modi by accepting him as the chief of election council, are all self centered because they favored Narendra Modi for the reason that Narendra Modi can fetch votes and power for BJP.  What is wrong if somebody desire to gain power with democratic means within his own party, when he/she is not aware of any points even not conveyed by a leader like Advani? How can Advani allege his colleagues arbitrarily?

There is also a rumor that Advani wants to be a candidate of BJP for the post of PM. If this is correct he should have conveyed to his colleagues. Why should Advani play unfair games within his own party?

Wherever you put your figure, you find fault with Advani in this matter.

In Gujarati there is a proverb I want you to suffer even at the cost of my death.

In democracy the people’s voice has to be honored. Advani failed miserably to honor people’s desire.

Shirish M. Dave

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