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WOW !!! WHAT A CULTURE … of Nehruvian Congress … !!!

The elections of Karnataka state Assembly are over.

The election result produced a hung assembly

BJP got 104 Ssats, Nehruvian Congress got 78 seats, JDS+ got 38 seats and others got 2

Now as per the guide line prescribed under Sarkaria Commission report, the Governor is supposed to invite the leader of the first single largest party to form a government provided it has submitted the claim.

Supreme Court Approval:

It is specifically mentioned in the report, this first single largest party should be invited to form the government. Any alliance formed, after the poll results, would be over looked. Supreme Court too, had approved this criteria.

The BJP leader had submitted his claim.

The Governor of Karnataka state, invited the leader of the First Single largest party viz. BJP who had secured 104 seats.

What is the view of INC (Indian Nehruvian Congress)?

When the vote counting was in progress, and the Nehruvian Congress realized that it has no scope of getting sufficient seats to qualify as the first single largest party, and it has also realized that BJP is to get qualified as a first single largest party, Nehruvian Congress announced that it would support the 3rd single largest party to form the government. i.e. the leader of 3rd single largest party must submit its claim to form the government.

This looks very much funny

Nehruvian Congress is well known for its corruption, fraud, lies and scandals. It was also known to the Nehruvian Congress leaders that if it submits its claim to form the government, then JDS (Janata Dal Secular) would not support the Nehruvian Congress. That is why Nehruvian Congress tempted JDS to submit its claim to form the government. Nehruvian Congress propagated heavily its opinion under its so-called democratic understanding that the BJP should not submit its claim. BJP which is the First Single Largest Party if submits its claim it would be immoral, undemocratic and murder of democracy. If the Governor invites the 3rd Single largest Party viz. JDS, it would be full of moral values, democratic and constitutional.

That is according to Nehruvian Congress, the Governor of Karnataka state must reject the claim of 1st Single Largest party. 2nd largest party is not willing to submit its claim hence the governor must invites 3rd single largest party to form its government.

Does this not look ridiculous?

It may look ridiculous, but Nehruvian Congress has its own “Humpty Dumpty Dictionary” to define political terminologies.



The governor has to use his/her discretion as to who can form the stable government.

More the number of parties more to be prone to unstable.

Parties having less number of seats can form an unstable government. A well-known evidence is available in Indian political history. To keep the first single largest party away from forming the government, 2nd and 3rd and 4th single largest parties supported the  fifth single largest party to form the government and the leader of the fifth single largest party was having the strength of one seat. It was the leader himself.

Here, in the case of the Karnataka election, the situation is not exactly the same. But if the two post-election allied parties where the party having small seat strength becomes the leading party then they are more prone to give unstable government. Otherwise also they have no well thought out, program, discussion, mutual understanding of the issues and policy matters. They are more prone to get collapsed. Had they been pre-poll alliance they could have settled, issues and policy and could have prepared common minimum program. There could be a differences among elected members and can have serious problem in post poll alliances.

 Nehruvian Congress had never clear concepts about democracy. It is beyond their brain. JL Nehru was self-recognized socialist. “Socialist” means traditional communist. However there is little difference between the ideology of JL Nehru and Communist. By virtue of vicinity of MK Gandhi and his struggle for independence from British through the non-violence and democratic way, JL Nehru was not in position to talk of autocracy. Let us keep this topic away, but inherently Nehruvian Congress believes in autocracy. It appears like that.


If you have a say, if you are heard, if you are honored, if you are replied then you are living in a party honoring the democratic values.

But in a post-poll alliance, there is no scope for a member to submit his SAY, no chance to be heard, no scope to be replied. Leave aside the point of being honored.


Nehruvian Congress does not understand the meaning of Pre-poll alliance and post-poll alliance.

Party is formed by its principles and policy. Like minded persons form a party. Give a name to the party. An alliance with some other party, is a policy matter. Before taking a decision on any matter, related with policy, it is mandatory in democracy, to discuss the matter in a general body meeting, so that the members can submit their SAY. Then a resolution is to be passed.

What to talk of general body? A resolution approved by the then Nehruvian Congress ministry in power, was torn out by Rahul Gandhi the prince of Sonia. Sonia is the wife of Rajiv Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi was the son of Indira Gandhi, Indira Gandhi was the daughter of Jawahar Lal Nehru and Jawahar Lal Nehru was failed in ICS competitive examination of British, the father of Jawahar Lal Nehru Moti Lal Nehru. Moti Lal Nehru was one of the founder member of Indian National Congress. This Moti Lal Nehru asked Mahatma Gandhi to settle JL Nehru in politics.

When India was on verge to get independence, the central working Committee had called for the proposals for the post of Prime Minister. No provincial Committee had put forward the name of Jawaharlal Nehru for PM-Ship in 1946, despite of this, Jawahar Lal Nehru did not withdraw his candidature for PM-Ship, despite of Mahatma Gandhi brought this point to his notice. Jawaharlal Nehru ignored the verdict of his party and gave an indirect message that if he would not be made leader of the party he would generate a split in the party. At that time India was facing crucial issue  of maintaining united India after independence. At that crucial time JL Nehru indicated symptoms of breaking of the party. This became the basic culture which was put forward by Nehru. The daughter of JL Nehru, viz Indira Gandhi, not only degraded heavily, but murdered not only the political values but also the social values of the Indian politics.

Despite of serial defeats Nehruvian Congress is not ready to improve its culture. The leaders of Nehruvian Congress feel that they have all liberty to blame anybody on any issue and can abuse anybody by any name.

The governor of Karnataka invited the leader of 1st single largest party to form the government. The Nehruvian Congress party went to the Supreme Court at midnight and challenged the governor’s decision, as being undemocratic and unconstitutional. Nehruvian Congress asked the SC to put a stay on the governor’s decision. The Supreme Court did not give any stay on the decision of the governor, and it also rejected demand. Further the court asked the governor of Karnataka to appoint a provisional Speaker of the house to conduct voting of the elected members to see if the invited leader possesses the clear majority or not on the floor of the Assembly.

The Governor appointed Mr. Bopaiah as the speaker from the elected members of house.  

Nehruvian Congress started agitation against the order of Supreme Court. Called the governor by abusive words and further threaten the country that there would be blood shed on the roads.

Nehruvian Congress also challenged the appointment of provisional speaker viz. Mr. Bopaiah stating that the provisional speaker is a bias one on the record and not even he is the senior most.

As for allegation “Bias” it had been already decided by the SC and the allegation was set aside by the Supreme Court long back in some other case.

As for the seniority it is difficult to understand the logic of the Nehruvian Congress leaders. According to the Nehruvian Congress, the definition of the seniority is the oldest member among all the other members in the house.

Funny part is that nowhere such definition existed. Even in Government services the seniority is based upon length of service in the same cadre. Mr. Bopaiah had completed more than two terms as MLA and he was the speaker twice.     


Nehruvian Congress leaders are heavily active on calling by names the person they dislike, irrespective of the post occupied by the targeted person. The targeted person could be an ordinary MLA, a MP, a Minister, a Chief Minister, the Prime Minister, a Governor or even a Supreme Court Judge too. Nehruvian Congress leaders belong to a dynastic party where a person belonged to the Nehruvian dynasty, is only honorable, none else unless he/she is faithful to the dynasty.

RaGa says our party possesses a school of thoughts, we believe in love, we believe in uniting the nation, we have sacrificed for nation, we care for democratic rights of people, we care for poor, whereas the BJP leaders have no principles, they hates others, they divide the nation, none of them have fought for independence, they are autocrat, they do not care for the poor mass.

Actually all these statements very well applies to themselves. We do not need to go into the proof. The very recent approach of its one of the leaders under a discussion on TV channels, proves that how much hypocrisy they possessed. E.g. A leader calls Narendra Modi a murderer of democracy because he attended the marriage ceremony of the daughter of Nawaz Sharif and gave a saree in gift to his wife in Pakistan. Recall, Indira Gandhi had gifted a portion of POK (which was captured by Indian military in the Indo-Pak war 1971) to Bhutto under Shimla Pact. The same Nehruvian Congress woman had put 66000+  persons inclusive of veteran Mahatma Gandhians, behind the bars for indefinite period without any existence of the offence at their end and without any prosecution.

Nehruvian Congress men are calling the Governor of Karnataka a dog. When this was opposed in a TV Channel under a discussion, the leader was not found apologetic, but he defended “I love dogs” and then diverted the matter. Means if you love dogs, there is nothing wrong, you have permit to call a dog to anybody. This is the logic of leaders of Nehruvian Congress.

What is the fault with other animals? We love every animal. All the animals are innocent, thankful and lovely. It may be cow, horse, donkey, pig, or a fox too. Should we call these leaders of Nehruvian Congress a fox or a donkey? But I think that would the insult of these animals.

Further, look at this …

Nehruvian Congi leaders called him NIKKAMMAA in 1997 then toppled him

Nikkammaa means USELESS. ” निकम्मा”

Now they want to oblige him by tempting his son to become the Prime Minister. This is the level of their words.

Congress has to wait for the full process of JDS is invited and proves its majority on the floor of house. Failure of Yadurappa is not enough.

Shirish M. Dave

There is poem in Gujarati, where a Camel says: “Here in this world no body is straight;

Parrot’s beak is not straight, crane’s neck is not straight, Dogs tail is not straight, Elephant’s trunk is not straight, Buffalo’s horns are not straight, Tiger’s nails are not straight … “ On hearing this,  the fox said to the camel, that as for other animals only one limb is not straight, but as for you, all your eighteen limbs are not straight.

Nehruvian Congress is like Camel.  

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Since we are in democratic nation we are supposed to have differences. This can be minimized with communication in right direction.


It is better not to mix two drafts of Lok Pal Bill.



Joke Pal bill put up by the government, lead by Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited


Jan Lok Pal bill submitted by Civil Society.


When we say only Lok Pal, then it creates confusion among common mass. Lok Pal of the government is useless and it has lot of loop wholes.


Jan Lok Pals covers many aspects like Citizen Charter and responsibility of the wings entrusted with justice. But separate bill by the Congi on citizen charter is a fun. Similarly to keep CBI out side Lok Pal by the government is also to make Lok Pal ineffective.


Why Anna does not talk about Black money?


As I understand that all the people who want some reforms including political reforms have liberty to decide their priorities. Anna has a liberty to have priority on Jan Lok Pal Bill. Baba Ramdev has priority on Black money. Swami Subrahmanian has priority on the filed litigation.


In fact “black money” is not a proper term.


As per legal interpretation Black money is a civil matter. In reality the black money is not simply black money only, but this money is RED Money also. Red money means money involved in criminal activities including terrorism.


Leaders of Nehruvian Congress, Sharad, RBI top officers, ISI, Pakistan government including Daud, Bangladesh, Mauritius are heavily involved in the scams of Fake currency notes and black-red money. So far UPA is in power there cannot be any hope for any meaningful action under present system on black-red money and illegal accounts of Indians in foreign banks. This is because UPA’s commitment on proceedings on black money is a fraud.


Our legal system is not capable to handle this promptly, unless we provide Jan Lok Pal as a constitutional authority. For Lok Pal Bill Nehruvian Congress has commitment and this point can be taken to public on merits.

Where are we confused and lost? 

But unfortunately, instead of this, we find some learned persons trying to create confusion  for the people, which may due to either lacking in sense of significance or ill knowledge or own interest. We can understand the vested interest of Nehruvian Cong leaders on misinterpretation of its Lok Pal Bill as a strong Lok Pal bill, but the interpretation of some others on the term Lok Pal in general is misguiding.

Let is not highlight the differences: 

Any way at this stage, we should take Anna as a person. Let us view his fight as a fight for a cause. Kiran Bedi and some others of Anna’s team are lacking in strategy even if they present them selves as public spirited persons.

Take up issue one by one

Fight has to be taken up with one by one issue. Mahatma Gandhi had fought like that only.

We should not forget that Mahatma Gandhi had understanding on widely spread mass of India. He had matured, foresighted and well thought political strategies. He had management skills and sense of significance. We should not expect and search for such calibre in other leader who is fighting for public interest.


Instead of concentrating on finding out faults with a person or a team which is fighting for a good cause, we should take some possible burden on our head for fighting for the reforms. This applies on every body who thinks them selves as nationalist, learned and wise or otherwise also.


To me we should have only one point program at a time like this:


Constitutional Jan Lok Pal Bill,

If not and or if it fails and otherwise also,


Launch agitation to dissolve parliament,

If not or otherwise also,


Defeat Nehruvian Congress of India and its past, present and would be allies in all the forthcoming elections,


Political reforms,


Prosecute all the leaders of Nehruvian Congress of India and their allied leaders and punish them. Disqualify their parties.


Remove the names of Nehruvians from all the projects, schemes and landmarks. Remove their statues and paintings as the case may be from roads, gardens and public buildings.

One equally important point is not to create and float any other subject for discussion like, Muslims, Vedas, Atheist, Theist, Christians, RSS, Undivided India, subjects of worship, temples, etc… In fact Nehruvian Congress of
India wants some people who are having crisis and or complex of identification, to float less relevant or insignificant or even irrelevant subjects for discussion. This is with a view to divert the attention of mass to divert the attention from frauds, scams, scandals and blunders of Nehruvian Congress leaders, and to divide people.

We should not give any coverage to the persons who are Anti-Anna, Anti-Modi, Anti-Ramdev, Anti-Subramanian. This is necessary to avoid indirect negative image on the people fighting against Nehruvian Congress and its allies.

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Attack at mid night

Unless the mass becomes active to show its indignation to sacks the UPA government lead by Nehruvian Congress prematurely out like what the people of Gujarat had done to the Nehruvian Congress in 1974 (wherein the Nehruvian Congress had absolute majority i.e. 140 seats out of 164 seats in the state Assembly) and dethroned in the subsequent assembly election, the people of India will have to wait for scheduled general election of the parliament.


As for 1974 the people of Gujarat had not very concrete examples of corruption against Nehruvian Congress, but the price rise in ground nut oil was the symptom of corruption. The Chief Minister who was not in good book of Indira Firoz Nehru Gandhi, had to resign under the public pressure. To take the credit of resignation of the CM, the local leaders of Nehruvian Congress had spread rumours that it was due to their own efforts only the CM viz Chimanbhai Patel had to resign. Indira Firoz Nehru Gandhi had a thought that if the said CM would resign, she would be able to kill the time and would survive. But unfortunate to some veteran Mahatma Gandhian leaders were still alive at that time and they had a good footing in Gujarat, the Nava-Nirman Stir continued and the members belonged to Nehruvian Congress of assembly resigned one by one. The Opposition party members viz. Congress (Organisation) had already resigned when a call was given by the leaders of Nava-Nirman Stir. Indira had no option but to suspend the Assembly. She had a game plan to conduct by-elections of the seats fell vacant, but the public opinion was very strong against her and it was impossible for her to face the consequences. Ultimately the assembly was dissolved.

At present we are facing a grave situation. Contrary to earlier situation of 1974, at present the allegations related to corruption are clear and visible at very large scale.  Further it is not only a matter of Black Money only, it is Red Money too. The amount involved is extremely large. Nehruvian Congress government is not in position to give philosophical replies.



However the minus points are that the media is not reflecting the feeling of the common mass. Media is creating controversy. It appears that media is interested in making money through under table deals. That is why instead of concentrating on the un-democratic attitude of Nehruvian Congress, it provides wide coverage and invite discussions on patriotic songs of Sushma Swaraj and the interpretation of Diggu on it wherein Digg has designated Sushma Swaraj as a dancer and further said that Sushma was enjoying at Gandhi’s Samadhi.
Media has neither given appropriate coverage to the remarks of Shanti Bhusan, Subrahmanian Swami and Narendra Modi nor invited any discussion on it.
When media is yellow, the people of
India have to go a long way to fight for re-establishment of democratic rights and human values.
Media is already concentrating creating controversy among the leaders fighting against corruption.


Nehruvian Congress wants to give a message to the people of

to have money is an offence,

to grow vegetation for herbal medicine is an offence.

to have ashram buildings is an offence,

to prepare medicine and sell it out is an offence,

to run yoga classes is an offence,

to run TV channels is an offence,

to have followers in India and abroad is also an offence,

to form trust is an offence,

Every thing by which you can contribute to nation and the society is an offence.

You can be down graded if you are against Nehruvian Congress.

And nothing is offence if you call some body mad, hypocrite, cheat, fraud, thief, murderer, killer, robber, if you are in Congress.

As soon as the talk between, Nehruvian Congress leaders and Baba Ramdev failed, Digg came out with large scale and loud statements calling Ramdev with all the bad words.



What was his party doing if really Ramdev was the man as he has been designated by Digg? Now either Ramdev should be behind the bar or Digg and his party leaders should be behind the bars without any delay.

If there would be any delay on the part of UPA, every of its parties should be disqualified as a political party. There can not be any option to it if we want moral values in democracy.


To justify the un-democratic and so-called strong police action Nehruvian Congress has the record to get declared itself a communal.

What is communal? It is the culture of Nehruvian Congress as to wherever RSS and VHP leaders are involved even marginally or controversially, the whole matter has to be declared as communal.


You can have multiple advantages.

One is you have a liberty to crush the agitation ruthlessly and pet your back that how much determined you are as you can act mercilessly on communal people.

Second advantage is that you can give a clear message that you are the only party who can safe guard the minorities.


Third advantage could be that the USA will never dream of you to refuse VISA.

Because once you have crushed the majority on the ground of religion, you are fully qualified for the US Visa. Once you qualify for the US Visa, the puppy UK will give you Visa without even you apply for it. Yes if it can refuse Narendra Modi in absence of his application, the UK ought to give you Visa in absence of an application too.



RSS and VHP have no democratic and human rights leave aside constitutional rights.

Recall, Roman period the slaves had no rights. Further the leaders of Nehruvian Government are trying to interpret the agitation as it is lead by Hindus.  The leaders of RSS and VHP are backing the agitation.

This indicates that Nehruvian leaders want to stamp the agitation as communal. Once the word communal is stamped on the agitation, the message given to minorities is that minorities are not safe under the agitators. We the Nehruvians are the only wise leaders always ready to safe guard your interest.



It is the similar strategy that was adopted by Indira Gandhi after her defeat in Gujarat Assembly in 1975 and during emergency.  Nehruvian Congress leaders were heavily spreading the message that the government was in fact working for poor the same did not like to upper class. The Nava Nirman Stir was against poor mass. The emergency was imposed to set right this upper class. Our aim is to uplift the backward class and poor mass. The upper class wants you lower class people to remain poor for all the time.

Similarly this time Nehruvian Congress leaders will try very hard to give a message that we are for democratic values but the fundamentalists try to disturb the atmosphere of brotherhood and they want to spread the communal hatred to destabilise the peacefully living minorities under one or other controversy.



Believe me some inherently pro-Nehruvian Congress persons have already activated the non-issues of Hindus vs Non-Hindus through internet and they try to instigate BJP to act with religion related agenda. They have two aims.

First aim is to curtail Hindu votes on the plea that BJP is power hungry and does not care for Hindus as it has kept the Hindu Agenda aside.

The second aim is to generate fear among minorities that if BJP would come to power it will surrender to Hindu fundamentalists.

Both are totally false.  Nehruvians go to any low level damn extent to retain power at any cost to the nation.



Do not overestimate your self. Politicians are politicians. They are to be viewed in their perspective and proportion. One cannot and one should not generalise politicians. If politicians poke their nose everywhere, you have to poke your nose in politics. You may accept power, you may not accept power.


Mahatma Gandhi was also in politics. Jai Prakash Narayan was also in politics. The ultimate aim of Dayanand Saraswati was to free India from slavery.  That was also a politics. Morarji Desai was also in politics. Morarji Desai brought the democracy on track. Power itself is not bad.


To achieve power is not a bad character. Power should not be achieved by bad means as to what Indira Gandhi, Charan Singh and Chandra Shekhar did. There are many large amount of so-called elite who are always active to launch discussions on minimum qualification for politician, maximum age for politicians, maximum period of holding power for politicians etc… all are fake games and part of a game of one or other political groups. Condemn them. The moral values and skills are to be honoured not the certificates, age and gender.


Take help of political party like BJP, missionaries like VHP and RSS and BJD. Disqualify all those who were with, who are with and who have proposed to ally with UPA. i.e. CPIM, Muslim League, BSP, RJD, SP of Mulayam, DMK, ADMK, and many regional parties. Never take their support because they are the party with Nehruvian Congress.  Also avoid people like Medha, Arundhati, Tista, Mallika and Agnivesh as they are facing crisis of identification and their tongue can harm your cause.

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