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RSS was not banned for indefinite period.

One can agree that a common man of RSS be scared of going to jail. Are the leaders of RSS too are supposed to be scared of Jail?

RSS was not banned for a very long time.

Why it could not be banned for indefinite period, because in democracy it can be challenged in a court of law.


Godse had killed MK Gandhi, but his action was not supported by any resolution passed by the general body or working committee of RSS.

Further the constitution of RSS does not provide to kill a Hindu, leave aside Muslims. In 1948, some leaders of RSS might have been arrested who had been doubted for their awareness of the plan of Godse and support to the plan.

Most RSS leaders were not proved guilty. This is because Godse had decided of his own.

Veer Savarkar was also not punished as a party with Godse. He was banned for social activities. Madanlal was punished to life imprisonment who had tried to kill MK Gandhi . Madanlal’s plan was failed. There was a group and had prepared plans. The third plan was successful. And all of the eight accused were convicted for preparing plan and executing it. Godse and Apte were hanged. Other six were punished with life imprisonment.


Now as per Gandhi and otherwise also, a person who loves its nation, and if it wants to make its nation an independent nation, it has right to agitate.

If Godse had moral right then MK Gandhi had moral right, as well as legal right too, to express. It was not Gandhi who failed to control carnages. It was the government that failed, the government which had power to control the situation. Gandhi had no power.

If Godse wanted to play insurgency against Gandhi he could have discussed the disputes with Gandhi. He could have given a notice for discussion before he decided to kill him.

Recall and remember. According to Indian culture, a notice for conducting negotiation need to be given before waging a war. It was Government and power holders in the government required to be targeted by Godse. The target could never be Gandhi for Godse.

Culprits were punished. But what was about many other leaders of RSS? There were many injustice on Hindus and on India where the interest of India was hurt.


Nehruvian policy on Tibet, China, Burma had made irreparable harm to India and Indian society.

If RSS was against division of India, what did it do when Iskander Mirza had suggested for Federal Union of Pakistan and India in 1955?

Are these issues, political issues only? Not at all. They were highly related with the security and interest of India.

RSS cannot shirk from the responsibilities from keeping mum on such national issues when it passes the blame of partition of India on MK Gandhi.

RSS kept mum. Is it because RSS was banned? Not at all. RSS was banned only for few months from Feb. 1948. I myself was a member of Saurashtra High School Shakha in 1949 to 1951 in Rajkot. There was no ban on RSS. And otherwise also, RSS members and leaders are citizens of India, and the rights of citizen always prevail.

Is it that the RSS leaders were frustrated due to mass arrests during 1948?

Is it that the RSS leaders were scared of jail?

Had the RSS leaders believed as, had they been agitated against Nehruvian Congress on Tibet, China, Burma and Pakistan issues, they would had been sent to jail?

No. Not all all.

One must know that the then opposition leaders in Parliament had very badly opposed the policy of Nehru. But they had no adequate mass support to uproot the Nehruvian Government in subsequent elections. RSS leaders had simply ignored the matter. RSS leaders could have mobilized the mass and could have provided support of mass to the opposition parties. But the RSS leaders had not tried at all.

Are the RSS leaders scared of punishment?

Yes. It appears like that. At the time of general elections in 1980, the RSS leaders did not come out for preventing Indira Ghandi to come to power, though this Indira Ghandi had executed may scams and frauds with the nation. Simla Pact with Pakistan, Deal with Union Carbide, Imposition of Emergency and political lift to Bhindaranwale to make him politically stronger. This Bhindaranwale had opened the doors of India for cross border terrorists, these were the good reasons to prevent Indira Ghandi to power in 1980.

Is it that the RSS leaders are hypocrite, timid and lacking in sense of wisdom?

The nationalist persons have to be always at war at least to fight out with a pen if not with a sword. But as per the RSS it says that they don’t believe in non-violence. They believe in violence.

If it is like that, then they should had fought out with violence, no need to have phobia of Mahatma Gandhi.    

Leave this aside. Discussion on MK Gandhi is no way significant. He is dead. Otherwise also he had no power.


Nehruvians are alive.

Nehruvians always remained in politics and only politics for power posts.

Nehruvians held power post and that too Number One Power Post,

Nehruvians were and are paid from public money.

Nehruvians misused their power at large scale for their own benefit.

Nehruvians divided people of India, they made money through scandals, frauds and scams. They have lot of money by which they can control media and vote bank. They are not least significant. They have culture to topple any government by any means and at any cost to the nation.


Now Narendra Modi has come to power. He is Neo-Mahatma Gandhi. Support him with big hand. Get rid of misconceptions about MK Gandhi. Gandhi is not relevant to fight a war against Nehruvian Congress. Uproot Nehruvian Congress to establish social morals and dignity of India.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Apology is vague term being used to trap BJP and NaMo.


It is nothing but decisive stupidity to give exclusive treatment to 2002 riots of Godhra Aftermath.

These riots had taken place as a reaction of blazing of Railway coach where 59 Hindus were burnt alive, under a planned conspiracy of a local leader of nehruvian congress of Godhra (this local leader had run away in Pakistan soon after blazing the coach). If on account of Godse, the whole of RSS is Godse, then it is beyond doubt that whole Nehruvian Congress and its allies are terrorists. Godse at least was devoted to his (decisive) thoughts, he did not ran away from the spot he killed MK Gandhi. But here in case of the blazing of the railway coach conspiracy of Nehruvian Congress leader, ran away to a country which is the source of production of terrorists.


Only individuals are not only the living organism. Each group of living organism is also a living organism with different properties, behavior and aims. Refer “One and One only Not even Two” on “Advait” at treenetramDOTwordpressDOTcom.

How can one expect Gujaratis to behave like saints, in this India whose atmosphere has been spoiled as a result of Nehruvian Congi’s rule of 60 years with anarchy?


Who is qualified to ask Gujaratis to behave like saints? No one is qualified.

Now look here. As for every terrorists act, Muslims and the pseudo secular use to say, it was a reaction of Muslims, due to demolition of Babri mosq at Ayodhya. Such reactions are in multiples in numbers, and appears to remain for unlimited times, right from 1993 Bombay blasts to 2008 multiple blasts.

Then how do the Muslims and the pseudo secular can qualify them selves, to defame others?


Look if Nehruvian Congress would continue to rule, the Muslims are likely to see worst situation for them due to the double standards of pseudo secular and nehruvian congress.

Soon India would get converted into a communal country like Pakistan. Pakistan is horrible for other other religions.


Narendra Modi knows very well that for the common mass, the main problem is the monetary problem. Development can solve all problems. That is why people go to Gulf countries, European countries and America. Why poor mass from Bangladesh, infiltrates into India? They infiltrate mostly for searching some job, barring some political reasons.

Fortunately Narendra Modi is becoming popular and most likely to take over the rein of India is good for Muslims in India, because under the 11 year rule of NaMo, Gujarat is peaceful and does not show any reaction even the Muslim terrorists had attacked Akshardham Temple and some other places with several blast thereafter. If nehruvian cong and pseudo secular cannot have culture to appreciate this, hell is ready for them. When the God wants to destroy some body, he makes them to get lost by their brain. 

The irrational Muslims and pseudo secular should be thankful to NaMo and the people of Gujarat that they decided to remain in peace despite of several odds. Why don’t you call them saint? They have stopped reacting despite of the decisive role of Nehruvian congress in governance.

वचने किं दरिद्रता


I do have the reply. It is just like a question to put a person into a trap, against his NO FOUL or principles.

One should compare this episode just like Nehruvian Cong and its allies along with some secular ask Narendra Modi (to trap him), as to why Narendra Modi does not submit apology for the Godhra After Math?

According to this pseudo Secular gang, the GANG wants Modi, to make Modi responsible for the killings, on the plea that Narendra Modi was the CM, and thereby he was responsible for the Godhra Aftermath.

But Modi is clever enough to void the trap. He knows that this pseudo secular gang wants to trap him, by picking him up, exclusively. He puts a question. He says if I am guilty hang me. How one can relieve a guilty person on his apology?

This is because; many riots have taken place in India and also in Gujarat. Many of them were even bigger than 2002 of Gujarat. None of the CMs was asked to submit apology. Why only Narendra Modi exclusively is being asked to submit apology?

Similar is the case with Capital punishment to Bhagat Singh.

British asked Gandhi to request British government to reduce the punishment from capital punishment to some lower one. By asking MK Gandhi like this, they wanted to trap MK Gandhi on his principle of nonviolence. If Gandhi requests the British Government the way it wanted, the British were very much ready to trap Gandhi, to contradict him and can abuse him for his double standards. Off course MK Gandhi was the last person to deviate from his faith. He said bluntly that he is in principle against the capital punishment. Otherwise also, Gandhi had said very clearly on many occasion that British government had proved not trust worthy. British government had failed in keeping their words.

However at this moment of time, it is not desirable to favor the floating of such controversial or even any matter that can defame Mahatma Gandhi, because according to many the call of the current period is to concentrate to defeat Nehruvian Congress.

MK Gandhi is widely honored all around the world. He has become a man of inspiration of many great people. If he would be abused by some body, the group to which the critics belong, would become unauthentic and unreliable. Similar would be for Modi where Modi will be honored equally.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Nehruvian Congress is a GONE CASE


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has projected Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the party. Narendra Modi was otherwise also very much active. After his selection as the Prime Ministerial candidate, he has become very much active and he has floated several issue base questions before ruling parties at center and at the relevant states associated with  Nehruvian Congress.

 The land side success and victory of Narendra Modi and BJP in all the Hindi speaking four states, has wiped out Nehruvian Congress.

What is the present mindset of Nehruvian Congress leaders and its allies?


Modi is Now the Lion of India

The allies of Nehruvian Congress were not much in the picture significantly but they too are wiped out and most of them have lost their deposit. They have not received any coverage due to their insignificance in the fight. They have kept mum on the efforts and success of Narendra Modi.

But the all level failure in all the fields has posed before the Nehruvian Congress a big problem.

However look at the excuses of its leaders. Somehow they are not ready to accept the Modi-Effect in the election. They are still trying to negate Modi-Effect.

Why Nehruvian Congress is not worried for its failure in performance?

This is because:

Still money plays a big role in winning elections,

Still caste, religion, language and can play a role in dividing voters,

Media too can play a big role to mislead common mass and learned people.

This is because poor mass is looking for short term and immediate attention of its problems of starving. Let it be a short term effect.

Media and learned persons are purchasable. They can use philosophical meaningless language for hiding the failure of Nehruvian Congress to misguide the mass. It can also prevent mass by hiding the facts, related with failures, scams and frauds of Anti-BJP parties.

Why the media and Nehruvian Congress leaders are concentrating on rejection Modi-Effect?

Modi is becoming popular all over India in a big way. Thereby Nehruvian Congress is more interested in nullifying Modi-Effect. At moment, media is not helping Nehruvian Congress much, because of the recent success of Modi-Effect in the four State Assembly elections. This is because media does not want to be unauthentic and untrustworthy. It cannot hide the reflection of people’s voice immediately. But media cannot hide its inherent culture. Media has already shown some symptoms of its hidden and likely approach of its future trend.

 Nehruvian Congress can hide its failures very easily.

This is because; it has a very long experience of 60+ years as to how to win elections. There is no scope for opposition to beat the Congress in his game.

E.g. Nehruvian Congress had miserably failed in its Central Intelligence. It failed to prevent terrorists attack in Mumbai. Its failure caused several terrorist blasts in 2008 just before elections of 2009. But Nehruvian Congress was able to just generalized the issue with the blessing of media, learned people and Bollywood celebrities. It is said that the activities of Bollywood is controlled by Daud. Daud has close links with Nehruvian Congress and some of its allies.  Nehruvian Congress also tackles the issue of its corruptions, scandals and scams in similar way.

Media can dilute the success stories of BJP in performance of development by not giving any coverage. Media can highlight the so-called good performance of Nehruvian Congress by providing repeated coverage.


Nehruvian Congress has been clean bawled and wiped out in recent four assembly elections by Modi-Effect.

What could be the “would be approach” of Nehruvian Congress and its allies on Modi-Effect.

Deny the Modi-Effect.

There is No Modi Effect in India at all.

1                    The development, that Modi carried out in Gujarat is false. This has now been proved.

2                    Gujarat was a developed state from the very beginning.

3                    Modi is a liar on his claims of achievements about development. This has been also proved by the several independent reports.

4                    Modi’s Modal of development cannot be applied all over India because geography is not the same in India.

5                    Modi is communal and not acceptable to minorities. Nobody can forget and forgive him on his 2002 communal riots.

6                    There was no Modi-Effect in any elections.

7                    Had there been any Modi-Effect, how had he been a failure in Karnatak state assembly elections in last year?

8                    There was no Modi-Effect in recent four state assembly elections

9                    In MP State, Congress lost because we have not made adequate efforts at grass root level.

10                Narendra Modi had organized shows at so many places, where the BJP candidates were otherwise also very strong.

11                In Rajasthan State, we lost power and could get only few seats due to the factor of anti-incumbency in the state and in the center. In fact we could not take our message of our success story and programs to grassroots level. Here also Modi-Effect was nil. Because Modi had organized his shows at so many places where the BJP candidates were otherwise also strong.

12                Defeat in Delhi, the reason is also the same. (Repeat whatsoever said for Rajasthan State).

13                As for the question “But how has been your party ranked third in Delhi State Assembly elections? How have been gone below the newly formed party AaP? The answer is “We had under estimated AaP. AaP had approached mass at grass root level. But our defeat was not due to Modi-Effect. Narendra Modi had organized shows at so many places, where the BJP candidates were otherwise also very strong. We are defeated due to anti-incumbency effect.

14                As for Zarkhand state, how could you not get the benefit of anti-incumbency effect of BJP? Reply of Nehruvian Congress; “We have improved our position. We have won two more seats in the assembly. Here also there was no Modi-Effect. Narendra Modi had organized shows at so many places, where the BJP candidates were otherwise also very strong.

15                Question: What would you do in forthcoming Parliamentarians Elections due in 2014?

Reply by Nehruvian Congress. “The issues of state assembly elections and parliamentarian elections are quite different. In 2008 we had lost assembly elections in some states. But we had won parliament elections.


“Our leaders, are now determined to go to grass root level, as directly by Rahul (the Nehruvian progeny). He is a person of determination. He has decided to change the program and system of canvassing. We are going to plan a revised program. You know Rahul is now Vice President of our party. Earlier in 2008 assembly elections he was not given a big role. In view of his great influence on mass, we had given him a big role of Vice President in our party. Off course we agree that in these recent elections we could not take sufficient advantage of his influence. But now Rahul has decided to change the plan of Election Champaign. We are firm on our success in forthcoming elections. We totally deny the Modi-Effect.

Modi is uncultured. Modi uses abusive language. Modi does not know how to talk respectfully to opponents. Modi is shameless. Modi is a rat. Modi is a worm. Modi is a liar. Modi is a cockroach. Modi is monkey. Modi is vulgar. Modi is illiterate. Modi does not know history and geography. Modi is communal. Modi is killer.

Can you expect that Nehruvian Congress can correct and improve its approach? Not at all. It is next to impossible. What JL Nehru could not do, what Indira Gandhi could not do, what Rajiv Could not do, how can one expect from these cunning people who are interested only in making money through Coalgate scam, 2G Frequency scam, Common Wealth Game bundle of scams, Adarsh Scam, Fake currency printing scam, Oil and gold smuggling and what not? Leave aside scams and scandals of their predecessors related with terrorism.

Minorities have adopted attitude and set their mind to join mainstream. But to expect Nehruvians and their allies to embrace morals is next to impossible.

Let them die as per the Hindu Law of Karma.    

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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“I WANT YOU TO SUFFER MISERABLY EVEN AT THE COST OF MY OWN DEATH (hun marun pan tane raand karun = હું મરું પણ તને રાંડ કરું)” SAYS ADVANI

It is hardly possible that somebody can agree to the stand taken by Advani.

Discipline in Party is irrespective of post

The contents of the resignation letter which has been made public by Advani, contradicts his own advice which he had given to other leaders long back. This advice was that internal matter should not be made public to prevent harming situation to the party. Otherwise also, Advani is mature enough to understand that what he has mentioned in his letter is an internal matter of BJP. This is because he has not resigned from BJP.

Had Advani resigned from BJP, he had liberty to make his letter public.

Double standards

Now the message is that Advani has no value of his words. Or he wants double standards. One is for himself. Other is for other leaders. One for himself means he has full liberty to make anything public irrespective of that could be harmful to BJP or not. The other standard for other leaders is that, that the others should to be disciplined in the party and not to disclose internal matters. Advani has given this message only.

Baseless Allegations on members

Now Advani says that he has noticed that some leaders are working for personal interest. To glorify and emphasize his point, he has further linked the names of other founder leaders of Jan Sangh to his statement. Shyama Prasad Mukharjee, Din Dayal Upadhyay and many others.

Advani’s statement looks not only funny but also ridiculous to even common mass. Advani is doing emotional blackmailing. Advani has linked great names in specific but the alleged persons without specifying the names.

It is also not clear as to how old his observations are. It must be not old but be very recent.

Is it that is, he did not like Modi and he did like those leaders who favored Modi?

Now suppose this is not true. Advani’s observations are older than the last three days, then what had he done so far to prevent alleged leaders for not becoming self centered?

There is a rumor that all this happened because Advani does not like Modi.

Advani had praised the CM of Madhya Pradesh. He had said that Gujarat was OK from the beginning and Modi had made it better, but MP had been a sick state. Shivraj Sinh Chauhan has made it healthy.

A message was concluded by many that Advani wanted Shivraj Sinh Chauhan to be promoted as PM for next Lok Sabha election campaign. Had he discussed this matter with his executive colleagues before making such announcement provided he really wanted so? Because this is a matter of policy of party. Advani or no body enjoys power to make arbitrary announcement on party’s policy unless the party’s authorized body has taken such decision.

Is it that Advani wanted to give a message to the public that this was his personal opinion and he wanted to make it public? Off course this line of action cannot be considered as a fair one. This is because he had not even discussed this point with Shivraj Sinh Chauhan. Because when message taken as a view point of Advani and it spread out and Shivraj Sinh had been taken as substitute of Modi, Shivraj Sinh Chauhan clarified and said “ I amnot a candidate of PM’s post. I do not stand even for number third”.

What action had been taken by Advani? He is not supposed to be mum like a Nehruvian, because he is not supposed to adopt a well condemned practice of Nehruvians.

Now suppose Advani does not like Modi. If this is true, then what are the points? Had he discussed those points with Modi? Had he conveyed such points to Modi? Had he conveyed such points to his colleagues?

Further why had Advani not clarified that since when had he made his dislike for Modi functional?  Off course it must be only long after 2002 riots. This is because on explanation from Narendra Modi about his roll which he had played to discharge his duties, all the people and the members in the conference wanted Narendra Modi to continue as CM of Gujarat.   

Now suppose Advani likes Modi, but he does not like Modi as a candidate for PM post. Has Advani discussed this matter along with its ground with his Colleagues?

Now suppose Advani wants to give a message to his colleagues those have favored Modi by accepting him as the chief of election council, are all self centered because they favored Narendra Modi for the reason that Narendra Modi can fetch votes and power for BJP.  What is wrong if somebody desire to gain power with democratic means within his own party, when he/she is not aware of any points even not conveyed by a leader like Advani? How can Advani allege his colleagues arbitrarily?

There is also a rumor that Advani wants to be a candidate of BJP for the post of PM. If this is correct he should have conveyed to his colleagues. Why should Advani play unfair games within his own party?

Wherever you put your figure, you find fault with Advani in this matter.

In Gujarati there is a proverb I want you to suffer even at the cost of my death.

In democracy the people’s voice has to be honored. Advani failed miserably to honor people’s desire.

Shirish M. Dave

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