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Nehruvian Congress rule of 60 years, has brought down the political and social moral to the dogs. Nehru and Indira the ever top persons in the Congress were themselves corrupted.

I see the victory of BJP in 2014 as a God given gift to India.

I want to recall the story of Pancha-Tantra where all foxes organize a meeting and start thinking as to how to kill the KARPUR TILAK (an elephant)? They were thinking that if this elephant is killed then they all can have food for four months.


Männlicher Afrikanischer Elefant in der Serengeti

Similarly these Nehruvian Congress and its allied foxes are thinking as to how to uproot this Modi so that they can have rein for four terms (20 years).


Recall the Janata Party uproot in 1979. How Morarji Desai was uprooted.

Indira Gandhi instigated Charan Singh. She and Yashvant Rao Chavan instigated him to come out from Janata Party. They assured Charan Singh that they will support him forming the Government. Then Charan Singh toppled Mararji Desai. Then Indira and Yashvant betrayed Charan Singh. Charan Singh was toppled.

This strategy was tried out by Nehruvian Congress and its allies when Narendra Modi was approved and appointed to lead the Election Champaign. Advani was prompted by Nehruvian Congress and its cultural allies with the help of media to oppose Narendra Modi. But the agenda failed miserably because Advani was a failure. He had been given chance twice (2004 and 2009) where 2009 was a favourable occasion. But it was Advani’s failure.

A chance had been given to Modi in 2014. Modi knew the strategy and he was successful. It is not possible for Nehruvian Congress to break BJP like what they did to Janata Party in 1979.


Nehruvian Congress and its cultural allies have so many options as how to uproot Modi. One of them is to create negative atmosphere for Modi. Hence on every small issue with the help of media they create controversy. J&K border insidents, JNU, Akhalak, twist on Mohan Bhagvat’s statement …. . In social media also some persons trying to divide the votes knowingly or unknowingly by floating dead issues.

The spokespersons of BJP are some what mild and not harsh. In fact they are supposed to hit them hard continuously. Since they are failing, it is common men’s duty to hit hard on Nehruvian Congress and its cultural allies. Slowly the spokespersons of BJP would come up, but we as a well-wisher of the Nation, will have to be alert in exposing Anti-BJP’s activities. Fortunately, in social media we have good number of supporters of Modi. But we have to attack on these traitors restlessly.


The Nehruvian Congress has another strategy of unifying all Anti-Modi parties at the time of elections. This is more dangerous because the common mass is illiterate and literate leaders are selfish. Narendra Modi will have his strategy as to how to fight out under such situation. But in such situation, social media will have to attack Nehruvian Congress and its cultural allies in Chorus.

Common mass will have to forget its own priorities. We must know that if BJP gets defeated then India will have to wait for minimum next 20 years. By this period there are extremely high chances of disintigration of India. This would be the great harm to the nation. If India would be disintegrated, Sanatan Dharm would end up. Pakistan, many Muslims within India, Communists and Christians priests are very much eager to see that India gets disintegrated. We have some intellectual slaves who believes that India was never a country. 


One must know that antisocial elements are the product of Nehruvian Congress. It is a long story.

Nehruvian Congress had won the elections and retain the power with the help of anti-social elements, e.g. Unrest Communists, Maoists, Naxalites, smugglers (sukar Bakhia, Yusuf Patel, Ratan Khatri, Daud Ibrahim, Cross border Terrorists, Bhindaranvale, Azam khan, Shahbuddin, Babloos, Pappu etc… These are the product of JL Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

It is not extremely difficult for Nehruvian Congress and its cultural allies to kill Narendra Modi.

Nehruvian Congress can go to any extent just like terrorists. Nehruvian Congress can execute joint venture with Pakistan ISI, and terrorists organization, in killing Narendra Modi. They must be planning for this. This fact cannot be ruled out.

Why Anti-Modi-s are so much furious?
The next stage of action for Narendra Modi is the property held by Nehruvian Congress and its allies in India and outside India. Most of the black money is accumulated in the property abroad. Property held in India will be the first target.

To stop such action, to kill Modi is inevitable. You will find many TV Channels will change their voice. “Chauthi Duniya” has already changed its voice.

Chauthi Duniya has reported that the supporters of demonetization are anti-nationals.

The soft targets are Modi’s relatives. They can be bribed or pressurized or kidnapped or killed. This possibility cannot be ruled out.  


Recall when Morarji Desai was toppled then media gave very large scale coverage of all fake and controversial points against Morarji Desai and Janata Party. Media had given wide coverage to Indira’s slogans “Vote for Government that works”. (actually this was a bogus slogan. Factually Nehruvian Congress has never worked for the nation).

We will have to face and fight out against the Anti-BJP coverage of media. We will have to counter attack and hit very hard. Be ready for this situation.


We should give coverage to these leaders.

If the opposition could not be able to uproot or to kill Modi by the end of 2017, then the opposition would never to be able to kill him. They would become weaker and weaker day by day.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

Rochelle Drive, Plano, Texas, USA

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Hello Governor

Hello Governor

Let us go through some of the actions of Nehruvian Congress Private Limited and its purpose behind those actions.

It is very common among Nehruvians in India to act under disguise of public interest or in the interest of poor people but to have some different purpose behind that action.

Jawaharlal Nehru

1948: Case of Kashmir taken to UNO by Nehru and accepted the date of report to UNO as LOC with an intention (purpose) to show his out of proportion respect towards UNO. In fact it was a political blunder because Nehru had no wisdom and foresight.

1950: Founded Non-alliance Movement with an aim to show the First world (NATO countries) that military alliance is not the solution for world peace. But indirectly it was unregistered alliance with Second World (Communist countries Russia and China)

1952: Accepted sovereignty of China on Tibet. To show the Communist countries Russia and China that he was more aligned to socialism than human rights. Internally he wanted backing of Russia and China against the influence of USA and others.


1952: Puch-sheel treaty with China, to show the world that he loved peace and has soft corner for Buddhism (the vote-bank of Ambedkar).


1953-1962: Non-action on Chinese military infiltration and denial before parliament of India on any Chinese  infiltration in India. To show Russia that he had soft corner towards China and how much faith the people of India had in him despite of his blunders. It cannot be ruled out that he wanted political assistance from Russia in playing political unfair tactics with people of India.


1962: Nehru said “enemy has betrayed us on his Defeat against China due to neglecting security of borders. This statement was made to misguide the people of India to show that he was innocent. When Nehru was asked that when the forward movement of China in India would get stopped? Nehru replied “where and when we would stop them by our strength”. But China had captured 30000 square miles additional land more than what it had claimed in Indian land. China made cease fire of his own and gave back the additional seized land of 30000 square miles out of 92000/- square miles of total seized land.


1963: Nehru took oath “we will not take rest until we recapture the lost land of mother India”. The purpose was to show his sincerity towards mother India. In fact Nehru was a fraud and he made fraudulent statement. He and his progenies knew very well that the lost land was never going to be recaptured.




1963: Kamraj Plan: Nehru spelled purpose to strengthen the party by utilising services of senior leaders. Internally his purpose was to remove Morarji Desai who was his number one opponent.


Indira Gandhi:

Removal of privy-purses of Kings: This was with a view to show that she was socialistic. In fact the privy-purses were in accordance to the agreement signed with them when they handed over their kingdoms to independent India. The annual payment was to getting reduced to end up to zero in due course. However Indira wanted to show her promptness and militancy on establishing socialism to remove poverty.


Nationalisation of 14 leading private banks: Morarji Desai had introduced socialisation of banking. The RBI controls the policy of advances. Hence Morarji Desai was on right path. But Indira Gandhi wanted to spoil the bank employees for her political benefit. Nationalisation of Banks spoiled the administration of all these banks. Banks’ money got utilised for granting no-return loan as per the unwritten understanding. Like this the purpose was in no way effective to remove poverty or to uplift poor mass, but to share loan amount among managers (not always), recommending authority of loan (viz. Nehruvian Congress local leaders) and the borrowers. 1968 to 1984 of further rule of Indira Gandhi no poverty had been removed.


Remove Poverty was a fraud

Remove Poverty was a fraud

Emergency: Indira declared emergency under the plea that her opponents instigating people to revolt against government and there was bulk indiscipline. But in reality her purpose was to retain her power and PM-ship.


Weak deal with Union Carbide: to make India self sufficient on pesticides. In fact under table deal cannot be ruled out as it is a practice of western industrialists to establish such hazardous production units in poor countries so that they can fool the local governments in case of hazard by way of executing defective agreement with purchasable government like Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited.


Indira had no wisdom to see what could happen consequent to Simla Pact

Indira had no wisdom to see what could happen consequent to Simla Pact

Simla Pact: Bhutto said If I would solve all the problems and issues with India and agree to any such pact, I would be killed in Pakistan, and the agreement would not have any meaning. Indira Gandhi agreed to this as reported by Indira and no issue or problem was solved and converted victory into defeat. Further reality was so-called weak pact had also been made useless, as otherwise also Bhutto had been killed by the successive government of Pakistan. It cannot be ruled out that there could be an undertable deal with Bhutto by Indira Gandhi.

Rajiv Gandhi 

Deal with Ceylon: The aim was to have good relation with Ceylon. But it was complete avoidance of the interest of Tamilians in Ceylon. It was a blunder. Can you imagine that Pakistan would send its military in Kashmir to kill Muslim terrorists?


Every body has to make Nehruvian Congress comfortable in a deal

Every body has to make Nehruvian Congress comfortable in a deal

Boffors tanks: To make India stronger in military. We know the fact.


Anderson of Union Carbide: Rajiv said he would come back whenever we call him under investigation. It was a fraudulent statement. Under table deal cannot be ruled out for giving an easy pass to Anderson.


Man Mohan and Sonia Gandhi:


Harshad Mehta security scam: Man Mohan the then Finance Minister announced that he would take suitable corrective step such that security scam would not get repeated. The purpose was to show to the public that they were innocent. He said it was the fault of system. In fact the designers of the system were themselves. Man Mohan had made several phones to pressurise the then Income Tax Commissioner Vishvabandhu Gupta not to take action.


Though Man Mohan was FM at that time, when he became PM, Satyam scam took place.


Ravan Lila at Ram Lila Maidan: Nehruvian Government says law was taking its own course. In fact the police authority said, it was a political decision.


Jan Lok Pal Bill: Nehruvian Cong leaders say Parliament is supreme and government wants strong Lokpal. In fact the Civil Society was formed in consultation with government and Nehruvian Congress never wanted a strong Lokpal. Nehruvian Congress never tried to discuss on the merits. Arun Jetley had never been replied to the points.


Similar are the cases of Black-red money, Printing of currency notes by RBI, Distribution of Fake currency notes by RBI, Statements related with deportation of Daud, curtailing the scope of RTI act. EVM … there is no end. We can write a bigger book than Maha Bharat on the frauds, scams, scandals and blunders Nehruvians and Nehruvian Congress together with their allies.




Governor appoints Lok Pal in Gujarat: Nehruvian Congress says we are sincerely on Lok Pal. Chronology says the issue has been made political by Nehruvian Congress. Governor and opposition party (Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited) in Gujarat in joint venture rejected the proposal of ruling party (BJP Gujarat), without any merits and convincing reason. The HC has not gone through the political aspect and aims of Nehruvian Congress. Purpose behind the action is important. The purpose cannot be set aside in jurisprudent.

Do they want to scrap the state government? Let us rent out the State Assembly building.


Shirish Mohanlal Dave



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बिहारकी जित जनता की है, अब युपीकी बारी है.

We can uproot an empire from India. We can uproot Anti-Nationals

We can uproot an empire from India. We can uproot Anti-Nationals

बिहारने कोंग्रेस और उसके साथीयों को उखाड के फेंक दिया है. अब युपीकी भी ऐसा ही काम करके करके दिखानेकी बारी है.


युग परिवर्तनका नेतृत्व युपी कर सकता है क्योंकी युपी भारतका हदय है. हदय मजबुत होगा तो पूरा देश मजबुत होगा.


तो पहेले देशके दुश्मनों कों पहेचानो.


देशके दुश्मन कौन है?


देशके दुश्मन वे है जो खुदकी कमजोरीयोंको  छीपाने के लिये देशमें लोगोंका बटवारा करते है.



नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्डीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड है जिसमें नंबर वन पोस्ट नहेरुवंशी के लिये १०० प्रतिशत आरक्षित है.


नंबर वन पोस्ट कौनसी है?


नंबर वन पोस्ट या तो प्रधान मंत्री की है. यदि नहेरुवंशीय व्यक्तिमें कानुनी प्रावधान के कारण लायकात नहीं है तो पक्ष प्रमुख का होद्दा नंबर वन बन जाता है, और प्रधान मंत्रीका होदा एक मजाक बनके रह जाता है. लेकिन अगर कोई ऐसा व्यक्ति आ गया जो  नहेरुवंशीय न हो परंतु नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्डीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड का सदस्य हो और खुदको लोकप्रिय बनानेकी कोशिस करता हो और वह उपलब्धियोंका श्रेय खुद लेनेकी चेष्टा करे तो उसको बेआबरु करके शून्य कर दिया जाता है. ईतना हि नही लेकिन अगर कोई मंत्री भी ऐसी चेष्टा करे तो उसको पक्षमें बदनाम किया जाता है, या तो और (and or) उसके उपर बेबुनीयाद आक्षेप आरोप लगाये जाते है, या तो और उसको पक्षसे निकाला जाता है. अगर विपक्षका कोई सक्षम नेता हो तो उसके उपर भी बेबुनियाद आक्षेप लगाये जाते है और यह नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्दीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड के नेतागण अपने पैसेके बलबुते पर समाचार माध्यमोंका सहारा लेके जनता को गुमराह करते है.


ऐसे कई उदाहरण है. और हम आगे चलके देखेंगे.


हमें “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्डीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड” पक्षका क्या हाल करना है?


हमे इस  नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्दीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड को नष्ट करना है. “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्डीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड” को घायल करनेसे देशको दिर्घकालिन फायदा होनेवाला नहीं है, ये बात हमें ठीक तरहसे समझ लेनी चाहिये.


जो ईतिहास भूलते है वे ईतिहास बना नहीं सकते. हमें ईतिहास बनाना है.


भारतने १९७७में इस “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्डीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड”को बुरी तरह परास्त किया था. लेकिन उसको नष्ट किया नहीं था. तो १९७९में ईस “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्दीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड”के नंबर वनने पक्ष पल्टु और धोखा धडी वालोंको उकसाके (चौधरी चरण सिंग और उसके साथीयों को सपोर्ट करनेका भरोसा दिखाके जनता पार्टी की सरकारको गिराय था. चरण सिंगने जनता पार्टीका विश्वासघात किया था. और उन्होने अपनी पार्टी जनता दल को पूनर्जिवित करके”नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्दीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड”का सहारा लेके) मोरारजी देसाई की नेतृत्ववाली जनता पार्टीकी सरकारको गीराया था.


उसके बाद क्या हुआ?


फिर “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्दीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड”के नंबर वनने  चरणसिंगका विश्वासघात करके उसकी सरकारको भी गिराया.


ये बात समझो कि जो लोग और नेता “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्डीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड” का सहारा लेके सियासत करते हैं उनका चरित्र “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्दीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड” के चरित्र के बराबर ही होता है. उनके पास मूल्योंकी कोई किमत होती नहीं है. वे मूल्योंकी मौत करके सत्तारुढ बनते है और मूल्योंकी मौत पर सत्तामें बने रहेते हैं.


ईसी लिये “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्दीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड”को और उसके भूतपूर्व और एतद कालिन साथीयों को भी नष्ट करो.


नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्दीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड”के साथी पक्ष कौन है?

मायवतीका पक्ष,

ममताका पक्ष,

शरद पवारका पक्ष,

लालु यादवका पक्ष

मुलायम सिंगका पक्ष,

चरण सिंगके पुत्र अजित सिंगका पक्ष,

साम्यवादी पक्ष

मार्क्स वादी पक्ष,

नोर्थ ईस्ट राज्योंके अलगाववादी पक्ष,

जे एन्ड के का अलगाववादी शेख अब्दुलाके पुत्र फारुख अब्दुल्ला का पक्ष,

जीन्ना स्थापित मुस्लिम लिगको पुनर्जिवित करके कोंग्रेसको मदद करने वाला कोमवादी मुस्लिम लिग पक्ष.

तेलुगु देशम पक्ष,

करुणा निधिका डीएमके पक्ष,

जय ललिताका एडीएमके पक्ष,


और ऐसे प्रादेशिकता को बढाके देशको नुकशान करने वाले जो कोई भी पक्ष है हो सबको “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्डीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड”के साथ खतम करो.


ये सभी पक्ष देशकी जनताको गुमराह करते है और जनताको जाति, धर्म, भाषा और संप्रदायोंके नामपर विभाजित करते है. और ईसीलिये आज यह “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्दीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड” और उसके साथी पक्ष देशकी कोई समस्या हल कर नहीं पाये है. क्योंकि उसका ध्येय मूल्योकी मौत पर पैसा कमाना, सत्ता प्रप्त करना और सत्ता चालु रखना है.


देशकी बरबादी का कारण ये लोग ही जिन्होने देशकी गरीब जनताको गरीब रखके अपनी सरकारका मोहताज बनाये रखा है. ये मत भूलो कि  “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्दीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड”ने देशके उपर ६० साल तक शासन किया है और ये जनताको गुमराह करने वाली  “नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेस ओफ ईन्दीया प्राईवेट लीमीटेड”की सरकार आज भी शासन कर रही है और भ्रष्ट मीडिया भी उसको साथ दे रहा है

देशको बचाने के लिये कोंग्रेसके विरुद्धमें प्रचार करो और देशके प्रति अपना दायित्व अदा करो.

अगर स्वयं कहीं जाने के लिये असमर्थ हो तो प्रसार माध्यमसे प्रचार करो और देशको आततायीयोंसे बचावो.

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Attack at mid night

Unless the mass becomes active to show its indignation to sacks the UPA government lead by Nehruvian Congress prematurely out like what the people of Gujarat had done to the Nehruvian Congress in 1974 (wherein the Nehruvian Congress had absolute majority i.e. 140 seats out of 164 seats in the state Assembly) and dethroned in the subsequent assembly election, the people of India will have to wait for scheduled general election of the parliament.


As for 1974 the people of Gujarat had not very concrete examples of corruption against Nehruvian Congress, but the price rise in ground nut oil was the symptom of corruption. The Chief Minister who was not in good book of Indira Firoz Nehru Gandhi, had to resign under the public pressure. To take the credit of resignation of the CM, the local leaders of Nehruvian Congress had spread rumours that it was due to their own efforts only the CM viz Chimanbhai Patel had to resign. Indira Firoz Nehru Gandhi had a thought that if the said CM would resign, she would be able to kill the time and would survive. But unfortunate to some veteran Mahatma Gandhian leaders were still alive at that time and they had a good footing in Gujarat, the Nava-Nirman Stir continued and the members belonged to Nehruvian Congress of assembly resigned one by one. The Opposition party members viz. Congress (Organisation) had already resigned when a call was given by the leaders of Nava-Nirman Stir. Indira had no option but to suspend the Assembly. She had a game plan to conduct by-elections of the seats fell vacant, but the public opinion was very strong against her and it was impossible for her to face the consequences. Ultimately the assembly was dissolved.

At present we are facing a grave situation. Contrary to earlier situation of 1974, at present the allegations related to corruption are clear and visible at very large scale.  Further it is not only a matter of Black Money only, it is Red Money too. The amount involved is extremely large. Nehruvian Congress government is not in position to give philosophical replies.



However the minus points are that the media is not reflecting the feeling of the common mass. Media is creating controversy. It appears that media is interested in making money through under table deals. That is why instead of concentrating on the un-democratic attitude of Nehruvian Congress, it provides wide coverage and invite discussions on patriotic songs of Sushma Swaraj and the interpretation of Diggu on it wherein Digg has designated Sushma Swaraj as a dancer and further said that Sushma was enjoying at Gandhi’s Samadhi.
Media has neither given appropriate coverage to the remarks of Shanti Bhusan, Subrahmanian Swami and Narendra Modi nor invited any discussion on it.
When media is yellow, the people of
India have to go a long way to fight for re-establishment of democratic rights and human values.
Media is already concentrating creating controversy among the leaders fighting against corruption.


Nehruvian Congress wants to give a message to the people of

to have money is an offence,

to grow vegetation for herbal medicine is an offence.

to have ashram buildings is an offence,

to prepare medicine and sell it out is an offence,

to run yoga classes is an offence,

to run TV channels is an offence,

to have followers in India and abroad is also an offence,

to form trust is an offence,

Every thing by which you can contribute to nation and the society is an offence.

You can be down graded if you are against Nehruvian Congress.

And nothing is offence if you call some body mad, hypocrite, cheat, fraud, thief, murderer, killer, robber, if you are in Congress.

As soon as the talk between, Nehruvian Congress leaders and Baba Ramdev failed, Digg came out with large scale and loud statements calling Ramdev with all the bad words.



What was his party doing if really Ramdev was the man as he has been designated by Digg? Now either Ramdev should be behind the bar or Digg and his party leaders should be behind the bars without any delay.

If there would be any delay on the part of UPA, every of its parties should be disqualified as a political party. There can not be any option to it if we want moral values in democracy.


To justify the un-democratic and so-called strong police action Nehruvian Congress has the record to get declared itself a communal.

What is communal? It is the culture of Nehruvian Congress as to wherever RSS and VHP leaders are involved even marginally or controversially, the whole matter has to be declared as communal.


You can have multiple advantages.

One is you have a liberty to crush the agitation ruthlessly and pet your back that how much determined you are as you can act mercilessly on communal people.

Second advantage is that you can give a clear message that you are the only party who can safe guard the minorities.


Third advantage could be that the USA will never dream of you to refuse VISA.

Because once you have crushed the majority on the ground of religion, you are fully qualified for the US Visa. Once you qualify for the US Visa, the puppy UK will give you Visa without even you apply for it. Yes if it can refuse Narendra Modi in absence of his application, the UK ought to give you Visa in absence of an application too.



RSS and VHP have no democratic and human rights leave aside constitutional rights.

Recall, Roman period the slaves had no rights. Further the leaders of Nehruvian Government are trying to interpret the agitation as it is lead by Hindus.  The leaders of RSS and VHP are backing the agitation.

This indicates that Nehruvian leaders want to stamp the agitation as communal. Once the word communal is stamped on the agitation, the message given to minorities is that minorities are not safe under the agitators. We the Nehruvians are the only wise leaders always ready to safe guard your interest.



It is the similar strategy that was adopted by Indira Gandhi after her defeat in Gujarat Assembly in 1975 and during emergency.  Nehruvian Congress leaders were heavily spreading the message that the government was in fact working for poor the same did not like to upper class. The Nava Nirman Stir was against poor mass. The emergency was imposed to set right this upper class. Our aim is to uplift the backward class and poor mass. The upper class wants you lower class people to remain poor for all the time.

Similarly this time Nehruvian Congress leaders will try very hard to give a message that we are for democratic values but the fundamentalists try to disturb the atmosphere of brotherhood and they want to spread the communal hatred to destabilise the peacefully living minorities under one or other controversy.



Believe me some inherently pro-Nehruvian Congress persons have already activated the non-issues of Hindus vs Non-Hindus through internet and they try to instigate BJP to act with religion related agenda. They have two aims.

First aim is to curtail Hindu votes on the plea that BJP is power hungry and does not care for Hindus as it has kept the Hindu Agenda aside.

The second aim is to generate fear among minorities that if BJP would come to power it will surrender to Hindu fundamentalists.

Both are totally false.  Nehruvians go to any low level damn extent to retain power at any cost to the nation.



Do not overestimate your self. Politicians are politicians. They are to be viewed in their perspective and proportion. One cannot and one should not generalise politicians. If politicians poke their nose everywhere, you have to poke your nose in politics. You may accept power, you may not accept power.


Mahatma Gandhi was also in politics. Jai Prakash Narayan was also in politics. The ultimate aim of Dayanand Saraswati was to free India from slavery.  That was also a politics. Morarji Desai was also in politics. Morarji Desai brought the democracy on track. Power itself is not bad.


To achieve power is not a bad character. Power should not be achieved by bad means as to what Indira Gandhi, Charan Singh and Chandra Shekhar did. There are many large amount of so-called elite who are always active to launch discussions on minimum qualification for politician, maximum age for politicians, maximum period of holding power for politicians etc… all are fake games and part of a game of one or other political groups. Condemn them. The moral values and skills are to be honoured not the certificates, age and gender.


Take help of political party like BJP, missionaries like VHP and RSS and BJD. Disqualify all those who were with, who are with and who have proposed to ally with UPA. i.e. CPIM, Muslim League, BSP, RJD, SP of Mulayam, DMK, ADMK, and many regional parties. Never take their support because they are the party with Nehruvian Congress.  Also avoid people like Medha, Arundhati, Tista, Mallika and Agnivesh as they are facing crisis of identification and their tongue can harm your cause.

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For Nehruvians the politics is a profession. It is a profession for making profit. One may not be qualified for earning money by working very hard to put labor, but has inherited a sizable amount of wealth and some expertise in telling lies before common men (having no common sense) that one can cunningly fooled.

What Nehru possessed was a hunger of power. Since he had taken active part in freedom struggle under leadership of Mahatma Gandhi he had to give respect to democratic values. However internally he did not like to follow democratic values. Probably that is why he chose the friendship with the so-called socialistic countries like Russia and China. And it is an open secret that there is nothing like socialism. Socialism is a super capitalism cum imperialism. The difference between traditionally called imperialism and this socialistic imperialism is that in the latter it is an imperialism of a group leader where he has to provide jerks to his own people to keep his hold in retaining power. The fraudulently made philosophical directives and statements are the weapons.


Let us start with period of Indira Gandhi to give due relevance to the subject matter. Indira Gandhi followed her father’s tactic to hold power. Nehru had formed a syndicate made of different powerful people of different states e.g. Kamaraj and Sanjeev Reddy in South, Sadoba Patil and Sukhadia in West, Atulya Ghose and Kamalapati Tripathi in UP etc…

Nehru removed Morarji Desai under the jerk of Kamaraj Plan. However he could not weaken him in west. That is why formation of a syndicate was inevitable to see that his Indira can be sworn-in as PM at a later stage.

Having a background of an active freedom fighter in a democratic way Nehru could not opt for certain autocratic actions under his disguised democratic face. As for Indira the autocracy was not untouchable. Besides this Indira Gandhi was neither learned nor a well read nor even educated (in real sense). Therefore to use fraudulent philosophical language was not possible for her to misguide the mass. Indira had applied political ways to fool people, the ways communists adopt. I.e. Confuse people on past shortcoming, provide jerks to the mass through media, use intelligences agency for personal benefit.

To eliminate the hold of syndicate, Indira at the first stage had surrendered herself to syndicate and then removed Morarji Desai. To confuse the mass she made nationalization of 14 leading banks. She removed privy purses of kings, which otherwise also were going to be progressively vanished. The mass was illiterate and the most elites were getting driven away by media, as the latter was more interested in jerky news than political analysis.

Indira joined hands with Indian communists also who had welcomed China’s invasion in 1962. Her so-called Tarun Turk-s (young Turks) where heavily active in defaming and abusing Morarji Desai on controversial matters of his son. “Remove oldies and install young” was also a subject matter for public discussion. To check her strength she put her own candidate for presidential election against her party’s regular candidate viz. Sanjeev Reddy.

SUGGESTION OF MORARJI DESAI WAS NOT ACCEPTED: Morarji Desai suggested to remove Indira Gandhi from the party. But the members of Syndicate were hesitating in taking such decision at that stage because it could be termed as undue pressure on voters. Morarji Desai opined that it would be very late if action against Indira would be delayed.

GOVERNMENT MACHINERY USED AGAINST OPPONENTS: When Indira Gandhi found through her intelligence agency that her candidate runs neck to neck she got distributed in the Central hall of the parliament, some handbills having vulgar notes about Sanjeev Reddy. Having support of Communists and some other confused local parties Sanjeev Reddy got defeated and VV Giri got elected in second preferential counting. Since syndicate was not happy it thought to take action against her. The government intelligences were behind the members of the syndicate. Indira showed the taped conversations of syndicate members, which was against her.


Indira called for requisition meeting of general conference of the delegates though its regular scheduled meeting was already fixed during next 6 months. It was known to Indira that regular meeting was not going to help her as she was in minority within the Congress organization.


Indira Gandhi invited every body to join Congress where no eligibility of wearing of Khadi or spinning was required. The All India Radio had become All Indira Radio. It would be announced with name even if a small leader of a tehsil joined Congress-I. Vinoba told, “If you need only numbers, call monkeys also. She declared election.

This was extra ordinary situation in Indian politics where a top leader was talking abusively and passing whole blame on its own people who had worked for the party and for the nation for lifetime. This was a jerk where Indira Gandhi passed the blame in toto on the syndicate leaders including Morarji Desai for all the shortcomings of Congress without specifying anything in particular.


She gave a slogan as “Indira Gandhi Aayi Hai, Nayee Roshni Laayi Hai”, “Garibi Hataao” Every body in Dark about ways on removal poverty. These were vague slogans. But when the most elites get mislead, one cannot save nation from the falsehood. Unfortunately as for Gujarat and elsewhere too, very popular writers got mislead under such decisive Communist type propaganda.

Indira won the parliamentary election by absolute majority.


From 1969 there was internal disturbance in East Pakistan. It was wanting due importance for Bengali and its people. It was not in position to withstand the domination of Punjabi officers in military and bureaucracy. Pakistan was in trouble and under odd situation. Pakistan military ruler lost the people’s confidence. Mujibur Rahman who was Bengali got majority seats in its parliament. But military rulers were not in favor to hand over the rein. Pakistan took full advantage of lawlessness under Indira rule in India. Independence movement of proposed Bangladesh was taking pace. Meanwhile Bihari Muslims who were against Independence of East Pakistan were being driven out of East Pakistan. India had infiltrators of the order of one crore in India. Pakistan was in trouble and under odd situation. Pakistani rulers kept Mujibur Rehman busy in table talk for weeks together and meanwhile shifted coastal military and Air Force in East Pakistan to defeat Bangladesh stir. Indira’s intelligence failed to understand this strategy but the US intelligence conveyed message to Mujibur Rehman to run away from East Pakistan to avoid arrest and to take shelter in UK. Pakistan military attacked on Indian Airports. The Indo-Pak military action was very well due. Jagjivan Ram had already announced, this time if Pak attacks, our military would go deep in the Pakistan. Pakistan was facing problems internally. There was no public support from East Pakistan. There was no straight transport to East Pakistan. It had to go round a way through Ceylon. Indian military defeated Pakistan.


The tradition of Nehruvian was to pass blame or guilt to other collogues and to take credit of victory for own self. Blame of defeat before China was passed on to VK Menan. Failure on economy was given to syndicate members. Indira took full credit for herself on this victory. No credit was given to the then defense Minister Jagjivan Ram. This was in accordance to the tradition established by Nehru.

Indira got victory in various assembly elections. Similarly in Gujarat also her Cong-I secured 140 seats out of 162 Assembly seats. This was a record victory in Gujarat. In earlier election it was hardly 90 under undivided Congress.

To get a political victory is different and to achieve economic development and play role with administrative efficiency is different. Indira Gandhi traditionally was hungry of power and she was highly inefficient in taking decisions on issues related with public interest. She was interested in increasing number of followers and not leaders. She disliked leaders. She as per Nehruvian tradition removed residual leaders of Cong I, one by one. E.g. Bahuguna, VP Singh, Vir Bahadur Singh etc… She had adopted all Communist tactics to strengthen her autocracy.


As for Indira Gandhi the communistic tactics was becoming difficult for her with a nation where still some freedom fighters of independence movement were alive and the basic ideology of democracy was deep rooted.

There were all level failures. All the issues on water distribution, infrastructure developments were hanging. Working of Nationalized Banks had gone to dogs. Corruption got wide spread, as she herself was not beyond doubt. She had appointed CMs of her personal choice in all the states even then everywhere there was corruption and anarchy.


First time in the political history of India, the students of Gujarat launched a stir with a demand “Remove Corruption”.

Off course there were stir for having some Industries, Railways projects in other states, but the launching a stir against “Corruption” was unique. Jai Prakash Narayan a veteran Gandhian was highly impressed by the agitation of Gujarat. He gave full support. Other Mahatma Gandhian also joined the stir.

The first demand was to remove the Congi CM, Chimanbhai Patel. The stir was comparable with the independence movement. It was a wide spread movement. Indira had no option but to remove the CM. But this was not the end. The youth asked MLAs to resign. A lot MLA resigned for political survival. Indira Gandhi suspended the State Assembly instead of dissolving the state assembly. Morarji Desai very well aware of behavioral aspect of Indira. To avoid delay of dissolution of the State Assembly, Morarji Desai went on indefinite fast. Ultimately Indira Gandhi had to dissolve the state assembly.

Now she started dividing people by caste and creed. She also took no action to declare assembly elections. Indira Gandhi was becoming highly unpopular. Morarji Desai again went on indefinite fast on a demand of popular government. To avoid further defame Indira Gandhi declared Gujarat State Assembly elections. She had carried an impression that the division by castes and creed would work efficiently. It off course worked to some extent but not completely. Janata Front came to power with a marginal majority with the MLAs of KIMLOP party formed by Chimanbhai Patel the former CM who was removed by Cong-I.

This was a big victory for opposition parties in India. Jai Prakash Narayan launched a wide spread agitation in Bihar with a slogan that “the Victory in Gujarat belongs to us, and now it is the turn of Bihar.” Meanwhile the High Court of Allahabad disqualified Indira Gandhi on her election as MP from Rai Bareli under a writ filed by Raj Narayan.


Some how the likely judgment of Allahabad High Court against her was known or expected by Indira Gandhi. She had made all the pre-arrangements to fight out for her political survival as PM.

She had kept printed posters ready and well distributed in all the corners of India; “Indira Gandhi is still holding the post of PM”.

The very next day at mid-night she imposed the “emergency” and put all the opposition party leaders, Mahatma Gandhian veteran leaders of Sarvodaya including Jai Prakash Narayan behind the bar. She also imposed censorship on print media. All India Radio already was treated as her family property. She had imposed MISA well before, which was termed, as Maintenance of Internal Security Act was better known as Maintenance of Indira Security Act.


It was one sided poster war against enemy. One would find posters on each wall.

“When united enemies attacked, she stood like a rock to save the nation from anarchy”

“Our motive is to be gentle to all”

“Emergency is a period of ceremony of self discipline”

There were several dozens types of posters all round the country. Unwritten instructions were given to all institutions that as and when any meeting is held they are supposed to pass a resolution that they have supported the emergency and having full confidence in Indira Gandhi the PM.

It was a golden time for ruling party to loot and spread rumors.

Rumors were widely spread that it had been given to understand that any complaint against any official if received, the official would be liable for suspension.

There was also a rumor that trains are running in time due to emergency,

There were rumors that black marketers are arrested and were put behind the bars,

There were rumors that Gunda-s and smugglers were arrested and were put behind the bars,

There were announcements in a big way that Sanjay had launched a 4-point program and Indira had launched a 20-point program for the benefit of poor mass, i.e. 4 + 20 points.

There were daily radio announcements where a backward class community member was talking with others that now he is very happy as under the 4+20 program he has been provided with pakka house and free hold land.

Cong – Indira took full advantage of dividing people by caste especially in Gujarat.

The backward class people were told that this emergency is for elite people.

See this emergency has been imposed recently even than these upper class is making hue and cry, where as you people were put by them under emergency for thousands of years.

These upper class people have never cared for you.

These upper class people do not like you to have any reservation. They want you to remain backward so that you can serve them all the time.

Now it is Indira Gandhi who has come to rescue you.

Bajpai of Jana Sangh and Morarji of Congress-O all are upper Class people.

Morarji is the owner of Morarji Mills.

He is Brahmin and would favor only upper class.

INDIRA CONGRESS ALSO FOUNDED KHAM (Kshatriya-Harijan-Adivasi-Muslim) politics with firm footing during emergency.

However here in Gujarat the state government was run by Janata Front, and the Congress-I was in opposition.

Congress-I was taking every chance to agitate against the Janata Front Government.

Soon after imposition of emergency Congi-I concentrated to get the MLAs and other leaders defected to Cong-I.

Unfortunate to Gujarat Hitendra Desai was one of them who was close associate of Morarji Desai, despite of this he defected to Cong-I.

Many other MLAs resigned from Cong-O and supported Cong-I to avoid arrest.

The print media was surrendered to Indira Gandhi.

The censorship was very strict. Any type of agitation would be termed as anti-national was the declaration of Indira.


The columnists of print media were put to difficult situation.

Though they were against such censorship they had no courage to leave the newspapers and magazines.

They thought if they would leave the publication some body else will be employed by the publisher.

Thereby they started writing on odd-subjects.

Which vegetable can be cooked easily potato or ladies finger? Cotton cloth is better or synthetic?

Cap is better or Hat?

You cannot discuss on whether Sita was pure or not?

Or Rama’s decision was OK or not?

As some how or other the Government was likely to smell something wrong you have tried to link Indira’s Government to criticize it indirectly.

And you could be behind the bar. There was no difference between rights of citizen, fundamental rights and natural rights.

JUDICIARY NOT SPARED but judges did not surrender

Even a judgment given by a High Court was censored because it was in favor of an employee and against a government department.

Indira Government carried an impression that it had got full liberty to arrest not only without assigning any reason but also without existence of any reason.

That is government was not supposed to inform you that why you are being arrested. It was its free will to arrest you without existence of any reason.

Judiciary too had surrendered to Indira. However at many places the judiciary functioned better.

In a case a judge objected an arrest. A person who was arrested said, “OK you may not inform me as to what offence I have made. But I say there is no existence of any offence. If you believe existence of any offence, at least you inform the court if not to me.”

There was no information with the police about the offence.

Court dismissed.

Police arrested a monk with an allegation that the monk was kidnapping children.

Judge asked the police;” have you got any information about missing of any child? Or have you seized any child from this monk?

Police said; “No. but this monk is using black magic.”

Judge said; “what is that black magic?”

Police said, “A crow has been killed by this monk as reported by public”

Judge said; “Have you got any witness?”

Police said: “No. but we have Crow”

Judge said; “Where is the Crow?”

Police said; “At moment we are left only with a feather of Crow. Because a Dog has snatched away the Crow as reported by the people.”

And the police submitted a feather of a crow before the judge.

Judge simply dismissed the case.

At one place few persons took a procession with slogans as: “Bharat Mataki Jai”, “Vande Mataram”, “Remove emergency”

The police arrested them. They were placed before the judge.

The judge asked the police as to what was the offence.

Police said; “they were shouting slogans”

“What were they shouting?” asked the judge.

“They were shouting Bharat Mataki Jai,” said the police.

“What is wrong in it?” asked the judge.

“They were also shouting ‘Vande Mataram’” said the police.

“What is wrong in it? What is the objection? There is no offence” said the judge.

“But sir, these people were also shouting Remove emergency” said the police.

“It is up to government. Government may decide whether to remove emergency or not. There is no offence in asking the Government to remove emergency,” said the judge.

The judge disposed off the case.


The government official became more corrupted.

A postman went to a shopkeeper and demanded money. He threatened him and said I would report to police that you are receiving anti-government communications. Police would arrest you. It is better you pay me some thing.

On 4+20 point program Tamilnadu government commented.

This was just comparable with an unmarried lady counseling a mother of two children as to what care should be taken by a pregnant lady.

Cong-I leaders got angry and said the Government by the way insulting Indira Gandhi.


Gandhian publication “Bhoomi Putra” was taken to task. Ultimately it had been made to stop publication as one by one all the printers were sealed and editors were arrested.

Gorwala’s publication “Opinion” was also stopped.

His printers were sealed.

Gorwala cyclostyled and continued his magazine. That machine was also seized.

Then Gorwala prepared Carbon Copies.

These carbon copies he circulated to his subscribers.

On his arrest, subsequently he paid the refund of the subscription to his subscribers.

Gorwala was a very gallant man.

The chess player Vinoba Bhave tried to assess the courage of Indira Gandhi.

Indira Gandhi was not courageous.

She could not arrest Ravishankar Maharaj though some blasting material was seized from the house where he was residing. Ravishankar Maharaj was a true Mahatma Gandhian. He cannot have any link with people having faith in violence. Though he was disable person was number one popular in the heart of Gujarati people irrespective of castes, creed and religion.


Vinoba Bhave submitted an application to take some action to ban cow slaughter, and asked Indira Gandhi to decide within some specified target date as to what action she would take to ban cow slaughter.

And further he informed that failure to which he would go on fast to death. Since there was censorship this could not be a news line.

But any thing that announced by a Congressman cannot be censored. Hence when some leaders abused Vinoba Bhave for issuance of such notice to Indira Gandhi and they bitterly criticized Vinoba Bhave, this became a news line.

Hence people came to know that Vinoba Bhave is not silent.


According to Hindu social tradition Acharya means he who educate and guide the mass and the king with his moral power.

Generally it is the head of the education institution. Admission to the conference was open to all.

At the beginning Vinoba Bhave clarified without mentioning the posters circulated by Indira Gandhi on his remark that “Emergency is the ceremonial period of self discipline” carries a meaning that the self-discipline can be imposed by Acharya-s only.

No ruler can impose it. What the ruler has imposed cannot be termed as period of ceremony of self-discipline.

Further he asked the Acharya-s to discuss on the matter of emergency without any fear.

If Acharya-s would afraid of ruler it would be insult of the nation.

The Acharya-s conference passed a resolution

Emergency has to be an end.

If the emergency has been imposed due to a National Cause (not a Party’s Cause), then all the National Leaders should be invited for discussion of the issues.

If the emergency has been imposed due to cause to party, the whole nation cannot be taken on ban.

The people arrested should be released at the earliest.

Vinoba Bhave hitherto known as Governmental Saint (Sarakari Saint) showed his braveness and maturity and defeated Indira Gandhi without moving a pawn on the Chess Board of the politics.

Indira only moved her pawns and got defeated.


The Mahatma Gandhian leaders off course were not young but took the challenge. However many of them were not keeping good health.

The authorities were taking no proper medical care. Deshpande a veteran Mahatma Gandhian when asked replied that Indira had made no arrangement to check and convey to her the condition of some really needy political prisoners.

Jai Prakash Narayan was among them.

He was suffering from kidney problem.

He was not supposed to provide with salty food. But no care was taken. He lost her both the kidneys during this period.

A Cong-I man wrote to Vinoba Bhave to request Indira Gandhi to release Jai Prakash Narayan, as his health condition was serious.

Vinoba Bhave forwarded the said letter itself to Indira Gandhi with an under line drawn to the word “Release”.

Indira Gandhi when received this letter he suspended the Cong-I man.

A rumor was spread if Jai Prakash Narayan dies in the Jail his body would be disposed off with full honor but public will not be allowed to witness.

Indira Gandhi realized that it would be better to release Jai Prakash Narayan.

A rumor was spread that needy prisoners would only be released one by one without any announcement so that they do not get welcome like a hero.


Morarji Desai was the hero among the prisoners.

Morarji Desai was kept in a solitary prison in a 12feet by12feet room with a wooden bed.

Once the room was locked from outside.

He strongly opposed.

Initially no newspapers were supplied to him. He threatened the authority that he would go on fast if newspapers are not supplied to him. Resultantly newspapers supplied.

Morarji Desai was pure vegetarian and that too taking only fruits. Thereby there was no scope for Indira Gandhi to play with his health.

But there were news line with out mentioning the name of Morarji Desai that Jail authority has to supply a 20 kg fruit to an old leader.

Morarji Desai was not allowed to leave his 12’X12’ room.

He was doing all his physical exercise on his bed. He used to make several rounds of his cot as a walk and jog.

On his release he said; it was a lie that I was taking 20 kg of fruits. I cannot eat so much.

If really I take that much I would die. I do not know how it had been measured as 20 kg. Who disposed off that much?


Though the emergency was imposed to secure the rein of Indira Gandhi and this was known to every body, Indira Gandhi had used all her resources to justify it.

She said:

There was a wide spread indiscipline in all field that had badly affected the development.

The opposition leaders and other leaders have instigated the mass to agitate and to break the laws.

These leaders have asked the military and bureaucracy to disobey the orders.

In fact there was not a single case having any prima-facie.

The law of the land was enough to take action. But the situation was a result of inefficient governance of Indira Gandhi where decisions were always avoided. Infiltration of Bangladeshi in Kolkatta and North East states, Water distribution problems, lack of infrastructure, smuggling, corruption, flourishing of anti-social elements etc… and incompetence of taking proper decisions on burning issues was the cause of anarchy.

As for Deshpande the veteran Mahatma Gandhian leader, the emergency was the Exhibition of total failure of Indira Gandhi in all the fields.

Emergency collapsed on its own burden.

Inefficiency was already there. It remained as it was. Indira’s intelligence informed her that situation has not been improved. It is better to declare election before it becomes late. But Indira Gandhi was already late. Emergency excesses were a lot.

Indira Gandhi herself was defeated by 55000 votes.

This was an unparallel event where a one sided campaigner with all media, machinery and system having under her absolute control, lost the election.


Credit goes to the people of India where the democracy is as ancient as its civilization.

Further credits goes to Mahatma Gandhi and his veteran leaders who used their sense of significance and came out to defend democracy against the attack made by a daughter of a leader (Jawaharlal Nehru) who was very close to Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle.

Credit goes not some selected lawyers like MC Chagla, Chandrakant Daru … and judges who kept the judiciary alive.

Credit goes to journalists like Gorwala, all the editors of Bhoomi Putra, Chandravadan Shukla, and Bhogilal Gandhi etc who sacrificed their hard earned money to save democratic values.

It is a matter of surprise as to how the RSS leaders surrendered to Indira Gandhi and reported some of them had applied to get released with a condition that they would not canvass against Indira Gandhi and her Congress. They reported to have been committed to social services only. We do not know their definition of social service.

They had skill of moving “Lathi” but they failed to move it when the nation was in trouble. Similar is the case with Shiv Sena who supported emergency.

However many of RSS workers were brave enough as a matter of strategy went under ground and when election declared rigorously campaigned for Janata Front.

Contrary to this, many of the leaders of Navanirman Stir had joined Congress-I and even today they are beautifying Cong-I. Probably they want to survive.

AND YET THE CONG-I MEN ARE DEVOTEE TO INDIRA GANDHI who insulted Mahatma Gandhians, the principals of Non-violence and fair ways of politics.


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Once in 1977 Atal Bihari Bajpai opined that he had fallen in love with Morarji Desai. This was mainly because he was successful in organizing the opposition leaders who really concerned to fight against the autocracy of Indira Gandhi and her disgraceful and disrespectful behavior towards rule of law.


That was a period where the people had not forgotten the Nagarwala case of lifting a cash 60 lakhs rupees  from a SBI branch,  on phonic instruction of Indira Gandhi, and then the case was dispose off within 24 hours by the court without calling Indira Gandhi at the witness box. Thereafter mischievous disappearing of the CBI Inspector and Nagarwala from the world. This is a secret till this date.

That was a period where the people had not forgotten the frauds generated through Nationalization of leading 14 banks.

This was a period where the people had not forgotten the reasons quoted by Indira Gandhi for justifying the imposition of emergency.

This was a period where the people had not forgotten the censorship imposed by Indira Gandhi where publication of judgments of High Court were even banned if they were against the government.

This was a period where the people had not forgotten the free style arrests of even Gandhian people who opposed her self centered approach and greed of power at any cost of the Nation and moral values.

You can write a book comparable to the thickness of the book of Maha Bharat.

GO BACK TO Fifties and Sixties:

To raise the Nation from the anarchy we had three great personalities. One Jai Prakash Narayan and JB Kriplani and the third was Morarji Desai. Morarji Desai was defamed, ridiculed and insulted by Nehruvians. No media had supported his claim on PM-ship on the ground of seniority or whatsoever. In 1962 some media demons were deadly against Morarji Desai especially those who were committed to Nehruvian or pro-communists or with western stooges. For that reason even some vernacular columnists too had adopted to follow the same line.


It was the moral principal of Congress and its fellow members to follow the decisions taken in party whole-heartedly and then to stick to it. E.g. Congress had accepted that the independence has to be achieved through non-violence. However a person who had no faith in Non-violence had been elected as the party president. As per the constitution, the party president can hold the post till he enjoys the support of members of its working committee. Mahatma Gandhi indicated that the election result does not support the principles of the party line on the independence movement. He further said, “ … hence those who support the party line for independence should resign.” And this caused the resignations of all the members of working committee who supported line of action of Mahatma Gandhi. It was the moral duty of Subhashchandra Bose to resign. And he resigned. (Had it been Indira Gandhi in place of Sub hash Chandra Bose she would have continued).


It was a policy decision to have three states just like state committees of Congress Party. Viz. Maharashtra, Mumbai and Gujarat. But people of Maharashtra wanted a separate state. The line of action of the party was either to have the old Bombay Provincial state or to have three states. Morarji Desai stood by the party policy.

But Nehru created a controversy that Bombay historically established by Gujarati people but majority percentage belongs to Marathi people hence there is dispute as to where the Mumbai should be attached? (In fact Gujarati people had never demanded Bombay nor by Gujarati leaders) In spite of this Nehru made a public statement that he would be happy if Maharashtra gets Bombay.

This had generated an impression among Marathi speaking people that it is Gujarati speaking people who want Bombay with them. This had further generated terrors on Gujarati people in Bombay and temporary forceful migration of Gujarati people from Bombay, though till centuries Gujarati and Marathi used to live together peacefully.

Nehru was the founder of dividing people politically by languages in India for his own personal gain, whereas Morarji Desai had always opted to stick on the once decided party principles and line. Resultantly Morarji Desai became un-popular in Gujarat. Nehru already had made him un-popular in Bombay.

Morality goes with Morarji Desai.

In 1964 Morarji claimed for PM-ship consequent to the death of Nehru.

The majority supported LBS. Morarji accepted it.

In 1965 Morarji claimed for PM-ship consequent to the death of LBS.

He said he was senior.

The stooges of Nehruvians had said no he was not senior. Because once upon a time Indira Gandhi had been the party president, and thereby Morarji Desai had deemed to be worked under her. Indira Gandhi had never worked under him.

This was in fact a funny argument. The syndicate formed by Nehru was afraid of Morarji Desai. This was mainly due to nature of Morarji of sticking to the principles like Mahatma Gandhi. Morarji Desai was of the opinion that the decision should be taken carefully with deep study of the case. Thereafter the party should not deviate from the decision taken.

Nehruvians were never interested in firm and foresighted policies. Their policy was linked with politics of power by any means and not to educate and guide the people.


Indira Gandhi was a failure in governance. The syndicate thither to supported her was no longer to support her for next term. Hence in 1969 Indira Gandhi supported V V Giri’s candidature against her own party’s candidate Sanjiv Reddy whose nomination she herself had filed.

At this stage Morarji Desai had suggested to dismiss Indira Gandhi from the party. Had Morarji Desai’s suggestion been followed, the history of Congress would have been different. But syndicate members were opted to postpone the execution of such action. Because they were of the opinion that inspite of Indira’s support to V V Giri, the Congress nominee could win the election. Morarji wanted not to take any risk. This was mainly the victory of V V Giri might cause the changes in the faith of the members including ministers. And the same thing happened. Though the Congress lead by Kamraj had full organizational support the majority MPs turned their faith towards Indira and backed Indira Gandhi in Congress. For maintaining the majority in the parliament Indira took support of CPI and CPIM.


Indira Gandhi passed whole blame of failure of her own governance and her father’s governance upon the old leaders of Congress. Media and learned political analysts applauded in favor of Indira Gandhi.

During this period she nationalized all the 14 leading banks and abolished privy-purses of the former kings to become popular. Though former was a calculated fraud for using public money for party politics.

In fact Morarji Desai had introduce the principles of socialization of banks instead of nationalization of banks so that the banks could act and remain with sense of responsibility.

As for Indira Gandhi as a part of Nehruvian culture, the responsibility was to be taken as the terms of philosophical lectures. Some how or other and despite of clear and absolute majority, Indira proved herself a total and all level failure in governance by 1973.

People’s agitation was launched in Gujarat. The CM had to resigned. But the agitation was not to end the Congress rule in Gujarat and therefore the agitation went for dissolution of the state assembly. Many MLAs had resigned. Even then Indira Gandhi was not becoming ready to dissolve the state assembly.

MORARJI DESAI WENT ON INDEFINITE FAST TWICE: Though some people thought the fasts for a political gain. But Morarji Desai very well knew the mind of Indira Gandhi and her tactics. Therefore Morarji Desai went on fast till death to see that Indira Gandhi dissolves the state assembly without further delay.

This generated a great pressure upon Indira Gandhi from veteran Mahatma Gandhian leaders and thereby from the public.

Morarji Desai again went on indefinite fast for establishing popular government in Gujarat. As per the Nehruvian culture, Indira Gandhi was not readily agreeable to conduct assembly election. She was busy with dividing people by castes and creed in Gujarat. This was a dangerous game of Indira Gandhi to harm the nation for a long term.

In view of this Morarji had no option but to pressurize Indira Gandhi to conduct state assembly election. And again he went on indefinite fast. Indira Gandhi had no option but to conduct election. Because otherwise the party was to be a total zero in Gujarat.

Indira’s Congress had lost the state assembly election in Gujarat in early 1975.

Junta Front Government came to power under the leadership of veteran Mahatma Gandhian leader Babubhai Patel who was a simple and highly honored leader.


There were court cases against Indira Gandhi on her unfair means of canvassing in parliamentary elections. To hide the visible failure she started to blame the opposition. She imposed emergency and put all opposition including veteran Mahatma Gandhian people behind the bar for indefinite period.

The media stooges had realized their mistakes (hitherto glorifying Indira) but it was a stage they had left with no moral courage to oppose Indira Gandhi. They simply surrendered to emergency.

Any way you cannot bury the truth eternally. Indira Gandhi’s emergency was proving itself a failure on its own burden. India lost its own democratic dignity. Indira had no option but to declare election.


Indira got defeated. Junta Front government under the leadership of Morarji Desai took the rein. It was a good government.

Prices had been brought down. Morarji Desai ministry first of all made necessary amendments to the Indian Constitution so that no successor government can impose emergency.

In case any emergency is inevitable than only parliament had to approve it first with absolute majority.

No government can suspend or curtail natural rights,

No government can suspend fundamental rights for indefinite period,

No government can arrest any body without known existence of offence,

No government can impose arbitrary censorship on media,

No government can arrest any body for indefinite period,

These were enough to prevent a mad leader to take the nation for granted.

(It may be noted that Indira took the approval on imposition of emergency from the then President when the latter was taking bath in the bathroom. She took the covering approval of her ministry)

The other positive points of Morarji government were to remove all restrictions on productions.

This caused small industries to flourish. There was a big boost in productions of Cement, steel, electronic equipments, machines etc…

Morarji Government initiated global tenders for the items for which India had no skill. Like electronic systems e.g. telephone exchanges, transmissions, terminals …

Morarji Desai had also standardized the appointment of pay commissions at pre-fixed intervals, determination of price index at regular interval, payment of dearness allowance based on price index at regular interval of six months, merger of dearness allowance with basic salary at regular interval.


Principle and morality is ok so far you’re in some suitable part of India. But in Bihar or UP or else where it may not work. Charan Singh started making some noise. He wanted to become PM at any cost like Nehruvians. Because he belonged to a state to which Nehru and Indira belonged.


Morarji Desai removed Chaudhary Charan Singh from the cabinet. But Jan Sangh leaders requested and assured that Charan Singh would not repeat his mistakes. Had Morarji stuck to his own decision the history of India would have been different. But Morarji Desai had believed in joint leadership as a part of democratic values. He was not autocrat like Indira Gandhi. For the said decision not only Junta Front or its leaders had to suffer but whole nation was put to a prolonged anarchy, which was poised subsequent to the fall of Junta Front Government.

CHARAN SINGH BETRAYED MORARJI DESAI, INDIRA BETRAYED CHARAN SINGH Charan Singh betrayed Morarji Desai again. He took support of Indira Gandhi’s Congress and put an end to the Junta Front Government. Indira Gandhi betrayed Charan Singh. She managed with Sanjiv Reddy. And got the parliament dissolved.

 Media supported Indira, as now there was no fear of emergency in future due to constitutional amendments. Indira Gandhi supported Bhindaranvale for political personal gain. Consequently India faced terrorism of Khalistani leaders.

Pakistan terrorists followed them as they were waiting to penetrate India some how. We talk of Sardar Patel who died a little earlier. But we failed to support Morarji Desai who was young till he died at the age of 99 years. He said 99 or 100 has no any relevance unless we have decimal system of counting numbers. At the very old age the brain of many stops functioning. But here a man at 99 says he was not in three digit years of age due to decimal system. It is not important whether you live for 100 or 99.

Many people dies early due to their monkey character.

Let us submit our tribute to this Morarji Ranchhodbhai Desai the first Non-Nehruvian PM of India, the best PM of India and one of the last Mahatma Gandhian on his birth date, which comes only after 4 years i.e. 29th February. To day is 28th February.


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