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WOW !!! WHAT A CULTURE … of Nehruvian Congress … !!!

The elections of Karnataka state Assembly are over.

The election result produced a hung assembly

BJP got 104 Ssats, Nehruvian Congress got 78 seats, JDS+ got 38 seats and others got 2

Now as per the guide line prescribed under Sarkaria Commission report, the Governor is supposed to invite the leader of the first single largest party to form a government provided it has submitted the claim.

Supreme Court Approval:

It is specifically mentioned in the report, this first single largest party should be invited to form the government. Any alliance formed, after the poll results, would be over looked. Supreme Court too, had approved this criteria.

The BJP leader had submitted his claim.

The Governor of Karnataka state, invited the leader of the First Single largest party viz. BJP who had secured 104 seats.

What is the view of INC (Indian Nehruvian Congress)?

When the vote counting was in progress, and the Nehruvian Congress realized that it has no scope of getting sufficient seats to qualify as the first single largest party, and it has also realized that BJP is to get qualified as a first single largest party, Nehruvian Congress announced that it would support the 3rd single largest party to form the government. i.e. the leader of 3rd single largest party must submit its claim to form the government.

This looks very much funny

Nehruvian Congress is well known for its corruption, fraud, lies and scandals. It was also known to the Nehruvian Congress leaders that if it submits its claim to form the government, then JDS (Janata Dal Secular) would not support the Nehruvian Congress. That is why Nehruvian Congress tempted JDS to submit its claim to form the government. Nehruvian Congress propagated heavily its opinion under its so-called democratic understanding that the BJP should not submit its claim. BJP which is the First Single Largest Party if submits its claim it would be immoral, undemocratic and murder of democracy. If the Governor invites the 3rd Single largest Party viz. JDS, it would be full of moral values, democratic and constitutional.

That is according to Nehruvian Congress, the Governor of Karnataka state must reject the claim of 1st Single Largest party. 2nd largest party is not willing to submit its claim hence the governor must invites 3rd single largest party to form its government.

Does this not look ridiculous?

It may look ridiculous, but Nehruvian Congress has its own “Humpty Dumpty Dictionary” to define political terminologies.



The governor has to use his/her discretion as to who can form the stable government.

More the number of parties more to be prone to unstable.

Parties having less number of seats can form an unstable government. A well-known evidence is available in Indian political history. To keep the first single largest party away from forming the government, 2nd and 3rd and 4th single largest parties supported the  fifth single largest party to form the government and the leader of the fifth single largest party was having the strength of one seat. It was the leader himself.

Here, in the case of the Karnataka election, the situation is not exactly the same. But if the two post-election allied parties where the party having small seat strength becomes the leading party then they are more prone to give unstable government. Otherwise also they have no well thought out, program, discussion, mutual understanding of the issues and policy matters. They are more prone to get collapsed. Had they been pre-poll alliance they could have settled, issues and policy and could have prepared common minimum program. There could be a differences among elected members and can have serious problem in post poll alliances.

 Nehruvian Congress had never clear concepts about democracy. It is beyond their brain. JL Nehru was self-recognized socialist. “Socialist” means traditional communist. However there is little difference between the ideology of JL Nehru and Communist. By virtue of vicinity of MK Gandhi and his struggle for independence from British through the non-violence and democratic way, JL Nehru was not in position to talk of autocracy. Let us keep this topic away, but inherently Nehruvian Congress believes in autocracy. It appears like that.


If you have a say, if you are heard, if you are honored, if you are replied then you are living in a party honoring the democratic values.

But in a post-poll alliance, there is no scope for a member to submit his SAY, no chance to be heard, no scope to be replied. Leave aside the point of being honored.


Nehruvian Congress does not understand the meaning of Pre-poll alliance and post-poll alliance.

Party is formed by its principles and policy. Like minded persons form a party. Give a name to the party. An alliance with some other party, is a policy matter. Before taking a decision on any matter, related with policy, it is mandatory in democracy, to discuss the matter in a general body meeting, so that the members can submit their SAY. Then a resolution is to be passed.

What to talk of general body? A resolution approved by the then Nehruvian Congress ministry in power, was torn out by Rahul Gandhi the prince of Sonia. Sonia is the wife of Rajiv Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi was the son of Indira Gandhi, Indira Gandhi was the daughter of Jawahar Lal Nehru and Jawahar Lal Nehru was failed in ICS competitive examination of British, the father of Jawahar Lal Nehru Moti Lal Nehru. Moti Lal Nehru was one of the founder member of Indian National Congress. This Moti Lal Nehru asked Mahatma Gandhi to settle JL Nehru in politics.

When India was on verge to get independence, the central working Committee had called for the proposals for the post of Prime Minister. No provincial Committee had put forward the name of Jawaharlal Nehru for PM-Ship in 1946, despite of this, Jawahar Lal Nehru did not withdraw his candidature for PM-Ship, despite of Mahatma Gandhi brought this point to his notice. Jawaharlal Nehru ignored the verdict of his party and gave an indirect message that if he would not be made leader of the party he would generate a split in the party. At that time India was facing crucial issue  of maintaining united India after independence. At that crucial time JL Nehru indicated symptoms of breaking of the party. This became the basic culture which was put forward by Nehru. The daughter of JL Nehru, viz Indira Gandhi, not only degraded heavily, but murdered not only the political values but also the social values of the Indian politics.

Despite of serial defeats Nehruvian Congress is not ready to improve its culture. The leaders of Nehruvian Congress feel that they have all liberty to blame anybody on any issue and can abuse anybody by any name.

The governor of Karnataka invited the leader of 1st single largest party to form the government. The Nehruvian Congress party went to the Supreme Court at midnight and challenged the governor’s decision, as being undemocratic and unconstitutional. Nehruvian Congress asked the SC to put a stay on the governor’s decision. The Supreme Court did not give any stay on the decision of the governor, and it also rejected demand. Further the court asked the governor of Karnataka to appoint a provisional Speaker of the house to conduct voting of the elected members to see if the invited leader possesses the clear majority or not on the floor of the Assembly.

The Governor appointed Mr. Bopaiah as the speaker from the elected members of house.  

Nehruvian Congress started agitation against the order of Supreme Court. Called the governor by abusive words and further threaten the country that there would be blood shed on the roads.

Nehruvian Congress also challenged the appointment of provisional speaker viz. Mr. Bopaiah stating that the provisional speaker is a bias one on the record and not even he is the senior most.

As for allegation “Bias” it had been already decided by the SC and the allegation was set aside by the Supreme Court long back in some other case.

As for the seniority it is difficult to understand the logic of the Nehruvian Congress leaders. According to the Nehruvian Congress, the definition of the seniority is the oldest member among all the other members in the house.

Funny part is that nowhere such definition existed. Even in Government services the seniority is based upon length of service in the same cadre. Mr. Bopaiah had completed more than two terms as MLA and he was the speaker twice.     


Nehruvian Congress leaders are heavily active on calling by names the person they dislike, irrespective of the post occupied by the targeted person. The targeted person could be an ordinary MLA, a MP, a Minister, a Chief Minister, the Prime Minister, a Governor or even a Supreme Court Judge too. Nehruvian Congress leaders belong to a dynastic party where a person belonged to the Nehruvian dynasty, is only honorable, none else unless he/she is faithful to the dynasty.

RaGa says our party possesses a school of thoughts, we believe in love, we believe in uniting the nation, we have sacrificed for nation, we care for democratic rights of people, we care for poor, whereas the BJP leaders have no principles, they hates others, they divide the nation, none of them have fought for independence, they are autocrat, they do not care for the poor mass.

Actually all these statements very well applies to themselves. We do not need to go into the proof. The very recent approach of its one of the leaders under a discussion on TV channels, proves that how much hypocrisy they possessed. E.g. A leader calls Narendra Modi a murderer of democracy because he attended the marriage ceremony of the daughter of Nawaz Sharif and gave a saree in gift to his wife in Pakistan. Recall, Indira Gandhi had gifted a portion of POK (which was captured by Indian military in the Indo-Pak war 1971) to Bhutto under Shimla Pact. The same Nehruvian Congress woman had put 66000+  persons inclusive of veteran Mahatma Gandhians, behind the bars for indefinite period without any existence of the offence at their end and without any prosecution.

Nehruvian Congress men are calling the Governor of Karnataka a dog. When this was opposed in a TV Channel under a discussion, the leader was not found apologetic, but he defended “I love dogs” and then diverted the matter. Means if you love dogs, there is nothing wrong, you have permit to call a dog to anybody. This is the logic of leaders of Nehruvian Congress.

What is the fault with other animals? We love every animal. All the animals are innocent, thankful and lovely. It may be cow, horse, donkey, pig, or a fox too. Should we call these leaders of Nehruvian Congress a fox or a donkey? But I think that would the insult of these animals.

Further, look at this …

Nehruvian Congi leaders called him NIKKAMMAA in 1997 then toppled him

Nikkammaa means USELESS. ” निकम्मा”

Now they want to oblige him by tempting his son to become the Prime Minister. This is the level of their words.

Congress has to wait for the full process of JDS is invited and proves its majority on the floor of house. Failure of Yadurappa is not enough.

Shirish M. Dave

There is poem in Gujarati, where a Camel says: “Here in this world no body is straight;

Parrot’s beak is not straight, crane’s neck is not straight, Dogs tail is not straight, Elephant’s trunk is not straight, Buffalo’s horns are not straight, Tiger’s nails are not straight … “ On hearing this,  the fox said to the camel, that as for other animals only one limb is not straight, but as for you, all your eighteen limbs are not straight.

Nehruvian Congress is like Camel.  

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Supreme Court of India has to interpret laws in true spirit of the human rights

Nehruvian Congress a political party of India had ruled India for more than six decades with small breaks. During these six decades, it has ruled 30 years with absolute majority. 2 years with absolute autocracy, and remaining period with majority.

Despite of this, it has made more than 100 amendments in the Indian Constitution, In the name of public interest.

Was it necessary?

When this Congress party is addressed as Nehruvian Congress, there is a purpose.

You cannot say this Congress as “Indian Nation Congress Party” though on record it is like that.

This name has given, and still it gives, a very wrong message that this is the same Congress Party that gave big contribution, to make India independent from foreign rule.

This matter has been discussed by me in Gujarati language on my website (TreenetramDOTwordpressDOTwwwDOTcom)

If it has to be told in brief, than we can say that a person is identified by its culture. Culture can be identified by its behaviour. The behaviour is experienced or being experienced or it is on record.


Suppose you are A and the other is B.

A and B both had respect for each others.

A is communicating with B.

B suddenly stopped communication with A. A got confused.

It was an insult indirectly but direct. A felt so.

Instead of being emotional, A asked B. B kept mum.

The reason was unknown to A. Even though A is open at  heart, there was no way for A as to how A can correct itself? B has to be transparent.
A cultured society maintains democracy and transparency.

A human is prone to commit mistake and error, knowingly or unknowingly.

The democracy provide scope for correction of individuals. To ask the other person for a clarification is the democratic cultured mindset. If the a behaviour or belief of A or B is not liked to B or A as the case may be. This thing to get clarified is advisable.

Because after all, all of us are here for pleasure and spread pleasure.

One cannot hurt a person and boycott that person without asking that person to clarify.

What applies to person to person (He to She, He to He, She to She or whatsoever) that applies to political parties too.

This is universal. If the cap fits to She or He can review her/his action. This is necessary to give a chance to a person to correct itself. This is called democratic and humanitarian mind set.

Here the subject is the so called Indian National Congress Party.

Let us come to the point of above Congress.

This Congress has always been run by Nehruvians after the independence since 1947. The Congress had been founded by Hume, a British, in nineteenth century. It was a party of white collars. When MK Gandhi came to India and he joined the Congress, he made it open for the whole mass of India irrespective of caste and economical status.

The intention had been changed from “Acting as an agency to be interface between British and people of India” to “Home Rule” and then to “Complete Independence”.

MK Gandhi thought that without involving mass, India cannot achieve proper independence with the tool of Non-violence. This was the culture of Congress at that time. In nineteen thirties, it had also passed a resolution that India would be a democratic country and it will have a written constitution.

The big question is what is democracy?

According to MK Gandhi, the definition of democracy is the political system under which “the truth is heard and the truth is honoured”. MK Gandhi more specifically called “Rama Rajya” means the way Lord Rama ruled India.

Who was Rama?

Rama Rajya

Rama was a king emperor of India walked on this earth, some 6000 years back from now.

What were the main political features of Rama.

(1) The ruler (king) has to rule as per the accepted legal and social traditions prevailing in the society.
(2) The ruler has only executive authority,
(3) Ruler is not authorised to make any change in the rule and traditions,
(4) The authority for making any change in a rule or tradition is the people
The group of preacher (teachers) will decide the method of finding out the way to decide peoples desire to change.
(5) The preachers (Teachers) will have no executive power.

We know the details of life of Rama and his wife Sita.
How did people behave?
How did Rama behave?
How did the group of teachers headed by Vashishtha behave and what was the result?
How did Rama honoured the controversial truth which was against a tradition (which still prevails in the democratic countries of world ) which he could not challenge to prove it as a falsehood?
The challenge had come from a very lower class poor person. But it was honoured by Rama.
Rama has been taken as an incarnation of Sun God (Vishnu), not because he won a lot wars. Rama was taken as an incarnation of Sun God because he discharged his duty very efficiently. He maintained law and order in democratic way.

Now here, in the present period, who has to act as a Rama? Who has to act as the team of teachers? Who has to propose reforms?

The head of the elected representatives are Rama.

We have a method of electing representatives under Indian Constitution. Off course the elections have to be proper and fair.

But the system was no fair enough for four decades. In 1988, VP Singh appointed Shesan as the Chief Election Commissioner, who enforced election provisions provided under law, very firmly. Till then, unless there was a flood against Nehruvian Congress, the Nehruvian Congress had never faced a defeat.

But after the enforcement of law strictly, the Nehruvian Congress could not get clear majority at any time.

This means, rules are there, but the interpretation has either not been made properly by the ruler in execution


the Supreme Court has not been asked to interpret the law,


the Supreme Court has not intervene of its own, to interpret any rule which could not protect the constitutional rights of citizens.

In fact, if the Supreme Court of India interprets the provisions of the Indian Constitution, in relevance to the human rights and natural rights, there is no need to enact further Acts.

Now let us look at the democratic rights based on and prevailed under the rule of Rama.

(1) The ruler has only executive authority: Why?
It is natural that some body has to take the responsibility of execution of rule.

(2) Ruler is not authorised to make any change in rule and traditions: Why?
Because if ruler is authorized to make changes, then the ruler will make the changes which are beneficial to that ruler only.
This has been very well experienced by India, during the rule of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi.
As for changes made in laws, by Indira NehruGandhi, one can write a thick Book like epic “Maha Bharata”. We will look into it, on the day of anniversary of “Emergency imposed by Indira in 1975.

(3) The authority for making any change in a tradition is the people: Why?
It is only the people are suffering. They are suffering due to any law or tradition and the rule is defective and required to be modified to meet with the protection of human rights. That is why the proposals should also come up from the mass. the mass includes teachers, experts, leaders of political parties etc… They cn come up through media or/and common platforms. Then political parties will draft a bill in consultation with experts and put it before public through the party’s election manifesto. If that party wins the elections, then the bill can be passed in parliament.


(4) The group of preacher (teachers) will decide the method of finding out the way to decide peoples’ desire to change the law: Why?

This is in fact drafting a bill. Supreme Court can re-examine or ask an expert committee to review the draft or bill or law.

(5) The preachers (Teachers) will have no executive power. Why?
Executive power has been entrusted with the ruler. And if preachers are entrusted with executive power then they become ruler. In these circumstances the ruler will get the power to change the law. In fact we want to deprive the ruler from using the power of making changes in the law, unless it has been proposed or permitted by the mass.

We want a system which enables the truth to be heard and honoured.
We do not want to promote old type of Rama Rajya. We want Rama Rajya where Sita the wife of Rama too gets justice.

How did Nehruvian Congress fail to provide justice to the mass by not protecting human rights?

In 1950-s, there were some scandals. But the then Prime Minister Javaharlal Nehru told the parliament that “we will not attend the scandals. You put before the public. Public would decide in the next election.”
A poor lot was remaining poor. JL Nehru introduced reservation for lower class, instead of providing employment with dignified salary to all poor mass. This was the foundation of Vote Bank politics.

MK Gandhi had said in his book, written somewhere in 1930-s, to first concentrate on cottage industries and education. But Nehru overlooked.

MK Gandhi had asked complete prohibition of liquor, to prevent the poor and illiterate mass from domestic economical anarchy. But Nehru ignored it.

Contrary to this, the successive government encouraged the relaxation in Prohibition on Liquor enacted under British Rule in Bombay State.

In many other ways, the Congress existed before independence lost its character after independence. That is why person like me address this Congress as Indian Nehruvian Congress Party, in place of Indian National Congress Party.

Why did Supreme Court fail to supervise the human rights?
There was no provision in Indian Constitution to take up the issue before the Court of Law, unless some one is affected adversely by any act or whatsoever.

P. I. L.
The First Non-Congress Congress government headed by Morarji Desai, enacted the provision of “Public Interest Litigation”.

This provision provides, any citizen to go before the High Court of a state or before the Supreme Court to declare specified law as null and void, as it is harmful to human right. Supreme Court would either ask the Government to amend the law suitably or to drop it or to re-frame it.

But why there should be a Public Litigation Act? In fact it is inbuilt in democracy that any law becomes null and void if it harms a human right.

Information Act
Why this act is needed?
You have appointed a servant to whom you pay against the duty you have asked to perform.
Now suppose you gave him some money to purchase some vegetable.
You have the right to tell that person as to what he has to purchase and from where he should purchase, how he has to purchase and how much he has to purchase.
When he comes back, it is your right to ask the person, to tell you the full information. It is the right of the person who gave the earned money for a purpose to a person who has been employed on payment.
Now what did the Congress do?
It restricted the right by enacting the act and provided lot exceptions. The act became nail-less to great extent.

Consumer Protection Act
You have the full liberty to select the item, the amount, the way and the quantity to spend the money you have earned.
The right to selection, the right to quality, the right to know the contents, the right to compare the prices, the right to enjoy options, the right to have the record of your purchase. All these rights are inbuilt rights under human rights.

Right to “call back” the elected representative.
This act yet not been enacted.

But it can be interpreted as inbuilt right to human right.
You are selecting your representative to represent and execute, your view, desire, security and welfare.
You are paying the representative for that duties.
There is a system of payment by Tax. This is called public fund.
There is a system for selecting person. This is called system of elections.
Somehow jointly, you have selected a person of your geographical area for 5 years.
Now suppose this person increases its own monthly payment without your permission,
Suppose this person shows negligence on your security,
Suppose this person hides the facts,
Suppose this person making joint ventures with your recognized enemy,
Suppose you have lost faith in this person and you feel to terminate its services.
Definitely it is your inbuilt human right to terminate the services of this person at any time as soon as you feel that this person is not faithful.
Terminate the services of a person whom you have elected is termed as “Call Him/Her Back”.

This “Right to call back” has not been enacted yet. But such right to call back is inbuilt right in democracy.

How to call a person back if there is no system constituted in the Indian Constitution.

Let us take an example:

In 1971 Nehruvian Congress had won 140 seats out of 163 seats of Gujarat State Assembly.
The said government lost the faith of public. Its governance was full of scandals and frauds. People of Gujarat were highly dissatisfied by the government. It became a hot issue of discussion as to how to call, all the elected members of the state assembly, back.

People had to lodge a wide spread agitation and asked the representatives to resign. But Nehruvian Congress Members did not pay any heed and did not resign.

All the opposition party members had resigned. There was a very big mass movement in Gujarat. This was known as Nava-Nirman-Stir (A movement for Reconstruction of State Assembly). It is a long story as to how it became successful and at what cost.

But how to achieve this success, without loss of blood?

What do we do in a normal housing society?

20 percent members can ask the president of the society to call for an extra-ordinary general meeting with an agenda.

Here, in the “Call them Back” case,  20 percent voters of that area can submit an affidavit before the Election Officer, asking the election officer to conduct a vote of confidence in respect of the elected member.
If the representative secures 50+ percent of the votes polled, he would be continued as the representative, otherwise by-elections would be conducted for that assembly seat.

This means that only interpretation or directives are required for fulfillment of any human right, from the Supreme Court.

Shirish M. Dave

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RSS was not banned for indefinite period.

One can agree that a common man of RSS be scared of going to jail. Are the leaders of RSS too are supposed to be scared of Jail?

RSS was not banned for a very long time.

Why it could not be banned for indefinite period, because in democracy it can be challenged in a court of law.


Godse had killed MK Gandhi, but his action was not supported by any resolution passed by the general body or working committee of RSS.

Further the constitution of RSS does not provide to kill a Hindu, leave aside Muslims. In 1948, some leaders of RSS might have been arrested who had been doubted for their awareness of the plan of Godse and support to the plan.

Most RSS leaders were not proved guilty. This is because Godse had decided of his own.

Veer Savarkar was also not punished as a party with Godse. He was banned for social activities. Madanlal was punished to life imprisonment who had tried to kill MK Gandhi . Madanlal’s plan was failed. There was a group and had prepared plans. The third plan was successful. And all of the eight accused were convicted for preparing plan and executing it. Godse and Apte were hanged. Other six were punished with life imprisonment.


Now as per Gandhi and otherwise also, a person who loves its nation, and if it wants to make its nation an independent nation, it has right to agitate.

If Godse had moral right then MK Gandhi had moral right, as well as legal right too, to express. It was not Gandhi who failed to control carnages. It was the government that failed, the government which had power to control the situation. Gandhi had no power.

If Godse wanted to play insurgency against Gandhi he could have discussed the disputes with Gandhi. He could have given a notice for discussion before he decided to kill him.

Recall and remember. According to Indian culture, a notice for conducting negotiation need to be given before waging a war. It was Government and power holders in the government required to be targeted by Godse. The target could never be Gandhi for Godse.

Culprits were punished. But what was about many other leaders of RSS? There were many injustice on Hindus and on India where the interest of India was hurt.


Nehruvian policy on Tibet, China, Burma had made irreparable harm to India and Indian society.

If RSS was against division of India, what did it do when Iskander Mirza had suggested for Federal Union of Pakistan and India in 1955?

Are these issues, political issues only? Not at all. They were highly related with the security and interest of India.

RSS cannot shirk from the responsibilities from keeping mum on such national issues when it passes the blame of partition of India on MK Gandhi.

RSS kept mum. Is it because RSS was banned? Not at all. RSS was banned only for few months from Feb. 1948. I myself was a member of Saurashtra High School Shakha in 1949 to 1951 in Rajkot. There was no ban on RSS. And otherwise also, RSS members and leaders are citizens of India, and the rights of citizen always prevail.

Is it that the RSS leaders were frustrated due to mass arrests during 1948?

Is it that the RSS leaders were scared of jail?

Had the RSS leaders believed as, had they been agitated against Nehruvian Congress on Tibet, China, Burma and Pakistan issues, they would had been sent to jail?

No. Not all all.

One must know that the then opposition leaders in Parliament had very badly opposed the policy of Nehru. But they had no adequate mass support to uproot the Nehruvian Government in subsequent elections. RSS leaders had simply ignored the matter. RSS leaders could have mobilized the mass and could have provided support of mass to the opposition parties. But the RSS leaders had not tried at all.

Are the RSS leaders scared of punishment?

Yes. It appears like that. At the time of general elections in 1980, the RSS leaders did not come out for preventing Indira Ghandi to come to power, though this Indira Ghandi had executed may scams and frauds with the nation. Simla Pact with Pakistan, Deal with Union Carbide, Imposition of Emergency and political lift to Bhindaranwale to make him politically stronger. This Bhindaranwale had opened the doors of India for cross border terrorists, these were the good reasons to prevent Indira Ghandi to power in 1980.

Is it that the RSS leaders are hypocrite, timid and lacking in sense of wisdom?

The nationalist persons have to be always at war at least to fight out with a pen if not with a sword. But as per the RSS it says that they don’t believe in non-violence. They believe in violence.

If it is like that, then they should had fought out with violence, no need to have phobia of Mahatma Gandhi.    

Leave this aside. Discussion on MK Gandhi is no way significant. He is dead. Otherwise also he had no power.


Nehruvians are alive.

Nehruvians always remained in politics and only politics for power posts.

Nehruvians held power post and that too Number One Power Post,

Nehruvians were and are paid from public money.

Nehruvians misused their power at large scale for their own benefit.

Nehruvians divided people of India, they made money through scandals, frauds and scams. They have lot of money by which they can control media and vote bank. They are not least significant. They have culture to topple any government by any means and at any cost to the nation.


Now Narendra Modi has come to power. He is Neo-Mahatma Gandhi. Support him with big hand. Get rid of misconceptions about MK Gandhi. Gandhi is not relevant to fight a war against Nehruvian Congress. Uproot Nehruvian Congress to establish social morals and dignity of India.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Nehruvian Congress is a GONE CASE


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has projected Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the party. Narendra Modi was otherwise also very much active. After his selection as the Prime Ministerial candidate, he has become very much active and he has floated several issue base questions before ruling parties at center and at the relevant states associated with  Nehruvian Congress.

 The land side success and victory of Narendra Modi and BJP in all the Hindi speaking four states, has wiped out Nehruvian Congress.

What is the present mindset of Nehruvian Congress leaders and its allies?


Modi is Now the Lion of India

The allies of Nehruvian Congress were not much in the picture significantly but they too are wiped out and most of them have lost their deposit. They have not received any coverage due to their insignificance in the fight. They have kept mum on the efforts and success of Narendra Modi.

But the all level failure in all the fields has posed before the Nehruvian Congress a big problem.

However look at the excuses of its leaders. Somehow they are not ready to accept the Modi-Effect in the election. They are still trying to negate Modi-Effect.

Why Nehruvian Congress is not worried for its failure in performance?

This is because:

Still money plays a big role in winning elections,

Still caste, religion, language and can play a role in dividing voters,

Media too can play a big role to mislead common mass and learned people.

This is because poor mass is looking for short term and immediate attention of its problems of starving. Let it be a short term effect.

Media and learned persons are purchasable. They can use philosophical meaningless language for hiding the failure of Nehruvian Congress to misguide the mass. It can also prevent mass by hiding the facts, related with failures, scams and frauds of Anti-BJP parties.

Why the media and Nehruvian Congress leaders are concentrating on rejection Modi-Effect?

Modi is becoming popular all over India in a big way. Thereby Nehruvian Congress is more interested in nullifying Modi-Effect. At moment, media is not helping Nehruvian Congress much, because of the recent success of Modi-Effect in the four State Assembly elections. This is because media does not want to be unauthentic and untrustworthy. It cannot hide the reflection of people’s voice immediately. But media cannot hide its inherent culture. Media has already shown some symptoms of its hidden and likely approach of its future trend.

 Nehruvian Congress can hide its failures very easily.

This is because; it has a very long experience of 60+ years as to how to win elections. There is no scope for opposition to beat the Congress in his game.

E.g. Nehruvian Congress had miserably failed in its Central Intelligence. It failed to prevent terrorists attack in Mumbai. Its failure caused several terrorist blasts in 2008 just before elections of 2009. But Nehruvian Congress was able to just generalized the issue with the blessing of media, learned people and Bollywood celebrities. It is said that the activities of Bollywood is controlled by Daud. Daud has close links with Nehruvian Congress and some of its allies.  Nehruvian Congress also tackles the issue of its corruptions, scandals and scams in similar way.

Media can dilute the success stories of BJP in performance of development by not giving any coverage. Media can highlight the so-called good performance of Nehruvian Congress by providing repeated coverage.


Nehruvian Congress has been clean bawled and wiped out in recent four assembly elections by Modi-Effect.

What could be the “would be approach” of Nehruvian Congress and its allies on Modi-Effect.

Deny the Modi-Effect.

There is No Modi Effect in India at all.

1                    The development, that Modi carried out in Gujarat is false. This has now been proved.

2                    Gujarat was a developed state from the very beginning.

3                    Modi is a liar on his claims of achievements about development. This has been also proved by the several independent reports.

4                    Modi’s Modal of development cannot be applied all over India because geography is not the same in India.

5                    Modi is communal and not acceptable to minorities. Nobody can forget and forgive him on his 2002 communal riots.

6                    There was no Modi-Effect in any elections.

7                    Had there been any Modi-Effect, how had he been a failure in Karnatak state assembly elections in last year?

8                    There was no Modi-Effect in recent four state assembly elections

9                    In MP State, Congress lost because we have not made adequate efforts at grass root level.

10                Narendra Modi had organized shows at so many places, where the BJP candidates were otherwise also very strong.

11                In Rajasthan State, we lost power and could get only few seats due to the factor of anti-incumbency in the state and in the center. In fact we could not take our message of our success story and programs to grassroots level. Here also Modi-Effect was nil. Because Modi had organized his shows at so many places where the BJP candidates were otherwise also strong.

12                Defeat in Delhi, the reason is also the same. (Repeat whatsoever said for Rajasthan State).

13                As for the question “But how has been your party ranked third in Delhi State Assembly elections? How have been gone below the newly formed party AaP? The answer is “We had under estimated AaP. AaP had approached mass at grass root level. But our defeat was not due to Modi-Effect. Narendra Modi had organized shows at so many places, where the BJP candidates were otherwise also very strong. We are defeated due to anti-incumbency effect.

14                As for Zarkhand state, how could you not get the benefit of anti-incumbency effect of BJP? Reply of Nehruvian Congress; “We have improved our position. We have won two more seats in the assembly. Here also there was no Modi-Effect. Narendra Modi had organized shows at so many places, where the BJP candidates were otherwise also very strong.

15                Question: What would you do in forthcoming Parliamentarians Elections due in 2014?

Reply by Nehruvian Congress. “The issues of state assembly elections and parliamentarian elections are quite different. In 2008 we had lost assembly elections in some states. But we had won parliament elections.


“Our leaders, are now determined to go to grass root level, as directly by Rahul (the Nehruvian progeny). He is a person of determination. He has decided to change the program and system of canvassing. We are going to plan a revised program. You know Rahul is now Vice President of our party. Earlier in 2008 assembly elections he was not given a big role. In view of his great influence on mass, we had given him a big role of Vice President in our party. Off course we agree that in these recent elections we could not take sufficient advantage of his influence. But now Rahul has decided to change the plan of Election Champaign. We are firm on our success in forthcoming elections. We totally deny the Modi-Effect.

Modi is uncultured. Modi uses abusive language. Modi does not know how to talk respectfully to opponents. Modi is shameless. Modi is a rat. Modi is a worm. Modi is a liar. Modi is a cockroach. Modi is monkey. Modi is vulgar. Modi is illiterate. Modi does not know history and geography. Modi is communal. Modi is killer.

Can you expect that Nehruvian Congress can correct and improve its approach? Not at all. It is next to impossible. What JL Nehru could not do, what Indira Gandhi could not do, what Rajiv Could not do, how can one expect from these cunning people who are interested only in making money through Coalgate scam, 2G Frequency scam, Common Wealth Game bundle of scams, Adarsh Scam, Fake currency printing scam, Oil and gold smuggling and what not? Leave aside scams and scandals of their predecessors related with terrorism.

Minorities have adopted attitude and set their mind to join mainstream. But to expect Nehruvians and their allies to embrace morals is next to impossible.

Let them die as per the Hindu Law of Karma.    

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Is it that Kapi Sibbal is illiterate?

Three years back at the time of general elections campaign, Kapil Sibbal of Nehruvian Congress had announced that he would give “Akash Tablet” to all the youths at the rate of Rs. 3000/-.

Many youths had deposited money for “Akash”.

Nehruvian Congress came to power again in 2009. The days have been passed, the weeks have been passed, moths have been passed and years are passing. Now a time has come that again the general elections have become due (at any time), but no “Akash” had come down to meet the youths on the earth. Narendra Modi pointed out this fraudulent promise of Nehruvian Congress leader in one of his lectures.

Narendra Modi further said that Nehruvian Congress has a habit and culture to give false promises. It gives false promises not to only to common men, but it gives false promises to youths too. Such type of practice, generates bad moral values in youths. This is dangerous for a nation.

In reply to this Kapi Sibbal forwarded one Akash Tablet to Modi, instead of fulfilling the promises given to the youths of Delhi. Kapi Sibbal further abused Narendra Modi, and asked him to be a cultured leader. This means that to point out the false promises of Nehruvians, is a bad culture and to make a false and fraudulent promises is a good culture according to Nehruvian Congress culture.


JL Nehru had taken an oath in 1963 before the Indian parliament that he would not take rest till he would re-capture the land snatched by China during the war in 1962. Now if Narendra Modi would point out this point, the Nehruvian Congress would forward a photo of lost land to Narendra Modi and further it would ask Narendra Modi to be educated and cultured.


If Narendra Modi would point out the oath taken by Nehruvian Progeny Indira Gandhi of “I will remove the poverty” in 1969, then Nehruvian Congress leaders would send Rs.60/- (the daily wage of NAREGA) to Narendra Modi, and ask him to be a cultured person.


If Narendra Modi would point out the promise recalled before a foreign news channel by  Indira Gandhi in 1970 that all the infiltrators came from Pakistan will be sent back to their country, the Nehruvian Congress leaders would send some Bangladeshi Muslims to Gandhinagar and further the would ask Narendra Modi to be educated and cultured.


Recall the statement of Nehruvian Congress ruling Cabinet made during the pre-India Pak war period of 1971 that “India will not give return the land won by India if any war is imposed on India by Pakistan”, and after winning the war with the great braveness of Indian soldiers, it was announced by the Indira Gandhian Cabinet that Pakistan will have to sign a package deal and will have to meet the demands as under:


What was the PACKAGE DEAL”?

Reimbursement of all the expenses incurred by India due to this war on India imposed by Pakistan,

Return of the land of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, so that the Issue of Kashmir ends up,

Take back the all the infiltrators and refugees came from Pakistan in India,

Settlement of property cases of Hindu refugees came to India from Pakistan in 1947-48,

Deportation of anti-social elements that had committed crimes in India and taken shelter in Pakistan,

All the fishermen and whatsoever Indian prisoners available in Pakistan jails will have to be released,  

“No war pact” with India,

No hatred and propaganda against India in Pakistan,



Unless Pakistan signs this pact, then only the Prisoners of War (90000 soldiers who were fed by India with due respect from 1971 to 1972) and the land won by India during the war would be returned to Pakistan.


But what has been happened in Simla pack?

No gain for India,

Indira Gandhi returned all the POW i.e.  90000 soldiers,

Indira Gandhi returned all the land pieces that had won by Indian soldiers,

Indira Gandhi also returned the land piece of POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) on which India had the claim,


On the other hand Pakistan released no Indian soldier. They are still with Pakistan, in 400+ numbers, in Pakistan Jail.


Now if Narendra Modi points out this fraud of progeny and party viz Nehruvian Congress, Kapi Sibbal or any damn leader would ask Narendra Modi to be educated and to behave with good culture.


It is not a surprise so far Nehruvian Congress leader and their allies are concerned. They have possessed all the evils available in the world. You can write a bigger book than the epic Mahabharat. Nehruvians and their party leaders can abuse any leader howsoever he may be great and popular among learned and common, if he/she opposes a Nehruvian and its party, they will abuse him/her without any logic and sense. They have spared none. They can do any damn thing to hide their evils and divert the mind of common mass by talking irrelevant and baseless.


Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Fate of undivided India is guesswork

Fate of undivided India is guesswork


There are many columnists and TV anchors that can be identified by the nationalist Hindus, as pseudo secular. Now it is high time to recognise them as anti-national and fix responsibility for their contribution in creating havoc in India.

It is generally observed with Nehruvian Congress leaders that they had always created a havoc and lawlessness in their every term, irrespective of their absolute strength in parliament. Their created havoc and or issues have disturbed the normal lives of Indian citizens. They have not cared to see that their actions could create either an immediate harmful effect or anarchy in time to come. Such non-actions, fraudulent actions and or mal actions were not only because of any challenge they had to face to maintain their power. Many times this caused out of their ego and whims.

JL Nehru had adopted a biased foreign policy. This was due to his short-sight and lack of wisdom. He surrendered to second world’s political ideology.

In doing so JL Nehru had recognised the sovereignty of China on Tibet, despite of warning of Sardar Patel. Further he had wilfully misguided the Parliament on Chinese military intrusion and infiltration on Line of Control. The Chinese attack had created havoc in Indian economy leave aside the loss of land worth 60,000 square miles.

JL Nehru’s oath on regaining the lost land was fake and fraudulent.


You can smell the decisive attitude and roll of JL Nehru, in dividing people through the method adopted by him while dividing Bombay Province. He created hatred among different people of different languages in 1955 by mishandling the same to achieve his goal of power.

Even you can look at the formation of NEFA (North East Frontier Associate) state instead of seven states based on their languages. NEFA got divided on the criteria based on languages, only when the situation became alarming. By the time of this reformation of NEFA enough harm was made to the nation.

During this time a feeling of Anti-Indian was already established in the local people of NEFA. By virtue of the delay in the formation of these states the feelings of anti-Indian went to such an extent that they adopted Roman Script for their own language. This script is quite a defective script for Indian languages, but because local population was adequately converted into Christianity, they found no difficulty in adopting the foreign script. Earlier it was the Bengali script for their own language. It is very common among non-Hindus, all over India, to act as a foreigner in their own country where they and their forefathers took birth.


The mentality and approach of JL Nehru and his daughter (who are till on this date are beloved god and goddess of Nehruvian Congress) was similar. Nehru and his daughter were never serious about the inhuman act of Pakistan Government on Hindus in Pakistan.

Hindus were being driven out by the government of East and West Pakistan during the nineteen fifties and sixties. In fact in 1954 Suharavrdi  Noon had offered to settle the cases of migrated Hindus from Pakistan to India. He had also offered a welcome back to Pakistan. Not only this, but soon after that the President of Pakistan viz. Iskandar Mirza had offered to have a Federal Union of India and Pakistan. Off course, Jinna too had agreed to this arrangement. Why Sardar Patel and Nehru both had rejected it is a different issue. Both these leaders viz Sardar Patel and JL Nehru had different reasons on rejection of the proposal of Federal Union. For Sardar Patel it was a pre-mature suggestion, for JL it was an issue linked with his supremacy in power politics.

It was a matter of surprise as to why the RSS leaders did not agitate though they are and were always active to pass blame on MK Gandhi for the division of India, when Iskandar Mirza proposed Union Federation in 1954? Leave this matter aside for the time being as this is not our subject matter here.

However it was a very good opportunity for Nehru to unite India and Pakistan under Federal Union with proper treaty. Nehru rejected it out rightly in 1954 also, without discussing it with public and without discussing it with his party leaders.

The leaders of RSS also kept mum. They did not agitate against the decision of JL Nehru. According to the own logic of RSS, it was a cognizable offense. This is because  they already had a habit and still the same is possessed that MK Gandhi was responsible for the partition of India. Why MK Gandhi did not go on fast onto death.

Nobody can understand why RSS leaders did not go on fast onto death. Who had prevented them? Who had prevented them to not kill Jinna who only wanted partition?

As for Iskandar Mirza the President of Pakistan in 1954, when proposed for Union Federation, Vinoba Bhave welcomed the proposal of Federal Union. JL Nehru bluntly rejected. RSS kept mum and remain inactive


Though it is a matter of guesswork or research as to how much harmony the Federal Union might have created under undivided India or under Federal Union of India and Pakistan. But those who think themselves secular and also those who want to abuse MK Gandhi both should have come forward to welcome the proposal of Iskandar Mirza and Ayub Khan.


Our one of the prominent so-called secular but to many he is pseudo secular, has once again exhibited his hypocrisy to defend his “world of pseudo secular media”.

The columnists cum Chief Editor IBN 18 Network, has made several discoveries. He has gone back to the beginning of the twentieth century to defend the rights of Muslims.

Now let us look at the approach of the pseudo secular, on minorities in general and on the episode of Assam in particular.



While analyzing any event, avoid the word “Muslim infiltrators” as far as possible. Make use of the word “Muslims” instead of “Muslim infiltrators”


Generalize the violence where the root cause are Muslims. E.g. “… the violent conflict between Muslims and local people has a long history … hence look at these riots with this background…” (But do not apply this logic to Hindu – Muslim riots elsewhere, especially to the riots of Gujarat in 2002)


Avoid comparison. E.g. “… it is not only Bodo-s who have lost homes and land. Muslims too have lost homes and land…” (Avoid the history as to how the Muslim infiltrators occupied the land and houses in Assam).


The root cause of riots in Assam is not deniable because this has highlighted the headlines in many newspapers. But you can minimize or marginalize the root cause.

The root cause is the infiltration of Muslims of Bangladesh. Then tell, the infiltration alias migrations are as old as hundred and ten years. It was a practice initiated right from the early twentieth century. Laborers used to go to North East from Bengal.

This is a wonderful logic of this Editor in Chief IBM 18. It is a matter of research as to why the editor has not gone back to the period of Aryan Invasion. As per Aryan Invasion Theory IAT, Aryans are outsiders. The idea and conspiracy behind the promotion of AIT was to instigate tribal people to get converted to Christianity… “See… India has been attacked and invaded by many. The Aryans are outsiders. They attacked you from North. They made you slaves and backward. They were not the last and least. Hoons and Shakas too had invaded India. Lastly Muslims also invaded India. Now we Europeans have invaded India. We are proving superior. Aryans came early. We came late. This is the only difference. The former have suppressed and neglected you. We will take care of you provided … provided you adopt Christianity.

These are all fake arguments. DNA does not support this hypothesis. But there is an intellectual invasion on these pseudo secular and many others. Leave aside this point. It is not a subject matter.

Why does the IBN Chief avoid the ground situation?

How can you justify the infiltration when the nations are different? In early 20Th Century Indians had a lawful liberty to go to Burma, Oman, South Africa, and many other countries without a passport and VISA. Even we had a right to go to UK. But since 1947 these are all separate nations. Even UK will not permit you to enter without a passport and VISA. There is no country in the world that would allow other nationals in their country and or would regularize large scale infiltrators.



What had been done by Burma? Burma mercilessly drove out people of Indian origin from their country in the early fifties. What to talk about Burma! Pakistan itself had executed massacre in 1947-48 to drive Hindus out of East and West Pakistan. This flow of Hindus did not stop even in the fifties and sixties.

In the late sixties the East Bengal started driving out even Non-Bengali Muslims too, in a very large scale. This was mainly because these Muslims were not supporting the Bangladesh movement. These Muslim infiltrators were numbered in one crore. It had paralyzed the normal life of West Bengal and then that of NorthEastState of India. This had become an international issue.

Indira Gandhi had taken an oath that these infiltrators would be driven out and sent back at any cost. But she willfully failed to do so, to promote her vote politics. The flow of infiltrators is still continuing. These infiltrators are now of the order of five crores and they are spread all over India. This has covered major cities of Maharashtra and Gujarat too besides other states.

The involvement of terrorists in these infiltrators cannot be ruled out. This can be judged from the recent demonstration staged by them in Mumbai against riots in Assam. Is it not a matter of research as to why none of the Muslim and none of the pseudo secular entities made any noise to take care of the Hindu voice? They have neither agitated nor demonstrated for natural rights of Hindu, despite of the massacre of Hindus in Kashmir. Not only have this, but none of them ever bothered to highlight the Hindus’ right to get reinstated in Kashmir to their home in Kashmir.


One cannot generalize the infiltration and marginalize the infiltrations when the infiltration is involved with national insecurity and it paralyses the normal life of citizens. The citizens are victims of bad and malfunctioning of government. They live in miserable condition.


If there are riots and if you do not make a mention of 2002 riots of Godhra After Math, you are not qualified for becoming secular. Similarly the aforesaid columnist has to show that he is a qualified analyst on politics, he says “whenever we criticize the riots of 2002 Gujarat, we are asked to also recall the massacre of 1984. By this way the fundamentalists want to defend the Gujarat riots. You cannot defend one riot by quoting some other riots.”

This argument looks beautiful and the columnist tries to indicate how much sensitive he is about human suffering.

He conveniently forgets that Narendra Modi had controlled the riots in three days and much more Hindus were killed during police fire. Narendra Modi’s government, within no time had re-instated the Muslims in their original home. Whereas in case of Hindus of  J & K, the J&K government and Nehruvian Congress governments have been miserably and willfully failed, and failing continues till date. In fact this is a continuous riot on Hindus.


Why are you not showing your sensitiveness on those humans who are not infiltrators but they are deserted in their own country? E.g. Hindus of Kashmir and Assam.

It is not the duty of victimized people to carry the responsibility of rehabilitation of infiltrators of another country. Infiltrators are infiltrators. They have no rights. If some body occupies my house and if my government fails to protect my rights I have the liberty to kill the tracepassers if he does not leave my house peacefully. I have to act; I have to act violently to see my security. This is what the law of the land says.

Who are these infiltrators? These are the same infiltrators who fraudulently got citizenship under the soft corner of Nehruvian Government.

These are the same infiltrators, who forcibly occupied land and property in India.

These are the same infiltrators, who is turning the sons of the soil into the minority.

These are the same infiltrators who are trying to dominate the sons of the soil.

These are the same infiltrators who have gained a separate nation because they themselves are separate civilisation as per their belief.

This is on the record of recent history.


Shirish Mohanlal Dave




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It was a plus point for BJP that it has not lost Punjab and it gained Goa. But its performance in UP and Uttarakhand is a matter of research.

It is very common among the pro-BJP persons to abuse BJP leadership for the bad performance in these two states. To abuse the leadership who canvassed in UP  for BJP, is not a way out or a solution for better or remarkable performance.


Who are the voters?

What are the priorities of voters?

Voters are:

Poor mass which is always engaged in day to day problems of survival or financial problems.

What is the percentage of this group? It is not less than 90 percent.






If yes, forget victory. Because under such classification you would remain always uncertain for your victory. Victory cannot be certain unless you explain them to get identified by their economical condition and you convince them they are same people,

Can you opt to entertain the aforesaid divisions in geographical pockets where they are prominent in numbers? This may be a effective practice to some extent but it is not a fair practice. It is once again an evil practice that makes you un-trust worthy. In fact the Nehruvian Congress and some others have used their brain to adopt this practice to win elections. Whosoever is more organised and can spend more money, can achieve success by adopting this classification. But even then it may not work for definite result.



This is called the system of canvassing that creates an atmosphere of voting in favour of BJP and they start thinking on BJP till the day of polling and beyond.


(Read separately)

Why this system is needed?

If a system if constituted then:

People will get a message;

… that your party works systematically,

… that you know their problems,

… that you work without discrimination,

… that your are trustworthy,


What are the other Classes?

Middle Class: Middle Class is falling under 5 to 20 percent.

Most of the teams should be prepared from this group. Off course members from poor class should also be adopted, depending upon the type of area. It is possible that Canvassing Team and Analysing Team may consist of more members from this Class.

Upper Middle Class: This may be 1 to 5 percent. They can be in Monitoring and or Analysing Team. The members should be very clear that we are fighting elections for victory and not defeat.


Local issues of the constituency,

State issues

National issues

Shortage of infrastructure

Shortage of educational Institutions

System problems in the governance

What we will do in time to come. Time table.

Temples and Mosque can be solved with negotiation and or by Court.


Advise to RSS, VHP, BD and those who are serious and abusing BJP on Temple issue:

People are not serious about temple issue. There are lot of proofs. Nehruvian Congress and its allies are floating this issue and linking it with BJP rule.  Knowingly or unknowingly some so-called learned leaders and or columnists fall in the trap of the pseudo secular media and putting BJP into defensive position. Message goes to public is, BJP is inefficient and self centered. In fact no body is more fraudulent than Nehruvian Congress party leaders and their allies. BJP should ask other parties to clarify their stand.   



If temple problem is to be resolved with honour to the spirit of Hindus, the only solution and options are Supreme Court or negotiation. Under negotiation one has to follow give and take formula. Even Shiv Sena is favouring to construct temple of “Bharat Mata” at the Ram Janma Bhoomi if the issue could not be mutually resolved. HC had given good verdict. But the adamant leaders on both the sides did not agreed.

Be sure that only BJP can respect Hindu feeling.  Anti-BJPs will never respect Hindu feeling. This is on the record of history. Hence support only BJP.


All Muslims are not the same. At least Vora and Khoja are different.

Avoid hatred against any community. By creating hatred against Muslims and floating discussion on irrelevant issues like Moguls, their atrocities, reservations, Jina, MK Gandhi you are dividing Hindu votes.  Moguls had treated this country as their own country. This is on the records of history.  There is no need to create irrelevant controversy. British had only created divisions and wrote false history of Indian slavery of 1200 years. British only introduced Aryan Invasion Theory. This was with a view to divide people of India. If this is not clear to you, either you are fool and do not know the strategic policy of winning elections or you are pro-Nehruvian.

You can float discussion on prevailing terrorism of Muslims and Christians in their dominants places, but avoid passing blame on the whole community. Let there be a separate agency who would deal with such matters with taking it to the court of law.    


What others have not done, but we (BJP leaders) have done and we are going to do.

Create contradiction of local and state opponents and also big national opponents,

Contradict them by comparison. Put them in defensive position. You have lot of material.

We are here to unite people of India, as this is the culture of India.

Dividing India and spreading hatred has not solved any problem in last 60 years of Nehruvian Congress rule.

The root cause of all the problems is poverty, illiteracy, out of proportion inequality and corruption. Nehruvian Congress has tactfully maintained poverty, illiteracy and allowed to flourish corruption and antisocial activities so that they can make red-black money.  


BJP has concentrated on infrastructure development, production and education in Gujarat. Nehruvian Congress and its allies have failed in this regards, that is why they have to talk of reservation and quota.

The reservation is the by-product of their failure.

Gujarat has concentrated on progress in every field. This can be done for whole of India. I.e. Poverty and illiteracy can be removed by changing systems of governance, Judiciary, economy, election reforms, information commission reforms and legislative reforms. Money and muscle power from election can be eliminated from elections by the reforms. Politics is not for making money.

Party will clarify its position and enumerate extensively the style and program of the action to be taken on the following issues.


Read separately: Election reforms

Read separately: Reforms in cessions and cooperative societies

Read separately: Reforms in Judiciary

Read separately: Citizen Charter, Reforms in transparency and information,

Read separately: Investigation Commission

Read separately: Reforms in economy

Read separately: No reason for shortage in education, employment, infrastructure (Roads, buildings, water, and power) and production.




Strength: 2 or more persons per booth

Qualification: Committed and sincere persons. One of the two or three must be literate.


It should contact voters for door to door campaign.

It should help the canvassing team.

It should prepared or get prepared and distribute voter’s slips.


Strength: Three booths team i.e. made of 6 to 9 persons can work as a group team.


The team should display banners and posters etc… They will list the problems of their area and submit the requirement at the initial stage to the monitoring team.

The team will make morning procession and sing national songs daily in morning and evening.

The team will collect and or prepare Notice Board for news items.

The team should execute sweeping (brooming and cleaning) job every day in one street or one polling booth area.


Strength: One team for 30 to 50 booths. Number of members per team 12 to 20 to indefinite:

Qualification: One person from each Group Booth Team should be preferred as far as possible.


Play street drama

Ref: वोट की राजनीति करने वालोंको करो अलविदा (एक नुक्कड संवाद रुपी नौटंकी)





Play entertainment songs

Street drama scripts and songs will be made available to them by Analysing Team. Canvassing Team will start practice from one month in advance. They would be ready to play street drama as soon as elections are announced. Two persons should be trained as anchor. Extra persons will work as volunteers. 


Strength: 2 to 5 persons

One team for 50 booths: 

The team will take progress report and problem report from each Booth teams separately from each member daily.

The team will forward the same report to Analyser. Report should be a written or soft report. A format can be prescribed.

The team will distribute literature to Canvassing Team.

The team may have exchange of information through mobile.

The team may keep soft record.

The team will deal with police permission and Government.

The team will report problems to Team Analysing.


One Team per Assembly constituency: MLA plus its assistants

The team will issue guidance if required. It would solve problems and issues of Booth Teams, Canvassing Team.

The team will advise schedule of lectures of celebrities to the ground level teams.

The team will provide news lines to be displayed at Notice Board to be placed at various places.

The team will select, prepare literature, points etc… for canvassing team.

The team will understand the list of problems submitted by Group Booth Teams. As and when any celebrity comes for giving lectures the celebrity would assure the audience by way of reading out the problems that they would be resolved.

The team will also incorporate the list of the problems in the text of street drama.

The team work through the monitoring teams.


Booth persons: Minimum 1 preferred 2 or more

Booth group team: Two or three booths team can work as booth group team.

Team Canvassing i.e. Team of Zone or village/town: One team for 50 booths: Persons 12 to 20 or indefinite.

Team Monitoring: One per 50 booths. Persons two to five.

Team Analysers and feed back: All the MLAs or the main leaders of the constituency.

Total persons @ rate of 1500 polling booths per one MP constituency.

Booth team each of two 1500 x 2 = 3000

Team Canvassing for street drama cum entertainment = 1500/50 = 30 teams canvassing

Persons = 15 x 30 = 450

Team Monitoring = 1500/50 = 30 teams. i.e. 15 x 2 = 60 persons.

Total executives = 3000 + 450 + 60 = 3510 say 3500 should be the committed workers for a MP’s constituency.

BJP can win 80 percent of the seats with nearly 3500 dedicated members per constituency.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Hello Governor

Hello Governor

Let us go through some of the actions of Nehruvian Congress Private Limited and its purpose behind those actions.

It is very common among Nehruvians in India to act under disguise of public interest or in the interest of poor people but to have some different purpose behind that action.

Jawaharlal Nehru

1948: Case of Kashmir taken to UNO by Nehru and accepted the date of report to UNO as LOC with an intention (purpose) to show his out of proportion respect towards UNO. In fact it was a political blunder because Nehru had no wisdom and foresight.

1950: Founded Non-alliance Movement with an aim to show the First world (NATO countries) that military alliance is not the solution for world peace. But indirectly it was unregistered alliance with Second World (Communist countries Russia and China)

1952: Accepted sovereignty of China on Tibet. To show the Communist countries Russia and China that he was more aligned to socialism than human rights. Internally he wanted backing of Russia and China against the influence of USA and others.


1952: Puch-sheel treaty with China, to show the world that he loved peace and has soft corner for Buddhism (the vote-bank of Ambedkar).


1953-1962: Non-action on Chinese military infiltration and denial before parliament of India on any Chinese  infiltration in India. To show Russia that he had soft corner towards China and how much faith the people of India had in him despite of his blunders. It cannot be ruled out that he wanted political assistance from Russia in playing political unfair tactics with people of India.


1962: Nehru said “enemy has betrayed us on his Defeat against China due to neglecting security of borders. This statement was made to misguide the people of India to show that he was innocent. When Nehru was asked that when the forward movement of China in India would get stopped? Nehru replied “where and when we would stop them by our strength”. But China had captured 30000 square miles additional land more than what it had claimed in Indian land. China made cease fire of his own and gave back the additional seized land of 30000 square miles out of 92000/- square miles of total seized land.


1963: Nehru took oath “we will not take rest until we recapture the lost land of mother India”. The purpose was to show his sincerity towards mother India. In fact Nehru was a fraud and he made fraudulent statement. He and his progenies knew very well that the lost land was never going to be recaptured.




1963: Kamraj Plan: Nehru spelled purpose to strengthen the party by utilising services of senior leaders. Internally his purpose was to remove Morarji Desai who was his number one opponent.


Indira Gandhi:

Removal of privy-purses of Kings: This was with a view to show that she was socialistic. In fact the privy-purses were in accordance to the agreement signed with them when they handed over their kingdoms to independent India. The annual payment was to getting reduced to end up to zero in due course. However Indira wanted to show her promptness and militancy on establishing socialism to remove poverty.


Nationalisation of 14 leading private banks: Morarji Desai had introduced socialisation of banking. The RBI controls the policy of advances. Hence Morarji Desai was on right path. But Indira Gandhi wanted to spoil the bank employees for her political benefit. Nationalisation of Banks spoiled the administration of all these banks. Banks’ money got utilised for granting no-return loan as per the unwritten understanding. Like this the purpose was in no way effective to remove poverty or to uplift poor mass, but to share loan amount among managers (not always), recommending authority of loan (viz. Nehruvian Congress local leaders) and the borrowers. 1968 to 1984 of further rule of Indira Gandhi no poverty had been removed.


Remove Poverty was a fraud

Remove Poverty was a fraud

Emergency: Indira declared emergency under the plea that her opponents instigating people to revolt against government and there was bulk indiscipline. But in reality her purpose was to retain her power and PM-ship.


Weak deal with Union Carbide: to make India self sufficient on pesticides. In fact under table deal cannot be ruled out as it is a practice of western industrialists to establish such hazardous production units in poor countries so that they can fool the local governments in case of hazard by way of executing defective agreement with purchasable government like Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited.


Indira had no wisdom to see what could happen consequent to Simla Pact

Indira had no wisdom to see what could happen consequent to Simla Pact

Simla Pact: Bhutto said If I would solve all the problems and issues with India and agree to any such pact, I would be killed in Pakistan, and the agreement would not have any meaning. Indira Gandhi agreed to this as reported by Indira and no issue or problem was solved and converted victory into defeat. Further reality was so-called weak pact had also been made useless, as otherwise also Bhutto had been killed by the successive government of Pakistan. It cannot be ruled out that there could be an undertable deal with Bhutto by Indira Gandhi.

Rajiv Gandhi 

Deal with Ceylon: The aim was to have good relation with Ceylon. But it was complete avoidance of the interest of Tamilians in Ceylon. It was a blunder. Can you imagine that Pakistan would send its military in Kashmir to kill Muslim terrorists?


Every body has to make Nehruvian Congress comfortable in a deal

Every body has to make Nehruvian Congress comfortable in a deal

Boffors tanks: To make India stronger in military. We know the fact.


Anderson of Union Carbide: Rajiv said he would come back whenever we call him under investigation. It was a fraudulent statement. Under table deal cannot be ruled out for giving an easy pass to Anderson.


Man Mohan and Sonia Gandhi:


Harshad Mehta security scam: Man Mohan the then Finance Minister announced that he would take suitable corrective step such that security scam would not get repeated. The purpose was to show to the public that they were innocent. He said it was the fault of system. In fact the designers of the system were themselves. Man Mohan had made several phones to pressurise the then Income Tax Commissioner Vishvabandhu Gupta not to take action.


Though Man Mohan was FM at that time, when he became PM, Satyam scam took place.


Ravan Lila at Ram Lila Maidan: Nehruvian Government says law was taking its own course. In fact the police authority said, it was a political decision.


Jan Lok Pal Bill: Nehruvian Cong leaders say Parliament is supreme and government wants strong Lokpal. In fact the Civil Society was formed in consultation with government and Nehruvian Congress never wanted a strong Lokpal. Nehruvian Congress never tried to discuss on the merits. Arun Jetley had never been replied to the points.


Similar are the cases of Black-red money, Printing of currency notes by RBI, Distribution of Fake currency notes by RBI, Statements related with deportation of Daud, curtailing the scope of RTI act. EVM … there is no end. We can write a bigger book than Maha Bharat on the frauds, scams, scandals and blunders Nehruvians and Nehruvian Congress together with their allies.




Governor appoints Lok Pal in Gujarat: Nehruvian Congress says we are sincerely on Lok Pal. Chronology says the issue has been made political by Nehruvian Congress. Governor and opposition party (Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited) in Gujarat in joint venture rejected the proposal of ruling party (BJP Gujarat), without any merits and convincing reason. The HC has not gone through the political aspect and aims of Nehruvian Congress. Purpose behind the action is important. The purpose cannot be set aside in jurisprudent.

Do they want to scrap the state government? Let us rent out the State Assembly building.


Shirish Mohanlal Dave



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Since we are in democratic nation we are supposed to have differences. This can be minimized with communication in right direction.


It is better not to mix two drafts of Lok Pal Bill.



Joke Pal bill put up by the government, lead by Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited


Jan Lok Pal bill submitted by Civil Society.


When we say only Lok Pal, then it creates confusion among common mass. Lok Pal of the government is useless and it has lot of loop wholes.


Jan Lok Pals covers many aspects like Citizen Charter and responsibility of the wings entrusted with justice. But separate bill by the Congi on citizen charter is a fun. Similarly to keep CBI out side Lok Pal by the government is also to make Lok Pal ineffective.


Why Anna does not talk about Black money?


As I understand that all the people who want some reforms including political reforms have liberty to decide their priorities. Anna has a liberty to have priority on Jan Lok Pal Bill. Baba Ramdev has priority on Black money. Swami Subrahmanian has priority on the filed litigation.


In fact “black money” is not a proper term.


As per legal interpretation Black money is a civil matter. In reality the black money is not simply black money only, but this money is RED Money also. Red money means money involved in criminal activities including terrorism.


Leaders of Nehruvian Congress, Sharad, RBI top officers, ISI, Pakistan government including Daud, Bangladesh, Mauritius are heavily involved in the scams of Fake currency notes and black-red money. So far UPA is in power there cannot be any hope for any meaningful action under present system on black-red money and illegal accounts of Indians in foreign banks. This is because UPA’s commitment on proceedings on black money is a fraud.


Our legal system is not capable to handle this promptly, unless we provide Jan Lok Pal as a constitutional authority. For Lok Pal Bill Nehruvian Congress has commitment and this point can be taken to public on merits.

Where are we confused and lost? 

But unfortunately, instead of this, we find some learned persons trying to create confusion  for the people, which may due to either lacking in sense of significance or ill knowledge or own interest. We can understand the vested interest of Nehruvian Cong leaders on misinterpretation of its Lok Pal Bill as a strong Lok Pal bill, but the interpretation of some others on the term Lok Pal in general is misguiding.

Let is not highlight the differences: 

Any way at this stage, we should take Anna as a person. Let us view his fight as a fight for a cause. Kiran Bedi and some others of Anna’s team are lacking in strategy even if they present them selves as public spirited persons.

Take up issue one by one

Fight has to be taken up with one by one issue. Mahatma Gandhi had fought like that only.

We should not forget that Mahatma Gandhi had understanding on widely spread mass of India. He had matured, foresighted and well thought political strategies. He had management skills and sense of significance. We should not expect and search for such calibre in other leader who is fighting for public interest.


Instead of concentrating on finding out faults with a person or a team which is fighting for a good cause, we should take some possible burden on our head for fighting for the reforms. This applies on every body who thinks them selves as nationalist, learned and wise or otherwise also.


To me we should have only one point program at a time like this:


Constitutional Jan Lok Pal Bill,

If not and or if it fails and otherwise also,


Launch agitation to dissolve parliament,

If not or otherwise also,


Defeat Nehruvian Congress of India and its past, present and would be allies in all the forthcoming elections,


Political reforms,


Prosecute all the leaders of Nehruvian Congress of India and their allied leaders and punish them. Disqualify their parties.


Remove the names of Nehruvians from all the projects, schemes and landmarks. Remove their statues and paintings as the case may be from roads, gardens and public buildings.

One equally important point is not to create and float any other subject for discussion like, Muslims, Vedas, Atheist, Theist, Christians, RSS, Undivided India, subjects of worship, temples, etc… In fact Nehruvian Congress of
India wants some people who are having crisis and or complex of identification, to float less relevant or insignificant or even irrelevant subjects for discussion. This is with a view to divert the attention of mass to divert the attention from frauds, scams, scandals and blunders of Nehruvian Congress leaders, and to divide people.

We should not give any coverage to the persons who are Anti-Anna, Anti-Modi, Anti-Ramdev, Anti-Subramanian. This is necessary to avoid indirect negative image on the people fighting against Nehruvian Congress and its allies.

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It is not correct to say the movement lead by Anna can bring anarchy.

Probably some learned writers are not aware of the “Nav Nirman Movement” launched by the people of Gujarat in 1974.


“Nav Nirman Movement” if viewed with the same spectacle that being used by some political analysts, then that Nav Nirman movement was much more dangerous and should have definitely lead Gujarat and thereafter the nation towards anarchy. Had we observed such result consequent to that “Nav Nirman movement”?


It is possible that some “learned” political analysts might be unaware of the details of the situation under which the “Nav Nirman movement” was launched. One of the many other reasons of their unawareness could be, these “learned” might be walking with perambulator at that time. The other associated reason could be the ignorance on history  as they would not agree to any thing unless experienced personally. There are people including “learned media journalists” who prefer to apply their own intelligence than to study history. Print media can also fall under this category.

 We should understand “Nav Nirman Movement” and the philosophy of “Fast” in politics: This would be more relevant, instead of talking vague; as to how many times Mahatma Gandhi went on fast and for what?

Mahatma Gandhi has very well defined and clarified his weapons of “Satyagraha and Fast”.




Fast is permissible when the government believes in rule of law and has respect for the human lives and values, unless government says that it has no respect for rule of law, thereby whatsoever it does is the rule of law.

This Nehruvian Congress has not said that it has no respect for rule of law or it has not rejected the rule of written law. Therefore we have to believe by giving a benefit of doubt, that the government believes in rule of law.


Now suppose government is hypocrite and thereby though it says it believes in rule of law but practically it does not act with respect to rule of law, then what should be done? Is an agitation permissible?

No. Under this circumstance it is not permissible. Because the venue of judiciary is open to get justice.

But suppose, the judiciary is heavily loaded and the justice gets delayed. Then what should be done?

The justice can be delayed due to two reasons. System is faulty or number of judges is less and cases are piled up. In such cases an agitation can be launched for reforms of the system. To have a situation of less number of judges is also a fault of the system.

Now here in case of Nehruvian Congress government, the non-governance or fake governance or ill-governance in India is the fault of the system which is kept  unattended willfully.


During the last eight years, the corruption at high level went to its Himalayan peaks. Nehruvian Congress government initiated actions only when Supreme Court issued directives.   Thereby to constitute the Lok Pal became inevitable.


Controversy which has been created on supremacy of Parliament vs. Supremacy of Civil society is a fake controversy created by hypocrites and vested interest.

Parliament is not supreme. Constitution is superior to parliament. Human values are superior to Constitution. Parliament can enact a law but if that law does not provide justice then that law is treated as null and void.



Here in our case Lok Pal Bill draft prepared by the government was defective.

It was not taking proper care of the public interest and to punish the culprit seated at the top levels of governance.


Anna Hazare cannot file a PIL in SC. Because SC would say it is hypothetical. India needs reforms in system of elective representation. It is a time consuming process. This issue  can be taken up as a second step.


Lok Pal Bill with wide power has become inevitable and it is first step towards reforms. One should compare the quantum of corruption prevailing in India by comparing the quantum of Indian money in foreign banks to that of other developed countries.

Under the prevailing circumstances and the culture of Nehruvian Congress, people of India and Anna Hazare have no option but to go on fast to have a proper draft for Lok Pal Bill.


How an authority of a government can speak on behalf of parliament?

A minister is part and parcel of government. The spokespersons of ruling party are speaking on behalf of government.

The members of parliament are elected based on the comparative voted majority of the people of their respective constituency. They might have been supported by one or other party but they are considered the representative of all the people who voted for them, who did not vote to them and who did not vote for any one. That is, they represent all the people of their respective constituency.

Further when there are hundreds of persons in parliament, who are voted to parliament for the very purpose of presenting the voice of their people, why are they keeping mum? How can a minister talk on their behalf? Let the members of parliament come forward to say their view. The ministers should keep mum. Ministers or spoke persons need not play double roll.


Further it must be clear to the party or group of parties running the government, that the scope of the proposed Lok Pal was not forming a part of party or parties’ election manifesto/s. Thereby no party can take the people for granted on the Lok Pal Bill draft which has been pointed out for its defects.

The Ministry had agreed to have a Civil Society to prepare a draft of Lok Pal Bill. There is no ban on the ministry to accept such draft. The ministry could have invited and entertained discussion on material and merits on Jan Lok Pal Bill. But the government has always avoided the discussion. On the contrary it said to the members of Civil Society as to who are they to press government for discussion!

Now look at one more point. The team Anna has conducted referendum in the constituency of Kapil Sibbal on both the drafts viz. government prepared Lok Pal bill and Civil Society prepared Lok Pal Bill.

What was the result? 80% and above people have supported Jan Lok Pal Bill.

Kapil Sibbal has no courage to conduct referendum in any way. This indicates very clearly, as to where the government Lok Pal Bill stands for its democratic value.

It must be mentioned here that before the submission of the Jan Lok Pal Bill draft to the government, Anna Hazare had made it very clear before the public and before the government that he would not mind if the parliament does not pass the bill, but Jan Lok Pal Bill has to be placed before parliament.

Because, the aim of Anna Hazare is, people should know who are for and who are against the Jan Lok Pal Bill.

Nehruvian Congress wanted to play a crooked game because its conscious is guilty. It refused to submit the draft of Jan Lok Pal bill before the parliament.


The formation of Civil Society was in consultation with the Nehruvian Congress government. Was the Civil Society formed for a fun? Nehruvian Congress should confirm and say “yes, we had formed the Civil Society for a fun”. But Nehruvian Congress is hypocrite and it has floated a discussion on a fake controversy of supremacy. No member of parliament other than minister uses to take part in discussion is a matter of surprise and research.


Democracy means where a truth is honored, irrespective the level from where it has come.

In democracy the decisions are taken on material and merits.

Recall “Ramayana” where Rama and his ministry could not answer the points raised by the washer man. Though the issue was a person matter of Rama, but as per the tradition, king cannot have any different personal law. He cannot have a relaxation in personal law.

Do we want to step back ward than to the level where we were six thousand year back?

We had gone backward many times due to slavery. But now we will not.

Our learned analysts want to break their head to prove some thing else on hypothetical basis, that Anna Team is an extra constitutional authority and cannot issue instructions to parliament. Because if government surrenders to such extra constitutional pressures, it would collapse the system of parliament and can bring anarchy in our country.


It was a Nav Nirman Stir against corruption.




What was the point of corruption?

Contrary to this date there was no list of scams, frauds and scandals. No list of authorities who made money through unauthorized channels was known.

In 1972 after taking the credit on the victory over Pakistanin 1971, Indira Gandhi conducted the due election of Gujarat Assembly. Her Nehruvian Congress secured 140 seats out of 164 seats of Gujarat State Assembly.

Indira Gandhi was in habit of posting Chief Minister of her own choice instead of electing leader of the house through elected members of the party in the hall.

Indira posted Ghanshyambhai Oza. But the elected members were not for Ghanshyambhai Oza. Chimanbhai Patel took the lead and he made Ghanshyambhai Oza to resign. Chimanbhai Patel some how proved his majority before the observer team sent by the Central high command. Indira Gandhi had no option but to surrender to the majority member support to Chimanbhai Patel.

Chimanbhai Patel had sworn in as CM before a veteran Mahatma Gandhian leader and social worker Ravishankar Maharaj. Chimanbhai Patel became the CM against the will of Indira Gandhi though both belonged to the same party i.e. Nehruvian Congress alias Congress (J) means Congress lead by Jagjivanram.





The aim of Nehruvian Congress has always been remained to make money through unauthorized channel. When such money is made the effect is price rise.

The price rise in eatables caused the rise in food bill of an engineering college. This initiated Nav Nirman Stir. It was against corruption. Ground nut oil is a consumable item in Gujarat. It has good production and market in Gujarat. Chimanbhai Patel fixed the price or ground nut oil to Rs. 9.00 per kg and made announcement. But at the very next day the price went to Rs 9=25 per kg.

People smelt corruption. Agitation was launched to remove CM. It went to a critical stage. Ravishankar Maharaj a veteran Mahatma Gandhian and social worker before whom Chimanbhai Patel had sworn in as the CM, he asked Chimanbhai Patel to resign. Ravishankar Maharaj was considered the “Soul of Gujarat”. Next day Chimanbhai Patel resigned from the post of CM. Chimanbhai Patel wrote a book that from where, how and when Indira Gandhi collected money through unauthorized channels from Groundnut Oil Millers.



Agitation was supported by all the associations and Mahatma Gandhian leaders in Gujarat.

Agitation continued. The cause and source of corruption was not only CM but it was the Nehruvian Congress and Indira Gandhi herself. Agitation aimed to dissolve assembly.

Looking to the density of the agitation the members of Jan Sangh and Congress (O) resigned from the assembly membership. In every town and city, area wise Nav Nirman Samiti was formed. Those committees pressurized Nehruvian Congress MLAs to resign.

There were some instances of violence, but by and large the agitation was peaceful.

Jai Prakash Narayan and many other Sarvodaya leaders had visited Gujarat. They were astonished to learn that the agitation was against corruption. Hitherto they had observed agitations in other states for demands to have some government run industry or some big project. Contrary to this, the agitation in Gujarat was against corruption. They were very much impressed and they gave their full support.


Majority of the assembly members had resigned. Assembly was suspended long back. But Indira Gandhi tried to adopt delaying tactics as per her inherited culture. She was under impression that agitation cannot run for indefinite period. Sooner or later people would get tired, and then she would conduct bye-elections to fill up vacant posts.

But she was proved wrong. Agitation continued and it was becoming stronger and stronger. Mararji Desai went on indefinite fast. Ultimately the Assembly was dissolved. No body had raised a point of extra constitutional authority. It may be due to the then learned analysts of politics, were enough learned entities and were not confused by what is written in some books and what is written on the walls.

Indira Gandhi imposed presidential rule. She started making delay in mid-term election, so that she can get sufficient time to divide the people by castes and creeds in Gujarat. KHAM (Kshatrya, Harijan, Adivasi and Muslim) theory put to work.





Again agitation was launched. Again Morarji Desai went on indefinite fast. Then Assembly elections were declared. Janata Front came to power.

Gujarat agitation instigated Jai Prakash Narayan to launch nation wide agitation. Meanwhile Allahabad High Court set aside the election of Indira Gandhi from Raibareli and it also disqualified Indira Gandhi for six years.

Indira Gandhi imposed emergency and made changes in constitution to re-establish her MP-ship. India learnt a lot lessons from the anarchy created by a party who had absolute majority in parliament. The learned political analysts should learn a perspective culture of party which got elected through a defective and not fully reliable system of people’s representation. They should identify the thick and illusive wall of demarcation of people’s representatives and the people’s voice in reality.




Anna Hazare may be a poorly literate person. But Jai Prakash Narayan was not. Jai Prakash Narayan was a laureate and social scientist. Anna Hazare may not use technical language of social science. But his conclusions are proper and meet the democratic requirements. Anna Hazare has vast experience on the aptitudes, attitudes and aims of bureaucrats and politicians especially that of Nehruvian Congress and its allies.


Indira imposed emergency by which learned political analysts should have realized that Indian political system including the constitution was not able to provide democratic freedom where a truth can get respect irrespective from where it comes. Not only this, whatever comes from the Number One of the ruling party is the only truth and it must be honored at any cost to the nation. The latter has to be termed and has to be realized as anarchy.

Fortunately many veteran Gandhian leaders and thinkers were alive and they could guide the people of poor India on importance of democracy in 1977. The emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi collapsed of its own Burden.




Indira Gandhi along with her party got miserable defeat.

The new government lead by Morarji Desai of Janata Front made changes in constitution so that no mad and power hungry PM can take nation on ban.


Agitation launched by Team of Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev, RSS, VHP or whosoever are more trustworthy than the MPs of Nehruvian Congress. At the most the result would be dissolution of parliament. The dissolution of parliament should come as early as possible if the government really committed to democratic values.

The manifesto of each party should be precise on scope of political reforms.


Following wings should be constituted independent in all respect. Staff and offices.

1     Administrative wing (Government)

2     Legislative wing (Parliament, State Assemblies and local bodies)

3     Investigative wing (Lok Pal & VC & CBI)

4     Judiciary wing (SC, HC & other courts and tribunals)

5     Information wing (CIC & SIC)

6     Census cum Election wing (Central and State Election plus census cum Voters Council Commission which would conduct all types of voters meetings on common cum single platform)

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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