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A zero in philosophy talks philosophical. How funny?

RaGa is talking emotional and tried to twist the matter.

He is a liar, like her forefathers and Grandmother.

RaGa said when we take strict decisions we are prone to be murdered.

2018 03 13 RaGa looks funny

This was a lie.


Nehruvians have never taken strict decisions, barring to protect their own Chair. To protect their own chair they have acted extra constitutionally.

(1) Indira was not killed for her strict action. She was killed because she lifted Bhindaranvale who was a separatist and terrorist. This stepping up of Bhindaranvale by way of aligning with his party and declaring him a Saint by Indira. In doing so, she founded terrorism in India including cross border terrorism because Bhindaranvale had cross border contacts. This she had done for her own political benefit. She had no wisdom, that, after cold war, the terrorists would be free from NW and would target India.

(2) Indira neglected free and easy movement of weapons in Golden Temple for several years as if the entry of police and military is not allowed to catch hold of antisocial activists. No law can prevent the police to enter to catch hold an antisocial element. Indira mislead the people of India for her inaction for a long period. This caused to strengthen the terrorists.

(3) The willful negligence of Indira Gandhi was an offence. For that reason she was punished by the nature. Nobody should repent.


(4) Rajiv Gandhi was stupid and fool. He was morally corrupted and non-democratic. This is for the reasons that he accepted the PM-ship, when Zail Singh invited him to sworn in. Rajiv Gandhi was well aware of the facts, that he was not a senior leader, he was not an experienced leader, and he had not made any contribution in any field including politics. His selection had not undergone democratic process, as there were many leaders in Nehruvian Congress party who were much more qualified for PM-Ship. Rajiv Gandhi knew all these aspects. He could have asked Zail Singh to wait for the decision of the party. But instead of that, he accepted the invitation to sworn in.

(5) The acceptance of PM-ship happily, by Rajiv Gandhi was a clear exhibition of his immorality. It was the clear indication that he was very much prone to do financial scams.

(6) It was not Rajiv Gandhi who brought revolution in telecommunication. Read this point carefully.

(6.1) In 1977 Janata Party defeated Nehruvian Congress. Morarji Desai’s Government took charge. George Fernandez was the Telecommunication Minister. He took the decision to go for electronic system of telephone exchange system. Previously Indira Gandhi was importing Cross Bar type system of Telephone Exchanges. The Cross Bar telephone exchanges system was OUT OF DATE ELSEWHERE. There were lots of disadvantages in this system. Abroad,  this type of systems were being scrapped. George Fernandez, had common sense. His Ministry took the decision to go for advanced digital telephone exchange system. The global tender was prepared for digital electronic  type telephone exchanges with transfer of technology. The tender was floated.

(6.2) By that time Janata Party government was toppled by Charan Singh and Indira.

(6.3) In 1980 there was no scope for Indira to go back in the decision. Indira Gandhi finalized the tender in favor of Alcatel France. Orders were placed in 1981 for 40000 lines. As per the technology transfer conditions, four teams of Indian Engineers were sent for training in France.

(6.4) First digital electronic telephone exchange of 10000 line installation was commenced in 1982 Worli Mumbai. 10000 line exchange was also under installation at Railwaypura in Ahmedabad.

(6.5) The first exchange installation of 10000 lines at worli was commissioned in 1983 and a satellite (Remote Line Unit of 3000 lines at Cuff parade Mumbai South by a French team.

(6.6) Indian Telephone Industries was set up at Manakapur (Gonada District. U.P.) by 1983.

(6.7) When Indira died, installation of nearly 100000 lines telephone exchanges were in progress. E.g. Cooperage, Andheri, Ghatkoper, Khar, Bandra etc… in Mumbai and at several places at Calcutta, Chennai.

(6.8) All these telephone exchanges work on micro-processor system in each Rack of the Telephone Exchange.

(6.9) At this period of time, there was No Pitroda and No Rajiv Gandhi were available on the screen even at the Horizon.

For details one can visit my blog site, at treenetram of wordpress.

To give credit to Rajiv Gandhi and Pitroda is a blatant lie. Pitroda had no contribution in designing or manufacturing large telephone exchanges. Sam Pitroda’s contribution is in only 256 lines under Rajiv Gandhi’s rule.     

(7) Rajiv Gandhi had never taken any strict decision. He was fool and stupid. He interfered into internal problems of Srilanka and acted against the interest of Tamilians of Shrilanka. Rajiv Gandhi paid the price of his immorality, stupidity and immaturity.

(8) Sonia is not eligible for PM-ship. Further she is absolutely immoral. RaGa is also not eligible for PM-ship for the same reason. But both want to have Number One post. Sitaram Kesari was physically lifted from the presidential office when he refused to resign. Narasinha Rao was never honored for his contribution.

(9) Sonia had kept Number One position with herself. Number Two position was kept for RaGa. MMS was a Robot. They have never taken a strict decision. Even they have practically disobeyed SC instructions.

(10) When RaGa was asked as to why the GDP was low in the period of Nehruvian Rule and higher under Non-Nehruvian Rule? RaGa failed to give reply. Instead of giving reply, he asked a question viz. “Whether from 2004 to 2014 I had a role in politics or not? Reply me Yes or No.”

(11) In fact RaGa and Sonia had big role behind the curtain. All the important files were being routed to Nehruvian. RaGa had torn out the resolution passed by the Ministry of MMS. This was their extra constitutional power.

(12) RaGa was expecting Basu to say yes or no. RaGa was supposed to answer.

(13) The video Nehruvian Congress floated was doctored.                


चमत्कृतिः “वचनेषु किं दरिद्रता” रा.गा. उवाच

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