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There is simple question.

How a can language be identified?

Language can be identified by its rules of Grammar


What are the cases?

How the words (the words  may be a  noun, verb, pronoun, proper noun) are changed when they are associated in a case, tense, gender, number (Singular, plural, dual),

What are the rules of prefix and suffix?

How many tenses?

How many cases?

How many types of verbs …,

Is it that a language can be identified and defined by only by a Scripts?

Let us take the last point.

(1) Somebody writes a sentence as “Fi long kumno?”

(2) Somebody writes a sentence as “ফি লোন্গ কুম্নো?”

(3) Somebody write a sentence as “फि लोंग कुम्नो?”

(4) Somebody writes a sentence as “ફિ લોંગ કુમ્નો?”

These are four sentences written in different scripts.

Actually it is a sentence of the Khasi language of Meghalaya State. Its translation in English is “how are you?”

As a part of British Government agenda, Thomas Jones a missionary, introduced the Roman script for Khasi  in 1841. William William had first published a Gournal in 1880. For a long time Khasi used to be written in Bengali Script. But under the increase of conversion from Hindu to Christianity, the speed of the usage of Roman Script increased. Minimum 90/95 percent among Khasi-s are Christians.

Now let us come to the point.

If Khasi is written in Bengali Script or Roman Script, does it become a separate language from Khasi?

No. Not at all. Script used, cannot change the language. Because a language can be identified by its grammar. Script does not change the grammar of a language.

What is the benefit/purpose of a changed script of a language?

(1) For pronunciation of the sound of the consonants and vowels.

(2) For adding missing consonants and vowels,

(3) For having a feeling of separate identity

(4) For meeting with political aims.

Sanskrit language was once being written in Brahmi. Sanskrit was also being written in many other scripts.

But ultimately a Devanagari Script was constructed and adopted which is almost a complete script for all sounds. Sanskrit has its complete grammar.

Many languages use Devanagari Script. There are different languages e.g. Hindi, Marathi, Haryanavi, Maravadi. These languages use Devanagari Script. Some 150+ years back Gujarati language had used Devanagari Scripts at least for verse till 1950.

What is common to Indian origin scripts? They are phonetic.

Devanagari Script is used for Hindi language. To incorporate missing sounds, it contains some characters of similar/comparable sound with minor modification. E.g. क- क़, ख-ख़, ग-ग़, ए, ऍ, ज-ज़, ड-ड़, फ-फ़, ओ-ऑ, …

(1) आप कैसे हो ?

(2)  آپ کیسی ہیں یہ کیسا ہے؟

The sounds of Hindi and Urdu are the same.  

(1) Aap kaise ho

(2) Aap kaise ho

Aapakaa ghar kahaan hai?(Where is your house?), Aap kahaan so jaaoge? (Where would you sleep?)

Sounds of the sentences written in Hindi and Urdu are the same. But the Script would be different.

The Muslims in India adopted the grammar of verbs, pronouns, tenses, suffix, prefix, cases, and tenses as that of Hindi. They used some words of Arabic/Persian, and the scripts nearly Arabic. They call it URDU. It looks funny in real sense.

By the usage of words of some other languages, the language does not get changed.

He sent money through HAWALA, He is after all a GURU, He is a GUNDA? Who had LOOTED India?

In the above sentences there are many Hindi/Gujarati words. English has many words of  Latin and Greek. But by the use of those words, the English language does not become a different language.

Similarly in Indian languages we use many English words. Day by day we are increasingly use English words. But Indian language remains as it is.           

Look at the reasons for switch over to other Script. The reason 3 and 4 are not always advisable.

What was the British Agenda?

To condemn the local civilization and culture.

To establish their supremacy by lies and frivolous arguments.

To change local history to fit to their agenda, i.e. local people owes nothing special. They were primitive people.

To highlight the differences and dividing aspects of locals, they did this out of proportion. They concentrated on the poor mass for conversion and create a feeling that they were ignored by local elites. The elites had suppressed them to keep them poor.

Ultimately the converted poor mass, started to feel that they are separate, and they should have some separate entity.

The British missionaries under the sweet eye and support of the British government converted Khasi and all those people of border/remote places, into Christianity. Now you can find, the Khasi believes that they are non-Indian. It is by mistake they are born in India. Their father land is UK, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada or any other developed country of West. This is the general feeling that they do not owe anything of India.

This situation made easy to change the Script of Khasi language. Actually the Bengali Script was significantly a complete and advantageous script, but because of the feeling of “separate entity”, the Khasi people adopted a mismatched, irrelevant and defective script.

Similar is a case of Muslims.

When Muslim acquired a significant portion of India and they felt that they need the help of locals they adopted Hindi language, but they adopted the same with Arabic Script. Hindus also had learnt Urdu dialect but many of them adopted Devanagari Script.

There can be no objection for Arabic Urdu Script. But Government should not recognize the Arabic/Persian Script for Urdu.


Look at Kathiyavadi people. They use lot of Kathiyavadi words which are quite different from most of the Gujarati words. If the pronunciations and words are taken into account, they are quite different to Gujarati. The distance between Kathiyavadi and Gujarati is greater than the distance between Urdu and Hindi. Despite of this Kathiyavadi is not a separate language. Kathiyavadis have never demanded a separate Script. Katchi language too has the same Gujarati Script. Really it is a separate language. But Katchi can never think of a separate script.

Congi party has pampered Muslims. Urdu which is not a language at all,  but Congis have recognized it, a separate language.

Why the Nationalists should object?

We must know what is the word “Lutyen Gangs”?

Have you watched the video where Arnav Goswami of Bharat Republic TV, had taken the interview of the retired Chief Justice of Supreme Court Mr. Tarun Goggoi? If anyone does not believe in exposed truth by the former CJ, then nobody can help him/her.

Mr. Tarun Goggoi had said that till you (Government) cannot eliminate the influence of the Lutyen Gang, you cannot expect independence judiciary. Anybody want details of the interview, he/she can watch the interview online before it is removed.

How is the matter of Urdu, relevant to the influence of the Lutyen Gang/s.

Who was T N Seshan? Who was S R Rao? Who was G R Khairnar?

All these three were from the Indian Administrative Service. They had made revolutionary changes in their field. Seshan had made revolution in application of laws in election. Rao had converted a dirtiest city of India into a Cleanest City of India viz. Surat. G R Khairnar had attacked on illegal constructions. Latter two IAS officers were not popular among the Congi gangs. But they were extremely popular among mass. Both of these officers were troubled by frequent transfers. The Congi Gang could not trouble Seshan because he was the Chief of Election Commission and no option was available with the gang to transfer him once he had been posted. Thereafter Congis introduced the change that Commissioner cannot take independent decision. The Chief Commissioner has to take majority decision with other two Election Commissioners.

Most of the IAS officers are inefficient if you view their performance. It is not only IAS officers who are inefficient but most of the Officers of the other Indian Services e.g. Postal, Police, Telecommunication, Foreign Affairs are also inefficient.

What qualities they are supposed to possess, they are lacking in them.  We can write a separate blog on it.

We hear many times, the Government Officers indirectly use to complain that they have to work under political pressure. This is totally wrong. The officers of Indian Services are well protected by law. No politician can touch an efficient officer of Indian Services. But unfortunately officers of Indian Services are not efficient, and their level is such that they surrender to politicians. Much more unfortunate situation is that they carry out joint venture in fraud and mal-practices with the politicians. Because politicians only can overlook their inefficiency and defects.

Now look at the case of Kangana Ranaut. She is a heroine of Bollywood. Kangana Ranaut has revolted against the vested interest gang of Bollywood on the basis of the case of controversial murder of Sushant Singh. How suddenly the MMC (Mumbai Municipal Corporation) can act with discrimination in demolishing the house of Kangana Ranaut? The inherent reason is simple, that Kangana Ranaut has tried to expose drug mafia gang of Bollywood.

The head of the MMC has taken a big risk in demolishing the house of Kangana Ranaut with discrimination. It is an open secret that the MMC head, has worked under the influence of Drug Mafia Gang of Bollywood, and or, under the influence of S. Sena lead MMC and the State Government. Now the matter has gone to High Court. If the HC could not identify of its own the said discrimination, the matter may go to the Supreme Court.

Now let us come to the main point.

Though URDU is not a language under the norms required for recognizing a language, and despite of this, if URDU is allowed in the competitive examinations of Indian Services, what would be the ultimate outcome?

Look at this;

Indian judiciary is influenced by Lutyen Gang,

Lutyen Gang is deadly against Narendra Modi and BJP party.

Lutyen Gang is composed of Congi party, Congi’s culturally allied parties (e.g. S. Sena, NCP, RJD, SP, TMC, CPIM, NC, PDP, AaP), ISI of Pakistan, Urban Naxal, Cross border terrorist organizations, several paid columnists (who generate lies, spread lies, hide facts and twist matters), so called learned people of media and TV channels, Anti-social elements cum drug mafia and the Bollywood Heroes, Heroine, producers, writers, directors. All these when work jointly, what they cannot do? Yes. They can do everything. They can kill anybody, they can influence police, and they can influence judiciary. If anybody howsoever great may be, goes against their business, they first try to bribe, then threat and then, can kill the person. Then they bribe police, doctors, witness, media houses to suppress the news, politicians … They can make the law ineffective. These gangs jointly called Lutyen Gang composed of many other gangs.

These so called liberal, so-called peaceful, so called tolerant, so called democratic, so-called secular, so-called humanist, are all having the opposite characteristics. They are most vindictive, most anarchist, most intolerant, most undemocratic and fascist, most communal, most inhuman and ready to break India. There are lot of events which exposes them to suit their property. Ask me separately.

Who will opt for URDU language in Indian Services examinations?

It would be Muslims.

Who will examine their answers?

It would be Muslims only.

Who are most communal community in India?

It is Muslim community.

Now think of the Non-BJP ruled state.

If J&K can killed 1000+ Hindus, if J &K can 10000+ rape Hindu women, if J & K can desert 500000+ Hindus from their houses, that too announcing openly, through loud speakers,  what would be the fate of the people of other state where non-BJP governments are ruling with a plus point of the Indian Services Muslim officers.

Recall. Gulam Nabi Azad was the Home Minister at the Center and PDP Congi ruling in J&K, created anarchy without any fear in 1989-90. That anarchy remained till Article 370/35A in force. We cannot expect majority Muslims to be peaceful and law abiding people, till they do not come out in large scale to protect Hindus human rights.

BJP Government has to see that the every state has the same yard stick to enforce equally the rule of law. If any state ministry acts with discrimination, soon that state ministry should be dismissed and the political party together with its members should be disqualified for 6 years.

If Muslims want to promote URDU with its own script, they may learn it just like Arabic. Government will not recognize URDU and its Script. Muslims or Hindus whosoever want to write URDU, they may right in Devanagari Script. URDU is Hindi only. The script must be Devanagari.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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When Narendra Modi won the Assembly Election in 2002, I had written him a letter to be careful of I “X” S officers. IXS officers are executive officers for maintaining Rule of Law. But they are like Packing Cartoons. If the quality of packing material is poor it can undo the product.

Fortunately Narendra Modi set these IXS officer right to great extent in Gujarat. He suspended a lot IAS officers who were involved in corruption in managing the rehabilitation and settlement of distressed people by 2001 earth quake in Gujarat. Modi had become popular in Gujarat due to this reason and not the riots of 2002. Leave this point apart.

Most departmental litigation coming to the court of law are due to the willfully and prejudicially made bad interpretation of the service rule by the IXS officers.


Here “X” is a variable, the facial value is simply zero or even negative. But these IXS officers are highly paid and well protected. They perform nearly no duty. They like to depend upon their subordinate to pass blame on them if they are asked to explain.

What is the purpose of putting “X” instead of the real character? It is simply because, they are required to be put on the same line, same level and same category.

You put X=A (Administrative). X=P (Police and also Postal), X=T (telegraph, then telecommunication), X= F (Foreign and also Finance and also Forest),

The full form is Indian “X” Services. They are not Ex Service men. They are not worthy for that, though they are supposed to fight with internal enemies. They even cannot fight with themselves to improve their morale standard.

Yes. It was suggested by Sardar Patel to continue officers like Indian Civil Service (ICS), in view of their judicious approach on every matter and to remain committed to the aims of the Government for right poicy. But this observation was for the pre-independence period.

Sardar Patel unfortunately died early, He could not correct his decision. He might have thought the intellectual and moral level of the forthcoming officers of the similar services would remain the same and the morals of Nehru would not go down to deteriorate the governance.

Excelence PD Garg and others


A D Gorwala was an ICS officer, who resigned from the services, simply because he did not agree to a suggestion to make changes to the then prevailing, Government’s Food Grain Distribution System. Please note, A D Gorwala had not voluntarily retired. He had resigned. Had he been voluntarily retired, he was to get pension. He kicked the pension. This was his moral sincerity to stick to the original policy and he was not agreeable to the policy, the policy that could bring a failure, though it has been proposed by the minister.

An ICS officer is supposed to have a foresight and wisdom as a part of his qualification. This quality is supposed to be prevaied through out his service. The same is supposed to be the culture of all the I. ‘X’. S. officers.

Nehru had made this cadre a fun. There are so many funny episodes on our IXS officers’ knowledge and behavior.

IAS, IFS, IPS and all such officers who were appointed after independence, had generally possessed low morale, and they were crooked too. Nehru allowed them to flourish through unauthorized channels. Somehow, the bad effect of low morale values and low skill of these officers, could not become prominent in nineteen fifties, barring some fields of governance becasue of the god number of ICS officers and good team with Nehru.

Thereafter the new product of post independence government was so much low, you put your fingure anywhere, and catch them guilty.

All the IXS officers are supposed to be responsible if anything happens wrong or worse in any field, including decisions taken related to staff matters. They are supposed to be expert in service rules with judicious mind.


How many names of the IXS officers with outstandingly performance one can give, out of several tens of thousands of IXS officers appointed so far in India?

T N Seshan: He who implemented the guiding laws of conducting fair elections in their true spirit and sense.

S R Rao a Municipal Commissioner of Surat converted the dirtiest city of India into the cleanest city of India.

There may be few more such officers. In total it is like an oasis in a deserted India.


In foreign Indian embassies, you can have glimpses of Indian governance.

A French educational institute wanted to play “Shaakuntala of Kalidasa (शाकुन्तल)” in Paris, in nineteen fifties. The institution approached the Indian Embassy in Paris. Embassy failed to provide any information about the dresses of the Gupta period. Embassy even failed to collect such information from India. That is, it did not have a thought to be helpful. The Institution applied its own mind and the characters of Shakuntal wore the dresses of the period of Mogul. King “Dushyant” dressed and looked like Akbar, and Shakuntala dressed and looked like Noor Jehan.


I can give thousand cases of the ITS officers served in my Telecommunication department. Most funny was the computerization system adopted in Commercial section where the system was not competent to arrange waiting list geographically in 1990s. Those who are simply familiar with computer, know very well that even this facilities can be availed through any damn database program. But the officers of even ITS level was unaware of this. God knows what type of program had they purchased and installed in the net work system. I think all the ITS officers should have been dismissed. You can go through this website for other blogs.

I found only one or two ITS officers who were to the mark. One was T H Chaudhary Ahmedabad (1971-1974), who revolutionized the governance wherever he went. He was the funder of VSNL. The other was P D Garg Ahmedabad(1975-1980), who was strict but foresighted. But both these officers were departmental Outsider in ITS. i.e. Earlier they were in the department in lower cadre and passed out the Union Public Service Examination. It is just like G R Khairnar of Mumbai Municipal Corporation who came up from lower level to upper level.

One can write a voluminous book on blunders and corruption of ITS officers.


The postal staff is heavily loaded. E.g. the work load of Shastrinagar Post Office is increased 20 folds, but the post office staff is having the same area and same number of employees. There is no adiquate space for the customers to stand in a queue. The condition of Bodakdev post office is still worst. You have stand under the hot Sun in a queue. The IPS officers are not capable to solve the difficulty of the staff and the customers. This is not a stray case. Most post offices are facing same and similar problems. Though for certain dealing with post office there is computerization, but the “page set” would not tally with “print” on given size of the paper or book.


How the police officers can keep Anderson un-arrested and can allowed him to run away smoothly from India? Keep aside the defective deed executed by Indira Government with the Union Carbide.

How can land mafia, bootleggers and smugglers can flourish without the assistance of IPS officers?

How can Daud run away to Pakistan? How four accused involved in blazing of S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express in 2002, can run away to Pakistan?

How unauthorized constructions can flourished everywhere without the consent of Municipal Commissioner?

How the builders can collect black money in every deadl of sale, from the purchasers, unless vigilance officer, police and IT Commissioner keep their eyes closed?

Who is responsible for rent act and thereby death of a lot human beings in every big cities due to collapse of old houses?

Why the defense secretaries did not resign when Nehru allowed LOC to remain insecure? This tempted China to infiltrate and attack? China had a cake walk victory in 1962.

Why the defense secretary did not resign when the military was illequipped in nineteen fifties?

Why the home secretaries did not resign when the non-Bengali speaking Muslim infiltrators started coming in large scale in India in 1968-1970 and thereafter too?

Why the home secretary did not resigned when Indira Signed the Simla Pact with Bhutto and resultantly converted the great victory into total defeat? The sacrifice of the soldiers went in vain.

Why the Home secretaries of the Union, Home secretary of the state and IPS officers failed to act when Hindus were being murdered in 1990 in Kashmir?

Why the Police Commissioners and Home Secretaries of Union and state failed to secure the human rights of Kashmiri Hindus for decades together?

Did they suppose to wait for government instructions to protect the human rights of Hindus of Kashmir? No. Not at all.

Who is responsible where a lot Bangladeshi Muslims have purchased and occupied the land of the people of North East?

Everywhere you will find the willful failure of high level bureaucrats.


Similar is the case when OROP is left with the bureaucrats. However if the Ex-Service men pressurize Narendra Modi through VK Singh, the resolution of the issue is not that difficult, because Narendra Modi would trust VK Singh and not the bureaucrats.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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