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Who is this Man Mohan Singh? Man Mohan Singh is a camel. Camel is an animal whose no limb is straight. Camels had been used to protect elephant’s skin from the big nails of gate. In early days aggressors used to break giant gates of walled city of enemy by sandwiching a camel between gate and Elephant’s head for breaking the gate.

Here is Nehruvian Congress top leaders are using Man Mohan as a camel to break open the Gate of rules to avoid damages of their own skin and to loot the national money.

But the matter cannot be all the same. Ultimately these Congress elephants are going to be killed because the camel is very thin and weak.


The elites and media should realize that simply certificates do not work.

Man Moan has no certificate on efficiency in any field.

Man Mohan was a failure in Finance Management where Harshad Mehta was allowed to loot. He at that time had said that such cases would not repeat in future. But he was again failed when Satyam Scam took birth.

There after India has faced failures, failures and simply countless failures. Take a field of intelligence, law and order, of rule of law, foreign deals, production, price control, infrastructure development or even a public grievance.


Man Moan who had been reported to be clean by some selective elites. This is probably for the reason of glorifying him on account of his certificates. But a certificate in Dancing cannot work in horse riding.

Man Mohan has no certificate for National integrity.

Man Mohan has no certificate in human resources management.

Man Mohan has no certificate in moral values.

Man Mohan has no certificate on Mahatma Gandhian policies.

Man Moan has no certificate on ecology.

Man Moan as no certificate on logical science.

Man Mohan has no certificate on creation and maintaining national dignity.

Man Mohan is even lacking in sense of significance, sense of priorities, sense of relevance, sense of wisdom and moral courage.

Man Mohan has surrendered not only to Antonia Maino (wife of Roberto alias Rajiv Ghandi) and US administration but also to all his ministers. This man is lacking in physical and moral courage both.

Man Mohan has no wisdom. Had he wisdom he could have foreseen the Harshad Mehta like scam much earlier.

Had he remained careful he could have prevented Satyam like scams.

Had he been sincere, devoted to duties, he would have not appointed Thomas as CVC.

Had he got management skill he could have prevented CWG.

Had he possessed skill of HRD and knowledge of constitutional provisions he could have prevented 2G scam. He is supposed to know that constitution does not permit to PM to allow any minister to take decisions on policy matters without taking PM into confidence. Constitution permits the PM to have alliance. But constitution does not permit the PM to the PM from his statutory duties and responsibilities.

Had he believed in Law and Order and Rule of Law he would have not permit  taken prompt action against Vote-money game.


Had he possessed sense of logic and national dignity he would not have reacted on the disclosures of wikileaks, the way he did before parliament. Man mohan, instead of replying and clarifying the matter to the points Asanje raised, he gave vague replies. Not only this, but  this Man Mohan went out of point of discussion and he abused Advani personally. This is highly shameful not only for a PM but also for the nation. No nation can keep his head up if the caliber of its Prime is low to this extent.


Now look at the wikileaks remark. CongI-leader assured the US-diplomat that cash is ready to purchase votes in favour of nuclear deal. This information had been passed by the US-diplomat to its government.

Now think what could be the possibility?

Either CongI-leader lied before the US diplomat or US-diplomat lied before its government.

Could there be any other possibility? There is one possibility that wikileaks has lied. But wikileaks cannot lie. Wikileaks in fact, has leaked the so-called secret documents of the US.

Therefore this point has to be ruled out that Wikileaks is telling lies. Now we are left with two options to have a conclusion. Favorable option for Man Mohan government is one and only one. This one is, the US Diplomat lied before its Government and sent a report that one is insulting the government of Man Mohan.


This could not be the end of the episode. In fact real story must start from this stage.

What is the role of our Prime Minister?

Should he keep his mouth close and simply ignore the facts?


Unfortunately and surprisingly this low-profile PM has attacked with his gang on BJP leaders and tried to show his so-called intelligence to divert the point.

This Man Mohan abused Advani by stating Advani thinks to become PM is Advani’s birthright. Man Mohan has shown his immaturity. Instead of giving some convincing or logical remark he behaved like a Tapory boy.

What does Advani desire for himself is not a point for Man Mohan to give response. Man Mohan should understand the dignity of his PM-post and the dignity of old leader of the opposition.

One can criticize somebody’s shortcoming in performing duties for which that somebody is paid. Advani can have a liberty to criticize the PM for its mal-functioning.

The PM should try to provide convincing replies. But instead of giving replies to the point if the PM gives abusive reply, then it is not the opposition leader that gets hurt, but whole nation gets hurt on such irrelevant reply.

What is the need of MMS to tell Advani that Advani thinks PM-ship is his birthright? No body has heard that Advani has ever told like this. What is the jurisdiction of Man Mohan before parliament?

What type of message Man Mohan wants to give to the Indian Parliament?

What type of message Man Mohan wants to give to the people of India and abroad, besides Advani?

Is it a logical reply?

Is it a relevant reply?

What does this Man Mohan mean by birth right for PM-ship?

Was Advani’s father or mother was a PM?

Does this Man Mohan is pro-dynasty rule through which he wants to link the PM-ship?

If not, then does this Man Mohan is of the opinion that to have a desire for PM-ship is an offence?

Advani is an elected MP. Man Mohan should think twice before passing such remarks.

The main point is that how has this Man Mohan derived that PM-ship is the birth right of Advani according to Advani.

What hell this Man Mohan is talking about? Man Mohan is supposed to talk on what action he is going to take on the information passed by US-Diplomat to its government?

Man Mohan should clarify his stand on this episode. We the people of India are ashamed of this Prime Minister who is not aware as to how to maintain national dignity.


He says US-diplomat has not given clean chit to Narendra Modi?

Does Mr. Sibbal to recognize only clean chit of the US Diplomat? Has he no value of his own party’s government? Has his party filed any proceeding against Narendra Modi? Has Sibbal no sense to understand the definition of opinion?

Sibbal is supposed to understand that what is talked by US-diplomat, about the character of Narendra Modi on his governance is an opinion.

What the US diplomat talked about Nehruvian Congress on Vote-money was the observation. Observer falls under witness. This is objective. Opinion is a subjective matter. Base on opinion no body can be punished. Based on witness some body can be definitely punished unless you tell and prove the witness is a fraud. Can this Sibbal and Man Mohan say that US-Diplomat is a fraud?

Narendra Modi is Neo Mahatma Gandhi

Narendra Modi is Neo Mahatma Gandhi

Sibbal and Man Mohan should understand that Narendra Modi is a constitutional authority. Narendra Modi is liked by people by Gujarat and Indians all over the world. By virtue of your low caliber you cannot touch him if that is the reason, it is your fault. If you blame Modi it becomes a boomerang for you. You have realized it. You have made the riots of 2002 a political issue with a view that it would favour you. But you know it was your fraud. Local Leaders of your party had blazed the innocent 59 Hindu passengers at Godhra that reacted riots. US-Diplomats are fools and they have ill-information. You and your gangs have tried to use the US-administration as a tool. People knows very well that Narendra Modi has controlled the riots very well and culprits are booked. O! Stooges of Mr. Nehrvuvian Congress what is the report and how many culprits have you prosecuted and punished on the riots of your rule during 1969, 1982-85 in Gujarat? You and your allies govern UP, West Bengal, Nort East, J&K, Rajstan and Maharashtra controlled by Maoists or mafia or and Daud is the open secret.

It is high time to disqualify such retched political party along its allies if you want to save this anciently glorified and dignified nation.

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Wikileaks has once again disclosed the dirty face of the US Administration on its blunders due to lack of perception


Narendra Modi is stainless and steel

Narendra Modi is stainless and steel

First of all the US Administration should understand that it has been not recognized as Judge of the world by Narendra Modi and all people of Gujarat as well as majority of India and abroad.

The US administration has shortsighted foreign policy and has always supported autocracy in other countries for its own benefit.

Autocrats were terrorists and have supported terrorisms.

Good example is Pakistan.

The hijackers of aircraft at Kandhar of Afghanistan along the released terrorists were given very good welcome on their arrival in Karachi. Inspite of this the US Administration has always spread red carpet for the dictators of Pakistan. The Pakistan PM himself has confirmed that the US military aids has been used against democratic India the only largest democratic nation of Asia. ISI and terrorists in Pakistan have joint ventures on cross border terrorism. Nehruvian Congress leaders and its allies have always failed to safe guard the lives of Hindus in Kashmir is not a secret. Hindus are driven out from their homeland and Nehruvian have kept eyes closed. The US intelligence must be knowing all these points.

It is none of the business of the US administration to pass blame on Narendra Modi. Modi’s so called involvement is a political falsehood spread by traitors and allies of Nehruvian Congress including Nehruvians. These people are hungry of power and they want power by any false means. This is on record of post independence History of India. It is highly unfair to pass blame on Modi on very politicized controversial matters.

Narendra Modi has done the best for all people of Gujarat without any discrimination on class or creed of people. The riots in Gujarat and elsewhere in the country was the by-product of Nehruvian Congress rule of 56+ years. 1942-1945, 1969, 1983 and 1993 all were bigger and prolonged riots and the then rulers were the proved failures. No body had personalized the blame. But as for the riots of 2002, the approach has been made different. This off course was a reaction of 59 innocent persons including kids and women were blazed to death. Narendra Modi had controlled the reactive riots within 3 days.

Narendra Modi is the best administrator. Democracy has recognized him for that.

Has the US Administration prosecuted and hanged any body that used cluster bombs in Iraq?

The US has disgusting record on terrorism. The US is not qualified to pass blame on Modi.

We the people of India do not mind if the US Administration wants to support purchasable items like leaders of Nehruvian Congress including Nehruvians.

The US administration has committed many grave blunders in its foreign policy. The US is facing the consequences. If God as decided the US administration to get lost no body can help the US. The mind set of the US administration is defective and it has to face the consequences if it does not realize its blunders and lack of sense of perceptions.

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