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One “Kashmir File” movie is not enough

Those who have seen the Kashmir File movie and also those who have not seen the Kashmir File movie, know very well that Genocide of Hindus did occur in Kashmir.

Everybody knows;

  • 10000+ Hindu women were raped, 1000s Hindus were murdered and 500000+ Hindus were driven out from Kashmir.

  • Hindus were threatened openly with mobile van with loud speakers and also from Mosques on loud speakers, announcing the last date by which all the Hindus had to leave Kashmir. They were told with the three options. (1) Adopt Islam, or (2) leave Kashmir or (3) be ready to die. Kashmiri Hindus were also told that they should leave their women back in their house.

  • All these criminal acts were done openly in 1989-90.

  • It was known to Congress and very well known to JK Government, that Terrorists had heavily increased their activities in Kashmir. It was also known to them that Khalistanis had links with Pakistani terrorists. The central intelligence agency and the state intelligence agency were functional. As a part of their duties the agencies have used to update the governments. Hence any denial and any excuse of their inaction i.e. inaction from the end of the CMs and the PMs are the blatant lies.

  • The Local Muslims of JK were ready to help whole hardheartedly the terrorists, as much as the Congis and their cultural allied parties’ leaders were helping them in Kashmir.

  • The Congi Government at, central level and the state government at the state level, in the Kashmir had got full support by the separatists leaders and also had got full support by the confirmed terrorists, financially, medically, politically … with salary, security, perks,  and 5 stars treatments.

  • The terrorist activities was initiated as early as 1982. It reached to its pick in 1989. Their plans were to make Hindu-less Kashmir. This  was very well known to Farukh Abdulla who was the then CM. Everything was known to Farukh and his government. When Farukh felt ensured that in two days the genocide of Hindus is going to poise in large scale, Farukh flawn away to UK. Congi did nothing to stop Farukh from running away. Further Congi did not want to stop genocide and also did not want to provide security to Hindus. The Governor did write a report to the Congi lead Central Government on activities of terrorists and the failure of the local Government.

  • All the 500000+ Kashmiri Hindus were forced to leave their houses. Some went to Jammu and some went to Delhi and some elsewhere. For all the period from 1948 to 2014 Congi and its allied ruled at Centre and in the state, barring BJP rule period of 1999-2004. Congi and its allies did nothing.

  • The Hindus of Kashmir were living in tents and no local or central governments tried to get them reinstated till 2014.

This is not the end of the genocide of Hindus.

Those few Hindus tried to go back to Kashmir, they were murdered. Even the local Muslims used to help the terrorists to furnish the information of the migrant laborers too, who arrived in Kashmir for development work. Terrorists used to kill them too.

Demography supersedes security

This is not the end of genocide.

When Narendra Modi initiated to settle deserted Hindus in new colonies, Farukh, Omar, Mehbooba, Yassin Malik, and all the others ( who direct and indirect participants in the genocide of Hindus), opposed the reinstatement of Hindus in Kashmir openly.

They opposed on the separate colonies for the Hindu of Kashmir. These leaders opposed the reinstatement of Hindus,  on the plea as these colonies change the demography of Kashmir.

Filthy and Scoundrels

Look at the contradiction of these Lutyen leaders’ logic on “demography”.

Since 23+ years the Kashmir is without Hindus. But these direct and indirect helpers of the terrorists, were not bothered at all to reinstate the Hindus of Kashmir. At that time they did not feel the total absence of Hindus in Kashmir as the death demography.

Criminal mind set of Farukh, Omar and Co.

The Congi, Farukh, Omar, Mehbooba and other antisocial elements generated an idea to grab Kashmiri Hindus’ property, under a beautiful named plan as “Roshni Act”.

These scoundrels were determined to see that in no case, the Hindus should come back in Kashmir. They and their beloved persons grabbed the properties of Kashmiri Hindus. To make the grabbing lawful, they had framed a law known as Roshni Act.

Under this “Roshni act” Farukh, Omar, Mehbooba, their beloved and terrorists who had occupied and or wanted to occupy the rest vacant properties of Hindus in Kashmir after 1986, to regularize their ownership of the property, on a nominal payment to the state government.

This also confirms that the desertion of Hindus was started from 1986. This was known to both the Governments.

Fortunately the HC had termed the law as void in November 2020, under BJP rule.

The movie “Kashmir file” provides the details of some events from the genocide. When events are pictured, it becomes more impressive and effective.

People already knew as to what happened to the Hindus in Kashmir. But people never came to know, the details of any event. Stray stories were floating in social media. But these had been termed and taken as controversial.

Kashmir File is a movie been made to show the reality, by the way of collecting real information with real narratives from the victimized persons and or their relatives. It is supposed to be effective.

Who are guilty and who are supposed to be punished (hanged)?

Farukh Abdulla

Yes Farukh Abdulla must be arrested on non-bailable warrant and put to jail.

He was the Chief Minister of the state right from 1982. He was paid for the duties which he was supposed to perform to protect the Hindus’ natural and constitutional rights. But this fellow willfully failed.

The plan to conduct genocide of Hindus was not made overnight.

Farukh was having full information of the plan as the CM. He knew very well from 1982 that Hindus are to be targeted soon. Just a day before of final date, Farukh and party ran away to UK. Thus he must be treated at par with the terrorists.

Modi would had been crucified on Godhra After Math

If on 28th February 2002, Modi would had run away from Gujarat, and further suppose at that time, Congi had been the government at the center, what the judiciary and the Congi would had done?

Off course the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir and the riots of 2002 in Gujarat are not comparable at all.

In the genocide of the Hindus in Kashmir, 500000+ Hindus were the sufferers. They, either killed or raped or beaten or deserted. Still they are in the deserted condition. Whereas in 2002, the riots were controlled within no time, i.e. 2/3 days. No Muslim left their city. Every Muslim house got repaired and every Muslims reinstated. Legal action initiated and all those proved the guilty had been punished.

Suppose in the place of Farukh, had Modi been there … then?

Judiciary would had taken SUO MOTTO and issued a non-bailable search warrant to arrest of Modi. Modi would had been hanged.

Congi would had dismissed and disqualified Modi immediately, besides many other legal actions.

[Congi was keen to finish Modi by any vague means. e.g. on tapping a call of a police officer, talking to the other police officer, mentioning about a black beard and white beard for keeping watch over a movement of a young girl who was likely kidnapped. The girls parents had complained about her missing. It was a personal and a family matter of the father of the girl. But since the girl was 18+, the Congi PM MMS had called a cabinet meeting to take action to investigate and to take Modi to task. This is the type of  mind set of the Congi leaders what they possess.] 

Now look at the other aspect.

Narendra Modi did not run away from Gujarat. He performed his duties very well and he ensured that all the natural rights and the constitutional rights of Muslims, get protected. He did all these and controlled the riots of his own within 2/3 days, in spite of non-cooperation of neighboring states ruled by Congi. Despite of this, he was made a party to be investigated.

Lastly Narendra Modi got clean chit from SC.

Farukh and Son were treated free bird

In the case of Farukh Abdulla, the Congi and the judiciary has made him a free bird. Neither he was taken to task nor was he warned. But when the situation in JK improved Farukh came back and become the CM of Kashmir again. Even after becoming the CM again and again, he did nothing for the Kashmiri Hindus. Omar Abdulla has shown the same tendency and the similar character.


Very recently (after a 23 years’ long sleep, which is much more longer i.e. 50 times longer than the sleep of “Kumbh Karna”) Omar said that he was almost ready to introduce the rehabilitation of the deserted Hindus in Kashmir. But the movie “Kashmir File” has spoiled everything. Look at their lies. When they were power and otherwise too they did nothing, now suddenly when a movie is made, Omar says  “My his tube light is glowing.”


There are 5 lakhs files of the genocide in Kashmir. 5 lakhs Hindus of the Kashmir want to tell and share their suffering. Leave aside the genocide of the Hindus elsewhere.

Lutyen Gangs’ leaders wants the “Kashmir File” Movie should be banned. Hindus have no right to cry even if they are lynched to murder under genocide. They must tolerant of their genocide.

According to Lutyen gangs, Hindus are intolerant.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave


Lutyens say, O! Hindu, we are taking your body to crematorium to blaze. Neither You nor your relatives are supposed to  cry. You must be tolerant.

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Common Civil Code and Real Democracy – 4

Common Civil Code need not be linked with religion only. Actually the Common Civil Code means all are equal before law. This is the prime requirement of democracy.

An out line and the moral spirit is shown here under. This is only the general requirement of the  Common Civil Code. It has to be written into a legal language. It is not possible to indicate every thing in a blog. 

(1) Government means the State Government and the Central Government as the case may be, will not provide any type of exclusive help to any religion. All the religions are equal before law.

(1.1) Every religious place will have to be registered before it occupies any type of property. What properties are available at present (at the time of implementation of CCR) will have to be renewed. Trust those are not registered, will be taken as a private individuals. The Income Tax will be charged in accordance to the tariff applied to an individual.

(1.2) Accounts of every religious trust will be audited by the Government for the every quarter.

(1.3) Accountant General will depute an officer to conduct the special, general and emergency meeting of all the trustees as per the routine or on the request of majority trustees.

(1.4) All the meetings of board of trustee will be video recorded and there will be four copies. Central, state, office of the local official who is the chairman of the trust. And the forth copy with the trust.

(1.5) Any trust working for the welfare of a community exclusively, their activities will not be allowed to be harmful to the other communities, the functioning of the Government and the public.

(1.6) Any dispute among the trustees, or a member of the board of trustees, will be settled as stipulated for the board of a company under Company Act. The arbitrator will also impose punishment in the form of penalty/ies if a member of the board of the trustee or any other person of the community found guilty of offense. The punishment could be temporary to permanent of the withdrawal of its citizenship, and or monetary penalty or and prison and or capital punishment and or de-recognition of the trust and or disqualification of the members of the board of trust.

(1.7) An amendment to the current Indian Charitable Trust Act will be carried out to meet the requirement of indiscrimination among communities (inclusive of religions, castes, creed, languages, fields, level, … ) in line with the democratic values.

(1.8) All the Government acts in force, related with Religious rights will be treated null and void with retrospective effect. The government will examine individual cases on receipt of application, to protect the democratic rights of communities or individual cases by case on its merits.

(1.9) All the transactions of a registered community trust/company, mandatorily through Card, one line or cheque.

This law will supersede all the laws found deviating from the democratic value and principles.

(2) Communities based on religious, caste, creed, language, region, jobs, … :

(2.1) No community will get any exclusive treatment.

(2.2) No community trust will be allowed to grab land. It will be termed as encroachment.

(2.3) No community place will be allowed to use loud speaker above 20 – 30 decibel outside its territory. For a sound more than this, the the Mosq/Temple/ … has to take permission under prescribed form. The permission cannot been a routine type.

(2.4) No processions, gathering or picketing will be allowed in a public place or a place which does not belong fully, to the person/s who is/are doing agitation. To enjoy freedom of expression, Government will allot some ear marked public places on receipt of the application for a limited time. As for the precessions the permission will be given as discussed in Chapter – 3 of this blog.

(2.5) A Community … can impart education of its scriptures. But it will have to submit an undertaking duly registered, the education will not be related to create hatred against any other community whatsoever. Any deviation on this, is liable to face prosecution for criminal offense as at above (1.6).

(3) Any tradition followed by a couple of a community/ies for marriage will not be recognized by the Government.

(3.1) A couple has to take a written as well as a verbal oath (video-graphical before the Government Registrar) in witness of the Guardians.

(3.2) As far as possible, the Guardians should be the parents.

(3.3) A valid reason to the satisfaction of the Registrar, should be recorded if the witnesses are not the parents.

(3.4) A public notice in advance of one month must be given in the news papers of the state or where the guardians or parents reside.

(3.5) Any fraud on the marriage will land to the punishment of prison and limited suspension or withdrawal of citizenship for those who played role in the marriage.

(3.6) To change the religion for the purpose of marriage will not be a valid reason. On the contrary this will be termed as “Force”, and if noticed the persons involved in this “Force” will be punished and penalized including the limited suspension of citizenship or withdrawal of citizenship and or a prison.

(4) Any body talks to discriminate other/s on the ground of any community, (i.e. religion, language, caste, creed, job, …) or to create hatred will be termed as criminal offence, it would be liable for prosecution. The person/s if found guilty, a punishment of a limited suspension or withdrawal of citizenship or prison.

(4.1) Any person holding a post where the salary payment if made from public fund, and if the alleged person found guilty at prima facia, will be immediately suspended from the post. ( E.g. Lalloo, Mamata, Kejri, Mullayam, Stelin, Mayavati, … etc… many have openly insulted others as “outsiders”. Mamata had conducted genocide of Hindus in W.Bengal through Rohingya Muslims, where Hindus did not vote to TMC.) The same will be prosecuted and if found guilty, it will be punished as at (1.6).

E.g. Mayawati once announced a slogan, Tilak, Taraju aur Talwar, usko maro Jute Char (टिलक, तराजु और तल्वार, उसको मारो जूते चार) . Hit Brahmin, Baniya, Kshatriya, four times with your shoes.

(4.2) Persons will be classified by their income. As for the current classification, viz. Lower caste, backward, Schedule, other backward, … the reservation will continue for 10 years only based on the income per head. After 10 years if it is found that they could not be lifted up, then the parties and their elected members who ruled for more than two terms will get disqualified.

Amendments to other laws e.g. Shop Act, Company Act, Contract Act, Cooperative Act, People’s representative Act, Service rules, Pension rules, labor laws, Government Residential Accommodation Rules … Separate and permanent staff and office with Auditoriums and TV channels for Election Commission.

This is because, the Congi lead Governments have created wide spread anarchy to make money and allowed to make money through immoral ways.

La fin.

Shirish Mohanlal Dave

Not A Joke but Miracle.

We know that the Ministers and members of the public representative Assembly (i.e. State Assembly, Lok Sabha, Raj Sabha, gets life time pension, despite of they are running other business…

Kerala Government had framed and passed a resolution to provide life time pension to the personal staff of the minister who has put in service of two years in the office. Minister will change every person of his personal staff as soon as it completes 2 years. So more persons can get life time benefit of pension. Governor’s signature is pending.

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Common Civil Code and Real Democracy – 3

As we have seen in part-2 of this blog, to follow a prescribed procedure before launching an agitation, is not a new one.

Every type of protest must have regulations;

This mandate had been framed by MK Gandhi for conducting protest / agitation. It was followed by him, right from when he was conducting agitation in South Africa.

In 1922, at Chauri Chaura, 22 policemen were killed by the agitators who set fire to a police station. MK Gandhi took the responsibility and called of the agitation. Off course the agitation was against an event previously occurred where the police executed gun firing on the agitators, who were agitating in a non-violent way.

Setting Fire to the police station was a reaction of public. Police was not supposed to use bullets against non-violent satyagrahis.

Satyagrahis are supposed to remain non-violent.

MK Gandhi had given a call to agitate, against police firing on non-violent agitators. But subsequent to Chauri Chaura incident, he called of the protest.


Because the agitators (the public) were not qualified to conduct non-violent agitations.

“Quit India”

The same Gandhi when conducted “Quit India” movement, at that time too, some stray incidences of violence did occur.

But in proportion to the wide spread agitation, the violence were negligible and minor.

Besides this, there were many parties who were against “Quit India movement”. There were enough scope for them to call back the “Quit India movement” by Gandhi on the ground of it was becoming violent.

There is nothing like absolute non-violence according to MK Gandhi.

Besides this, all the leaders were under prison. How can they stop violence? How the British Government can blame the Congress for violence?

While doing agitation, the dialogue has to be prevailed. To put a pre-condition more than once by the authority or the agitators is not permissible.

But we see, in the agitations at, Shaheen Bag, Sindhu border … every mandatory guide line for the agitators has not been followed. The well read judiciary also could not point out this.

Hence in reality, it was not an agitation but a violent pressure by un-qualified agitators.

The agitators were supposed to be taken to task by the state Government. If the state fails, then the Central Government is supposed to dismiss the state government.

But a PIL was filed and the Central Government opted to keep mum. Off course it is a matter of research as to why the Central Government did not punish Kejri and his gang for providing wifi facilities free of cost / at the cost of the public money, and allowing the agitators to block even the highways. Judiciary had also not passed any order. Judiciary was more interested in giving goody goody remarks. It Looked very funny.

Why PIL?

What is mandatory?

What is hypothetical?

In any legal case, there are two or more parties. First is the party which asks for justice. Others are causing the injustice knowingly or unknowingly. If evidently it is in the interest of public, a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) can be filed.

But who will decide the existence of Public Interest?

A PIL has been filed in SC India in connection with the students held up in Ukraine. Everybody knows, that Ukraine does not fall under the jurisdiction of the SC India. SC India should have straight a way rejected the application and it should have also imposed penalty for wasting the time of the SC. Is not it?

No. It is not like that. SC India would like to give some remarks, some emotional remarks to show its sensitivity. Hence it did not reject the application.

The Government is already taking action actively, before any body file a PIL. What to do?

There is a gang, who is rather late this time, in preparing a PIL and filing it before the SC. Had it been filed in time, the SC and the gang could have enjoyed the scope of questioning the Central Government and asking to explain the action taken/ to be taken with the details of quantification.

But the Lutyen gang thought, it is never too late.

Now look at the other’s case.

If “A” feels to file a case against “B”, “A” has to first write to “B” about the injustice. If “A” is not satisfied with the reply of “B”, then “A” has to give a notice to appropriate authority of “B”, with a time limit of 15 days. Then only “A” can go to the lower court. Then lower court if satisfied with the channel “A” has used, can accept the case eligible to register. Then it issues notice to “B/B-s” by the date to the next hearing. This would be further one month or more in general.

Matter of PIL

In the matter of PIL, the SC (though it is always crying heavily and complaining that it is very busy and overloaded with the pending cases) can straight a way accepts the application in many rotten infructuous cases. It also issues notices, takes the matter on hearing on supper priority, and while hearing, it gives goody goody remarks.

The Godi-media of Lutyens (Pet media suffering from Modi/BJP phobia), gives big big “Head Lines” to the emotional remarks of judges to spread with enhanced emotions.

The Gang leaders of Political Analysts with golden frame spectacles, and or French-cut beard or Stalin-cut beard, discuss this sensitive case with sensitive remarks of the SC. This is all necessary to condemn the current central Government (BJP).

It is a matter of research as to why the SC did not corner the applicants in the matter against Abrogation of 370, 35A, amendment of CAA, … NRC, NRP, Farm Law, … where the applicants were/are not ready at all, to specify the injustice. They are even not ready to brief the court of law.

The Court happily passes emotional remarks.

Last but not the least is “the Students held up in Ukraine”

Is it, Rahul Gandhi is the only single entity who spells out one or other remark , simply to prove his existence. There is no shortage of such entities who construct emotional remarks on whatsoever happens in India? Enjoy the fun!!

But how the Common Civil Code will help to make India a real democratic country?


Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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Common Civil Code and Real Democracy – 2

Should we have Different Criminal Code for different communities?



Because Criminal Code is related with criminal offences, and criminal Offences are affecting to the very existence of human life. It is related to the body and mental torture, whereas the civil code is related with the property and family disputes. Mental torture can be generated by the civil offender/s too. Somehow or other, there is a political tradition to view both separately. A civil case can be withdrawn without the permission of the court, whereas for withdrawing a criminal case,  because it is lodged by the government, the Government can withdraw the case withdraw the case with the permission of the court.

Mental torture is common in both the type of cases. Mental torture makes a human unhappy. Classification of offences under the civil and the criminal is simply a further classifications just to deal with arrest, bails and the authorities to lodge the complaint. The cases related with criminal offence are lodged by the police and dealt by the police whereas the civil cases are filed by the affected individual/s or the institutions.

Now when the Glob is becoming a village, and rise in democratic values, a country which thinks itself a democratic country has to go towards Common Civil Code for all its communities.

What is community?

A group of people which has something in common among them and they want to maintain that commonality.


The people who like liquor,

The people who like potatoes,

The people who like tragedy movies,

The people who like comedy movies,

The people who speak a same language

The people who play instruments e.g. Drum, flute, …

The people who like to sing,

The people who like to hear music, e.g. Desi Classical, Folk, Western, … or of every place,

The people who like to think on a same class of thought

The people who like to do physical exercise,

The people who like to believe to do the same activity

The people who like to follow some tradition,

The people who like to have varieties, (This is also a choice and that exists too)




The list has no end.

Like minded people get more pleasure when they perform jointly,

They also like to spread their belief so that they can be more happy.

Every thing could be good to some extent, unless the group of like minded people do not harm the other lot/s.

Thereby the mentally developed countries have framed some rules (e.g. national constitutions) with the help of some people who had so called wisdom and foresight. These rules are to be followed by every body.

The existence of such rules is the first step towards non-violence. Non-violence means minimum violence by the given and designated authority. This authority imposes punishment on the person/s who broke a rule.

If a rule itself provide injustice, then a designated institution say a court, would decide . Peoples’ representative will change the rule under recognized and stipulated procedure.

Now suppose there is a party having majority in the LS and RS. A scam takes place. The opposition parties ask for the investigation. But the ruling party bluntly denies to carryout any investigation. Then what to do?

A scam on a purchase of Jeeps by the Ministry of the Defense

In early fifties of last century, a purchase order of 2000 refurbished Jeeps was placed on a bogus company of the UK. A scam was noticed. It is a long story. The Nehruvian Government had no excuse. Opposition parties asked for a regular investigation. Nehru refused bluntly in 1955 and asked the opposition to take the case in the next general elections before the public which was due in 1957.

At that time there was no PIL. HC/SC did not take SUO/ MOTTO. How do you grade Nehruvian Government on this point?

People were ignorant at a large. Nehru and Menon were made highly popular. Nehru had got a tremendous welcome in China and USSR. Menon delivered a prolonged lecture in UNO on Kashmir. Both were made popular on these points. People were not aware of the facts related to the Jeep Scam.

Under this circumstances, an agitation had to be launched. The opposition parties were helpless. During the general elections of 1957 the reconstructions of states based on local language was introduced. The people were more interested for their local rights. The Jeep Scandal was sidelined.

What is the purpose of agitation in democracy?

The purpose of agitation in democracy is to make the people aware of any issue generated or came to the notice that causes injustice to individual/s.

The injustice could be by a defective law, noticed under a changed circumstance of an individual or a community or the nation.

Is it that in this circumstances people can ask the government to find out solution?

No. Not at this stage. At this stage the law has to be interpreted by judiciary. If Judiciary finds it is making injustice and the same is hurting the right/s provided by the constitution, it can be straightway declared null and void.

But supposed the matter is confusing to the judiciary, the judiciary can ask the government to modify the law or to frame a new law.

If the Government willfully fails to follow the advice of judiciary the people can use the right to agitation.

What is the permissible way to conduct agitation?

There has to be a system in democracy.

No agitation is permissible where a time limit by the Judiciary has proposed or the government itself has given a time limit to modify the law or to frame a new law.

No agitation is permissible which causes inconvenience to the others. E.g. What we had observed at Shaheen Bag, Sindhu border ….

A state Government cannot conduct agitation against other State Government or the Central Government. Such matters must be resolved through court.


Mamata had obstructed the work of a central investigation team. (The judiciary was supposed to take Suo Motto on the protest of Mamata. The judiciary could had passed an order of suspension of Mamata who behaved rashly and obstructed the work entrusted to the Central Government agency.

When a dispute between an organization/person and the Government/organization arises, the matter must be decided by the judiciary. If the judiciary says that it is out of its jurisdiction, then only agitation is permissible.

What could be the main principles of Agitation? On what type of points, one can agitate?

(1) There should be the specially constituted courts and these courts shall work under HC/SC to entertain such application for conducting agitation,

(2) The person/organization who is desirous to agitate shall apply before the special court with its full details of the organization with a list of office bears, and the details of the persons going to take part in agitation, their names, addresses and identity

(3) The application should contain the pointwise brief description of dispute including the reaction or approach of the opposite party,

(4) The applicant/s should indicate as to what is/are point/s and how its rights/interest are damaged,

(5) The applicant/s must indicate the type of agitation, viz, Place, route, picketing, procession, Token strike Hunger strike, on to the death strike, rally, …

(6) The applicant must indicate as to what arrangement has been made to see the agitation remains non-violent (i.e. Not going to harm others in others in any way).

(7) The applicant must indicate as to how the agitation is going to be managed financially,

(8) The special court will grant the permission after serving the notice to the concern Government and ”the public through local Government owned TV Channel” in the place where the agitation is to be launched.

(9) There must be court clearance, and court should pass an order, that this agitation is permissible and the people involved cannot wait to take the matter in the next general elections.

(10) While conducting agitation, the agitating person/institution must be meaningfully ready all the times for discussion with opposite party.

(11) To provide such procedure in a democratic country and to make provision of such courts, is inevitable, because the judges are, like many others, do not have physical and moral courage, both. Under such circumstances, we cannot expect judges to give independent judgement. This has been also confirmed by a retired Supreme Court judge. What else proof is required?

How the Common Civil Code will work?


Shirish Mohanlal Dave

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