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An Open application for the placement … Columnist/journalist for the New York Times

· The New York Times: letters@nytimes.com
· The International New York Times: inytletters@nytimes.com

The Editor, “New York Times”,
United States of America
Dear Sir/Madam,
Sub: Application for a placement in your team dealing with the South Asia.

I, Osama Bin Laden – II, humbly submit my application in the respect of your call for a journalist/Columnist/Correspondent of South Asia.
I know very well that actually you need a journalist/Columnists/Correspondent/(or whatsoever you may designate it) who can prepare/fabricate/produce news/articles/stories on the current Union Government of India in accordance to your guideline/agenda.
You have used the word South Asia, but you have narrated your requirement of articles on the events of India. This is very good. I appreciate it. India does not exist as per our belief. The word “India” is going to die when we will become successful in our project. It is a matter of time when India will get disintegrated in 550+ pieces. That is why “South Asia” is the proper word. It is our dream project to cut India into pieces.
I am coming to the point.
I am Osama Bin Laden – II.
At the first thought, you are likely to get confused, because Osama Bin Laden – I, was enemy number one for the USA and visa versa. i.e. For Osama Bin Laden the USA was the Enemy No. 1. To avoid your confusion I have designated my self as Osama Bin Laden – II, who believes, India is Enemy No.1.
Conditions and Terms:
Before I list my educational qualification and Experience, I would like to make something clear to you. I am not a single and an individual person. I am a leader of, not only my single gang, but I am “a” leader of so many gangs.
Baby! Do not get confused once again. I have used the word “a” purposely. Every gang has several leaders. But we work jointly and also work in harmony, as and when needed. For this reason do not take me as a weak person. You must be aware of the fact that MAFIA GANGs always have many leaders. I do not know about the leaders of Mafias working in the USA. But in India, we work with cooperation on a common project. If you are going to make any payment/honorarium, against my would be services, you will have to pay nothing to others of my gang. You will have to pay me only. Even if you do not pay, I would not mind. You became a party with us, is enough for us.
You can impose penalty
One more thing I have to point out. I will not have a “copy right” on whatsoever I write in your news paper. You can have the liberty to publish/republish my articles, under any name/s (including ghost name/s) and any number of times. You have the full liberty to correct my article/s in whatsoever manner you want.
You have also a right to impose penalty upon me, for the reason of my material which you felt improper. Yes, I repeat, you have the liberty to impose a penalty as much as you want. Our gangs have no shortage of fund.
You can take benefit of our fund. Our money is your money, and your money, we will think on it later. Our first agenda is to uproot the present Union Government of India, lead under the leadership of Narendra Modi. We should not worry as to what would happen to India once the current government is uprooted. None of our gangs’ leader thinks on this point. At the most there would be an anarchy.
As you know very well, we want at this moment an anarchy only, in India. Ask Mr. Kejriwal CM Delhi, Mamata CM West Bengal and Uddhav CM Maharashtra. After creating anarchy we will think of subsequent projec/s.
You may not mind
Osama Bin Laden – II, is my fake name.
My identification is to tell lie. I have taken oath before God (you may call before the Devil), that whenever I would speak, I would speak lie and only lie, nothing but a lie. I should clarify that, it is not only my identity, but this is the eligibility criteria to become a member of any of our gangs’ clusters. My real name is HELPESH. The meaning of HELPESH is the “king who is ever ready to help out others”. But this is only the meaning of the name. It is not my quality. In South Asia so as to say India, we are supposed to have a meaning of our name.
Our general principle is to have the faith and moral within the cluster. We are free to use any weapon (which could either be intellectual or physical), against our enemy to meet our goal.
What can I do? or so as to say What can we do?
We are greater than the God
We can create anything from nothing. Not only this, but we can create matter from Anti-matter.
Could you get it?
No. You cannot understand, because you have not reached to that stage. I think so. I may be wrong.
You are near to me. I am telling you a secret. This is between you and me.
Narendra Modi is honest. Not only this, but his team is also honest. The honesty of our enemy is an antimatter for us. We fabricate and term it as a dishonesty. We protest against this dishonesty for a prolonged period. We do not believe in putting up information, logic and inviting public discussion … etc. … etc. .., If we do that, we miss our identity.
We attack on this fabricated dishonesty Front. People go … by how much space time occupied by a (subjective) object. People do not know and cannot even guess what is the real weightage. People get confused by the negative atmosphere created by us.
Examples are many
Demonetization was for determining money (including Black money) on record and to determine the likely location. But we narrated stories as thousands of people die while standing queues. The action was a total failure of Modi Government.
Citizen Amendment Act provides citizenship. This was in accordance with the inherent promises given under Nehru – Liyakat Ali Agreement 1953-54. But we agitated against it, as it was a communal one.
Abrogation of Article-370 and 35A establishes democratic rights to the citizens. Before this abrogation the people in J & K State were being identified by their caste, gender and religion. But we term the abrogation as undemocratic.
Farm Act removes the dependence of farmers on market-agents. But we made it a big issue and conducted violence. When your celebrities who know nothing, can tweet positive for us, then what else required?
We very well know that we have influenced you too. The law and order situation in every Non-BJP ruled state is weak. Approach of the Non-BJP governments of the states is undemocratic. Those state government openly acting with autocracy and vindictively on pro-BJP workers voters. High Courts and Supreme Court has passed adverse remarks and ordered inquiry against each state viz. Maharashtra, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Delhi.
But we agitated for a long period with play cards, national flag, book of Indian constitution, picture of Mahatma Gandhi. This is enough for us to prove that our agitation is non-violent. We enjoy the full liberty to conduct violence by burning houses, buses,cars, attacking, hitting and killing innocent people and police We spent a lot money and conducting violence.
If Union government of India takes legal action against us, we happily say “Modi Government is vindictive.”
Unfortunately our top leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Vadra, Pitroda, … and a lot innumerable leaders are on bails even since we were ruling the Union Government of India. But we are not ashamed of this situation. We even term our enemies as guilty even if something is under investigation by some unknown agency.

Are you aware of the fact that our all big leaders of the gangs are having multiple names and multiple passports and multiple citizenships. The Union Government can do no harm to us. We can runaway to any other country we want.
You know nothing. We can fool you too. We can create  the atmosphere what we like, for you people of abroad. If you know already, what we know, then we are the traveler of the same boat with  a destination of common goal of uprooting Modi.

Still India is having a “lot of people” that can be influenced by western writers or by something published in western news papers, …  magazines. Thereby it should be our joint venture to throw out Narendra Modi.
Thanking you,
Yours truly,

Helpesh Aladdin Magic

P.S. Who am I?

This is a secret. This secret will get buried with my end. I reside not only in Delhi I reside everywhere in India and in Asia, Europe, America … When you are not worried of my criminal activity, why should you care as to where should I reside?

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