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Arrogant persons cannot exchange thoughts in Social media

The best use of social media is to exchange thoughts. Social media is a tool of communication to exchange thoughts and improve one’s knowledge, open and free discussion on a subject matter has to be the basic aim of social media. But we observe, social media is used to spread hatred and reinforce hatred.


In a democratic country, the freedom of speech is the must. But this freedom is used for creating hatred and abusing those who have different opinion.

Unfortunately such attitude, we observed from Learned Muslims. Such Muslims have been recognized by another learned Muslims,  reported to have been learned, and the latter exhibit,  immaturity and arrogance.

This puts a question mark as to what should be the definition of a “learned Muslim”?

Why I am talking about Muslims only? Are there not such persons among Hindus?

Yes. There are such persons among Hindus too. But I would talk about Muslims only because the issue of India is to unite Hindus and Muslims. Muslims’ agenda may be to find common points as a discovery and proceed further to establish the truthfulness of Koran. I may not deny this.

Human is in Pub

Now here, I will reproduced as to how I blogged and what replies I received from Muslims, inclusive of so-called learned Muslims.

Zakir Nayak:

  • Some time back I wrote a blog on Zakir Nayak where I condemned his perception on Hinduism. (Hinduism may be taken under classical meaning Sanatan Dharma where Dharma has to be taken under Indian traditional socio-philosophical description). Under this blog, I have narrated the aim behind worshiping God through his symbolic images. I gave examples and I put up some question marks against the attitude of Muslims on hatred against worshipping God through the symbolic images of God as false God, where as they themselves follow the false identities.


On this blog, I received no academic responses but one, where I had stated that as per Koran “God can be called by any name”. I gave some examples. But I was challenged and I was asked to quote the hymn of Koran. Since I had read the Koran, but I had not prepared a note, I had to search for that hymn, in the whole Koran.

It was my duty as to what I said, I have to prove it. I off course said, it would take some time. Now I am reading Koran 10 pages per day. I do not know how much time it would take. But I have no doubt that I would be in position to quote the hymn as desired.

  • The second topic was “All Muslims are not terrorists, but all the terrorists are Muslim.” There was material associated with it in a large proportion. But it was replied “All Stupid are not Hindus but all Hindus are Stupid.” Yes this was the reply but no material.

  • Most Muslims, on social media, are active, on out of proportion on the Castes system of Hindus and they quote stray atrocities of so called Hindus on SC ST.

  • Surprisingly even not a 1% of Muslims are active on massacre of 3000+ Hindus of Kashmir and 500000+ Hindus of Kashmir were driven out from their home. The reply of some Muslims was that atrocities executed by the persons were not Muslims because Islam is for peace. Such reply of Muslims give the message that Muslims want to shirk from the responsibility or want to dilute the issue. They do not want to become active on social media affirmatively and are not interested in protecting Hindus’ human rights or even natural rights, let there be a lapse of 25+ years.

  • Off course a doctor viz.  Dr. M agreed on the human rights protection of Hindus, but he could not avoid to say that “Some Hindus are started coming back.” What is this “Some”? This “Some” is hardly “300-400” out of 500000+. Such attitude again gives the same message to all the Hindus that Muslims those who are active on social media are not interested in protecting Hindus’ human right and natural rights, let there be lapse of 25+ years. We have never observed any agitation conducted by Muslims for providing human/natural rights to Hindus of Kashmir or rest of India.

  • Muslims are highly active to curse the action of Indian Security forces of Kashmir. But they never discuss what caused them to take strict action which they were supposed to take.

 Prophet Mohammed was the Kalki Avatara as per Bhavishya Puranam.

God incarnates (himself or sends a messenger or send his son or whatsoever meaning you may carry for Avatara) time to time as and when needed to protect the knowledgeable and pious persons from the evil persons or evils. Kalki was prophet Mohammed as per the words “desert” and  “Mahamadah” used in Bhavishya Puranam. Prophet Mohammad did all the activities as described in Bhavishya Puranam.

Hindus feel this is a fake hypothesis.

Similar hypothesis has also put up by some Christian that “Christ and Krishna were the same”. It was based on:

Some similarity of sound between Christ and Krishna.

Christ was brought up in shepherd family, Krishna was also brought up in shepherd family. Both did some miracles. Both believed and spread love. Both were produced by virgin lady. Both had brother and sisters ….     

Muslims recognize Vishnu as a God. They also recognize Rama, Krishna and all Avataras of God Vishnu as messengers or whatsoever.

Muslims feel “all books of Hindus (scriptures) whatever the scriptures’ SAY tallies with Muslims interpretation”, are authentic.

Muslims are also of the opinion that Puranas are preceding Vedas.

 Muslims either unable to grasp the historical and philosophical difference among Vedas, Upnaishadas, Darshanas … Puranas, or they understand they are all en-par with each other being they are all Hindu Scriptures and they say like this …. This … this… Q.E.D.

  • It is OK till Muslims keep these with them. Because all these things are ill-logical and their implications are not favorable if your agenda is for the unity of Hindus and Muslims.


Muslims should keep mum on Hinduism.

This applies to every Non-Hindus. Muslims should realize that when you poke your nose to exhibit your knowledge on Hinduism you would fail miserably.  Because Hindu religion is basically different than Islam and Christianity.

  • When I explain how the same is:

I got reactions from Muslims as under:

When the subject matter was Veg and Non-Veg,

.. I and Hindus got an abuse on the matter of “Anti-beef eating terrorism”. Stray incidents can be labeled as terrorism by Muslims very easily.

 .. “…. you simply prefer to adopt this attitude of “holier than thou”? ….

 .. Your understanding about the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom is limited and restrictive and based on a cultural bias or paradigm… when anyone says it cannot be subjected to “death” then this contradicts and contravenes the decision and design of the Almighty… “


A lot of copy paste as to how the almighty God gave instinct and all that to animal kingdom. QED.

My point was related with Veg and Non-Veg. It had nothing to do with Hinduism or Islam. But topic was converted to Hinduism and Islam.

Muslims quoted some false hymns of Vedas and misinterpreted hymn of a Upanishada viz. Chhandogya Upnishada of being pro-nonVeg.

Off course I replied all those by correct meaning.  It is not clear as to why the discussion was switched to religions.

It was also taken for granted, that I do not believe in existence of Rama and Krishna. And a lot curse on me, on that ground.


Respondent says;

I am never impressed by the views or opinions of bigots or obscurantist folks whosoever they are….also you have conveniently swept all the questions that have been asked of you, under the carpet…..you are offering your personal beliefs…and views….which is okay…but it does not mean that you are right and the majority of the Hindus are wrong….in all fairness !

The respondent talks and describes God and Goddesses and gender discrimination of Hindus. In fact all these were irrelevant to the subject matter. Why should I reply to irrelevant.

  • And then the respondent opens up the subject of Kalki, Avatara and Mohammad stating that “ … it is inter-related.

Some way I denied and said “I have not read Bhavishya Puranam and I do not have all the 36 Puranas. I cannot give any comment. Yes we have to extract history from Puranas. I have the oldest Puranam viz. Vayu Puranam.(this does not narrate like what you have said).

I said “Which Raja Bhoj? Is it the same of Ujjain, who happened to be in 11th century (reigned in 1010-1055 CE)? 11th century period is the post Mohhamed period. As a part of history his (Prophet Mohammed) name can appear in Bhavishya Puranam.

Then, I received some photos derogating Indian politicians etc…

Then I received a lot “Copy Paste” related with Islam and Bible under the respondent’s statement like  “Mr Dave…..what I do sense is that you are doing your utmost to slither and your endeavors are geared towards remaining in self denial….which is understandable as the evidence I show retains the potential to rock your boat that is frail….if Nine Avataras (descents) came mandatorily and without fail…why would the TENTH..and the Vital one for kali Yug NOT come?”

Then a lot “Copy Paste”. All the copy paste were uncalled. I contradicted the conclusion of the respondent who was firm on “ Prophet Mohammed and Kalki were the same”.

Then the respondent labeled me an Atheist.

I expressed my pleasure and narrated about the God I believed and the God narrated by the Respondent.

Then some respondents  pasted atrocity of Hindus on Muslims. This caused me to respond appropriately.

I received a response:

No Dave is hilarious…..in his outbursts…..lets hope he is not suffering from diarrhea…..!

I requested to respond point wise.

On my reply to term Krishna as a great person, I received a reply as under:

Dave…..please don’t try to teach us who was Krishna or how “great a person” he was? We know more than you who he was and is…he wasn’t just a great person but much more….and pantheistic guys can’t comprehend….so chill out and give us all a break !…and explain first why the “Trishool” has Three points…and NOT just One….whats the significance if this “triad” or “trinity”…and how it translates and ties to Islam today ? Lets see you do this for us please…!!!!

It appears that the respondent emphasizes that the said respondent knows Krishna more than I know Krishna that who was Krishna. However the respondent is more interested in why the Trishool has three points and not just one. For the respondent, the “Three” points of the Trishool are most significant.

There can be many replies to this question.

If we take it literally, I can ask,  say “If there is a Dvee-shool” i.e. two points. Can we not ask a question why it has “Two points” and Not One or Three or many…. ?

Similar question is Why Vishnu has Shankha and Not Coral or some thing else, say Gulab Jamun?

Though I can explain and reply Trishool’s philosophy and poetry and all that.

But I have a question on the say of the Respondent viz. “Dave…..please don’t try to teach us who was Krishna or how “great a person” he was? We know more than you who he was…”

Does this statement not show “Anger”? I am sure, it shows anger of the Respondent. Leave aside my ignorance on Krishna.

I want to know what Prophet Mohhamed taught about Anger. And that about Krishna too? What is their idea about Anger?

I think I may not get the reply.

Shirish M. Dave

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